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“Must Have Qualities” Your Life Partner Must Have

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life partner

Finding your ideal partner is not about just looking for good looks and financial status. There is a lot more to consider when looking for qualities that must exist in your life partner. One must keep in mind that some if not all of the qualities we will talk about must exist in the individual they love or will to marry.

Does your partner focus on committing to his or her own personal growth? It is a major factor in selecting your partner. He or she should be trying to always learn and grow as a person to be a better spouse. Must make sure that the person is always lending a helping hand wherever required. Ready to accept his or her mistakes and weaknesses. That is a sign of a great personality. Has his own self-development goal that he or she must follow.

In addition to that he is emotionally sensitive or at least active. If they can’t even tell you what they feel from within then they cannot be the right person for you. It will become only harder and harder to live with that person who keeps to himself and doesn’t even want to talk about it as well. Also try and seek that he or she is not overly stingy as well about emotions. You do not want an overload of emotions flowing toward you.

Integrity is an important aspect too. How honest is the person, how much can you trust him with anything in life, is very important things to consider. If you think he or she lies to you a lot, there is no need to continue to stay in the relationship. It is not a very good attitude to have. Look for a person who is not only frank by all means but also truthful in all the way possible. It is only natural to assume that we there is honesty in the relationship, there will be a good relation. Next thing to consider is the level of maturity. You will probably be starting a family with your life partner soon, so you must keep in mind that your spouse is not an immature individual who cannot think about or take major decisions in life. One must be responsible of things and respect each other’s needs.

And the last things to consider are that the person must have high self-esteem and even greater positive attitude towards life. Someone with very little or low self-esteem will never be confident and be able to face the problems in his life and hence support his family prosper in life. The person must keep in mind the family’s welfare at first and then the other things. Also one very important thing to keep in mind is that your partner does not abuse you in any way possible whether it is in terms of respect or physical discomfort. You must report it and leave the relationship immediately.

These points must be kept in mind for a successful and a perfect spouse with whom you can happily spend your life with.

Wedding Tips For Grooms

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Indian groom

Marriage, the event of joy and happiness for many but for two, it is an event of nervousness and sadness too. The bride and the groom are going through so much this day. They need all the tips they can gather and that is what this blog is about with focus on grooms. Grooms have a lot to do and a lot to digest and perform so that they can be appreciated with the honor that has been provided to them. All these points can perfectly aid any groom in any situation any day.

Firstly, remember to always have your own perspective. All this wedding is for you so take part and enjoy. Give your opinion on how things should be done on the day of the wedding. Planning out an entire wedding can be very hectic so don’t let your fiancé decide everything for you. Support her. These days things are changing and the most significant has been in gift giving practices. People nowadays instead of giving random gifts to bride’s and groom’s families, give them what the couple would need in the near future life by having bought things off of the registry prepared by the bride and the groom.

Remember to be and act like a man. Do not taunt your wife with the choices she is making. Understand her and explain her, your opinion in a manly and a respectable fashion. Do not let your wife do most of the work for it can be a burden sometimes. Let her also have a break, cook something for her and most importantly, love her.

            Indian Wedding is such a big event that mistakes are bound to happen and one thing you can do about it is to make sure they do not go out of control, they are well managed and taken care of. Communication is a great skill that will prove to be a handy one. Also give some focus to your own dress. Either a “Sherwani” or a “Kurta” with a “Pagdi”, everyone notices the groom’s dress and wants to scrutinize it. So you better remember to make it worth a wedding dress and wear it with flair.

And on the final day of your wedding, bring out the emotions that have rested in your body. Bring out the sentiments. Remember to take flowers for your bride and have it delivered to her while she I getting ready. That is a moment of personal touch for it is at the end of our lives that we remember these personal touches given to us by our very own loved ones in this lovely world.

Everything To Know About An Indian Wedding

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Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding may arguably the grandest and the most beautiful wedding in the entire world. The wedding is so huge and important that its preparations begin months in advance. The extravaganza consists of the light shows of dance and music.

Silence is just not the word that defines Indian weddings. This event holds its mark in everyone whoever is connected to bride and groom as a milestone in their lives. Families collect and save their entire lifetime’s savings to make this event of their lives as grandeur as possible. Planning takes place months before the wedding, formally all beginning with the first meet of the bride and the groom.

Nothing less than a majestic festival, Indian weddings are filled with so much happiness and jubilation. Sounds of laughter and people dancing to songs are a few images that come to mind when one thinks of an Indian wedding. All the loved ones of the bride and the groom shower their blessings upon the newly wed through gifts of love and care. And how can one talk about an Indian wedding and not talk about the food. A true foodie’s paradise, each wedding consists of the most lavish of the feast that can be provided to Indian people. Many of the gifts given to the couple contain jewelry or metal ornaments.

Firecrackers light up the skies above the wedding ceremony. The people dance to the skies and throw money in the air as a custom that can later be collected by the poor. Once the groom and the bride reach the wedding, they are made to sit on god-like thrones to display ultimate platform.

And then all this is followed by the most important part of the entire Indian wedding, the saath phere. It is the event where the bride and the groom swear to spend their entire lives together as one soul and will continue to do so even in their rebirth and afterlife. Once the bride and the groom have gone around the sacred fire exactly 7 number of times, the “Pandit” announces them husband and wife. It doesn’t all end here. The last ceremony of wishing the bride goodbye to her previous family and welcoming her to her new family is the ultimate shower of tears and emotion. Mixed feelings of happiness and sadness lurk in the environment.

Due to the richness in the culture of India, each religion and state has its own practices but the above description forms the basis of them all. Please get more matching profile with Indian matrimony service at Lovevivah.

Facing Early Marriage Problems With Proper Mindset

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Married couple

Getting married and living happily ever after is every man and woman’s dream ever since childhood. Many due to some unfortunate reasons, these end up getting divorced. There are many factors at play for such a consequence. The biggest being lack of communication, abuse in not just physical manner, financial problems and there lie many more issues.

Lack of communication is such a strong factor that sometimes it alone can destroy families and marriages. People are just so busy these days that it is almost impossible for them to take out a minimal amount of time from their schedules and devote it to their families. IT is because of lack of communication that people don’t share problems and it begins to eat them up from the inside leading to depression and sadness. When communication miscarries, that is when marriage will fall.

When problems arise due to financial conditions too become a big problem. This can actually very well be the sole cause of the entire problem. Proper financial planning must be done, and people and couples need to discuss the all kinds of money practices that are running in the family. Talking is the best solution. Keeping quiet will only make it worse. Times have changed now. Women are as ahead in the century as men and therefore must be allowed to contribute to the success and the flourish of the family. This leads to better financial standing and lesser tension among the family. This is what will avoid the unfortunate divorce in the family.

Once a family of two has kids in their life, the responsibilities multiply like a million times. Children play a very important role in the entire family’s ideals. No matter the age, they are an integral part of the family and must be involved in major decision making. These children need support and proper advice of their parents and they do not need to see the parents fighting for it can be the worse influence on a child which carries on to the next generation. Unfortunately this is all what they need but do not get every time. Both parents need to be equally involved with their children or else there can be partitions that form, or else lack in this aspect may result in dislike and ultimately display signs of divorce.

In addition to these points, there are a lot more things that need to be considered for the marriage services to prosper and flourish in a way that every marriage should. If it is not done then this may result in an end in marriage.

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