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Tips to Create an Impressive Matrimony Profile

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“Marriages are made in heaven,” but it is on the person to search for a bride or a groom. With the advancement in technology and overseas relationships and connectivity, matrimony sites come as saviors. You create a matrimonial profile, search according to your likes and dislikes, match a person, get to know each other and select the “perfect match” to marry him/her.

These websites being user-friendly can easily be accessed by both the youth and the elders in a family. There are a lot of features that attract people to comfortably put up their profiles on these sites such as the privacy option. It allows both the parties to access each other’s full profile only when they are genuinely interested. These websites have gained popularity and trust because they have managed not to let this platform turn into a dating site and have won credibility for upholding the sanctity of marriage.

The advantages of these matrimonial sites are many such as the personal choice and increase in options being global-social platforms with a specific and target purpose of matrimony.
However, one has to also take care of how a profile should look to have the perfect match, fulfilling all the requirements that one looks in his/her future life-partner. Some tips to create an impressive matrimony profile are as follows:

1) One Should Be Honest With the Information Provided: The information you provide must be correct and complete. One should always be honest when providing information about oneself as wrong information can get you an expression of interest from another person, but ultimately, it is the authenticity of information that helps you get the perfect match.

2) Pictures Are the Heart of a Profile: Pictures are a must as they constitute the most crucial part of matrimonial profiles. Photos create an impression that attracts viewers. One should upload as many pictures, in different profiles and scenarios, as possible as they help the other person to know your personality and most importantly, how you look. One should upload pictures that are naturally clicked. It should not be group pictures, and preferably, the background should be your home or office as it creates a trust factor with the person who is making a choice. Photos should not form an impression that they have been clicked for the sole purpose of putting them on the website. You should also never use a dated picture.

3) Make Sure Your Profile Is Adequately Detailed: The bigger the profile, the better it is! One should add all the essential details about oneself including the links to their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as it amounts to authenticity and the other person can go through the profiles to know you better.

4) Being Self-Centric Is A Big No: It’s true that a matrimonial profile is all about you. But, don’t be too specific about it. For example, while creating a Gujarati matrimonial profile, don’t be too specific about the cultural aspects, even if you are searching for a Gujarati bride or a Gujarati groom. Be flexible so that a person can initiate an interaction as the matrimonial profile is on a global platform, and there should always be scope for interaction with other people to make an informed choice.

5) Mentioning the Family Background: This is one essential element that must be included in your matrimonial profile. Matrimonial site, not being a dating site, should include information about your family, who all are a part of your family, what they do, etc. This helps the other person and his/her family to know a little bit about the status and background you belong to. It also forms an integral part of your personality at times.

6) No Scope of Errors: The sanctity of marriage relies on truth & faith. Therefore, one must be true and correct about the information provided in the profile for the other person. This is because, at the time of the personal meet, it can be disastrous to find out about the false information you put up on the profile. It also includes being grammatically correct as it forms an impression on the other person and being grammatically wrong won’t make for an impressive profile.

7) Partner Preferences: A matrimonial profile consists of two parts – personal information and partner preferences. On the one hand, while writing down the personal information, be honest about it and don’t oversell yourself. On the other hand, while mentioning the partner preferences, don’t be unreasonable about it by expressing high expectations. Be balanced about it. One should be sensible and subtle enough with the words while mentioning them.

8) Get A Second Opinion About The Profile: It is always a good idea to get your matrimonial profile reviewed by someone who is close to you. It can be a family member or a friend as they are also the ones who know you closely and have a different perspective than you. They can advise you on some modification in the profile or about your personality (according to them), which could be a positive change to the profile.

9) Browse Through the Profiles of Other People: It is an excellent way to make your profile impressive. One can scroll through some top profiles on the site to know how they should introduce the information in a more presentable manner. However, don’t copy the same information or pattern out of a profile as it can easily be figured out by intelligent people. Be creative and honest enough to pick up suggestions for yourself to include in your profile.

10) Don’t Lose Hope and Heart: There is always someone, somewhere who is made for you in heaven. Therefore, don’t lose hope over delayed responses or no matches. There will be times when your interest requests would be rejected, or you won’t get the desired results of your choice. Be patient and hopeful as sooner or later, you shall find your soulmate who matches your preference, and you match theirs.

So, what are you waiting for? With these tips in your pocket, get cracking on your matrimonial profile today!

Tips to Build Amicable Relationship with In-Laws

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Matrimony is a consummation of two mature individuals, who promise to walk together on the roller coaster ride of life.

Indian wedding is a marriage of two families who consolidate to form new relationships and matrimonial sites are the best place to find bride and groom of your choice. In the initial years, there are a lot of expectations associated with the bride and the groom. Each and every minute activities of the couple are closely watched by the parents of both sides. Their concern is to see their children grow in love and happiness and the parents want to be included in their life for always.

To make the matrimonial relationship healthy and strong, both the spouses need to work on maintaining their mutual relationships as well as respecting their in-laws.
If a bride or groom desire to see their partner happy and loving, they need to give personal time to their relationship to nurture as well as time to the families. Here are a few healthy tips to follow to develop amicable relationships with In-Laws

Love & Respect

Both sets of parents are connected with their child through genetics and psychological dynamics. Both come from different background and culture, so the couple requires to love and respect their in-laws’ thought process, customs and traditions, and culture. If initially, both the spouses condition themselves to accept their in-laws with grace, they will build a strong foundation of their relationship. A child shares a close unconditional bonding with the parents and observing that they are cared for by their spouses goes a long way of a smooth and successful relationship.

Solve the disagreements with In-Laws

There is bound to be disagreements with in-laws on some ground because two families having their distinct identity, lifestyle and culture conjoin. Both the spouses should accept the disagreements and discuss the reasons of difference with tact and patience. At times, in height of emotions, people become volatile and discuss the things in rage. Control emotional outburst as said words or actions cannot be taken back and it can hurt the relationships badly. Discuss coolly, work out on the differences, respond them with valid points and dissolve the issues. It is better to settle the score instead of thinking to sever the relationships with in-laws.

Accept Generation Gap Differences

There is a genuine generation gap and difference in opinion is certain. The elders are more experienced and they know the ups and downs of life. Extra cautious parents sometimes create a rift in the lives of a couple. Acknowledge their opinions and adapt them to your lifestyle. If you don’t agree, don’t create boundaries rather acquaint them with your opinion. Open and soft discussions help to clear misunderstandings. Remember, they are real parents and they will never give you the wrong advises. Honor them with patience, kindness, and gentleness. If you mean a No, let them know the reason for your decline.

In-Laws are part of a Family

In-laws are an integral part of a family and they are the ones who have gifted you with a loving life partner. Include them in as a family member and share all the important things with them, your achievements and hiccups, celebrations and sorrows. Include them in family outings and spend time together. In old age, they don’t have much liability and at times, they feel left out. If the spouses decide to include and support them, it adds colors to their life. Call frequently and be connected. Stand to support them if they are facing any issues that cannot be rectified by them.

Celebrate Important Dates of In-Laws

Throughout their life as a parent, they have celebrated the important dates of their children. Now, it is the turn of the spouses to remember the anniversaries, birthdays and remarkable events of life and celebrate with joy. The acknowledgment will cheer them up.

Improving relationships is a joint effort of the couples and their in-laws and it takes time to build. If the young generation initiates, it gives a smooth finesse to the fabric of relationships. Love your in-laws as much as you love your spouse.

9 Ways to Save Relationship from Getting Stale!

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It is believed that Marriages are fixed in heaven and solemnized on earth. It is a relationship of two individuals, who promise to stand united in all shades of life and agree to procreate.

New married couples are very enthusiastic and ready to explore the world living their dreams. With the passage of time, mostly it is observed that both the partners in matrimonial  relationship start taking each other for granted and the relationship suffers. As the responsibility gears up, the partners are distanced. They start feeling bored with their partner and miss required fervor in their relationship.

The relationship specialist advises the couples to save their relationship from getting stale by bringing in the changes in their outlook and behavior toward each other.

Appreciate & Respect Each Other

Take time out from your busy life for each other and appreciate your partner twice a day. Appreciation can be based upon looks, style, way of presentation and managing things. Do try to discover two points in a partner in 24 hours and make them feel special for those two attributes. Be honest and loving.

Avoid Criticism on Daily Basis

Being critical is good at some point of time but no one feels happy to hear their own criticism. Don’t pinpoint each other’s weakness and be at loggerheads. Keep an hour in a week to criticize each other on the issues which require brushing up and show the ways to recoup things where they lack. This way, respect for each other will grow and a clear understanding will develop.

Share Responsibilities

Instead of shelving load of responsibilities on each other, adopt an attitude of sharing responsibilities. Sharing responsibilities will keep both of you connected and both of you will love working collectively. Sense of responsibility will develop and no one will feel the heat of overburdened.

Cook Together

The kitchen area is thought to be the woman’s world. In changed scenario, where both partners are working or are living in a nuclear family, if the couple works together in the kitchen, a sense of bonding will develop, because both will be able to share quality time together. Many males are not good at cooking, but they can help their wives in cutting, chopping, cleaning, packing and lying the table. Joint venture will be enjoyable for both the partners and none will feel left out.

Go for Shopping Together

Initially, the couple ventures together for shopping but after few years of marriage, the boys opt out. To continue your marital bliss, accompany your partner to shopping in weekends and buy personal things for each other. It creates room for appreciation and respecting each other’s choice.

Plan Outings Periodically

Take time out from busy schedule and plan outings for weekends to spend time together at some pleasant locations, away from the daily hustle-bustle of city life. Spending time together will bring the couple close to each other and they will feel rejuvenated.

Give Surprise Often

Everyone loves surprises. Surprise your partner with the token of gift in the form of flowers, cards, perfumes, bouquets or a movie ticket. It can be anything that thrills the partner. You can steal each other’s heart by giving surprises.

Never Forget Important Dates of Life

Birthdays, anniversary dates are special for everyone. Never forget these dates, rather plan something exclusive for the day together or individually as you wish. Forgetting important dates scars the bliss of marriage.

Give Freedom & Space

It is good to be together but too much of togetherness mars the essence of relationship. Give each other a space to grow and prosper. Give each other freedom to pursue their own hobbies and likes. Spend time with friends. The space is required to grow relationships healthy. Too much of binding spoils relationship.

Follow the above said guidelines and save your matrimony from losing its sheen.

A healthy and loving relationship helps the couple to stay happy and strong. Several leading matrimonial sites are there for the ardent parents and individuals who are looking for an ideal partner and LoveVivah is one of the leading matrimony website.

Weird Indian Wedding Rituals That Will Blow Your Mind

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Have you heard the popular phrase, “It happens only in India!”? Well, yes, that’s even more applicable to the context of the diverse wedding rituals our country has, as some of them are outright bizarre! India is a conglomeration of language, culture, and religions and yet in almost every community, there are some weird matrimonial ceremonies hard to reckon with. Here are a few of them –

Mandatory Change of Mind

In specific Tamil Brahmin communities, a groom has to change his mind at the last minute mandatorily and refuse to become a married man. He is then ritualistically counseled by his uncle or his father on the merits of becoming a ‘Sansarik’ and not a ‘Sanyasi.’ He’s told in detail about the significance of matrimony and ‘Grihastha Ashram ‘ and his roles and duties as a husband, so he comes back to his senses and agrees to sit at the marriage altar.

Drink that Dude!

Among Gujaratis, it’s mandatory to have the groom’s feet washed with milk and honey by his would-be father-in-law. But what’s bizarre is he’s then supposed to drink that sweet, slimy, dirty “potion” in the name of Madhuparka, as this ritual is called.

Trapeze Star Bride?

In a common post-wedding ritual of Bihar, a newlywed bride has to balance earthen pots after pots on her head, which are placed there by her mother-in-law. It doesn’t end there. She has to then seek the elder’s blessings by bowing This is said to symbolize the bride’s ability to balance her familial and matrimonial responsibilities.

Pinocchio Groom

We all have read about Pinocchio who’s nose became longer with every lie. But here’s another way to make that happen! Gujarati wedding! In a ceremony named Ponkhana where the groom’s mother-in-law first greets him and performs an aarti, but then she mandatorily pulls the groom’s nose! This is symbolic of helping the groom remember that he’s the one who has come to seek the bride in marriage and so much remains humble.

Runaway (with) Bride!

Some of the Adivasi communities in India have this strange tradition of the husband keeping the newly wedded wife in some hidden place for a full one year. She’s not allowed to go out or interact with anyone for that duration. After the end of one year, the community seniors approve the wedding, and an official celebration is held.

Roses, No, Tomatoes, Yes!

In Sarsaul, Uttar Pradesh, within a certain tribal community, it is mandatory to greet and welcome the groom’s family with quite a strange thing. Not roses, not rose water or perfumes, not even with drinks and paan. They are welcomed by being pelted with tomatoes! The community seems to believe that a matrimonial association beginning with tolerating such torture with such patience definitely makes room for long-term patience, love, and understanding between the newlyweds.

You may or may not be looking forward to having any such bizarre matrimonial ceremonies. However, screening through online matrimonial sites often can turn pretty bizarre due to various online hazards. We at LoveVivah take utmost care to bring you verified and best of profiles, and thus with us, you’re sure to find your perfect match!

To ascertain quality and authentic profiles, we insist on Aadhaar linking of the profiles. This is for our member’s, your own, security and convenience. We are committed to bringing you the best matrimonial site India has ever had, and hence we go this extra mile of Aadhaar linking & verification at the backend.

Are Matrimonial Sites are useful than Traditional Ads?

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Traditionally, Indian matrimony always has been arranged because we Indians believe that it is not only the Indian bride and the Indian groom, who are united for life but their families are too. Families and friends scouted for prospective Indian brides and Indian grooms within their social circle and acquaintances. Criteria such as caste, community, education, financial stability, values, culture, compatibility, etc. are kept in mind during this scouting process to ensure the most eligible compatibility between the bride and the groom and their respective families. The scouting process ensured that each family gets as much first-hand information as possible about the other family before committing. Matrimonial advertisements in newspapers and matrimony bureaus were also followed to seek prospective matches, per criteria.

With the wider spread of the internet, there seems to be a surge in matrimonial sites. The use of these sites is particularly popular with the urban youth. As internet and education spread through small towns, the use of matrimonial sites increases in such places as well. The increasing popularity of matrimonial sites can be attributed to the below factors:

Technology Friendly – In current times where people are becoming more tech-savvy, Matrimonial sites offer plenty of prospective matches to choose from at a touch of a button. The sites offer smart filters to narrow search according to everyone’s criteria – religion, age, caste, language, education, etc.

Maintain the Tradition – Most of the profiles come with photos, traditional specifications. So, not only the prospective Indian bride and the Indian groom know what they are looking at, even the families and friends are happy, knowing that the search is being conducted via traditional criteria;

Wider Catchment – Matrimonial sites not only cater to the urban youth but a wide range of population in semi-urban, rural and overseas areas as well;

More Extensive Options – These sites provide the options for all kinds of varied requirements;

Initial Conversation – Matrimonial sites also offer an online chat room, where the prospective groom and bride can initiate a conversation and find out more about each other, arrange for a meet.

Success Stories – Many of these sites post the stories of those Indian brides and Indian grooms that they have successfully paired and wedded. It provides confidence to those, who are seeking prospective matches, as to the efficacy of the matrimonial sites.

When one compares the above advantages to the traditional method of newspaper advertisements, matrimonial sites are more useful.

Newspaper ads have the following disadvantages:

1) These do not provide as broad options as sites do;
2) Are painstaking and time-consuming when it comes to narrowing a prospective match, arranging the initial chat between the potential matches and their families;
3) Do not come with the options of ‘alerts’ as matrimonial sites do (when a prospective match comes up);
4) One is required to visit the newspaper office to update the ad personally;
5) These do not offer a glimpse of the photos of the prospective brides/grooms.