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The Psychological Secrets to a “Happy Marriage”

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Since centuries the role of matrimony has been discussed, dissected and discoursed upon, ad nauseam! Since time immemorial philosophers, poets, religious leaders, spiritualists, psychologists and social anthropologists alike have tried to solve the mystery question to what constitutes a happy matrimony. Cynics have even called that phrase an impossible oxymoron. However, the office of marriage still thrives amidst every culture and people still want to know, “What are the secrets to a guaranteed happy marriage?”

Good news and bad news! The bad news (actually not!) is that there is no given secret formula to it. The good news is every couple has the secret within their own unique dynamic to make it so, IF they put in effort to maintain certain psychological and emotional wellness of the relationship.


In most pockets of India, even today the man and the woman within marriage are not considered equals. However, a marriage is a bond between two equal shareholders. A matrimony  where both partners aren’t self assured enough to treat the other person as their equal, without feeling threatened or defensive, is bound to undergo deterioration over time.
In our culture, people at times quote ancient religious texts and mythologies at times to justify the lesser or subservient role of a wife to her husband. But every Indian groom and bride must also remember the equally opposite legacy of “equality within marriage”, depicted in the same ancient texts. Our Puranas clearly talk about Shiva and Shakti being equal and same. In any wedlock, that same essence needs to be recreated for a mutually respectful and happy long haul.


The greatest emotional foundation to a Happy Marriage is – surprise! – not great chemistry, nor family affluence, nor any other version of compatibility – rather it’s ‘Friendship’. In Buddhism there’s a beautiful word for Love, called Maitri. Maitri essentially means ‘Loving Friendliness’ that one holds, feels and deliberately practices towards their object of Love. Imagine if you first and foremost forge a deep friendship with your spouse, and are committed to treat him or her as your Best Friend, how easy the rest of the matrimonial nuances would automatically become. Things that you would never do to your best friend now translates into things you would never even feel like doing within the sacred wedlock. Hurt, manipulative behaviors, abuse, violence in speech or action, losing interest, betrayal, cheating – some if these potent marriage killers by default lose out moment partners build their matrimonial life in a deep friendship with each other.


To have compassion for anyone implies extending them your patient listening, your tolerant understanding, your proactive presence to ease their struggles in every manner. In every culture, all religious leaders and cultural voices have hailed Compassion as a vital game changer for everything in life. Same goes for a happy married life. Practicing compassion towards one’s spouse doesn’t equate to pitying them as weak but to treat them as one’s own self and be there for them as one would fit themselves. This psychological stance radically strengthens any wedding bond.

Non reaction

No, we aren’t talking about passive aggressive non-reaction or silent treatment! We are talking about a calm and detached objectivity that can save any relationship from every interpersonal crisis, more so within a marriage relationship. Hasty judgments, hissing jealousy, incorrect conclusions drawn and reactive speeches have ruined more marriages than any other practical issues. For both partners to develop an attitude of calm non-reaction and “Practising the Pause” before addressing an issue goes a long way in forging deeper trust, better communication and more effective partnership.

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Wedding dress for Winter Brides

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Advent of winters marks the onset of wedding season in India. The magical aura of a winter wedding is best known to those who have attended one. A nip in the air, foggy nights, and endless cups of hot chai or coffee are a perfect combination to set an impeccable environment creating an unforgettable evening in a couple’s life.

Whether you are an Indian bride or groom or a guest, lovely and pleasant weather in winter gives you a leverage to flaunt those gorgeous heavy outfits and makeup without the fear of sweat. The cool climate keeps you relaxed, allowing carrying the dress and jewelry for long hours without any discomfort. Yet, there is another side to winter weddings. On one hand it keeps you relaxed and cheerful, but on the other hand if it is too chilling, then it becomes all the more important to keep yourself warm to be able to enjoy the wedding at its fullest.

Here are a few tips you can use to keep yourself warm without compromising on your wedding looks.

Choose your fabric smartly

The choice of your dress material is critical in Indian Marriage in winters. Opting for materials that keep you warm and at the same time providing a gorgeous look is all that’s needed. Velvet, silk, taffeta, satin are a few best bets for winter fabric. Though you might be tempted to go for stuffs like net, chiffon, georgette, organza, etc. but better to avoid them if you are getting married in winters.

Layer up your Wedding Outfit

A multi-layered outfit with thin layers can help retain the warmth better than a single thick layered dress. You can opt for a dress that consists of multiple layers of fabric giving a trendy look to your outfit. For example a multi-layered lehenga, with a trendy overcoat or a jacket giving a fresh, trendy look to wedding attire of any Indian Bride.

Use Secret Weapon – Full Sleeves

Going for a full sleeve wedding dress, will not just keep you warm and cozy, but will also give you a look which is a fusion of tradition and trend. A full sleeve blouse, matching with your wedding lehenga or wedding saree, can give an absolutely stunning look to any Indian Bride.

Choose Smart Footwear

Smart footwear that goes well with the chilly weather is all you need to add on to the warmth of your wedding. Try to opt for footwear that can keep your feet covered in the winters. If required, you can also pull up your socks that stay hidden within your covered yet fancy footwear.

Stay warm with a Cup of Coffee

Last but not the least, keep yourself warm with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Let your friends be informed in advance so that they don’t leave you without a coffee in hand. Just keeping your hands around the warm cup helps offers a comfortable cozy feeling, not necessarily you need to sip in, though you may if you feel like.

Marriages in India are all about fun and excitement. Every Indian bride or Indian Groom would have many expectations from this day and some small but smart decisions can help them live up to all those expectations.

Is it really worth spending a hefty amount on Wedding?

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Indian weddings are primarily known for their magnificence and spectacular setups. And why not, it’s once in a lifetime event for any couple and they have huge expectations for their THE DAY. A simple reason for such huge expectations is, being brought up in a society where they have been witnessing and enjoying such large scale wedding since their childhood. But they were never aware of the darker side of such weddings. It’s been widely seen that parents and family of the bride would go an extra mile beyond their limits, to arrange for a super lavish wedding.  Even if that means getting into huge debts just to celebrate that one day and please others.

Here is a million dollar question – Whether to go for a lavish wedding or opt for a simple wedding, keeping it a close family affair? Let’s help you take a closer look at the major areas which contribute to the maximum expense of a lavish wedding:

Wedding dress – Every Bride’s dream is to look like a princess on her wedding day, and she would not mind spending a huge amount on that one dress/ lehenga that is to be worn for not more than a few hours. And probably would never ever be used again in future. Same goes for a groom’s attire as well. Will he is wearing that expensive sherwani or a 3 piece suit ever again? If the answer is no or maybe, then probably the decision to go for an expensive wedding dress should be reconsidered.

Venue & Catering – It is a place that will accommodate all your distant relatives, friends, known and not so known people who would be there just to enjoy an extravagant event and a lavish dinner with elaborate menu options on the card. They all will be there accompanying you on your big day but have you ever thought, would they all be there to support you in time of need? The number would perhaps boil down to less than one percent. Is it worth spending your hard earned money for such people – give it a thought.

Invitation cards – Latest trends on wedding invitation cards is not just catching the eyeballs but also creating hole in the pocket. Fancy invitation cards accompanied with sweets / dry fruits/ a gift box look really appealing and though there is no denial to the fact that the receiver will appreciate such invitation, but do you really think it will make any significant difference in the feelings of the host or the guest? Will this card be there with the receiver for the life time? Surely NO! Then why to invest highly on them?

Gifts & Favors – Last but not the least, presenting gifts to everyone attending the wedding forms a significant part of the Indian wedding. Believe it or not, the value of the gift is judged in monetary terms only. The one who receives the gift might or might not value the gift, but whatsoever be the case, you would have already spent a lot on the gifts. So, what do you think? Is it really worth spending money on these gifts?

For a bride or groom belonging to upper class of society, all these expenses might look miniscule when compared to the pleasure they offer, but still, the need and importance of these affairs is debatable. For a middle class Indian bride or groom, it is much beyond the debate, as every extra penny spent is likely to hit on your budget. The same amount can probably help you ease your day to day life expenses.

Its about the priorities that the couple and their families set for themselves – whether they want to spend wisely or just spend to please the society – worth giving a serious thought!

Are You Ready to Tie the Knot? First Know the Importance of Saat Phere

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Saat Phere Hindu marriage

You must have noticed in every Hindu wedding, bride and groom take seven wedding vows around the holy fire. They take the wedding vows in the presence of their family, relatives and friends as witness of their holy tie. No Hindu wedding is considered complete without these holy vows. This is the way for couples to confirm their commitment and sincerity to the new relationship they are entering into.

Each of the wedding vows is followed by a Phera or a round around the holy fire. Generally, most of the couples in the excitement and eagerness to complete this ceremony overlook these important seven vows of marriage. These seven vows have special importance and significance in Hindu marriage. Let’s take a look at the deep meaning and significance of these seven wedding vows of marriage.

First Phera: The first step of this journey of togetherness is offering prayer to Lord for nourishment. In this first phera, the bride and groom seek divine blessings by asking the Lord to ensure that they will never be short of food or money in their married life. And, they will not feel deprived of anything they need to nourish a noble and respectful life together. The groom takes vows to provide happiness and support to his wife and their family. Even, the bride also promises to shoulder the responsibilities with him. They pray that they will collectively work towards this goal and respect each-other.

Second Phera: In the second phera, the couple seeks union on all levels-mental, emotional and spiritual. They take holy vow to love each-other forever and they will always remain faithful towards each-other. They pray to God to help them live as one complete being, rather than two halves. Since, they will be partner for life, they seek strength to be able to support each-other in the thick and thin of life.

Third phera: As the bride and groom are stepping into the real world now, they seek blessing of God for their wealth and prosperity. They seek wealth not only for their physical desires or leisure, but for spiritual obligations as well. They also pray God to bless them for the ability and means to take care of their children, educate them and look after their needs. They also take oath for physical and spiritual loyalty towards each-other.

Fourth phera: In fourth wedding vow, they take pledge to respect elders and strengthen their family together by ensuring the family values and build a healthy and strong relationship with both the families. They take pledge to uphold the family values and follow the traditions of family. Besides, the groom expresses his gratitude towards his wife for completing his life and bringing auspiciousness and happiness in their life.

Fifth phera: With the beginning of a new life together, the couple also seek blessing for their future children from the Lord. They pray to Lord to be blessed with healthy, strong and noble children, who will bring good name for the family in the future. They also take the vow to be responsible parents to their children and provide them the education and right upbringing. The groom also promises his wife that he would always see her as his best friend. In return, the bride promises to love him and respect their relationship forever.

Sixth phera: To live a happy and blessed life, the new couple seeks blessings of the God for their healthy and disease-free life. They pray for the strength, so that they can fulfill all their responsibilities properly towards each-other, their family and children. They wish for a balanced and joyful life with each-other in the life journey.

Seventh phera: The final phera seals this holy union is one where the couple makes the promise to love, trust and respect their companion. They take the vow to be good friends for life and stand by each-other in everything. They also promise to remain united through everything in life and will remain truthful and loyal towards each-other and their relationship.

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Are You Marrying the Right Zodiac Sign? Check the Best Zodiac Women to Marry!

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Zodiac Sign for Marriage

Are you the one believes in Zodiac compatibility? Do you think that for a successful married life you need a compatible partner? Compatibility is not limited or restricted to your personality traits and thoughts, but zodiac compatibility also plays an important role in it. If you are looking for someone who will be your perfect partner after marriage, then don’t forget to check the zodiac compatibility as well. We are here sharing some interesting facts and traits of different zodiac sings that makes them a perfect life partner.

Cancer Women: Females born under this sign are highly emotional and feels intensely for their life partner. They love unconditionally and that makes them different from others. If your lady love is born under cancer zodiac sign it means that you are marrying the right one and your choice is just perfect. The women who are born under this sign can do anything and unexpected things to make you happy. They can go to any length to fulfill your wishes and see smile on your face. However, there are some minus points as well like they used to dramatize things at time even they can do this is small things. But, this is something which can be easily ignored if you look at other benefits. Their main focus always remains on making you comfortable and taking care of you and your family. They are good with culinary skills and you will always enjoy delicious food. Cancer women are dedicated and loving mothers and they never ignore their kids as you and kids always comes first in their life. To make her happy in this relationship always remain honest, loyal and love her.

Aries Women: The women born in this zodiac sign make their men fall on their knees. They are strong headed and unyielding-they are all about making things happen and achieving their goals. If you are strong enough to handle a strong headed lady and who loves to make her own decisions and brave enough to face anything, then you are making the right choice. She will expect your involvement and support in everything she does. They are highly social and being in their company you will also enjoy the high social status as everyone will start treating you with respect. They are capable enough to make their men stronger, worthy and responsible. They are simple, straightforward and down-to-earth. They have very realistic expectations from you as husband and they will always make a demand, which you can easily fulfill. On the other hand, they are not easy to woe and very hard to attract, even if you manage to do so, so if manage to do so, then be happy that she will do anything and everything for you. They are strict yet impartial mothers, who usually raise leader and winners. If you expect your partner to be strong character and determined, then she is right one to marry.

Leo Women: Leo women are good mix of strong and harsh, or you can call them warriors. They have unmatched strengths and ability and need someone as strong they are. They never settle with something ordinary and when it comes to their life partner they want someone really special. They put no extra efforts to woe their men, but men simply fall captive to their charm and strength. They are very loyal and dedicated partners. They can go to any extreme limits for their partner. They are very loving and caring mothers and can do anything for children. They are ready to do anything for their loved ones and to protect them. It is not really simple and easy to match up with their charisma and strengths and when it comes to marriage and relationship a lot of things depend upon Leo women to make to successful because you can’t do anything without her wish.

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