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The Dream Man Of Women Of Different Ages

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Ever thought about the mistakes you have made in your Love life and relationships. Ever questioned yourself as to how you could love a person like some one you hate now. Apparently, due to some studies, it is seen that due to aging process our tastes in men change. We seek different qualities and aspects of when we seek men. We will now point out the exact kind of parameters women set for the men they desire according to their age groups.

From the age of 18-24, the women most seek friends for relationships. The quality they seek most is that of how friendly her partner is. Most importantly, some even look to their friend’s approval of their relationship. Also, they try and seek men in better shape in order to avoid complex and men who have young interests.

For the age of 25-34, now women move to careers, but the other main qualities like physical attraction and sexual compatibility still remain intact. An ambitious man is always preferred.

For the age of 35-44, women in late thirties seek older men as they are more attractive to them. This is usually because now it is time for them to settle and seeking and settling with an already settled man makes things a lot easier. Women are very conscious about settling and get very panicky if that gets delayed. Dating a man with elegance is preferred who has good etiquette and manners.

Lastly, comes the age of 45-54, at this point of time comes, the aspect of feeling security in terms of relationship and life status. Feeling secure with a person is what drives women in this age group. As they have aged, choices are less and hence they tend to get less picky about men and more adjusting.

The above given descriptions are all made on surveys and research and if understood properly can help every woman set down her parameters in a better way of finding the right individual of her life no matter the age for love does not see numbers, but bon alone. Please get your profile on one of the top Indian matrimonial sites with your interest.

How To Adjust In A Non-Vegetarian Family If You Are A Vegetarian

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As for the bride, you have been through the best days of your life recently. Your most memorable moment in your entire life has been successfully completed and now you will be facing a whole new life entirely. You will now be entering a whole new home in your husband’s house. It is a time of joy but there is a lot of nervousness too. Living in a completely new environment and a whole new lifestyle is no easy thing. On top of that if the family turns out to be non-vegetarian, then the adjustment is now double the scale level. Well, this blog post is meant just for you and to help you out.

This is the time when you need to become flexible. Your life must have been very easy till now but some changes need to be made now. Your habits must change. First thing first, do not give any awkward facial expressions if you see them eating non-veg at the dinner table. Eating non-vegetarian is a personal choice. Respecting others is very important.

Do not taunt your husband or his family members for their eating habits. Don’t even try to make a comment indirectly. Do not even try to persuade them to stop eating non-vegetarian just because you are a vegetarian. Try and adjust yourself with this new environment. If too many tantrums or a fuss is being made about something as simple as eating habits you sure are attracting a lot of trouble towards yourself that you can simply avoid by bliss.

Even though, you will have to adjust a lot with your in-laws regarding this, you still have a lot of respect for being a vegetarian. You can very much have your food stores or cooked separately. If your in-laws do not even agree to this then this is a matter of respect that your in-laws lack towards you and you must bring up this topic with your husband to try and sort things out.

Dinner tables are a platform for the family to come together daily to discuss their lifetime events and their day’s progress. It must be kept to a happy environment and not changed into something that people begin to avoid participating in itself. Only if both sides are adjusting can this be achieved and can both parties live and continue their lives the way they want.

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Time is not of the essence when it comes to talking about relationships. It is so strong that no matter what or when, whenever there is a loss of relationship, it hurts us a lot. Not only us but people close to us too. And it is most difficult for some people to cope with this sadness.

When relationship ends they leave us all helpless. They impact us in a way that is very unique. First and foremost thing that you need to prepare yourself about and with is that remember there is always a grieving period and one must embrace the natural emotions that come with it too. Most common feeling one feels once their relationship has ended is the feeling of abandonment. Remember it is not your fault that this happened and you do not need to punish yourself for this. Simply following some guidelines will help you struggle through this very important phase of your life.

The more you discuss with people, the more you will be able to less think about it and quickly get over it. If you don’t want to talk, sometimes writing it out in a diary or just talking to yourself in the mirror helps too.  Just try and forgive yourself he entire phase. The reason it is good to let it all out is so that feelings like loneliness and anger do not aggravate the depression.

During this phase, it is very important that you keep very good care of your own health. This includes eating healthy and good food right on time. Keeping a normal routine can greatly help in losing the depression from your mind. Many people resort to not eating for a long time to get over the depression but it only makes it worse. Your body needs the strength to help you fight these negative feelings. Try and work out your body. Keeping the body busy will help you think about other stuff as compared to the bad memories from your relationship.

Try and keep positive energy continuously flowing in your body. Think about all the great things in your life. Cherish each moment in this life for this life is too short to have sad memories. Try taking up hobbies and do things that you always wanted to do as a kid and couldn’t do because of some reason. Bring back the child in you and let it all out. Have the most amazing time of your life. Watch movies; go on a camping trip with your friends etc. for some people eating an entire tub of ice-cream does the trick. And guess what, now there is no one to comment on what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Eat all those fats all that butter and cream for this is your moment to live and there cannot be any kind of obstruction in it.

So now you know how one feels after this unfortunate event and how one can cope with this. These kinds of breakups take place everywhere and every day. So it is best recommended for you that once you have handled your own situation, please help out others with similar pain and share this article with them.

Henna, The Essence Of An Indian Wedding

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The entire world knows about Indian weddings which consist of the rich rituals and traditions that make the entire event so much fun! Indian weddings comprise of many events instead of just one and one if these events is that of Henna. The tradition of Henna has been carried on for the last many decades or even a century till date. It is followed by multiple religions that exist in India. It is what adds the true essence to an Indian wedding. Henna is applied to the bride’s body including the hands, the legs. The designs on these body parts are unique to each bride and are very exquisite. Not only the bride, but to keep up with the tradition the groom too puts a little on his palm for respecting his values and his people’s ways.

The word Henna in Hindi also called “Mehendi” comes from the old Indian language Sanskrit. The henna, originally meant to showcase the inner and the outer sun has changes over time. Now it can also represent good fortune and luck to the newlywed couple. Henna is not just for the wedding ceremonies. It is also meant for other family related or couple related festivals of India. In addition to luck and fortune, it is also signals the strength of the bond between the husband and the wife. It is commonly stated that the darker the Henna on the bride’s hand, the longer their souls shall be together. Henna is so popular in India that people have found their way into using it and recognizing its medical properties as well as an antiseptic and many more.

In today’s time, all sorts of Indian weddings embrace the beauty of Henna and accommodate its special value in their events. Designs of these have changed and continue to change due to ever changing demands of the people. The new and recent changes in Henna have been the addition of sparkly stuff in the design of their Henna. With just such rich history and so many different uses on so many different events, Henna captures the Indian essence of a marriage in just the right way and carries on the tradition of our fathers and mothers.

Working Towards Improving Relationships

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Marriage Relationships

Love must consist of a daily dose for it to be active and fully effective between couples. This daily dose can be showcased in very simple terms as well and nothing very pricy. Simple actions of love and care go a long way in any relationship. This can very much be done by just simple giving a bit of your busy time to your life partner for he or she deserves it. You must keep the monotonous of the relationship or there can be serious issues that may rise. Certain tips will certainly help.

Remember you married your spouse for some qualities that you found unique in them. Appreciating these qualities once in a while strengthens the bond between the two. Make the relationship seem fresher. Acknowledge their efforts and qualities and love them every way possible. Going out and spending a night out in a hotel or if not just a nice dinner place should do the trick too. Change of environment is very crucial or otherwise people begin to feel limited. Whatever time you have outside the office, spend it together whether it is gym or swim or anything like that.

Ever tried the element of surprise on your spouse. It does wonders. Surprise him or her with a small token of love by either giving a small gift or just planning something really special for the evening. Maybe you can cook for your partner their favorite cuisine. If you can both afford to spend a little more time than just one evening then there is nothing better than a 2-3 day weekend getaway. Replenishes your energy, soul and love. Weekend getaways can sometimes be the exact thing that couples need to break the ice that forms over time between them and their partner.

Just making love before marriage is not enough for a prosperous relationship. You must continue to do so even after for healthy relationship. Please login to Indian matrimony site for getting suitable life partner.

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