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Tips To Finding Your Soul-mate

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It is every girl’s and boy’s dream to find their soul mate who will love them, understand them and most importantly be their best fried for their entire lifetime. For some people it just purely fate that brings them their perfect lover together but for some people it does not come that easy. Every individual in this world is different and has completely different expectations of how they imagine their perfect life partner to be but some general tips that should work for everyone can help a lot and go a long way ahead in life.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that when you are trying to find your perfect love partner, you must keep an open mind and not judge anybody based on any kind of prejudices whether they are social or based on caste, color or anything like that. Also make sure that whenever you interact with the person, be open for you do not want to start a relationship based on false images of one another and then regret making any serious life decision. The other way he/she expresses himself/herself the most is through their body language. Body language can signify so many things about a person. Body language can radiate one’s confidence, one’s attitude and one’s demeanor. Your own composure should still remain intact. Remember to express yourself gracefully and elegantly.

Each human is like an onion, with many layers within. So it is best to come to know of a person from their core and for that to happen, a lot of time must be spent with the other person. Do not judge anyone on first sight or first meeting, for it is very hard to completely open up in front of someone on the first meeting. Understand how he or she expresses himself. Everyone can boast about their qualities but a true and an honest person is one who also talks about his flaws and is continuously trying to rectify them. Because we know that no one is perfect, if he or she talks about their laws, it tells you how open they are.

Judging one on a dinner table is not the way to go. For complete understanding, both the partners must spend time indulging in mutually liked activities. Try an understand each other’s perspectives, each other’s life circumstances for every man or woman walk a different path of life from one another.A true lifelongpartner is one who understands everything about you. Share your passions and see how the reaction. Share your lifelong goals and ambitions and see how supportive the other person is. Also remember, don’t be stuck in a particular way of thinking. Be open and ever ready to change your mind about general things and ways of life.

It is very important that you have understood the other person really well inside out and are ready to accept him or her for you might just end up spending your entire life with them as your soul mate.

How To Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams

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Wedding is not just a place where a man and a woman come together to spend their life thereafter but a spiritual ceremony where two souls that love each other bind as one for all eternity. It is the event of celebrations, of happiness and also an emotional event for the bride shall leave her home and live with the new. Even though the weddings are said to take place in heaven, what makes these weddings most beautiful is the ambiance and the location in which they are set, the perfect wedding destination. The wedding venue is what gives an Indian wedding its sanctity and holiness. It is very important that these venues must be chosen carefully.

Though it is very important that the venue that is selected is first and foremost is liked and the bride and groom are comfortable with, there are many other factors that come into play. Second most important thing is the budget of the family responsible for organizing the wedding. Staying within and setting up a budget is very important as going overboard with the money can bring about a burden which beats the entire purpose of a wedding. Not only just the quality of the venue but also choosing a central location that is accessible to all easily is just as important. Sometimes having a huge gathering in a wedding doesn’t go that well as one of the main purposes for a wedding is for the entire family and friends to get together and wish the newlywed but what happens in a huge gathering is that the families are not even able to meet all their guests. It is highly recommended that a smaller gathering with very close families and friends come to attend so that a more compact and more enjoyable wedding takes place.
Location wise some people imagine their wedding to be on a beach, some may think of a 5-star hotel or some may want to get married in a temple. It all comes down to a personal preference for the Perfect wedding location is the one where you want it to be. Whatever may your perfect wedding destination be, make sure to visit the location once to see for yourself if it fits with the kind you want for it is ultimately your decision and not your guest’s. As for the decorations, the wedding ceremonies are most appreciated when they have a unique style which comes from the uniqueness of ones ideas and not from someone else. All though it comes to personal choice and taste, decorations must be preferably kept simple, elegant, sophisticated and well designed. Another great aspect to add to one’s wedding is a small water body or a fountain, for the sound of the splashing water brings utmost calm and peace which is much respected and valued by the guests. Bring out the imaginative in you and create your own perfect little wedding.

Remember your perfect wedding is your own creation, fill it with joy and express your jubilation through the ambiance, make it the day you remember for your entire life, for you only marry once in your lifetime.


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In Indian weddings, a bride’s sanctity and holiness is compared to the purest of the forms. It is of such magnitude that her pureness is compared to that of a goddess. A bride and her beauty, through the majesty of her clothes spellbind all who lay their eyes upon her. What completes the beauty of the bride are the captivating accessories and a gorgeous wedding gown called “Lehenga”, whose beauty is so enchanting that it seems to be woven out of angel’s own hands. It is these bridal collections that every girl dreams of wearing on her wedding-day and is excited about her whole life.

These bridal assortments stay unique to each bride following her tastes, her choices and her fashion sense but what must be kept in mind are the three points before buying a Lehenga or its accompanying accessories. First and foremost is that Indian weddings require the bride to wear heavy and exotic dresses that are sometimes so exclusive that the brides who spent lakhs of rupees on that dress end up wearing it only once throughout their lives. So it is recommended that minimalist approach is applied while keeping with the required wedding norms of India.

Secondly, a wedding is a time of togetherness where families come together to spend time but some people indulge themselves so much in shopping that all their time that was to enjoy has been wasted in roaming around the city trying to find the “Perfect Lehenga”. And last but not the least, the number of choices and options available can be so overwhelming sometimes so it is best to first survey and decide which stores fall in your budget and which ones have the kind of dresses you want to buy. It not only saves more time but lets the true spirit of wedding remain. In my opinion the wedding-day is the day when the bride experiences the best day of her life and it is nothing but unfair for her to carry around such “heavy work” dresses that she feels uncomfortable in. These days, new approach is being adopted. People have begun to go for lighter and more elegant dresses which are highly appreciated and even commended.

It would be perfectly right to say that it is in everyone’s best interest to not only enjoy the two families coming together and bonding in one relation through their son’s or daughter’s marriage but also adore and treasure the happy memories of this event where they spent time with their families and friends and wished the newlywed couple best wishes for their lives.

Traditions Of Marriage In India

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Indian Marriage traditions

Marriages in India are a huge part of the overall culture of the country. It embodies all the significant Indiantraditionalvalues that set it aside as one of the most culturally devoted wedding ceremonies all over the world across all religions. Most importantly, what has and will continue to make it so special is that the values that are alive in this ceremonious and cultural event have been passed down through the earliest of men that were also known as the founding forefathers of cultural India.

The wedding ceremonies are so rich in culture that it varies from remembering and receiving the blessings of the bride’s and groom’s ancestors to giving offerings to gods for their guidance and fate. One of the most popular traditions in Indianweddings involves a ceremony known as “SaathPhere” meaning seven circles. This involves the bride and groom who are tied by a Gordian knot to go around the holy fire of matrimony seven times to seal their fate and wish for as good a life partner as in their current one in rest of their human lives, which according to Indian mythology are 7.

Marriage traditions in India are as diverse as its culture and state. Each state possessing its own culture celebrates the event of marriage with its own customs. Each filled with its own uniqueness and cultural and traditional aspects. The one thing that excites everyone the most is the lavish and exotic food that is provided at each wedding. For Indians, there is no better treat than perfectly spiced and cooked Indian dishes with just the right amount of butter on bread and the weddings fulfill each of those qualities.

The significance of marriage in India is so strong that to an extent it is perfectly justified to say that it is these traditions and cultures that bind the Indian people in one unity and defines them as a nation of diversity.

Planning The Perfect Wedding

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There always arrives a time when we finally meet the lover of our life, love him or her, get engaged, and then comes the wedding. A wedding is an event of jubilation, but highly tedious for the bride and groom for it is the event of their lives. The entire main process can be divided into a few significant steps and procedures.

Before the planning starts, one must decide whether to carry out the wedding in a traditional, contemporary, or something unique manner. After that the major aspects that must be considered are the size of the wedding, the location, time, kind of food and drinks and if a professional photographer is required or not. One must remember to reduce the size of the wedding and in order to carry out that task, one must invite only the most important to attend it as this will consequently reduce the size of everything related to the wedding in terms of food service, cake size etc. and hence reducing the overall cost. For the food and the drinks required, choose the kind of food at first you would like to have and then consider the general populous that will be attending the function/ceremony. Excessive drinking of alcohol should not be promoted at the wedding as it disrupts the sanctity of the ceremony and also creates a nuisance.

When trying to buy things for the wedding, try to go for packages of things which may result in an overall lesser expense. Same simple principle must be applied everywhere where cost is expected. For prefect effectiveness, try and plan these expenses ahead as soon as you start planning your wedding for there to be good amount of time for judgment and decision making. Always remember that this entire event is for you and your prospect spouse only. To make it special is the foundation of your marriage. You need to live and enjoy this with the best of the memories possible which first and foremost start with thoughts and love and end with happy memories.

Even though it is highly important, the expenses must be limited. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on the wedding, if the bride and groom use it for their future foundations and buy a house or invest in something, the money will be put to much better use. So many people later on regret about how they spent so much on a wedding with which they weren’t even satisfied with and had at that time chosen for a better option, a cheaper option. For something inexpensive doesn’t mean bad quality, it just is smarter financial planning but then again it comes down to the preference of the bride and the groom for the entire wedding is for them and they shall have no regrets in future regarding the arguably their best and happiest day of their lives.

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