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5 Things About Marriage That You Didn’t Learn at School

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Your education might have prepared you for a lot of things that you may have to face in life from getting a job to building a career and even performing first aid, but what school cannot teach is the reality behind a  matrimony. You will never realize what marriage is unless you get into one, and by the time you realize it, it is probably too late. Well, fret not, because we have here for you some authentic facts about marriage. Try going through them before you start creating profiles on various matrimonial sites.

1.  Marriage is not about your happiness; it is about your partner’s as well.

The sooner you realize this fact, the better because the last thing you want to do in a marriage is to put yourself first. In a marriage, it should also be we, and never I, otherwise you may not call marriage a partnership at all. So, whatever you do, make sure that both you and your partner gain happiness because of your actions.

2. Love is not just a feeling; love is about commitment.

Once you are in a marriage, you should be in for the long haul. It may seem such an easy thing at the start of the marriage, but as time goes on you will come across situations that test your patience and commitment to your marriage. The key is not to give up because if you love your partner; you won’t.

3. “Opposites attract” may not turn out to be true after all

When you are going through the courtship phase, you may find yourself attracted to a person because they are the complete opposite of you, but once you get married to the person, the same reason you fell in love with the person for may turn out to be the reason for your marriage turning sour. Of course, that does not have to be the case if you and your partner learn to compromise and embrace each other for who you are.

4. It is okay to make mistakes, but making the same mistake twice is not acceptable.

It is second nature for any human being to mess up; no one can be perfect all the time. What matters is whether you learn from your mistakes or not, because if you don’t, the chances are that your spouse has had enough of your shenanigans. And that is a situation in which you do not want to be in ever.

5. Try what you may, you will never get to know your partner perfectly

This is especially true in the case of Indian Brides and Grooms as they normally do not get the chance to know their partner very well before they get married. It is impossible for one person to get to know every possible thing about another person. You are going to keep discovering new things about your partner every other day, for as long as you are together. So, just do not get surprised when something unexpected crops up, try to be calm and deal with the situation in a sensible manner.

12 Signs you know you’ve found your Perfect Match

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Marriages are made in heaven, they say, but love is grown and cherished on this planet. Love happens while we are busy making other plans. In a spur of moments, our life changes and we experience something blissful, something pure, and something selfless. Even love comes with its signs and symptoms, check for yourself if you are in the barometer or not.

1. When he/she understands you without your explanations
Sometimes even when words fail, facial expressions give it away. The person you intend to spend your life with should trust you and to make you understand that this relationship work wonders. Your search for the perfect match would definitely end at the matrimonial sites over the Internet. 

2. When he/she is the first person you think of every morning and every night
Those soft words, cuddles, and long talks day and night tickle your love buds, causing you fall for the person harder. No morning or night feel complete without them or their presence.

3. When you don’t hide any secrets
Your every minor intricate detail would be shared with your better half just so they don’t miss out on any part of your life. Where every minute thing is shared, love blossoms making the two grow closer to each other.

4. When you share your personal space willingly
You find no need to separate your space with your loved one as you consider him/her as a part of your life. Your inner sanctum includes your love as well, making your picture complete and perfect.

5. When you are respected by him/her
Your lifestyle, thoughts, and views are keenly observed and accepted by your perfect match. You find easy to talk your mind without being judged. For those still on their search of a perfect match, go to the Indian Matrimonial sites and end your search.

6. When your decisions matter to him/her
Those smallest words uttered by you are comprehended, thought about, and analyzed to be implemented. You are treated as an equal by appreciating your decisions, even on trivial issues.

7. When he/she does the things they dislike, only for you
Your choices matter to him/her and even if they don’t like or love it, they try it to see you happy. All the weird things are done just to see you smile. Find those alike, yet different people on the matrimonial sites.

8. When he/she ask for your day
Even after a rough day, he/she ask for your schedule and mood of the day and do everything possible thing to lighten it up.

9. When little sacrifices don’t matter for some quality time
Your favorite movie is in theatres and your better half doesn’t like watching movies, then you prefer time spent not your indulgences. And same from the other side.

10. When he/she takes small efforts to make you smile
Your days of turmoil and uneasiness are not spent alone, you always have unwavering support from the other end. He/she tries every possible thing to make you feel good about yourself as he/she cannot see you sad. The same goes for the other half.

11. When he/she makes you feel special
No specific occasion is required for him/her to make you feel wanted. They make the most of every moment to let you enjoy this beautiful life in a simple yet lovely way. Search your special one online through the best matrimonial sites. You never know you might the right Indian bride or groom for yourself.

12. When he/she says sorry irrespective of anyone’s fault
They apologize for the betterment of the relationship and for its proper functioning. They never seek to contemplate the wrongs of their relationships, they maintain a healthy balance amidst the chaos.

Gujarati Wife Suitable for Business Family Marriage

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Gujarati bride

People of Gujarat state in India are referred as Gujarati. Most of them are from business families and affluent class. Gujarati culture is very vibrant with beautiful. Here the people of Gujarat speak Gujarati- it is their local language of communication. Besides, Gujarati people also speak some other languages like surti, charotari, kathiawai and kutchi. These people are highly educated and famous for the strong bonding and togetherness. They are highly professional and career oriented. They pay more attention to career and their business. Gujarati people are very traditional and fallow all the rituals in weddings. Most of the people in Gujarat are Hindu followed by Muslims. Gujarati males are usually involved in the family business.

Gujarati marriage is like an extravaganza for eye and a cultural treat for all. The parents or Gujarati bride and groom search the prospective life partner for their children. Nowadays, most of the families give respect to the choice of their kids and give them chance to select a life partner for them. If they will say yes to their choice, then only they take the next step. All the pre-wedding rituals are performed in their respective families. The first and foremost ritual of the pre-wedding is Lord Ganesha pooja. This ritual is conducted to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha for the grah shanti and uninterrupted marriage rituals.

The next ritual is ‘Jaan’ where the groom come to bride’s house and seek blessing of his mother-in-law by touching her feet. The mandap is specially decorated for Vedic ritual ceremony. The mandap symbolize the four parents of both Gujarati bride and groom and they are the pillars of their life. Their parents take oath for the marriage of their children. Most of the ceremonies are conducted in the presence of guests, relatives and friends.

On wedding day, the groom and bride exchanges garlands which is popularly known as ‘Jaimala’ function. The groom’s feet are cleaned with water. He is offered milk and honey to drink which is called as ‘Madhuparka’ before wedding ceremony. Next is ‘Juta Churai’ where groom’s shoes are traditionally hidden by sisters of the bride. After this ceremony, the next ritual is ‘Kanyadan’. In this ritual, the father of the bride gives the hand of his daughter in the hand of groom and expects that he will take care of her and support her in all ups and downs of life.

In ‘Hasta Milap’ ritual the grooms shawl is tied with the saree of the bride. The last ritual of Gujarati wedding is seven rounds take around the holy fire steps which are considered very sacred and known as saptapadi. After completing the saptapadi their parents and elders give them blessing for their happy and successful married life.

After the marriage rituals, there is a reception party for family, guest, relatives of bride and groom. In ‘Vidaai’ ceremony, the bride takes farewell from her family and house. Once the couple reaches groom’s house the next ritual is ‘Ghar Ni Lakshmi’ ritual where the bride knock down rice vessel with her right leg before entering the home. The Hindu bride is considered as Goddess Laxmi for the house.

LoveVivah.com Gujarat matrimony provides marriage profiles of grooms and brides for marriage, Find for Gujarati matrimonial resumes for perfect life partner.

Indian Marriage with A Foreign Spouse

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Indian husband Wife

Marriage is regarded as one of the most auspicious event for everyone in India. It is not celebration time for family, but for relatives as well. When someone is searching for a partner for marriage, it depends on their personal choice to select from their own country or search a partner from abroad. Generally, most of the Indians prefer to get married with someone who is residing in the same city, state or country, rather than getting married to someone who is settled abroad.  However, in some cases, when we are not able to find a suitable match according to our expectations, we expand our search criteria and start exploring international avenues as well. This is crucial and special marriage, where you can conduct and register the marriage according to Indian laws or in accordance to that respective foreign country’s laws.

We don’t mind to get married to International Indians, who are majorly known as Non Residence Indians (NRIs). While getting married to these NRIs, you need to follow certain rules and legal documentations processes of that specific country in which they are presently living. But, before getting married to any NRI, it is always better if you check the list of the legal laws of different forms before entering into this nuptial bond with the foreign national.

Generally, Indian wedding ceremonies are performed in the presence of family members of both families and guests. You can check the list of the legal laws forms before signing the legal papers. But, in case both, the bride and groom are living in the same country out of India, then it may be easier to complete the necessary legal certification work for wedding.

For an Indian bride, who is looking for a foreign spouse should be acquainted with religion, culture, traditions and climate of her future husband’s country. It will help in settling their family member after marriage. It will be always better to choose NRI as life partner from same religion. You will not find it too difficult to adjust with NRI Indian family who is from different religion and you will not find it difficult to start this new relationship. If both the partners are from same religion, then you can witness the grand marriage celebration from both the in foreign country.

Indian boys looking for their future life partner can take help of online matrimonial sites to search a prospective life partner. You can also register with www.lovevivah.com to search brides and groom of NRIs from abroad residing in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia. You can create a profile for free from anywhere and anytime. After registering with us and creating your complete profile you can start your partner search. You can send and share your interest, view contact details, chat and fix a meeting if someone if you get the positive response from that. It is that simple and easy.


Indian Marriage Services for Suitable Life Partners

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Indian marriage services

Marriages are fixed in the heaven by God. Every person is looking for good partners who will their spouse to start married family. There are various needs of different types for men searching for women as future wife who can manage their love life with better understanding. Love is the important in a relation to strong bond for progress ahead with someone. Quality living style with greater role of spouse in the family is also very essential to the husband and members his house. Husband is the role model for the control of his life with wife to lifetime.

Women have their special needs in reference to the future husband relation to social and financial situation of the man. She thinks that her husband should care, educated, behavior, financially stable to start the family with her. Every bride has desired that her husband should look handsome and protective to her with relations. Social impact also play major role for the selection of the candidates by the bride/woman looking for groom. Girl’s family members take care of finding a good boy suitable for their groom to settle down with family relations with strong valued bond forever.

Men in their marriage stage checking for the right woman who can be the best for wife to mention good family relation. Financially stabilized men look for beautiful girls with quality education, professionalism, communicative, lovely caring to her husband as well. Most of the boys have priorities life beauty, fashion, attractiveness are criteria of selecting their future wife. Boy’s family and parents think that their daughter-in-law should be caring, beautiful and socially good enough for relationship. Groom family matters for the bride because she will stay her entire life with in her husband’s house and the family members.

Finding a good spouse became easier due to the online marriage services available to all the people. Every candidate bride/groom can take opportunity of this online Indian matrimony sites to get register to find a suitable groom/bride for them accordingly. After registration of candidate profile with details of their bio-data, contact details online, they can see the valuable profile candidate as per requirements. Follow up the respond from each side of the bride and groom family can settle the selection of the candidate for wedding. The matrimonial service is available in free and paid of cost to the bride and grooms looking for their life partners.