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The Indian Dowry System and its Downfall

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Not many matrimonial websites will tackle this issue, but we need to understand the genesis of the dowry system and its present ugly nature. During matrimony, the Indian bride’s family is expected to ‘willingly gift’ the Indian groom and his family cash, gold, car and other material goods as dowry.

Dowry system was not always the scourge of our society. In ancient times, since girls were not allowed to inherit land, property or cattle, she was given gifts of gold ornaments, clothes, utensils,etc., during matrimony. Clothes and utensils to help her set up her new home. Gold ornaments were safety net in times of financial duress. These items were always hers; never claimed either by her husband or his family. In many cases, prospective grooms offered to the prospective bride. If she changed her mind, she had the right to keep the gifts with her.

It was not until 1035 A.D. when one finds the mention of the Indian bride’s family offering gifts to the Indian groom. Usually, the well-off families of the groom brought gifts; low-income families couldn’t, however, that never came in the way of the real purpose of matrimony.

Over time the practice has degenerated to such an extent that it has become a social evil, with its roots deep across all strata and religions of India.

Reasons why this evil pervades in our society:

1) Inferior Position of Women – No matter how well qualified, educated, financially independent a girl is, in our patriarchal society she holds a position inferior to the man. The Indian bride and her family are expected to appease the Indian groom and his family to acknowledge this superior position.

2) Greed – The Indian groom’s family see their son a ticket to fortune. The Indian bride’s family is expected to compensate the groom’s family for the ‘cost’ and ‘effort’ of raising an eligible son.

3) Social Pressure – Matrimony as an institution is held sacred by Indians. Divorce is a taboo and to see a girl return back to her parental home, is considered a shame. Knowing this, the Indian groom and his family believe they have the freedom to harass the Indian bride and her family for more dowry, leading to torture and even death.

4) Reluctance to abide by the law – There are laws to protect the Indian bride and make dowry an offence, but it is the lack of adequate education, social pressure, etc. that prevents the bride’s family from taking help of law.

Dowry system is the main reason why Indian families prefer bearing sons; there is widespread female infanticide, suicide among women to escape the torture at the hands of in-laws and shame at the hands of her family.

To get rid of this evil, women must be educated, financially independent, must have control over their finances, and must be allowed to inherit from her father. There should be no shame associated with late marriage, being single women or even divorce. Women and their families must be made aware of the various laws to protect them (Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code, Section 302 of IPC, Section 498A of IPC, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005).

Beautiful Girl for Wedding with Professional Groom

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Indian Wedding Couple

Wedding is the most scarified time for both girl and boy in their life. Every person going to marry has importance decision to take on the relation way ahead. Better understanding with mutual respect for each other can create valuable trust for the couple. Girl is more sensitive for selection of the groom for wedding which she will have to spend the entire life. At the same time it is responsibility of the man to make suitable life for his wife to be. The quality of the living is also depends upon the structure of the family.

Parents are careful when they are searching the candidates for marriage of their son and daughter with social values. They look for the better profile of the groom or brides as per their choice which should be suitable to their family. The selected profiles may be accepted or rejected by their son or daughter to wed. Education, career, health, family are the key matters for the tools of marriage profile section. Beautiful girls are considered as the suitable bride profiles to be selected easily by the grooms. This acts like first impression and last long of the beauty.

Educated boy with better career are high demand among the bride’s family for good future after the wedding. Groom with professional job are very keen to select the bride according to the match with his family lifestyle. The grooms with higher income are most impressed for the brides for the good career and future. So every boy should think about their better carrier for getting a dream girl for wedding. If the financial situation of the groom is stable, he can manage the family better with his wife after marriage. The couple can plan better family with education, health, house with life style.

The bride should be more careful when the selecting the groom profile for her future husband. It is necessary to check all the details for the family and groom character, education, job, financial status and social behavior for better understanding. The girls can go online India matrimony sites for searching the suitable brides with validity for marriage. Upload your profile with bio data on the website to be listed on the bride or groom session. So the potential bride or groom candidate can contact with proposal for perfect match making. The family members can check the suitable candidates for the wedding solution.

Wedding Tips For Grooms

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Indian groom

Marriage, the event of joy and happiness for many but for two, it is an event of nervousness and sadness too. The bride and the groom are going through so much this day. They need all the tips they can gather and that is what this blog is about with focus on grooms. Grooms have a lot to do and a lot to digest and perform so that they can be appreciated with the honor that has been provided to them. All these points can perfectly aid any groom in any situation any day.

Firstly, remember to always have your own perspective. All this wedding is for you so take part and enjoy. Give your opinion on how things should be done on the day of the wedding. Planning out an entire wedding can be very hectic so don’t let your fiancé decide everything for you. Support her. These days things are changing and the most significant has been in gift giving practices. People nowadays instead of giving random gifts to bride’s and groom’s families, give them what the couple would need in the near future life by having bought things off of the registry prepared by the bride and the groom.

Remember to be and act like a man. Do not taunt your wife with the choices she is making. Understand her and explain her, your opinion in a manly and a respectable fashion. Do not let your wife do most of the work for it can be a burden sometimes. Let her also have a break, cook something for her and most importantly, love her.

            Indian Wedding is such a big event that mistakes are bound to happen and one thing you can do about it is to make sure they do not go out of control, they are well managed and taken care of. Communication is a great skill that will prove to be a handy one. Also give some focus to your own dress. Either a “Sherwani” or a “Kurta” with a “Pagdi”, everyone notices the groom’s dress and wants to scrutinize it. So you better remember to make it worth a wedding dress and wear it with flair.

And on the final day of your wedding, bring out the emotions that have rested in your body. Bring out the sentiments. Remember to take flowers for your bride and have it delivered to her while she I getting ready. That is a moment of personal touch for it is at the end of our lives that we remember these personal touches given to us by our very own loved ones in this lovely world.

Tips To Finding Your Soul-mate

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It is every girl’s and boy’s dream to find their soul mate who will love them, understand them and most importantly be their best fried for their entire lifetime. For some people it just purely fate that brings them their perfect lover together but for some people it does not come that easy. Every individual in this world is different and has completely different expectations of how they imagine their perfect life partner to be but some general tips that should work for everyone can help a lot and go a long way ahead in life.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that when you are trying to find your perfect love partner, you must keep an open mind and not judge anybody based on any kind of prejudices whether they are social or based on caste, color or anything like that. Also make sure that whenever you interact with the person, be open for you do not want to start a relationship based on false images of one another and then regret making any serious life decision. The other way he/she expresses himself/herself the most is through their body language. Body language can signify so many things about a person. Body language can radiate one’s confidence, one’s attitude and one’s demeanor. Your own composure should still remain intact. Remember to express yourself gracefully and elegantly.

Each human is like an onion, with many layers within. So it is best to come to know of a person from their core and for that to happen, a lot of time must be spent with the other person. Do not judge anyone on first sight or first meeting, for it is very hard to completely open up in front of someone on the first meeting. Understand how he or she expresses himself. Everyone can boast about their qualities but a true and an honest person is one who also talks about his flaws and is continuously trying to rectify them. Because we know that no one is perfect, if he or she talks about their laws, it tells you how open they are.

Judging one on a dinner table is not the way to go. For complete understanding, both the partners must spend time indulging in mutually liked activities. Try an understand each other’s perspectives, each other’s life circumstances for every man or woman walk a different path of life from one another.A true lifelongpartner is one who understands everything about you. Share your passions and see how the reaction. Share your lifelong goals and ambitions and see how supportive the other person is. Also remember, don’t be stuck in a particular way of thinking. Be open and ever ready to change your mind about general things and ways of life.

It is very important that you have understood the other person really well inside out and are ready to accept him or her for you might just end up spending your entire life with them as your soul mate.