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Find Your Soulmate Using Intelligent Matchmaking Service By Lovevivah.com

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Majority of today’s generation is tech-savvy. With Smartphones in our hands, the world is a click away. We evolved with technology surrounding us. Our generation wants best and convenient results. This is no surprise that online matrimony is a hit with our optimum result seeking generation. Marriage still holds the highest seat.

This union is grandeur and spectacular. Our preferences for seeking this union has changed. Today we are surrounded by online matrimony services with the majority of people still prefering arranged setups. In our country, cultural and religious beliefs have a soft lean towards arranged marriages. Marriage is the most important event of one’s life, has many criteria as well. Some of them being religion, caste, lifestyle preferences, beliefs, etc.

The Shift towards Online Matrimonial Websites

This sacred and serene union is sought by most of the young generation on these online platforms. The reason being the freedom of choice. Then again, these platforms provide opportunities to indulge in conversation so that the choice is practical than what traditional methods had to offer. Long ago when classified ads used to give us few options, the practicality was limited. Online matrimony platforms make the search for a soulmate easy and hassle-free.

LoveVivah is one of the leading and trusted online matrimony portals. It is a platform that is a perfect blend of traditions and technology. Our database is vast and reliable at the same time. We at LoveVivah understand that marriage is a one-time life-changing affair. We understand that marriage is an intimate affair and our relationship managers ensure that it stays one. Our criteria are vast and accurate. We believe that you deserve the best. LoveVivah is secure, and we match to fit. There is no bigger event than marriage in our culture, and it evokes the bond of eternal love.

LoveVivah is a matrimonial site where we enable intelligent matchmaking system. Your soulmate is a click away. We offer a convenient platform wherein all you need to do is tell us what you prefer, and we work on your criteria. Our membership plans are tailored to your needs.

LoveVivah – Redefining Online Indian Matrimony!

You can view the prospects you are interested in and get in touch with our personalized chat or a call depending on your comfort. Our intelligent matchmaking system makes it easier for you to choose your preferred partner. We take into consideration the choices regarding your lifestyle, stature, preferences and come up with the matches that are tailored as per your requirement.

We respect your privacy. The contact or any other information provided by you will be shared to interested prospects only after a proper consent by you. We do not disclose information without your permission. Our database is thoroughly checked, and we provide trust score to profiles which indicates their level of geneuineness and authenticity. The percentage of trust score depicts how much information is provided by the member. We are the first to introduce Aadhaar linked profiles wherein there is no scope for a dummy or fake profile.

So let us together find you a life partner with a memory you will cherish forever. Let us find love.

Clearing Myths About Matrimonial Sites in India!

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Lovevivah on outlook India

Mr. Gorav Aggarwal, Founder & President of Lovevivah.com in a recent conversation with a leading news daily shared his views & cleared the myths about the #matrimonial industry.


This article was also published in some other leading daily news sites:




Husband should be Gentleman for His Wife

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Indian wedding couple

Man is a natural leadership with born gifted to his parents. So this helps him to create good active environment for the society. He is responsible for the future of his family including wife, children and parents. For his wife he should be a gentleman to run the good relation. As a father, he is inspirations to his own children to building up their careers, education and job. Taking care of his parents as obedient son to the entire life of his father and mother with full of dedication.

Husband is the greater responsible person in the family to take care of the whole members with his earning and learning. This is to reflect on the situation with the good quality of education that created on the value of the credit life. As the husband to his lady love wife he should be caring to the relationship to mention good personality. The human life is more stable to attract the best solution to help the couple. Better understanding of the situation which could be standard of the family to going live with their members of the society of state.

The house of the family member will be situated to well environment to create suitable status of living. Wife of the family is soul responsible to take quality decision making to fulfill the house hold issues. Everyone has the quality of the responsibility to sure the better understanding between the husband and his wife. This could be more value added behavior of the husband. Also she needs to submit the entire structure of the house hold to solution origin. Mr. Husband has more general condition of the home to get better value to add resources. As the house wife to her husband to find out better solution of understanding to home matters.

Men are natural efficient to handle the leadership of the family with greater social responsibly. Just like a gentleman you need to start up your best situation with regarding to the value of the relation with wife, children and parents. Let the woman should have more engaged with decision making for family as her husband. This kind of practice will definitely encourage the woman empowerment of the society. Better life to woman will be a better world tomorrow. If you are looking for suitable husband or wife as your dream life partner you can see the matrimony services in India for grooms or brides profiles.

Woman’s Love for Her Husband and Family

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Married Indian Husband Wife

Woman is the most beautiful creation of the God. She is also the creator of human being with her love to family. Woman comes as a daughter of her mother with lot of hope to the parents. This is also responsibility of the mother to give better environment to her child for quality life. Every parent has a dream to fulfill the family with best of the love for her kids. Standard of living is greater ability to find out the solution of the profession of the career as well the family life in the house.

Girl child is the valuable to the society as the boy to the balance of the social and economic balance in the state. For this same the world organizations are working with greater stability to the various regions and countries for improvement. It can be the greater impacts of the woman social structure to able the future growing structure for equal entity. Now the global institutions of the woman are focusing on the education, health, employment and safety in their own region. The important of the life woman is depends upon the quality living in the society and her country.

After good education, career of the woman, it is also necessary to search a better life partner for marriage. She looks for her dream man to be her fried, guide with role of the husband to start own family. Wedding is special event of both the husband and wife in their lifetime. However, the woman has to shift to husband’s house after marriage for living till life. This is the very critical situation where she needs to adjust everything with her new in-laws house. Wife connects her husband, kids and parent-in-laws with her love of good family bond.

The beautiful lady loves her husband with great hope to run relation for good family in the society. This kind of behavior of the woman always respected for scarify to members with full of joy. She takes care of her child with very sincerely which she feels the affections. Wife manages most the house hold thing with better coordination with her husband to balance the work life. She loves the sweet as her beautiful face to family as the member of the life and society. It will better option if you can search your better half with help of online matrimony services in India.

Wedding is Symbolic Promotion of Relation in India

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Matrimony Services India

Wedding is the holiest event for the human relation through the life time. People mark this event with most attractive ceremony among the family members and friends. Human traditions are more influenced by the social customs for the fact to impose the respective status in the professional developments. Relation among the people created from their families which initiate the better relationship with all the members. In every house there is different kind of relations which bond each of the family people. Another relation is added the family members after marriage of a boy or girl from the family.

India marriages are often said as most respective with full of family values. Relationship is treated as best of hospitality to each other on the both site the bonding. The spiritual of Indian history tells about the culture of the citizens living in India. Natural choice for people of India is for the good family value by creating social impact upon the surrounding environments. Different states have their own style of the traditional marriage according to the demography, language and religion. Most of the men prefer to get married a woman who suitable for their social, educational and family status.

Wedding in India are includes various steps which followed by the respective religion and regional customs around the state. Most of the marriages are carried out on the basis of Hindu religion, spiritual, mythological reviews belonging to the Hinduism. In the Hindu tradition man/groom can marry a Hindu woman/bride as his spouse for lifetime. Engagement with a wedding ring is the symbolic value for the Hindus in the marriage ceremony. Also other Indian religions like Muslims, Christians are following their marriage with regards the respective custom values. All the people living in India are socially motivated with family relations and moral sense to all kind of the society.

People are quite sincere about their future life partner whether bride or groom to start family together. Indian grooms normally look for home making or house wife to be their wife who can manage the family home with good social values to maintain complete lifetime manner. However, brides in India have important for choice of groom with better financial settled and professional person who should be their husband. For solution for marriages, matrimony sites India are providing online services to the groom, bride and their family members to search better candidates for marriage.