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Do You Think That Happy Marriage is A Myth?

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Happy Marriage Couple

When you got married you are in a confusing state of mind because you feel happy and at the same time you are scared of uncertainty. You must have heard a lot of things about marriage and relationship before marriage as well. You must have seen many people cribbing about that there is nothing as such a happy marriage, rather happy marriage is a myth. You just make compromises and live with it. Marriage is nothing, but a lifelong commitment with tons of responsibilities. But, actually, this is not right. This is how you perceive things or how you react over things. If you believe in yourself and you know how to make it the most special relationship, you are on the right track. Let’s take a look at some of the pointers which people make to support the idea that happy marriage is a Myth.

 You fight over everything: You fight over each and everything with your spouse. You fight for some   really nonsense things. Don’t take these witty fights to your heart, rather enjoy these fights and take these fights as opportunity to get closer to your spouse. Avoid saying anything touchy, fight fair with your spouse to strengthen your relationship.

You are required to share everything: This is not the worst, but the best part of marriage. It brings you closer and makes your relationship strong. You love to share things with your spouse because it connects you with him/her. You love to share things, it is never a compulsion, but your choice.

No ME time: This is another big jittery thing for married people. Most of the people think that after marriage you will never get a ME time. But, this is not true. If you have good understanding with your spouse and you respect each-other’s individuality you will surely get ‘ME’ time to spend the way you want.

No night outs with friends: This is another big myth linked with marriage. You will never be able to enjoy night-outs with friends. This is not true, you can anytime plan a night out with friends after marriage as well. Marriage is not end of the world or your freedom.

Extended family means more burden: There are many people who believe that if you will get married, you will have to take care of two families. Yes, this is true. But think differently that you will have more people to share your happiness and more people to rely upon. You can celebrate all festivals and happy moments with your family and never feel alone. So, it is not a burden, besides your chance to establish good relationship with new family and build life long relationship.

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Never Say These Things To Your Spouse When You Fight: Use Stop Button

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married couple relationship

Marriage is one of the most blissful relationships. This is not a relationship which is god gifted to you as blood relation, but a relationship which you develop over the period of time be it arranged marriage or love marriage. But, all things have two sides, one is positive and another is not that good. Even in marriage, married couples faces various issues from dealing with day-to-day activities to brutal arguments and fights. While fighting with your spouse you forget about your love and respect, the one thing which overpowers your mind is you want to prove your point right. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation and always fight fair with your spouse. Here are a few things which you should never say to spouse when you are fighting.

Making negative comments about family and friends is always a no-no thing when you are fighting with your spouse. It might irritate him/her more and will add more fire into your arguments. Therefore, try to avoid such statements when you are fighting.

When you are in the middle of any argument or fight, don’t bring the old and dead topics in between. It will mislead you from the main topic and your argument will go in another direction.

Saying anything about the looks and appearance is totally disastrous during the fight. If you will say that he/she looks fat or ugly, it will hurt his/her emotions and will work as sniper.  So, avoid discussing or making comments about looks.

During the fight when you avoid telling the actual problem it is really harmful. If you will not tell the actual reason behind your anger, it will make you feel irritated and agitated. That’s why it is necessary to tell the reason why you get into this argument or the thing which is annoying you.

Most of us make mistake by comparing your couple with other person. It not only hurt his/her emotions, but also gives them a sense that you are not happy with him/her. It might prove more dangerous for your relationship in long term.

Adding comment from your parent’s side or bringing their opinion in your fight can add more fire in your arguments. What your mother thinks over a certain topic or what his father thinks about you/something should not be dragged between your arguments.

No matter how much annoyed you are with your partner and you don’t want to talk with him/her never say that you want to get separate or want to take divorce. Divorce is a big thing and should not be said so easily as a simple way out to deal with the situation.

Never play blame game in your fight. You are not a kid that you need someone to play the blame game to keep your collar clean. During any argument doesn’t play blame game about what you did and what he/she did. Take charge of the situation and avoid blame game.

Don’t make comment that earlier you used to do this, now you are not enjoying the same lifestyle or comforts. It will hurt sentiments of your wife/husband. It might be he/she held himself/herself responsible for this. So making comments about lifestyle and living standard will add more bitterness.

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Marriage Is Just A Status Or A Relationship To Enjoy? Things You Enjoy Being Married

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Married life couple

What is marriage? Why should you get married if everybody else is crying over this relationship? Why marriage is so important that most of us never forget to ask the younger generation what are their future plans to settle down. Marriage is a special relationship and blissful. It gives you a sense of responsibility and a feeling of bonding for the rest of your life. If you too are afraid of getting married and think that it is not worth to get married. Here, we are sharing some pointers with you to change your opinion and make you think once again to change your mind.

  1. Marriage is all about building a new relationship with someone who is not a stranger to you, but going to be everything in life.
  2. You and your husband is a team. When a situation comes where you need to act as a unit, in that situation you act a true team and think and act like a team not as individuals.
  3. You can depend on him/her for anything and everything in life. If you are stuck in somewhere or you want someone to share something, then he/she is the one with whom you can discuss and share everything without giving a second thought.
  4. You love being together and enjoy each-other’s company. This is one thing, which is enjoyed by most of the couples. Togetherness is a kind of sense that gives you strength to face everything in life when you are together as a unit.
  5. You enjoy the differences between you. There is no couple who enjoys 100% similarity. You and your husband are two different people from two different worlds. Therefore, differences are very common and obvious in a relationship. So, being married doesn’t mean that you agree over everything, but it is more about enjoying the differences and staying together.
  6. You love each-other for all good reasons and at the same time never forget to tell the mistakes of the person if the other one is wrong. This is called the true love for each other.
  7. If you are annoyed with your spouse and in no mood to talk to him, but if you get a sense that he/she is not well or facing some problem, you just forget everything and try your level best to help the other one out.
  8. As a couple you respect, understand and build faith on each-other to enjoy your married life.
  9. Emotional bonding is equally important as physical closeness. You develop a sense of emotional connection over the period of time.
  10. You always want to do a lot of things together as couple, which is really important for a healthy relationship.
  11. You want to have your own family, your kids and you love to pamper them and enjoy the parenthood.
  12. Marriage gives you a sense of maturity and makes you a better human being.
  13. You always give enough space and freedom to your partner to let him/her enjoy the individuality.
  14. Now you have bigger family and more common friends to celebrate special occasions and reasons.

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Revealing Your Heart? 10 Topics You Can Discuss With Your Spouse In First Week Of Marriage

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Spouse in First Week Of Marriage

It feels amazing when you got married to someone, but at the same time it is a bit uncomfortable too if it is arranged marriage. As you are not very comfortable with the other one and most of the time you are not sure which topics you should discuss with your spouse or which topics you should avoid discussing with. To build a strong and healthy relationship it is important to communicate and have healthy conversation with your spouse. The troubles arise in any relationship when there is fatigue, frustrations and minimum or no communication. To avoid such situations, it is better if you communicate well with your spouse from the day one of your marriage. Here, we are sharing 10 topics you can discuss and talk with your spouse in the first week of marriage.

You can discuss things and some sweet memories about your wedding day and wedding preparations. You can tell him/her about your guests/relatives or some interesting things about the different family members and some stories before the wedding day.

What are the five things or goals you want to accomplish in the next five years together? Be it a professional goal or a personal goal or about buying something or planning a family. You can discuss this with your spouse.

If you are not worried about making money much because you are financially stable enough, or you don’t want to continue working after marriage then what would you do in your free time? How you will keep yourself busy and occupied for rest of the day.

What is the first thing came to your mind on the very next day of marriage? Are you feeling nervous or excited or mixed feelings? Discuss as a couple how are you feeling with him/her?

Do you want to want to start business or want to do something of your own after marriage? How will you manage and go for that new venture? Do you have enough money and resources for it?

In what ways your relationship with your parents will change after marriage? Be honest with him/her about this. If you think that you can’t leave your parents because of health and other reasons then try to make your point understandable to your spouse.

Is there something special you want to share with him/her after your wedding day? Is there any special incident, talent or something else you want to share it with him/her?

What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Discuss this with your spouse and be open to listen and understand it. Because it might be your weakness is his/her strength that will make you stronger as couple.

Discuss about any health issues, allergy or something else with your spouse. It will help him/her to deal with the situation in a better way if any situation of emergency came.

You can share pre-wedding and post-wedding images and discuss things about it. You can also let your spouse know about your relatives in these photographs and tell about their place and importance in your family.

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5 Things You Should Always Do When You Are Meeting Someone For Arranged Marriage

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arranged marriage couple meeting

Are you going to meet him/her for the first time for arranged marriage? Are you feeling nervous or feeling excited to meet your future partner? Are you clueless about what you should you do on your first meeting when you meet him? If you are among those youngsters who are going to meet your future partner soon, then don’t worry we are here to help you. It is not tough to make your first impression lasting and listening ‘YES’ from him/her. Just make some smart moves and be little cautious when you are going to meet him/her for the first time.

Dress accordingly: When you are going to meet someone for the first time in arranged marriage concept, then dress accordingly. Don’t dress over the top and in too glittering clothes. It might be that you like your favorite suit so much, but if it is too loud, resist the temptation to wear it. Go for some simple and sophisticate dress.

Always remember to greet: Whether you are meeting him/her in the restaurant or at some temple or somewhere else don’t forget to say “Hello” or “Hi”. It is important to greet in the proper manner and begin the conversation. If you will not greet him or her it will give a bad impression.

Don’t think it is job interview: Don’t behave like you are sitting in an interview room and you need to pretend and say yes to every question or give detailed reply to every question asked to you. It is sometimes better to give reply in short and simple words.

Ask relevant questions: In your first meeting, if you are bit nervous and not sure about the right choice of questions, then filter your words and try to be more logical and specific with your questions. It is not important to ask questions for the sake of asking questions. Ask relevant questions and don’t ask questions about past love life, any sexual encounter, or something related to virginity or similar personal question. It might be the other person feel offended over such kind of questions and think a kind of attack on their character.

Be a good listener & observe body language: Meeting someone doesn’t mean that you need to just talk, talk and talk. Listening and observing the body language will be more helpful than talking irrelevant things. It will help in understanding the other person in a better way. Body language and facial expression are true self and you will be able to able to find out what is hidden behind the words. If the other person is thinking something positive about you he/she will give you a smile and will make eye contact with you. But if he/she is not interest in you he will avoid asking many questions and will avoid eye contact as well. So pay attention to body language and listen with attention.

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