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“Adarsh Bahu” Course by Barkatullah University, Bhopal – A Stance!

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Indian Education System feels a need to educate women on how to be a “Adarsh Bahu” and hence Barkatullah University Bhopal is set to launch a certificate course on How to be a “Adarsh Bahu”.

Is it only the “Bahu” who is responsible for whatever happens in families post marriage and hence needs to be taught? Or does the society as a whole plays an important role here and needs an evolved outlook?

Since time immemorial, society and elders and family members have been setting ground rules for women on what to do and what not to do after marriage. Girls are given vast “Gyan” on how to please husband and in-laws, how to ensure that everyone in family is happy and content, even if it means compromising on her happiness & desires and crunching her expectations as a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law and above all, her expectations as an individual.

But the sight of elders or family members imparting such “Gyan” to any would-be groom would be quite rare! Because its assumed that all the efforts to settle in a new family have to made by the girl alone and success or failure of the marital relationship is the responsibility of the bride. Whereas everyone tends to easily ignore the important role that needs to be played by the groom. How so ever “adarsh” the “bahu” be, without an understanding and supportive husband she cannot build a happy marriage and a happy family.

Moreover, the role of in-laws cannot be denied in rendering a happy relationship between newly formed couples. Current family needs to be acceptable to a new family member. They need to understand that a newly developed bond between the couple needs to be nurtured with proper time investment and determination by the couple; husband and wife need their personal time to build a stronger bond that could last lifelong. This would somewhere mean that other family members would also have to compromise on their share of time they used to enjoy earlier and this is where their support and understanding is much required. Moreover, family members need to respect the expectations and desires of the couples, their thoughts and beliefs rather than imposing their own and forcing them to follow without questioning.

The idea of imparting value education before marriage seems a great initiative but should involve all those who play an important role in creating happy marriages and happy families. There should be a course for the grooms too, to help them prepare for handling additional responsibilities post marriage and maintain a healthy balance between family and marital relationship. Even to-be in-laws need guidance to enhance their adaptability to a new family member, letting her be a “Adarsh Bahu”.

9 Ways to Save Relationship from Getting Stale!

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It is believed that Marriages are fixed in heaven and solemnized on earth. It is a relationship of two individuals, who promise to stand united in all shades of life and agree to procreate.

New married couples are very enthusiastic and ready to explore the world living their dreams. With the passage of time, mostly it is observed that both the partners in matrimonial  relationship start taking each other for granted and the relationship suffers. As the responsibility gears up, the partners are distanced. They start feeling bored with their partner and miss required fervor in their relationship.

The relationship specialist advises the couples to save their relationship from getting stale by bringing in the changes in their outlook and behavior toward each other.

Appreciate & Respect Each Other

Take time out from your busy life for each other and appreciate your partner twice a day. Appreciation can be based upon looks, style, way of presentation and managing things. Do try to discover two points in a partner in 24 hours and make them feel special for those two attributes. Be honest and loving.

Avoid Criticism on Daily Basis

Being critical is good at some point of time but no one feels happy to hear their own criticism. Don’t pinpoint each other’s weakness and be at loggerheads. Keep an hour in a week to criticize each other on the issues which require brushing up and show the ways to recoup things where they lack. This way, respect for each other will grow and a clear understanding will develop.

Share Responsibilities

Instead of shelving load of responsibilities on each other, adopt an attitude of sharing responsibilities. Sharing responsibilities will keep both of you connected and both of you will love working collectively. Sense of responsibility will develop and no one will feel the heat of overburdened.

Cook Together

The kitchen area is thought to be the woman’s world. In changed scenario, where both partners are working or are living in a nuclear family, if the couple works together in the kitchen, a sense of bonding will develop, because both will be able to share quality time together. Many males are not good at cooking, but they can help their wives in cutting, chopping, cleaning, packing and lying the table. Joint venture will be enjoyable for both the partners and none will feel left out.

Go for Shopping Together

Initially, the couple ventures together for shopping but after few years of marriage, the boys opt out. To continue your marital bliss, accompany your partner to shopping in weekends and buy personal things for each other. It creates room for appreciation and respecting each other’s choice.

Plan Outings Periodically

Take time out from busy schedule and plan outings for weekends to spend time together at some pleasant locations, away from the daily hustle-bustle of city life. Spending time together will bring the couple close to each other and they will feel rejuvenated.

Give Surprise Often

Everyone loves surprises. Surprise your partner with the token of gift in the form of flowers, cards, perfumes, bouquets or a movie ticket. It can be anything that thrills the partner. You can steal each other’s heart by giving surprises.

Never Forget Important Dates of Life

Birthdays, anniversary dates are special for everyone. Never forget these dates, rather plan something exclusive for the day together or individually as you wish. Forgetting important dates scars the bliss of marriage.

Give Freedom & Space

It is good to be together but too much of togetherness mars the essence of relationship. Give each other a space to grow and prosper. Give each other freedom to pursue their own hobbies and likes. Spend time with friends. The space is required to grow relationships healthy. Too much of binding spoils relationship.

Follow the above said guidelines and save your matrimony from losing its sheen.

A healthy and loving relationship helps the couple to stay happy and strong. Several leading matrimonial sites are there for the ardent parents and individuals who are looking for an ideal partner and LoveVivah is one of the leading matrimony website.

“Key to win the confidence”: Mr. Gorav Aggarwal, Founder & President, Lovevivah.com

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dainik-jagran-date-24-7-2017-pg-9-001An interview of Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal has been published in Dainik Jagran on 24th July, 2017. He has shared his success mantra and his journey so far. He also stated in the interview that there is no shortcut for success and you should give your 100% to achieve it.

How To Create An Awesome Matrimonial Profile?

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LoveVivah.com Matrimony Registration

Are you 27+ years old and all your friends and family members asking you to get married? Are you an IIT graduate or working in IT Company? Are you the one who has rejected many matrimonial alliances within the friends and family? Are you listening question like when will you get married? Will you ever select a girl/boy to get married? Does your family keeping you busy every weekend to meet a prospective bride or groom? In such a situation, you can look for some different route to find your true partner. Matrimonial website is solution for all your problems. You should register yourself with a good matrimonial website and find a better match. But, before you do so, it is important to know how to create a good matrimonial profile. Nowadays, when everything is digital, therefore, it becomes a necessity to create an awesome profile to find a perfect match. Here are some useful tips to create matrimonial profile.


Most of the registration forms are divided into two sections-Personal Information & Partner Preferences. You should pay attention while giving your personal information. It will play a crucial role attracting the prospective bride or groom and get interest from the prospective partner. Even writing about your partner preferences don’t quote unnecessary things. Here are some important things you should consider while writing your matrimonial profile.

While writing your personal information try to be grammatically correct and précis. Don’t flaunt yourself too much. Be honest while writing about you. Don’t give false information about yourself. Don’t oversell yourself by telling those qualities, which you actually don’t possess.


LoveVivah Basic Details Form


Don’t give wrong information about your family status, your parent’s financial status and occupation.

LoveVivah Family Details


Don’t give misleading information about your educational qualification & profession.

LoveVivah Educational Details


If you have shared the wrong details and at the time of personal meeting if the prospective bride/groom will ask you questions about your qualification and professional things, it will be an awkward situation for you and for that personal as well.


Showcase the best of you. A good image can create wonder. While updating any image in your profile pay attention to things like: Is this your latest image? Is that image good enough to be uploaded? Update your images in which you are at your best. But ensure that all images are relevant and recent too. Don’t update the images of pets, scenic views, building, etc.

LoveVivah Photo Uploads


Don’t write too high expectations while writing about your partner preferences. Don’t over write and underwrite your expectations, be balanced and justified.

LoveVivah Prefered Match


LoveVivah.com matrimony website provides free online registration for Indian brides and grooms looking for marriage partner. Join now for your matrimonial profile.