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Kerala Girl for Malayalam Wedding

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Kerala Bride - South Indian Girl for Mariage

Kerala is the southernmost state of India situated in the Indian Ocean. It is also called as God’s own country. The people living in the state generally speak Malayalam language. These people are known as ‘Malayali’ across the country. You can find these people across the country. When they start searching for their life partner, it is obvious that they look for bride or groom from Kerala and from their community.

In Kerala, you can easily view the religious diversity, however most of the people are Hindu, followed by Muslim and Christian respectively. Generally, people of these communities like to search a life partner for their son/daughter within their community. There are many people who register and create profile of their son/daughter with Kerala matrimony sites. The education ratio is high in this state and most of the girls and boys are highly educated. However, you can easily see Muslim parents looking for a prospective groom for their daughter in Gulf countries who is well settled. Christian parents are more open-minded and they don’t mind to search for a life partner in India and other countries as well.

Some of the most popular communities of Kerala in all three major religions are:

Hindu: Nair, Menon, Eeshava

Muslim: Pathan, Sunni, Shafi/Hanafi madhab

Christian — Roman Catholic, Latin Catholic, Pentecost church.

Kerala is a beautiful place and you can easily witness three different types of wedding rituals in the beautiful place. Here you can easily witness Nair wedding, Syrian/Christian wedding or Sunni wedding in Kerala. You will notice different wedding rituals and ceremonies in these three different religions. One similarity you will notice in Karela wedding is simplicity in their wedding rituals. However, all the communities follow their own rituals which are largely different. But, Kerala Hindu bride and Kerala Christian bride wears white saree with gold border and Kerala Muslim brides wear traditional Muslim attire during wedding. All Kerala Hindu wedding ceremonies are conducted in temple and Kerala Christian wedding ceremonies are conducted in church and in both the marriage rituals Kerala groom ties mangalsutra in bride’s neck as a ritual and applies sindoor in the forehead of the bride and complete the ceremony.


Lakshmi Puja Festival for Goddess of Wealth Celebration

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happy Lakshmi Puja

Maa Lakshmi is believed as the Goddess of wealth as per the Hindu mythology. As per epic she is the wife of Lord Vishnu who referred to supreme God and most powerful. The devotees of Goddess Lakshmi are blessed with good wealth and health in their life. So people keep religion fast and prayers to get well blessing of wealthy deity. This festival mostly celebrated in the eastern region of India which includes West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Assam and Manipur. The Govt. of these respective states declared the festival as official holiday for celebration.

On the auspicious occasion people welcome to Goddess Lakshmi with decoration of their house candles, oil lamps and electric lights. Prayers are arranged for family prosperity, wealth, health and good business. Delight sweets, foods are offered to Maa Lakshmi with decorated festive light in the home. According to the Hindu epic Maa Lakshmi loves for cleanliness and her first travel to most clean home. So the oil lamps (Diyas) and candles are lit from evening to till morning for welcome of the wealthy goddess. On the special day the goddess of wealth visits to her devotee’s house and showers her blessings on human for wealth, health and prosperity.

On the Laxmi Puja is also celebrated in the time of Diwali when people new ornaments of gold, silver, precious gemstones and utensils as mark of good luck for prosperity and wealth. These newly bought things are used on Lakshmi Puja night with devotional prayer.  Generally five Gods Ganesh (Vighneshvara), Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Saraswati (goddess of learning), and Mahakali (goddess of power) and Kubera (treasurer of Gods) are worshiped on this festival. The rangoli by using various colors are drawn at the doorstep of houses to welcome Maa Lakshmi with lighting her path.

Also big puja pandals are created for idols of Goddess Lakshmi in cities of Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati for celebration. This festival is believed to the great for starting new business, organization, buying house, booking of wealth or property for the family. Keeping the faith the market is offering more discounts on shopping across the festival season. On the occasion parents of boy and girl are searching for good bride and grooms for wedding. You can check the marriage matrimony sites offering great discounts on the festive Lakshmi puja to attract more registration of the profiles to their website.

Wishing Happy Lakshmi Puja to your family for prosperity, wealth and health…!

Man Looking for a Perfect Woman to Start Family

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Every man thinks about suitable woman who will be his soul mate for lifetime. It takes particular duration to search for life partner with all the quality which required by the man. God is there to match the right man to perfect woman together creating the social lifestyle. Men look for a beautiful, professional, educated, and polite with good family background for their partner. So they can start their family with lucky partner for social relationship and engagement. Family relation is important part of a person to live the society with full of respect and honor.

Just life man, woman also looks for the good qualities in a man to accept as their husband. Generally a woman thinks for a husband who should be polite, caring, character, professional, financially settled. Social impact of a man influences his family and surrounding members to live in the stable environment. Good behavior also counts for the important feature to get qualify on the line of the woman’s guideline. Women are soft hearted and kindly to their work responsibility which play better coordination among the family members. So wife with good character and personality is the best option for a man’s life.

Beautiful girl with simple nature, good character, intelligence will be perfect for family supportive, caring for kids and adjust with every relative member. Sense of hummer of girl will help the connect family with her good communication and education skills which affect more to the society. Quality standard of the education, professional behavior in the official space will be improve the confidence to growth with expected label. Fashion of woman with modern style to adjust with the current environment is required to keep on the path of her husband’s knowledge and reputation in the social circle.

Searching a proper woman candidate for man is easier on the online matrimonial portals with better clarity. So anyone of family members father, mother, brother, sisters can get registered their Groom’s profile over the marriage matrimony sites in India with all the bio-data. After registration of the profile for the groom, it will be visited by various brides and their family to select better life partner. Communication response on phone and email contact will fix the best matching of profiles for marriage. There are available of free and paid profile registry on the wedding portals which providing services for the brides and grooms to search their future spouse.

Features for Profile Registration on Wedding Portals

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matrimony profile registration

Marriage is one of sacred lifelong function for both every men and women in the world. All the people want to get married to start their new family with social relationship according to the faith. Woman is the best creation from the God and man provides the security for this great woman with his natural power. Generally the man leads the family with full support from his woman to run the lovely relation with better understanding. Woman manages the household things, kids, foods in her family and cares about own professional works as well.

Currently there are latest trends for young generations are taking the help of the online resources to get their suitable life partner accordingly. It is very interesting that online matrimonial sites are growing rapidly to provide service the upcoming and existing people to create their profile. Presentation of bio-data on matrimony sites getting more quick response to brides and grooms through mobile and Email media. Tracking to these the response anyone can search their desired candidate for the wedding partners with verification from the family members. A person can agree and refuse the selection process via online, mobile, email response to give opposite side.

There are key guidelines you can follow to create online profiles on the wedding portals with your complete bio-data and details of choice. Proper inputs for data and verifying of the bio-data of the candidates are important to take according the selection of the profiles online. Location or region, gender, mother tongue, education, career, religion, community/caste are basic features which required to get register on matrimony website. You can add photo, professional profile, job and other family details to increase relevancy of your profile. So your profile page can be visited by more registered users those seeking for marriage portal to get quality response.

Online sites are providing free and paid services to get registered on their portal which facilitates a platform for the brides and grooms across the world. Free services have minimum features which you can get access through without any cost for the services. However, if you are taking paid or premium services you can access the best facilities given by Indian matrimony site you have registered. It is great to have premium facilities which are available at manageable price rates according to the country and locality. Marriage portal are doing the quality services for the people looking for their life partners.