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Five Things to do on New Year’s Eve

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Happy New Year 2017

As the countdown begins for 2017, the wait for the New Year is going to over soon. For the New Year eve you must have planned many things to enjoy the eve. But, if you have not decided what to do on the New Year eve and how to say goodbye to this year, we are here sharing some ideas to say goodbye to this year. You must be having some good and happy memories of the year, so say bye to the year in a nice way. So, it is really important to know how we are going to plan this day:

Clubbing for friends: If you are crazy about parties, then you can plan clubbing with your family and friends. Go for clubbing, it will offer you the best DJ night, special theme parties, different types of cuisines to experiment.

Host a Home Party: If you love to spend time with friends and party with them then you can also host a party at home. You can plan some theme based games, watching new movie together on home theatre, play some good dancing music and enjoy couple dance with friends or you can also watch special TV program together with your family and friends on New Year’s Eve to make it special.

Plan destination party: You can plan some destination party with your friends and family members. Go to your favorite destination or try to explore a new destination and celebrate your new year adventurously.

Plan it with special kids or NGO: If you want to celebrate your new year differently, plan a visit to some NGO or old age home or child care or somewhere else where you can bring smile on someone’s face by making small gestures. You can organize a small dinner or lunch for them and you can also gift them some goodies to bring smile on their faces.

Thank God for everything: You can also plan to visit to some temple or holy place to thank God for everything whatever he has given you. You can also make countless wishes and make your New Year plans in front of him. matrimony website gives online platform marriage of Indian brides and grooms. Wish a very Happy New Year 2017 to all of your family.

Top 6 Indian Celebrities Who Got Hitched In 2016

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Indian celebrity wedding 2016

We are always eager to know what is happening in B-Town? What is going on in their personal life? Who is getting engaged and who is going to marry in next few months? We are always eager to know more and more about their personal life? You are always eager to know who is getting married to whom? When they got married and how they got married? What is the special hidden story behind their happy married life? How your favorite B-Town beauty was looking on her marriage day or how your favorite hero was looking on his marriage day? Let’s take a look at the celebrities who got married this year and break hearts of thousands.

Preity Zinta and Gene Goodenough: Preity Zinta was one of the most popular Bollywood actresses. She got married to Gene Goodenough, who is financial analyst. They tied the knot on February 2016 in Los Angeles. Gene and Preity dated each-other for almost 18 months before taking this decision.

Asin Thottumkal and Rahul sharma: Asin who started her career with South Indian Movies and established herself in Bollywood as well. She has worked with some of the A listed directors and actors. She got married to Rahul Sharma, CEO of Mircomax. Their wedding was not less than a fairy tale. Their wedding was a close family affair, their close family members and friends attended the wedding ceremonies which were done in Christian tradition and Hindu tradition as well. However, after their wedding they throw a lavish reception, which was attended by Bollywood biggies and other dignitaries.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover: This is one of the most talked about and hyped marriages of 2016, who made buzz in almost all newspapers, TV channels and magazines. What also made this wedding talk of the town was the picture of the couple post wedding which they posted from time-to-time on social media. The wedding and reception held on the same day and both the ceremonies were attended by almost all Bollywood and fashion industry people.

Amrita Arora and Anmol: The girl next door of Bollywood, Amrita tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Anmol on 15th May, 2016 in a close nit ceremony. They first time met each-other when Anmol was interviewing Amrita. They dated for almost seven years before tying the knot.

Urmila Matondkar & Mir Mohsin Akhtar: This year B-Town’s cutest beauty tied the knot with Kashmiri businessman Mir Mohsin Akhtar. They got married in very hush-hush manner where a few of their close friends and family members attended the wedding ceremonies.

Yuvraj Singh and Hzael Keech: Yuvraj Sing rings the wedding bell with Hzael Keech on 30th November, 2016. Their wedding was talk of the town because they got married on 30th November as Hindu ritual and organized second wedding function on 2nd December, 2016 which was a lavish affair. In their wedding several legendry cricketers and Bollywood celebrities mark their presence. matrimony portal makes online selection of perfect life partners in India. You can get free matrimony profile registration for finding suitable wedding partner.

Some New Year Gifting Ideas for your Husband

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Gifts for Your Husband

You can’t imagine a relationship without love and affection. A marriage without love and romance is meaningless. To keep the love and romance bloom in your married life, it is good that you plan something nice and surprise your husband with simple gestures. Surprise gifts are the best way to showcase and express your love to your spouse. If you both are working and hardly get time to go out and spend some quality time together in that case a surprise gift would be the best idea to add some spark in your boring life. Sometime surprises can bring a lot of excitement and fresh air in your relationship. Here are some simple ways to plan some surprise gifts for your husband on this New Year.

Send him a surprise Thank You message and gift: Nothing can be better than saying thank you to your loved one. Saying him thank you for everything will make him feel special and good. You can send him a than you message/card or flowers with a note saying “Thank You”. This is one of the simplest and cutest ways to express your love and make him feel special.

Decorate your room to surprise him: If you have not tried this after your marriage, then this is the best way to surprise him. You can decorate your bedroom with flowers. If you are not sure about flowers, so buy some bunches of flowers to keep them in flower vase and decorate your room with other stuff life ribbons, balloons, cards, keep some chocolates and bottle of wine in the room to complete your surprise. You can also decorate your room with small colorful lights or candles to give it a romantic touch. You can also use floating candles or tea-light candles, a good room perfume/freshener for beautiful and romantic aroma.

Write I love you: There are thousand ways to express your love, but nothing is better than saying ‘I Love You’. It is the best way to express your love to your husband. You can write ‘I Love You’ on small sticky notes and stick it wherever you think that he will not miss reading them. You can use it on your bathroom mirror, on your cupboard, on your fridge, on his laptop bag, on his lunch box or inside his lunch box. There are many places where you can keep you love note to surprise him.

Cook something on heart theme: Cook something special for him or something which he loves to eat. You can cook something in heart shape theme. Try to make something or everything in heart shape like toast, paratha, pizza and anything else which you think can be easily converted into that shape without losing its original charm. But, anything ordinary will also look good in that if you put your efforts and heart in it.

Buy something of his interest: Rather than buying the usual stuff like shirt, watch, t-shirt, trouser, tie or wallet, buy something of his interest. If he loves gadgets, then buy laptop or a new phone for him. In case, he loves clicking photos, then buy a good camera for him. If he loves to play games, then you can gift him a good play station as well. If he is found of playing some instrument then you can also gift his favorite musical instrument like guitar, keyboard, drum or something of his interest.

Secretly organize a New Year party: If your husband is a party lover, you can also plan a New Year party for him. You can plan a family get-together party or you can also invite his friends only to make it buddy affair. Either way, whichever you think will make him more happy. Just ensure that the moment he is at home everybody must be already there and yells to surprise him.

Make a journey photo album: This is another good idea, which you can try to give him good surprise. You can pick different photographs in which you both are together from your courtship period, from your marriage day, honeymoon, some dinner or lunch, some family picnic, some romantic moments, etc. Make a journey album and ensure that you write some good titles or punch line on these photographs. matrimonial portal gives free registration for boys and girls for wedding. Choose your perfect wedding partner from Lakhs of profiles. Happy New Year!

Secrets of Happy Married Life Decoded

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Married Life

In India, when it comes to marriage, the first thing which comes to your mind is long-lasting relationship which makes you feel secured and happy. The first and more important thing in a marriage is to stay happy. In present trend of globalization and commercialization, we are not much bothered about the long-lasting relationships; rather we are more focused on materialistic things. No wonder, in such a materialistic situation the emotions and feeling take a back foot and we end up messing up all the things in our life. In a marriage, it is really important that you stay happy and satisfied. Like any other relationship a marriage needs time and mutual understanding of the couple to keep going in this special bond. At times, it becomes tough to manage and handle the situation in married life, but one thing that is really important during that difficult time is to have faith in each-other. So, instead of arguing and shouting on each-other one should take a different route to handle and manage the tensed situation with peace and patients. We have decoded some secrets of happy married to ease your journey.

Communicate every day with your spouse: Communication is really important in every relationship. It is really important to express yourself and share your feelings. If communication is missing in your marriage, then it will affect your relationship. Everyone talks about honesty in a marriage, but it is not possible if you don’t communicate with your marriage partner. Try to make a routine or block at least 15 minutes time every day to communicate/chat with your spouse. Even if you are super busy with other stuff like gym, cooking, social activities or other things, try to take out some time for each other. Use this precious time to share things, discuss about your family, friends and work and any other random stuff.

Respect your spouse: Don’t overrate the love all the time. Marriage is not all about loving your spouse only. It also includes respecting your spouse as well. Respecting your spouse and giving him/her the respect is also important. It doesn’t matter how much you love him/her, if you can’t respect your spouse publically. It is important that you don’t dominate or boss him/her all the time or in front of people. Always, respect his/her decision and agree with him/her in front of people even if you don’t.

Good to compromise: Many people think that if you compromise easily, it is sign of lack of determination on your decision. May be most of us feeling that compromising with someone means you are weak. But, we overlook the best or wider part of compromising with your spouse. To make your relationship going and happy it is good that you avoid situations where you are required to confront your spouse. Always try to find out middle way to avoid any argument and tense situation. But, that does not mean that you always have to give up on what you think or believe is right in a particular situation. Make it more about finding a middle way to avoid any argument or solution where both of you agree and feel happy.

Be transparent on your finance: Every couple want financial transparency. It is completely fine if you have your own personal bank account, where you can save some money for your future or hard time. But, it is equally fine that if your spouse is aware of your finance too. It is important that you tell your husband/wife about your financing habits be it saving, investment, lending loan to some friend or spending money on shopping. It is important that you keep your husband/wife in loop. Don’t break his/her trust over financial matter as it will create rift in the relationship.

Bonding with your in-laws: Well, this one is easy to say and difficult to maintain. In most of the cases, you hardly able to maintain good relationship with your in-laws. But, you can at least try to maintain a healthy relationship by making efforts at your end. You could invite them on dinner or visit their home in weekends to build good relationship. After all, they are parents and they could be the best source to provide you helping hand in difficult time.

Don’t let the romance die in your relationship: No matters how many years you have spent together, how old your kids are, it is important to keep the fire of romance burning in a relationship. It is important that you appreciate, love, give attention and quality time to your spouse whenever required and possible. Make him/her feel special and your world. At times go out alone and spend some quality time in the company of each-other without giving a second thought to your extended responsibilities. matrimony website gives online platform for brides and grooms in India looking for suitable life partner for wedding.

Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping For Your Wedding Lehenga

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wedding lehenga for bride

I recently attended my friend’s wedding and as usual as a friend I was looking forward to seeing my friend’s wedding lehenga. No wonder, one of the most important aspects of the entire wedding preparation process for any bride is to buy the best wedding dress in which she will look stunning. However, this is not a simple and easy task to buy the perfect lehenga, as you need to consider various things in mind. But, the process of selecting the lehenga is not always fun as you are not sure what kind of wedding lehenga are you looking for. If you will not consider a few things in mind it might be you will end up buying a wrong outfit for yourself and mess all the things. So, here are some simple tips you should keep in mind while shopping for your wedding lehenga.

  1. Don’t shop with all family members: Lehenga is the most important outfit and it should be definitely really awesome. Most of us believe that we should always go with our family and friends to buy this important outfit. But, the biggest drawback of taking your whole family and friends with you at the time of lehenga shopping is that you will get different opinions. In such a situation it will become more complicated to take decision and finalize a lehenga. Therefore, it will be best if you go along with your mother and closest friend or sister who will always give your genuine opinion.
  2. Don’t start shopping too early: Clothing trends keep changing and after very two or three months the designs and patterns change. Buying a lehenga too early can stand a risk of that dress getting outdated or old fashioned by the time you wear it on your wedding day. So, it is always suggested that you buy your wedding lehenga just before a month of your wedding. You should always keep that in mind that you need to get it stitched, altered and finished well before time. In case of minor delay or fitting alteration you can get it done before your wedding day. So plan accordingly, to avoid any fashion blunder on your big day.
  3. Search online to know latest trends: Before you actually go out for shopping do some homework. It is really important that you should do online search about the latest trends. You should also check the colors, themes, work, styles, different work and fabric for your wedding lehenga. You should also check for their price tag as well, so you will get a good idea about the price range as well. This will help you a lot while going for shopping as you will be aware of the price and you can get the best deal and bargain well with the shopkeeper.
  4. Know your budget first: Before you move out to buy the wedding lehenga, it is better that you should be aware of your budget. You will also have an estimated cost in mind that will help you to buy the best thing within the budget. You might get tempted by the idea of visiting an expensive showroom just for the trail. But, if during the trail you liked something really expensive, then it might be difficult for you to be happy with the one that fall in your budget. Therefore, it is good to know your budget first.
  5. Avoid places that are not in your budget: While going out for shopping for your wedding lehenga try not to visit such places which are too expensive. It might be that you will end-up burning more money than your estimated cost. Therefore, it is always good that you should go in such places for shopping which are within your budget.
  6. Avoid trying too many dresses: While going for shopping most of us get tempted by trying all available dresses within our budget which are available in the shop. But, if you will try too many dresses, there are high chances that you would end up getting confused. It will also be time consuming idea as well and it will be difficult for you to choose one. So, try to resist the temptation of trying too many dresses before you finalize one, as it will increase your frustration as well.
  7. Take a trail to check fitting: The wedding dress is usually quite heavy, and it is a bit difficult to handle and carry it. On the other side, you should also remember that you are going to wear heavy jewelry as well with this dress which will also make you a bit uncomfortable. Even you will not sit all the time during the wedding day as you will have to bend down and meet people and stand for long sessions of photos. So keep all these things in mind before you finalize your lehenga. Therefore, a little bit of difference in size could make you uncomfortable. It is very important to check the fitting of your dress to ensure that you will not feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. matrimonial portal provides thousands of bride and grooms profile looking for wedding. Welcome to create matrimony profile for marriage.

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