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Buy A Perfect Dress For Your Sangeet To Look Gorgeous

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wedding sangeet lehenga

Every girl wants to look gorgeous on their wedding day, but it does not mean that you can ignore other functions or other functions are not important. It is equally important for a girl to look stunning on the other ceremonies as well such as ring ceremony, mehndi or sangeet ceremony. Sangeet ceremony is one the most exciting ceremony as this is just a day before the wedding day. As a girl you find it very important and close to your heart as this day when you enjoy a lot with your friends, relatives and cousins. Some people organize it on a larger scale as they book some special venue for this ceremony. Generally, people go for a very peppy and vibrant decoration along with choreography, decking up, and special performances by friends and relatives to make it special. As this day has its importance and significance, therefore you can’t compromise on your looks and dress. Here are some special tips for you to buy a perfect wedding sangeet dress.

Choose a comfortable dress: It is important to choose the right and comfortable outfit for your sangeet ceremony. Sangeet ceremony is really important affair, but as you should not forget that before looks and other things, the thing which comes first is comfort. Your sangeet dress should be comfortable like wedding lehenga. As on your wedding day you need to wear that heavy dress, try to buy a dress for sangeet, which is light in weight and comfortable as well. As this a ceremony where most of the guest are your friends or relatives, so go for a dress, which is really comfortable and nice.

Don’t go for heavy material: While choosing the dress don’t go for heavy dress material. Try to buy your dress in a fabric, which is comforting and light. You can try something in chiffon, tulle, georgette, or lightly layered dress, which are breathable and comfortable.

Go gorgeous with minimum make up: Make up is another thing on which you should pay attention. As a Sangeet ceremony you need not to go for heavy make- up. You can even go with minimum eye make-up for this ceremony. Try to go with light make up use a light color lipstick and little eye make up to compliment your looks. Be cautious while going for eye make-up as don’t go for too heavy eye make-up as it could increase the charges of smudged. Don’t go for traditional way of make up as matching the make-up with your dress as this is a BIG NO nowadays.

Say no to heavy accessories: You should go for minimum accessories with your sangeet dress. You should choose your accessories according to your dress. However, you should not forget that accessories are to enhance your looks and beauty instead of making you uncomfortable. Try some funky jewelry to make your style statement.

Select a vibrant color: As this is not your wedding dress and you can think beyond the traditional colors and themes. Here, you can experiment with looks and colors on your sangeet. Try to go for some trendy and bright colors. Instead of going for heavy accessories or loud make up invest some time on choosing the right color for your sangeet ceremony. Your dress colors should go well with the ceremony’s theme and mood.

Pick the right hairstyle:  There could be plenty of options while choosing the hairstyle for your sangeet you can pick from the plenty of options. Depending on your hair’s length, pick style that will compliment your overall looks. You can go for curls if you have long hairs. Curl it, wave it or tousle it-there is no limit to the ideas for hairstyles you can flaunt. Do not spend a lot of money on coloring your hair for sangeet, if you are going for some other hair styling, then don’t invest too much on your sangeet hair coloring. However, you can go for highlighting or streaks to get the trendy looks. matrimony website is a leader of matchmaking for unmarried boys and girls in India. It provides online free registration for first time users.

5 Mesmerizing Honeymoon Destinations in South India

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South India honeymoon destination

Are you still confused where to head for your honeymoon? Still in dilemma to choose a destination from North or South India? If you have not visited South India ever then this is the best place to choose as your honeymoon destination. From picturesque forest to chilling hills, to beautiful beaches you can find everything at this beautiful location. Honeymoon places of South India offer all you need in a location for your mesmerizing trip.

There are many places in South India which you can explore such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Each of these states comprises beautiful beaches and hill stations. You can find here best in class-infrastructure and high class facilities within your budget. You can choose any of these destinations as your honeymoon destinations. This means there are plenty of choices available for newly married couples to pack their honeymoon luggage. To reach to this beautiful destination for your honeymoon you can book a honeymoon tour package or you can plan your own plan by making all the booking at your end like hotel and flight tickets. These beautifully bewitching destinations will lure you in more than many ways. Here are some places which you can consider for your honeymoon.

Kovalam, Kerala: Kerala is one of the most beautiful places of Indian full of greenery and heart taking views. This is one of the most sought after honeymoon destination in South India, the state attracts everyone with its splendid beauty. Here you can spend good time at beautiful beaches and in the lap of divine beauty. You can visit the Kovalam and other nearby destination. If you are planning to visit this plac, then the best time to plan for tour is November to February and June to August. You can indulge yourself into various water sports activities. Besides, you can also visit the lighthouse. To satisfy your taste buds you can explore and try some awesome mouthwatering sea fool at Malabar café. To choose your stay you can book a five star hotel or you can also book resorts, budget hotels and guest houses as well. Book your accommodation according to your budget and stay preferences.

Verkala, Kerala: This is one of the locations, which is becoming a famous beach destination among the tourists who are searching for a secluded escape in Kerala. It has won the hearts of many couples and love birds who want to spend some quality time. It has beautiful beaches, hill cliffs which are dotted with interesting shacks and shops. You can here go for boating at the Kappil Lake and walking along with the Varkala beach, besides chilled out beach shack. Here you can enjoy the refreshing coffee at Varkala. This place is really awesome honeymoon destination which will add romance to your life. Here you can choose to stay in a hotel, resort and beach houses.

Bekal: Bekal is beach cum fort town of Kerala. It is away from the busy life and fast paced urban life. In fact, we can say that it is ideal romantic destination for couples who are looking for a perfect romantic honeymoon destination. It offers you all urban facilities along with rural serenity. Enjoy the stunning beauty of this Arabian Sea from Bekal Fort at sunset. You can also go for kayaking in Nombili River amongst tranquil backwater and indulge in refreshing couple’s spa there. If you have limited budget still you can easily find a good stay there.

Kabini, Karnataka: It is one of the off-beat honeymoon destinations in South India. It is beautifully located near the forested area along the river Bank of Kabini. It is just 275 km from Bangalore, the drive is really thrilling and awesome. It is a peaceful place not really crowded. Here you will get enough opportunity to spend some time with your beloved in splendid nature’s beauty. You can easily reach here as the place is well connected with airport, train and local transport. Here the hotel stay is comparatively expensive and will not find many hotels in low budget.

Wayanad, Kerala:

The undulating and thickly wooded area of Wayanad is quite quixotic.  Wayanad is a typical honeymoon destination in South India – a place to cherish the beginning of life long journey.

For that ultimate romantic honeymoon: It will be blissful to go for river trail, spice plantation strolls, thick rainforest hikes and the Tushar Giri trek. The small hikes and treks together can be supremely romantic.

How to reach: Calicut International Airport and Kozhikode Railway Station are closest to Wayanad.

For a romantic stay: Along with innumerable homestays and B&B options, Wayanad offers many luxury to budget stay options for honeymoon couples. matrimonial portal gives online platform for brides & grooms for marriage. Get registered with your matrimony profile.

Things to Keep in Mind before Booking Wedding Venue

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marriage venue wedding

Once you finalize your wedding date the only thing which you should do on priority basis is book your wedding venue. This is one of the most commonly asked questions by all the relatives and friends. Everybody is curious to know have you booked your wedding venue. Nowadays, people are more concerned to book a good venue, which is affordable, elegant, reachable and will be liked by all. But, before finalizing any venue one should ask various questions and consider numerous things. Choosing a wedding venue might seem be like whether you are happy with the space and location or not. But, it is more than that you are should always consider all possible wedding ideas before booking your venue.

Prepare a guest list: Before you decide to book a wedding venue, it is better and suggested to prepare a guest list. You should prepare a guest list well in advance because all the venues are not suitable for large gatherings or small gathering. So, it is really important that you should prepare a guest list in advance. It will give you a clear idea about the number of people going to attend your wedding. It will further help you to book an apt venue for your wedding.

What is your estimated budget? : Do some homework before you book a venue to get estimated costs. Try and explore different venue and get estimated cost of the wedding ceremony for the number of people you are going to invite. You should always get pricing from different venues, so you can compare their rates and get the best deal.  It is always better to know your spending limits and your budget. If you are aware of your overall budget you can find out a place, which is very much in your budget and you can also negotiate the cost.

Can you afford the venue?: Once you are sure about the number of the guests and your budget then the next thing, which comes to your mind is the location within your budget. Can you afford that location? If you think that the location that you liked is not within your budget, in that case, you can negotiate with the vender. But, if the cost is still beyond your budget, then you should explore some other venues as well.

Is the venue available on the wedding date?: While you are enquiring for the venue, you should always ask about the dates and availability of the venue. Most of the venues are pre-booked in wedding season. There are people who book the venues well in advance, if they have fixed the date five or six months in advance as a general trend in India. So, in that situation, it is really important that you should ask about the date availability. If the venue is pre-booked in that case, you have to start from the basics once again by searching another location, which is very much in your budget. Try to book your venue in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

Does the venue fit into your needs?: Before you book that venue, another important thing that you should consider is the place suitable for your needs. Is it going to provide you ample space for all your ceremonies? If you are planning for different ceremonies like Jaimala, Fera/Marriage Ceremony in the venue itself, then does it offer sufficient space for all ceremonies? It is really important that you discuss this in advance and ask about the availability and arrangements.

Consider the location: Do you know the location well? Can the guests reach there easily without any problem? Is it very well connected with the main road and public transportation? If most of the guests are driving is ample parking space available there? Therefore, it is really important to consider this point before finalizing the venue. If you are shuttling people from one place-to-another, then consider this point as well. So, consider the parking and transportation cost as well.

Catering services available at the venue: Sometimes a venue restricts external catering services in their premises. In that situation, they will ask you to avail the catering services from them only and it can shoot up your budget. It might be you were dreaming of having your favorite food. Therefore, ask your venue manager about catering restrictions as well.

Are you sure about the venue? : This is the final call before you book your venue. Are you really sure about the venue? Do you really want to book this for your wedding? Give yourself sometime to analyze all the points and consider the advantages, cost effectiveness and other parameters in mind. So, if you are 200% sure about everything and it is going to offer you the best possible services within your budget, then book this place. But, before booking think about all possibilities in detail. matrimony website enables platform for young boys and girls for marriage. You can select your wedding venue/place as per choice and location of residence.

Dazzling Dressing Ideas for Your Sister’s Marriage

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Bridal sisters wedding dress

We got really excited when you heard about the wedding in the family and especially when you know that it’s your sister’s wedding. On your sister’s marriage one person who will be getting attention from all relatives and friends is you. It is your sister’s wedding and you are really confused what to wear on that special day? You need to look gorgeous and stunning, therefore, you want something that is really awesome and elegant too. Don’t forget that you are the one who is going to take care of a lot of things and need to rush from one place to another. So, think about a dress which will compliment your body type as well as you will feel comfortable in that at the same time. Don’t try to copy or follow some celebrity’s design or dress choices, just because you liked it. First try and see whether the same dress will suit your body type or not.

Before you finalize a dress for your sister’s wedding, it is important that you make up your mind and decided whether you want to buy an Indian dress or you want to buy a western outfit for the wedding ceremony. Let’s take a look at some stunning dressing options to help you to make your decision.

Beautiful Lehenga: This is one of the most considerable options while choosing a dress for your sister’s wedding. Nowadays, you can easily find a lehenga choli in various designs and colors. You can go for short choli to a peplum-style top to even a long kurta, you have so many options to mix and match with wedding lehenga. A nice color and elegant embroidery is will enhance your beauty. You can choose some nice chick colors with a pair of danglers and bangles. To add glamour to your look go for smoky eye make-up.

Stylish Designer Saree: If you don’t want to wear that typical salwar suit on your sister’s wedding and want to try something ethnic and experimental then go for a marriage Saree with twist. Gone are the days when only old and married ladies are supposed to wear saree on family functions and different ceremonies. Nowadays, girls are experimenting a lot and trying different looks. There are various options available in the market which you can try and experiment. Many interesting styles are available in the market which you can choose. There are various design and pattern available in the market which you can pick. You can also choose from saree lehenga, pre-draped saree or a saree gown. These kind of trendy gowns are hot pick choices of girls. Pick an edgy blouse in print or a heavily embroidery or work with plain saree to create your style statement. You can also pair a net saree with a full sleeves blouse or quarter sleeves blouse which is very much in trend.

Silk Lehenga: Net lehenga is one such thing which attracts all, but raw silk lehenga is way apart from typical lehengas. This classic and elegant lehenga is one such dress which you can’t resist. You can pair this classy wear with embroidered/boarder blouses or even crop tops to wear with it to the wedding. Lehengas are not only for brides, you can also choose a lehenga in silk which is different and elegant too. You can also get it customized if you want to go for some special work on it.

Gorgeous party gowns: These pretty chick gowns are much in trend and you can easily buy a gown from anywhere within minimum budget. These gowns are available in the all colors, designs and work. Their fluffy net base is a must to have in your wardrobe when you are shopping for wedding. It will help you to get the desired sensuality with grace.

Anarkali suits, all-time hit: To look stunning and stay comfortable this is the best wedding dress option to choose from. This beautiful and elegant suit will help you to look like a princess. There are plenty of choices available in the market in anarkali suits. You can pick from embroidered suit or you can choose from top embroidery and bottom with border or light work. The suits with plain and simple lower and heavy work on the upper part of the suit are very much in trend. Most of the suits are delicately carved with embroideries. matrimonial portal make online registration for brides and grooms in India to choose their suitable life partner. Now get Free Register with your marriage profile.

Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals: Simple Yet Unique

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Tamil wedding rituals marriageTamil people are popular for their simplicity and elegance. Even in their wedding as well you will not see any extravagant affair or over the top things like Punjabi and North Indian weddings. However, Tamilians don’t like to show-off a lot in their wedding. Besides, their wedding is full of traditions and rituals. These people are very close-knitted and ensure that all the family members and even distant relatives will also attend the wedding. The wedding is generally considered as one of the most sacred ritual. These people pay much attention to traditional rituals and ceremonies. A South Indian wedding is full of beautiful ceremonies and sacred rituals. Let’s have a close look at some important rituals and ceremonies of Tamil wedding.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham: This is the first ceremony or we can say that it marks the beginning of the marriage rituals. This ceremony takes place just a day before the wedding function. During this ritual, both bride’s and groom’s family attend this ceremony together and pray for a peaceful, happy and uninterrupted wedding ceremony.

Sumangali Prarthanai- a holy prayer for married women: The term sumangali indicates to women who are blessed with a harmonious and happy married life. During this ceremony, a holy prayer is conducted and prayers are offered to Sumangalis and the bride-to-be too seeks their blessings for a happy married life in future. In this ceremony, all the sumangalis are required to wear a traditional nine-yard saree or Madisar as it is traditionally required for the pooja. The Sumangali’s who attended the pooja should be in odd-number like 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. Once the Sumangali pooja gets over, all the Sumangali’s are treated with an authentic South Indian feast served on banana leaf.

Pallikai Thellichal: to perform this ceremony 9 types of grains along with curd are mixed and filled into 7 different earthen pots which are nicely decorated with sandalwood. These pots are later on immersed in the water to feed the fishes. Since this ritual includes feeding the fishes, it is generally considered auspicious for the couple’s new journey and beginning in life.

Naandi Shradham: In this ritual, the bride and the groom’s family pay homage to their ancestors. 10 Brahmins or less are invited for an authentic South Indian feast by both the set of families. In this ceremony Brahmins are offered coconut, flowers, paan supari, sweets and veshti angavastram (traditional clothes) and they are requested to bless the couple.

Nichayathartham (engagement): In this ritual the ceremonies begin with performing Ganesh puja by the bride’s family. In this ceremony, the groom’s family offer gifts, saree, jewelry and other things to bride and bride’s family gift the groom new set of clothes. The bride and groom chance the dresses and wear the new clothes offered by other’s family. After that the groom’s sister applies kumkum and chandan tilak on the bride’s forehead and the bride’s brother also perform the same with groom. The bride’s brother offers a garland of flowers to the groom while the groom’s sister does the same for the bride. After complete all these rituals, the bride and groom then exchange rings in the presence of family members, relatives and friends.

Lagna Pathirikai: Lagna Pathirikai in Tamil translates to a wedding invitation. After the engagement ceremony, the wedding date is officially announced in front of all family members, guests and priest. matrimonial portal gives best profiles of brides and grooms registered online for marriage. Get register with your updated matrimony profile for suitable soulmate.

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