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Pre-Wedding Rituals of Punjabi Wedding: Full of Life & Excitement

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Whenever we see a weeding scene in the movie, we find it really exciting and fun filled as in most of the Indian movies we see Punjabi wedding rituals. Do you remember any movie where you find a wedding scene really exciting and fun filled? Every time when we talk or think about Punjabi weddings, we just remember the cheerful faces, fun filled rituals and goody attires and loud dance, etc. Karan Johar and Yash Chopra are two people, who have depicted the Punjabi wedding rituals in their movies and people loved these larger than life ceremonies and rituals.

Punjabi wedding is not just about different rituals, but more about vibrant and full of life ceremonies to bring everyone closer and feel the happiness and joy. Punjabi wedding consist different rituals, let’s take a look at different wedding ceremonies of Punjabi wedding.

Roka ceremony: This ceremony is something similar to engagement ceremony. In this ceremony, the bride and groom give their acceptance to this new relationship in respective families. Both the families exchange the gifts and other things. Generally people invite their family and friends in this ceremony.

Taka ceremony: This is next thing after Roka ceremony, when both the families meet and sit together to fix the date of wedding. Taka means ‘setting the date’ for wedding. This ceremony generally takes place at bride’s place to fix the wedding date and start the preparation of other important ceremonies.

Kurmai: This is formal engagement ceremony, which is generally done at grooms place or at some Gurudwara. In this ceremony, all the family members from both the families are invited and groom present the engagement ring to bride. After the exchange of ring the bride’s family offers kara to the groom as ritual. Generally, the engagement ceremony starts with a short prayer by Granthi (sikh priest). After this short prayer, red scarf is places around the groom’s shoulder along with dried dates according to granthi’s instructions and then grandfather feeds that dried dates to the groom. After this ritual both families enjoy the meal.

Chunni rasam: This ceremony takes place at bride’s house, where the mother of the groom cover the brides head with chunni, which indicates that from now onwards she is part of their family and she is supposed to respect and upload the honor and pride of the family. In this ceremony, the bride wears clothes and jewelry gifted by her in-laws. Groom marks her head with sindoor as sign of commitment. After this, groom’s parents offer shagun to bride and her family as blessing and acceptance of engagement. Both the family exchange the gifts followed by lavish celebration with a lot of music and dance take place.

Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony: These two ceremonies are full of excitement and joy. Mehendi ceremony is generally conducted in both the families, where all the ladies of the family smear mehendi on their hands. In sangeet ceremony, the family members, relatives and friends perform dance on various songs and other traditional folk songs.  Sangeet is all about making merry and having fun. Women sing and dance on various traditional songs as well.

Chuda ceremony: This is the ritual that happens in the bride’s house. The girl’s maternal uncle or brother helps her to wear chuda, set of white and red bangles. After that, the girl is smeared with turmeric and oil paste. All the ladies of the family smear turmeric paste on the girl’s face, hands and feet. After this ritual, she takes bath with holy water and then wears bridal dress, which is brought by her maternal uncle. The same kind of ritual is also performed in boy’s family as well. But, there one thing is different that is ‘sehra’ ceremony in which an elder man of the family helps him to wear ‘sehra’ along with his wedding dress. matrimony site gives online platform for Punjabi brides and grooms looking for marriage. Get your registration for best matrimonial profiles.

Tips to Buy the Best Saree for Your Wedding

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Marriage day is something for which you plan a lot of things and want everything to be in place and in order. It is really a big day for you and the most special day of your life. Every girl wants this day to be very perfect. Every girl wants to look great on her wedding day. It is really crucial to decide between a wedding lehenga and saree. If you have decided and made up your mind about wearing a saree on your wedding then try to choose the best one. The saree is most preferred and considered the best dress in India. So, if you are planning to buy a saree for your wedding day then it should be the best. However, this is the most complicated and difficult thing to choose the best outfit for your wedding day. The bridal saree plays the crucial role in enhancing the beauty and grace of the bride. So, it becomes more difficult to buy the right kind of saree. Here are some simple and easy tips to buy the bridal saree for your wedding day.

Plan in advance: If you know your marriage day in advance and there are still two-three months in your marriage, start exploring different markets and showrooms. As you have enough time to search for the best material and design, so you can invest good time to buy your saree. Narrow down your search and options, so that you can finalize something easily.

Decide your budget: Before you start exploring different market and shops to buy your desired saree, it is always better that you decide your budget first. If you know that your maximum budget in advance, then you can easily bargain and get the best deal. This will help you in not to over spend and go beyond your spending limit. Discuss the budget and expectations with your family and in-laws before you start shopping.

Decide the fabric of your saree: Before buying the saree understand your body type and then only decide the fabric of your saree. Most of the women worry more about the embroidery and design part of the saree, rather than focusing on the fabric. Choose the right fabric which will compliment your body type. Don’t you want to look beautiful and slim in your wedding dress, therefore, it is really important to choose the right fabric. Find out what kind of material is going good with your body type.

Consider the embroidery and embellished work: Those who are budget conscious and don’t want to spend too much on wedding gown and lehenga then they can consider a good designer saree as their wedding dress option. While choosing your saree pay attention to the embroidery and embellished work on the saree. This embroidery work can make your saree attractive.

Go for a designer saree: If you already know what kind of material you want to buy for your wedding saree in that case you can go for designer saree. You can buy the raw material from the market and get your saree ready from a good designer. It is far easy to get your saree designed by a designer for your wedding rather than buying a saree for your wedding. In your designer saree you can instruct the designer to increase or decrease the embroidery or other work to customize it according to your wishes.

Decide the color: Before buying the saree decide, which color you want to wear on your wedding day. Always decide a color keeping your complexion and venue in mind. So finalize a color that will enhance your beauty and grace and will make you look stunning. Think about different and new shades as red and maroon are not the only color that you can wear on your wedding day. You can try some different and new colors if you are comfortable with it. marriage website gives online engagement for Indian brides and grooms for wedding. Make your matrimonial profile now.

Special Gifting Ideas for Your First Anniversary for Your Husband

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When you think about your anniversary, the first thing which comes to your mind is a surprise gift for your husband. Admit it that you want to plan something nice for your husband. Are you sure what you want to gift to your husband? Are you going to gift him something new that you have not gifted him so far? Are you going for some personalized gift for your husband on your first anniversary? Whether it is your first anniversary or second, you want to gift something unique and different to your husband. Here are some special wedding gifts ideas which you can’t afford to miss!

A romantic candle light with your husband: This is really a nice idea to spend some quality time together and enjoy the company of each other. You can plan a romantic candlelight dinner at your husband’s favorite restaurant. You can pre-book a table and plan something nice. If there is live music, then you can ask the restaurant people to play his favorite song to make it special. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy live music and enjoy the candlelight dinner with your husband.

A night our away from your home: This could be another good idea for you both. If you are staying with your in-laws and hardly get time to spend quality time together because of your hectic job routine and family responsibilities. You can plan a night out with your husband at some good hotel or you can also plan a night out even out of station as well if you can manage to two or three days leave. Select a place depending upon the weather, cost and your preferences. A night out at some camping place would not be a good idea in winters. Don’t just think about the adventure only, also play attention to your comfort zone as well as you really want to spend some quality time together.

Go for couple spa session: There are various spas available in every city, you can find a spa easily even in malls and might be in your locality as well. You can book a spa session for you and your husband. Book a time or slot which you feel will be convenient for both of you. It will be a different experience going in a spa together if you guys have not tried it earlier.

Go for some special gadget: Most of the guys are gadget crazy and love their gadgets. If your husband also falls under same category, you can buy his favorite gadget. You can buy something, which he really wants to buy or planning to buy from a long time. But, if there is no specification about this next awaited gadget, then you can buy something nice which you think will create magic for you. Gift him a gadget as per his interest, don’t buy a gadget because you love it or liked it.

Gift him a nice watch: If your husband loves watches, then this could be a good option to gift him. First, decide your budget then look for options that are within your budget. There are various national and international brands available in the market offering different watches for different segments. Even there are plenty of designs available in the market. You can select a watch depending upon his taste and style.

Gift him his favorite bands clothes:  If he loves to wear branded clothes, then you can buy something nice from his favorite brand. You can buy some nice T-shirt, Shirt, Trouser or Jeans from his favorite brand. You can gift him anything depending upon your budget and his styling choices. You can gift him something which he never tried. This could be a nice gift for him. matrimonial service gives prefect solution to marriage of brides and grooms in India. Wish you happy wedding anniversary to all the married couples.

5 Things You Should Not Pack in Your Honeymoon Luggage

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Honeymoon is your romantic gateway-where you will spend luxury time with your partner. Every newlywed wants to have a picture perfect honeymoon, just like the way they have imagined and seen in Bollywood movies. But, you can spoil the mood of your honeymoon by making small mistakes. There are some mistakes which every couple make when they plan for their honeymoon. Carrying unnecessary things on your honeymoon can spoil your romantic vacation. In such situation rather than enjoying your time together, you might be just jostling with thing. To avoid such uncomfortable situation, here is a list of things that you should not pack in your luggage for your honeymoon.

Say no to extra clothes: On your honeymoon you would really want to go out and look your best on your honeymoon. But, it is not necessary that you carry all your clothes with you on your honeymoon. The best thing to avoid such situation is to carry the essential clothes or you think that you are really going to use them. Always carry comfortable clothes that go well with the destination and activities you have planned for your honeymoon. Always remember that you are there to enjoy and it is not really important what you are wearing. The best way to avoid unnecessary stuff in your luggage is to carry such accessories which you can mix and match with different stuff.

Leave your gadgets at home: While packing your luggage avoid carrying your gadgets with you. Always keep this in mind that your honeymoon is not for completing your pending office task or attending the conference call with your partners or colleagues. Honeymoon is one such thing where you have all rights to cut off from rest of the world and enjoy the company of beloved. There might be plenty of time when you guys might not be busy and occupied, but utilize this time to get cozy and relax rather than getting glued with your laptop.

Don’t carry expensive and valuable things: The last thing you would want to do on your honeymoon is to spend your time on looking after the valuable things you are carrying in your luggage. It is always better you carry minimum stuff along with less valuable stuff. It is good if you avoid expensive watches and jewelry on your honeymoon to enjoy it tension free.

Too many cosmetics & toiletries:  It is always suggested that you should not carry too much toiletries that are lying in your bathroom. Don’t carry all the bottles of your toiletries, rather buy the mini packs of all as it will be easy to handle and carry them and you can throw the used bottle as well. If you don’t go out without makeup then it is good to carry some common things or smallest kit of your makeup or carry the minimum thing in your makeup kit to avoid the over-packing of your luggage.

Avoid too many shoes: Try to pack the minimum shoe or footwear in your luggage as it will consume a lot of space of your baggage. Don’t carry matching shoe for every dress, just because you want to feel good as it will increase the luggage burden. Try to pack and carry some common and comfortable footwear which you can wear on all kinds of dresses. matrimony site facilitates online platform for Indian brides and grooms. Get register now for your matrimonial profile.

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