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Five Things to do on New Year’s Eve

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Happy New Year 2017

As the countdown begins for 2017, the wait for the New Year is going to over soon. For the New Year eve you must have planned many things to enjoy the eve. But, if you have not decided what to do on the New Year eve and how to say goodbye to this year, we are here sharing some ideas to say goodbye to this year. You must be having some good and happy memories of the year, so say bye to the year in a nice way. So, it is really important to know how we are going to plan this day:

Clubbing for friends: If you are crazy about parties, then you can plan clubbing with your family and friends. Go for clubbing, it will offer you the best DJ night, special theme parties, different types of cuisines to experiment.

Host a Home Party: If you love to spend time with friends and party with them then you can also host a party at home. You can plan some theme based games, watching new movie together on home theatre, play some good dancing music and enjoy couple dance with friends or you can also watch special TV program together with your family and friends on New Year’s Eve to make it special.

Plan destination party: You can plan some destination party with your friends and family members. Go to your favorite destination or try to explore a new destination and celebrate your new year adventurously.

Plan it with special kids or NGO: If you want to celebrate your new year differently, plan a visit to some NGO or old age home or child care or somewhere else where you can bring smile on someone’s face by making small gestures. You can organize a small dinner or lunch for them and you can also gift them some goodies to bring smile on their faces.

Thank God for everything: You can also plan to visit to some temple or holy place to thank God for everything whatever he has given you. You can also make countless wishes and make your New Year plans in front of him.

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Some New Year Gifting Ideas for your Husband

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Gifts for Your Husband

You can’t imagine a relationship without love and affection. A marriage without love and romance is meaningless. To keep the love and romance bloom in your married life, it is good that you plan something nice and surprise your husband with simple gestures. Surprise gifts are the best way to showcase and express your love to your spouse. If you both are working and hardly get time to go out and spend some quality time together in that case a surprise gift would be the best idea to add some spark in your boring life. Sometime surprises can bring a lot of excitement and fresh air in your relationship. Here are some simple ways to plan some surprise gifts for your husband on this New Year.

Send him a surprise Thank You message and gift: Nothing can be better than saying thank you to your loved one. Saying him thank you for everything will make him feel special and good. You can send him a than you message/card or flowers with a note saying “Thank You”. This is one of the simplest and cutest ways to express your love and make him feel special.

Decorate your room to surprise him: If you have not tried this after your marriage, then this is the best way to surprise him. You can decorate your bedroom with flowers. If you are not sure about flowers, so buy some bunches of flowers to keep them in flower vase and decorate your room with other stuff life ribbons, balloons, cards, keep some chocolates and bottle of wine in the room to complete your surprise. You can also decorate your room with small colorful lights or candles to give it a romantic touch. You can also use floating candles or tea-light candles, a good room perfume/freshener for beautiful and romantic aroma.

Write I love you: There are thousand ways to express your love, but nothing is better than saying ‘I Love You’. It is the best way to express your love to your husband. You can write ‘I Love You’ on small sticky notes and stick it wherever you think that he will not miss reading them. You can use it on your bathroom mirror, on your cupboard, on your fridge, on his laptop bag, on his lunch box or inside his lunch box. There are many places where you can keep you love note to surprise him.

Cook something on heart theme: Cook something special for him or something which he loves to eat. You can cook something in heart shape theme. Try to make something or everything in heart shape like toast, paratha, pizza and anything else which you think can be easily converted into that shape without losing its original charm. But, anything ordinary will also look good in that if you put your efforts and heart in it.

Buy something of his interest: Rather than buying the usual stuff like shirt, watch, t-shirt, trouser, tie or wallet, buy something of his interest. If he loves gadgets, then buy laptop or a new phone for him. In case, he loves clicking photos, then buy a good camera for him. If he loves to play games, then you can gift him a good play station as well. If he is found of playing some instrument then you can also gift his favorite musical instrument like guitar, keyboard, drum or something of his interest.

Secretly organize a New Year party: If your husband is a party lover, you can also plan a New Year party for him. You can plan a family get-together party or you can also invite his friends only to make it buddy affair. Either way, whichever you think will make him more happy. Just ensure that the moment he is at home everybody must be already there and yells to surprise him.

Make a journey photo album: This is another good idea, which you can try to give him good surprise. You can pick different photographs in which you both are together from your courtship period, from your marriage day, honeymoon, some dinner or lunch, some family picnic, some romantic moments, etc. Make a journey album and ensure that you write some good titles or punch line on these photographs.

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Christmas & New Year Special Gifting ideas for your Wife

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Merry Christmas

Want to surprise your wife with some special gift on this Christmas & New Year? You always want to show your lady love how much you care for her and how much you love her? What could be better than New Year to express your love and affection to your wife?  New Year approaches you with new hopes and aspirations that we want to live and fulfill. Christmas and New Year is the time to express your love and show her that how much you care for her? But, if you are confused about what you should do to express your love to your wife on this New Year, then we can ease your journey. You can gift something really nice to make her feel special. You can gift her different things based on your budget. If you are confused about what you should buy for her as her New Year gift, then you can consider the below wedding gifting ideas and express your love to your wife.

Gift her soft toy: Most of the girls and ladies like soft today. If your lady love too likes the soft toys, then gift her soft toy as Christmas or New Year gift. You can easily buy a soft toy from toy shop or gift shop. These toy shops also have special customized teddy, which you can buy. If you are brand conscious, then you can buy a good soft toy from Archies and Hallmark and many more. These soft toys are available in all sizes and in colors and characters like animals, birds, cartoon characters and much more.

Customized coffee mug: If she loves to drink coffee gift her customized coffee mugs. You can get your coffee mug customized from any of the gift shops. You can get your and her image imprinted on it. You can also get some loving quotes imprinted on your coffee mugs. These coffee mugs are available in all colors and sizes.

Smart phone: If she loves smart phone and her present phone is in bad shape or outdated, then you can gift her new smart phone or if she is iphone crazy gift her iphone. Iphone is available in various colors and models. You can gift her any of the iphone that is in your budget and you think that she would surely like it.

Her favorite dress: You can gift her dress if she wants to buy it from a long time. Gift a dress to her from her favorite brand if she is brand conscious. This will be a nice gift. Get it gift packed nicely with some nice glossy paper and flowers. To add more surprise you can also get it delivered at your home on that day if they agree to delivers the product at home.

Beauty care hamper: This is one of the most desired gifts which every girl and women love to have. There are many make-up brands which offer special customized beauty and personal care gift hampers, which includes different items like make up kit, personal care products, perfume and much more. Even you can also get it customized if you want to add something or want to buy some specific things. These beauty care products do come in various sizes and price range.

Watch organizer: This is another good option to gift on this New Year and Christmas. You can gift her watch organizer in which she can keep her watches at one place. These watch organizers are also available in different sizes and shapes. You can buy that in leather and other material as well.

Jewelry organizer: Gift her jewelry organizer, which is available in different material and sizes. You can buy rich leather material jewelry organized to get the rich look. She can easily keep all her jewelry at one place and without the fear or misplacing any.

Favorite book: Is she the one who can’t spend a single day without reading? Does she really love reading? If your answer is Yes, then gift her book she wants to buy or would love to read. Gift her first addition of a new book or her favorite book which she is not finding easily. Gift her book and watch that sweet smile on her face.

Hand bag or sling bag: You can choose and pick any hand-bag to your wife. If she is bag crazy buy nice hand bag for her. Explore different options available in the market and buy the one you think that she will love. You can buy a branded hand bag or even a non-branded handbag depending upon your budget and her taste. Handbags are available in different sizes, color and patterns. So, choose the one which is just perfect.

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Celebration of Happy New Year 2016

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Happy New Year 2016

Welcome to the New Year as fist date of new calendar year starting with 1st January. The festival is celebrated with lots of fun and love around the world. Most of the countries observe 1st January as national holiday in respective festival. On the New Year Eve, people are more in the festive culture with party, music, foods and exchange of sweets.

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Merry Christmas – Jesus Christ Birthday Celebration with Santa Claus

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Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

Christmas festival is celebration to honor the birthday of Jesus Christ. The date of December 25 is officially observed as Christmas Day around the globe. This festival is celebrated by most of Christian and non-Christian people with lots of fun and culture. It is official holiday in most of the nations in the world. It is a worldwide festival with love, family and brotherhood, and friendship in the society. On this occasion people exchange gifts with their relatives and spent time with family. Popular customs of decoration are Christmas trees, Church and Santa Claus. Kids celebrate their favorite Santa Claus, who gives them chocolates and gifts.

Birth of Jesus Christ

According to Bible, birth of God Jesus was (between 7 -2 BC) to mother Mary in Bethlehem city. Christmas celebration of customs related to have Christian religion and non-Christian people. Christmas music, caroling, Christmas cards, Church services, Christmas trees, lights are decoration part the festival for house and city area. The most famous Santa Claus and Father Christmas are very interesting who gives chocolates and gifts to children. Christmas lighting decorations are to welcome of Jesus to earth with symbol of love and peace. The tradition of Christ related to St. Nicholas and gifts given to the baby God Jesus by the Magi on the Christmas day.

Christmas in India and World

Christmas is a national holiday in India and official festival. Christian communities celebrating in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai. The most Christian majority states are Kerala, Goa, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram celebrates festival with peace and harmony in India. The Christians in Indian Catholics offer prayers for midnight mass celebration. Family members with new clothing go to visit to Churches in their respective town which decorated with colorful candles and flowers on the Christmas Eve.

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