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Bollywood Divas in Their 30’s And Still Single!

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Bollywood Divas with Single in Their 30s

In India being a girl when you enter into your 30’s, the whole world start crying about your age and other factors such as you will not get a good match or you have to settle down with anyone. All Indian parents want their daughters should get married at the age of 20’s only. But, there are people who don’t want to be in the league of stereotype and set their own rules. Bollywood is like a trend setter and people do follow the dressing trends, make-up trends and even get inspired from a lot of things from movies and Bollywood. Similarly, there are many Bollywood divas that are different from others and following their heart and focusing more on their career and least worried about their marriage. Let’s take a look at five gorgeous Bollywood beauties who are still single and rocking the world.

Sushmita Sen: She won the title of Miss Universe in 1994, and made us proud. The first Indian women to create history and won the crown. She managed to create a niche place for herself and ruled the Bollywood Industry with her looks and talent. She is not the stereotype lady she follows her heart. She became a proud single mom after adopting two girls-Renee and Alisha. She is in her 40s and still single and happy with her two daughters. She is enjoying the motherhood. Even she is no mood to get married as now she is more concerned about her daughters not about self or finding a partner for herself.

Tabu: She is one of the most talented and versatile actress of Bollywood. She is an acclaimed actress well-known for her off-beat films and choices of roles. This single diva seems to have taken an offbeat path even in her real life as well. This gorgeous actress is in her mid 40’s and still in no mood to marry. However, she has been linked with different co-stars time and again, but she still does not seem to be heading down the aisle anytime soon.

Priyanka Chopra: She is multi-talented and versatile actress. She won the Miss World crown in 2000 and after that entered into the film industry. However, her name has been linked with her co-stars time and again. But, she all the time denied such news of her relationship with any actor from the industry. She is in her mid-30s and still single. She is one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood. She has worked with UNICEF for the last ten years and was appointed as the national and global UNICEF Gooodwill ambassador for Child Rights in 2010 and 2016 respectively. She has brought so much good name not for the self only, but for the country as well. But, this successful former Miss World is in no mood to ring the wedding bells.

Sonam Kapoor: She is known for her fashion statements and considered as fashion diva of Bollywood. This bubbly and gorgeous actress is also popular for speaking up her mind and without thinking twice. She is one of those actresses who are happy being single. Nowadays, she is in news because of her alleged affair with businessmen Anand Ahuja. She is in her early 30s and still in no mood to settle down in near future. She has a very strong personality and media presence as well. She does not need any man to make her famous or support her.

Amisha Patel: This beautiful actress made her entry into Bollywood with “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” movie, one of the biggest block busters of that time. She became the superstar overnight. She is not only talented, but highly educated as well. She is in her early 40s and in no mood to tie the wedding knot. She is still focusing on her career. She has given blockbusters and counted as one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood.

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Never Say These Things To Your Spouse When You Fight: Use Stop Button

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married couple relationship

Marriage is one of the most blissful relationships. This is not a relationship which is god gifted to you as blood relation, but a relationship which you develop over the period of time be it arranged marriage or love marriage. But, all things have two sides, one is positive and another is not that good. Even in marriage, married couples faces various issues from dealing with day-to-day activities to brutal arguments and fights. While fighting with your spouse you forget about your love and respect, the one thing which overpowers your mind is you want to prove your point right. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation and always fight fair with your spouse. Here are a few things which you should never say to spouse when you are fighting.

Making negative comments about family and friends is always a no-no thing when you are fighting with your spouse. It might irritate him/her more and will add more fire into your arguments. Therefore, try to avoid such statements when you are fighting.

When you are in the middle of any argument or fight, don’t bring the old and dead topics in between. It will mislead you from the main topic and your argument will go in another direction.

Saying anything about the looks and appearance is totally disastrous during the fight. If you will say that he/she looks fat or ugly, it will hurt his/her emotions and will work as sniper.  So, avoid discussing or making comments about looks.

During the fight when you avoid telling the actual problem it is really harmful. If you will not tell the actual reason behind your anger, it will make you feel irritated and agitated. That’s why it is necessary to tell the reason why you get into this argument or the thing which is annoying you.

Most of us make mistake by comparing your couple with other person. It not only hurt his/her emotions, but also gives them a sense that you are not happy with him/her. It might prove more dangerous for your relationship in long term.

Adding comment from your parent’s side or bringing their opinion in your fight can add more fire in your arguments. What your mother thinks over a certain topic or what his father thinks about you/something should not be dragged between your arguments.

No matter how much annoyed you are with your partner and you don’t want to talk with him/her never say that you want to get separate or want to take divorce. Divorce is a big thing and should not be said so easily as a simple way out to deal with the situation.

Never play blame game in your fight. You are not a kid that you need someone to play the blame game to keep your collar clean. During any argument doesn’t play blame game about what you did and what he/she did. Take charge of the situation and avoid blame game.

Don’t make comment that earlier you used to do this, now you are not enjoying the same lifestyle or comforts. It will hurt sentiments of your wife/husband. It might be he/she held himself/herself responsible for this. So making comments about lifestyle and living standard will add more bitterness.

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Don’t Want To Fight With Your Spouse? Use Simple Ways To Avoid It

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Fight With Spouse

There is no couple in this world who will say that they never fight or they never had any fight or argument. Fight with spouse is very common and it is part of married life. Sometimes you fight on serious topics and sometime you fight on irrelevant and not at all worthy. Even the couples who are happy in their married life still have different opinions and thoughts. Arguments are not bad if they are done in a healthy way. But, you should always know when it is going on right track and you are sharing your thoughts and disagreement in a constructive way with your spouse and when you are fighting for the sake of fighting with your spouse. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to avoid argument with your spouse.

Don’t fight for the old reasons: When you are arguing with your husband over something always ensure that you are not fighting over the dead topic. Don’t dig the old topics when you are fighting. It will add more fire to your argument and take it to another level altogether. Therefore, avoid old dead topics when you are fighting with your husband.

Decide not to fight: It is not important you fight with your spouse all the time. If you decide that you don’t want to fight with him/her, this way you can easily skip your fight. It is not necessary to fight over each and every topic. At times deciding not to fight with your spouse is also good to avoid unwanted arguments and fights.

Accept the way your spouse is: Always accept the way your spouse is, whether he/she is not doing all the things according to your wishes or how much unorganized he/she is, still accept him/her. It is not necessary to change him/her because you don’t like things the way he/she does. Let them enjoy their individual self.

Discuss things in positive manner: Positive and constructive discussion is always good for a healthy relationship. Discuss things in positive manner. Don’t be judgmental and analytical all the time. Rather than pointing your figure towards him/her or playing the blame game, just speak your disagreement in subtle manner.

Respect each-other’s space & privacy: Most of the couples forget that their spouse has his/her own self and a life beyond them. Respect each-other’s space and individuality. Don’t behave like a detective all the time and ask end number of questions from your spouse. Let him/her enjoy some leisure time the way he/she wants to.

Listen more: Giving solutions or telling your opinion is not all the time important. At times, listing works as healer and you need someone just to listen to your thoughts without interrupting and giving suggestions. When you think that you should not say anything over a topic just listen to your partner and stay quite.

Don’t be loud: Most of the time when you are annoyed with something or irritated, you just become loud or raise your voice a bit without even noticing that you are doing so. It might offend the other one and irritate him/her too. It might lead you both to a new argument or fight. Say calmly and casually whatever is in your mind rather than raising your voice.

Are You Fighting Fair? Beware Of These Mistakes While Fighting With Your Spouse

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There is no single marriage where you don’t go through stressful moments, fights and arguments. Such stressful and tensed moments between the couples should be handled with calm and constructive talks that dissipate stress level and increase your bonding. Or you are fighting just to win the argument no matter what you are saying to your partner to win the fight. You should always remember that happy couples are not those who are not fighting, but those who are fighting fair and self-evaluate their single word before saying it. Let’s take a look at a few mistakes that you should not do while fighting with your spouse.

Don’t fight in public: This is one thing you should not forget and follow as mandatory rule of your married life. You should never fight with your spouse in front of public. It is not only embarrassing for you as couple, but creates awkward situation for all. If it is in front of family, friends or neighbors, nobody wants to see the fighting couple. Anyway, a public fight will never give you any advantage, neither you will be able to solve it publicly. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid fighting publically.

Never fight in front of your kids: Make it a rule that you should never fight in front of your kids. Your kids are not supposed to see the heated moments. It scares them and gives them a feeling that there is something wrong between you and your spouse. It gives them a sense of insecurity and uncertainty in the relationship. These little kids are not mature enough to understand the heated arguments and the reasons behind that.

Don’t fight to hurt other: When we fight, we always forget that what we should say and what not. It is more about winning the momentary arguments at any cost. That is not the right way of fighting. During such heated arguments, you forget to filter your words and you said many things you never want to say or not meant actually. So, don’t fight to hurt the sentiments of your partner.

Fight for a reason: At times, when we are edgy and irritated, we easily got sparked up. In such kinds of tensed and edgy mood we easily get into any heated argument without even realizing that we are not fighting or arguing for the right reason. In such stressed and tensed situation try to avoid any discussion or talks which could easily turn into heated argument.

Always get ready with stop button: If you think that your fight is taking another direction or you are diverting fight from the actual point, it is better to press for the stop button. It is not fair to drag multiple things and points in your fight all the time. If you are annoyed or angry over single issue on a particular day, then be clear and talk about that only, don’t drag dead topics in between.

Don’t involve your in-laws: It is between you and your spouse, no third person should be involved in your fights unless or until the things are out of hand. Stand for your words and speak up your mind, but don’t go for the blame game in your fight. It is always easy to sort out the issues together, rather than involving the in-laws and giving it altogether a new direction.

7 Gorgeous & Sizzling Bollywood Divas Who Married In Their Late 30s

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Bollywood Divas who married in their late 30 Age

When it comes to marriage in our country, most of the time we heard about the right age of marriage and people have different opinions about right age. But, it is not the girl or guy who decides their right age of celebrity marriage, rather, the society or pre-decided norms which fixes the age of marriage. It is their relatives, family friends, grand-parents and society at large who think that he/she should get married at a certain age, which is always good to be lower than 30s. But, still there are many who are path makers and don’t feel threatened with so-called rules of the society. We are sharing the list of stunning and gorgeous divas who didn’t say ‘YES’ to marriage until they reach to their 30s. Let’s take a look to those super trend-setter and go-getters in life.

Kareena Kapoor: Bollywood is ruled by this highly talented and gorgeous actress Kareena Kapoor. After almost five years of courtship and a lot of media speculations, this beautiful actress decided to marry Saif Ali Khan in 2012. They have a grand marriage celebration, which lasted for almost five days and become one of most talked about marriage celebration of the B town.

Rani Mukherjee: Rani Mukherjee is another leading lady of Bollywood industry who ruled the Bollywood industry for many years. She had been dating Aditya Chopra for the longest time before they both decided to get married and took their relationship to next level. As Aditya is being extremely private person decided to have a really personal secretive marriage where only close friends and family members attended the marriage ceremonies. They got married in 2014.

Dia Mirza: The mesmerizing beauty of this gorgeous actress leaves many people speechless. The Hyderabadi beauty decided to get married in her 30s. She tied the knot with her long-time business partner and movie producer, Sahil Sangha in 2014 in a grand ceremony.

Asin Thottukmal: The super talented, bubbly actress who won the heart of many people with her flawless acting skills got married in her 30s only. She has given number of super hit films with ‘A’ list actors of Bollywood. She got hitched in 2016 in a very personal and secretive wedding affair. The couple decided a very secretive wedding, but throws a grand reception, which was attended by almost all leading actors from film fraternity and business families of the country.

Bipasa Basu: The multi-talented fitness freak Bong girl decided to tie the knot in her last 30s. She was 37 year old when she got married to Karan Sing Grover, her co-star in the movie ‘Alone’. The couple tied the knot in 2016, are enjoying the marital bliss to the fullest. However, she was in long-term relationship with some of the Bollywood actors like John Abraham and Dino Morea.

Amrita Rao: The sweet and beautiful actress Amrita Rao turned out to be quite a secret-keeper, when it comes to marriage announcement. No one in the Bollywood industry, even her close friends were not aware of her relationship with RJ Anmol. It was quite surprising that nobody has a clue about her love life, despite her being a part of entertainment industry. She got married when she was 34 year in age. She got hitched in 2016 in a very secretive private ceremony.

Madhuri Dixit: The Dhak-dhak girl of the Bollywood who made the whole country fall in love with her acting skills and unmatched beauty opted for an arranged marriage. She broke the heart of many Indians by getting married to Dr. Sriram Nene and left her career and country to be with her man in the U.S. At the age of 32 she got hitched in a very small ceremony and proved that age has nothing to do with finding Mr. Right.

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