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Stylish And Stunning Dresses To Look Gorgeous On Your Sister-In-Laws Wedding

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Sister in laws wedding

Family wedding is all about fun, excitement and rituals. When there is a wedding in the family you always want to look your best. You want to buy something which will look nice on you. You don’t want to settle down for something ordinary on the wedding day as a daughter-in-law of the family you are going to be with your sister-in-law all the time and you are required to look equally good. However, you don’t want to invest the same amount in your dress as you should have done on your wedding, but still you want to buy something really stunning. If you are confused what you should wear on your sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony take a look at these stylish and stunning dresses to look gorgeous.

Saree with a twist: If you are planning to wear a wedding saree, give farewell to the traditional way of draping it. Wear your favorite saree with a twist to look stylish and glam diva on the wedding of your sister-in-law. There are many interesting styles in which you can wear your saree. Pick a designer edgy blouse with your saree to get the desired look.

Dazzling lehenga: Pick a designer nice lehenga with rich fabric like velvet choli teamed up with raw silk lehenga. If you are choosing the wedding lehenga with minimum work then you can always pick a heavy blouse. Go easy on the embroidery, always choose some nice and bright color that will suit your skin tone. Pastel tones combines with neon colors are very much in trend. Always chose the right fabric according to the venue and season. A heavy fabric lehenga might make you uncomfortable in summer. But, keep this in mind that your lehenga should not overshadow your sister-in-law’s lehenga.

Long party gown: You can wear a long party gown if you want to experiment with your looks. These exotic wedding gowns are available in different colors and designs. You can buy a flared, non-flared and straight fit gowns as well. While buying such gown you should always remember your body type and color complexion. If you are plum type then don’t go for flared gowns it will make you look fatter. So, pick the right one which will fit well and make you look gorgeous.

Semi-Indian gown: These gowns are modified with desi twist. These gowns are designed with embroidery, shimmer, bling, gotta and zari work. Some gowns also come with attached duppata or small side duppata to fit as per Indian customers. These gowns look more or less like long anarkali suits as they are floor length long. You can buy a semi-Indian gown in some vibrant color with beautiful embroidery and work. It you are choosing the sleeveless one then you always remember that you choose the lesser work in the top as more thread work and blemish can make you uncomfortable.

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Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping For Your Wedding Lehenga

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wedding lehenga for bride

I recently attended my friend’s wedding and as usual as a friend I was looking forward to seeing my friend’s wedding lehenga. No wonder, one of the most important aspects of the entire wedding preparation process for any bride is to buy the best wedding dress in which she will look stunning. However, this is not a simple and easy task to buy the perfect lehenga, as you need to consider various things in mind. But, the process of selecting the lehenga is not always fun as you are not sure what kind of wedding lehenga are you looking for. If you will not consider a few things in mind it might be you will end up buying a wrong outfit for yourself and mess all the things. So, here are some simple tips you should keep in mind while shopping for your wedding lehenga.

  1. Don’t shop with all family members: Lehenga is the most important outfit and it should be definitely really awesome. Most of us believe that we should always go with our family and friends to buy this important outfit. But, the biggest drawback of taking your whole family and friends with you at the time of lehenga shopping is that you will get different opinions. In such a situation it will become more complicated to take decision and finalize a lehenga. Therefore, it will be best if you go along with your mother and closest friend or sister who will always give your genuine opinion.
  2. Don’t start shopping too early: Clothing trends keep changing and after very two or three months the designs and patterns change. Buying a lehenga too early can stand a risk of that dress getting outdated or old fashioned by the time you wear it on your wedding day. So, it is always suggested that you buy your wedding lehenga just before a month of your wedding. You should always keep that in mind that you need to get it stitched, altered and finished well before time. In case of minor delay or fitting alteration you can get it done before your wedding day. So plan accordingly, to avoid any fashion blunder on your big day.
  3. Search online to know latest trends: Before you actually go out for shopping do some homework. It is really important that you should do online search about the latest trends. You should also check the colors, themes, work, styles, different work and fabric for your wedding lehenga. You should also check for their price tag as well, so you will get a good idea about the price range as well. This will help you a lot while going for shopping as you will be aware of the price and you can get the best deal and bargain well with the shopkeeper.
  4. Know your budget first: Before you move out to buy the wedding lehenga, it is better that you should be aware of your budget. You will also have an estimated cost in mind that will help you to buy the best thing within the budget. You might get tempted by the idea of visiting an expensive showroom just for the trail. But, if during the trail you liked something really expensive, then it might be difficult for you to be happy with the one that fall in your budget. Therefore, it is good to know your budget first.
  5. Avoid places that are not in your budget: While going out for shopping for your wedding lehenga try not to visit such places which are too expensive. It might be that you will end-up burning more money than your estimated cost. Therefore, it is always good that you should go in such places for shopping which are within your budget.
  6. Avoid trying too many dresses: While going for shopping most of us get tempted by trying all available dresses within our budget which are available in the shop. But, if you will try too many dresses, there are high chances that you would end up getting confused. It will also be time consuming idea as well and it will be difficult for you to choose one. So, try to resist the temptation of trying too many dresses before you finalize one, as it will increase your frustration as well.
  7. Take a trail to check fitting: The wedding dress is usually quite heavy, and it is a bit difficult to handle and carry it. On the other side, you should also remember that you are going to wear heavy jewelry as well with this dress which will also make you a bit uncomfortable. Even you will not sit all the time during the wedding day as you will have to bend down and meet people and stand for long sessions of photos. So keep all these things in mind before you finalize your lehenga. Therefore, a little bit of difference in size could make you uncomfortable. It is very important to check the fitting of your dress to ensure that you will not feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.

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How to Choose Incredibly Perfect Lehenga for your Wedding?

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Wedding Lehenga for Bride

All set to tie the knot for the lifetime. As a girl you must have a long-list of Dos and don’ts, which you want to follow on your wedding. As a girl you want everything just perfect even the minute things that you are going to wear or use during the various ceremonies. But, as a bride the most special thing is deciding the lehenga for your wedding day, as you can’t take a chance on that special day. A perfect wedding dress is very important to catch the fancy of everyone on your special day. To look gorgeous on your wedding day, you need a lehanga that will complement your personality and enhance your beauty. Don’t mind to spend some hours in finalizing your clothing as you will be the one who needs to look perfect on that day. Here are some tips to choose the perfect lehenga for your wedding.

A traditional or contemporary lehenga: The first and foremost important thing to decide either you want to buy a traditional or contemporary for your wedding. You can choose the one to suit your body type and style statement. There are various options available in the market to pick the perfect one for you. If you are confused between the two, then you can do mix-and match as you can buy a traditional lehenga in contemporary colors or vise-versa.

Lehenga for hourglass figure: A perfect hourglass figure to complement your style on your special day is something which every bride wishes for. If you have that perfect hourglass figure, then choose a smooth fabric, which will drape you to complement your body-type. If you own that beautiful figure, then, why not to flaunt it with style? You can go for a short-choli or even a net patterned blouse to show-off your figure.

Lehenga for slim beauties: If you have the slim body type and after eating lots of junk food and other stuff you failed to gain some weight then don’t lose heart. You can still look marvelous in a dress with this body-type as well. There are plenty of options, which can add volume to your body type and help you to look perfect on your wedding day. You can go for flared lehenga to add curves and give you that extra volum, which you always die to have. Choose a bridal wearing with heavy flare at lower part to add more volume to your style. You can also go for some stiff fabric as it will stand straight and help you to get that desired curves on your body.

Brides with plum body type: If you are all the time concerned about losing the weight to get fit into that dressing and not to look bulging on your wedding day. It is simple and easy to look beautiful on your wedding day with a perfect designer lehenga. So, go for this that will complement your body type.

Brides with different skin tone: If you have bright and fair skin tone, then you can go for some bright shades. These days these are available in different shades and tones. You can go for florescent colors as they are very much in. You can even go for double color shades lehenga. But, if you have that beautiful dusky skin tone, then you can go for some traditionally maroon color or you can go for some pastel or grey shades. If you have that normal skin tone not dusky, not so bright then you are lucky enough to experiment with different colors and shades. No matter, what you will pick, your skin tone will complement all.

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