Revealing Your Heart? 10 Topics You Can Discuss With Your Spouse In First Week Of Marriage

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Spouse in First Week Of Marriage

It feels amazing when you got married to someone, but at the same time it is a bit uncomfortable too if it is arranged marriage. As you are not very comfortable with the other one and most of the time you are not sure which topics you should discuss with your spouse or which topics you should avoid discussing with. To build a strong and healthy relationship it is important to communicate and have healthy conversation with your spouse. The troubles arise in any relationship when there is fatigue, frustrations and minimum or no communication. To avoid such situations, it is better if you communicate well with your spouse from the day one of your marriage. Here, we are sharing 10 topics you can discuss and talk with your spouse in the first week of marriage.

You can discuss things and some sweet memories about your wedding day and wedding preparations. You can tell him/her about your guests/relatives or some interesting things about the different family members and some stories before the wedding day.

What are the five things or goals you want to accomplish in the next five years together? Be it a professional goal or a personal goal or about buying something or planning a family. You can discuss this with your spouse.

If you are not worried about making money much because you are financially stable enough, or you don’t want to continue working after marriage then what would you do in your free time? How you will keep yourself busy and occupied for rest of the day.

What is the first thing came to your mind on the very next day of marriage? Are you feeling nervous or excited or mixed feelings? Discuss as a couple how are you feeling with him/her?

Do you want to want to start business or want to do something of your own after marriage? How will you manage and go for that new venture? Do you have enough money and resources for it?

In what ways your relationship with your parents will change after marriage? Be honest with him/her about this. If you think that you can’t leave your parents because of health and other reasons then try to make your point understandable to your spouse.

Is there something special you want to share with him/her after your wedding day? Is there any special incident, talent or something else you want to share it with him/her?

What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Discuss this with your spouse and be open to listen and understand it. Because it might be your weakness is his/her strength that will make you stronger as couple.

Discuss about any health issues, allergy or something else with your spouse. It will help him/her to deal with the situation in a better way if any situation of emergency came.

You can share pre-wedding and post-wedding images and discuss things about it. You can also let your spouse know about your relatives in these photographs and tell about their place and importance in your family. matrimony services India gives online profiles of brides and grooms. Search your future partner for wedding.

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