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Do You Think That Happy Marriage is A Myth?

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Happy Marriage Couple

When you got married you are in a confusing state of mind because you feel happy and at the same time you are scared of uncertainty. You must have heard a lot of things about marriage and relationship before marriage as well. You must have seen many people cribbing about that there is nothing as such a happy marriage, rather happy marriage is a myth. You just make compromises and live with it. Marriage is nothing, but a lifelong commitment with tons of responsibilities. But, actually, this is not right. This is how you perceive things or how you react over things. If you believe in yourself and you know how to make it the most special relationship, you are on the right track. Let’s take a look at some of the pointers which people make to support the idea that happy marriage is a Myth.

 You fight over everything: You fight over each and everything with your spouse. You fight for some   really nonsense things. Don’t take these witty fights to your heart, rather enjoy these fights and take these fights as opportunity to get closer to your spouse. Avoid saying anything touchy, fight fair with your spouse to strengthen your relationship.

You are required to share everything: This is not the worst, but the best part of marriage. It brings you closer and makes your relationship strong. You love to share things with your spouse because it connects you with him/her. You love to share things, it is never a compulsion, but your choice.

No ME time: This is another big jittery thing for married people. Most of the people think that after marriage you will never get a ME time. But, this is not true. If you have good understanding with your spouse and you respect each-other’s individuality you will surely get ‘ME’ time to spend the way you want.

No night outs with friends: This is another big myth linked with marriage. You will never be able to enjoy night-outs with friends. This is not true, you can anytime plan a night out with friends after marriage as well. Marriage is not end of the world or your freedom.

Extended family means more burden: There are many people who believe that if you will get married, you will have to take care of two families. Yes, this is true. But think differently that you will have more people to share your happiness and more people to rely upon. You can celebrate all festivals and happy moments with your family and never feel alone. So, it is not a burden, besides your chance to establish good relationship with new family and build life long relationship.

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Have You Found Your Happily Ever After?

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Happy marriage relationship

No special thing or happiness can beat the feeling of finding someone you think is just perfect for you. It gives you immense happiness and excitement to think that you are going to spend rest of your life with the one you think is just right for you. It is a human attribute to have the constant desire to get loved by someone all the time. We are always looking for people with whom we can build a strong relationship for lifetime and the relationship of a husband and wife is one of the most important and strongest relationships. But, a lot of people wonder and not sure about how they will be able to find someone they love or how they would be able to identify that special someone. In such confusion you make hasty decision for which you regret later. There is a kind of insecurity among people that exists within a lot of relationships. Is the relationship in which you are right now is the one that you desire for? Could you do anything to make it better? Are you really happy with your present relationship status? Are you giving your 100% to make your relationship work better? These are some questions which came in our mind or our friends ask when we are in a relationship.

Getting into a long-term relationship like marriage is a big deal and requires a lot of efforts, understanding, sacrifices, commitments and emotional involvement. I have seen many couples fighting and playing the blame game with their partner to prove that they are right. This is not the right approach to make your relationship work. I am sure that if you are married you must have also gone through the thick and thin of being in a relationship and you must have tried things to make it work. To put the mind of some people at ease and to give them a simple doze to boost their relationship and enjoy it, here I am discussing a few things that have the potential to make it forever for you.

  1. You and your partner respect each-other’s differences. You and your partner have a mutual understanding for each-other. You always mind your words before saying anything because you never want to hurt the other one emotionally.
  2. You don’t need to tell and share everything to your partner, as you have mastered the art of emotional understanding. You always came to know what is going on in his/her mind just looking at your partner. A simple look is enough to understand the feelings.
  3. You are not afraid of talking and discussing your future. You make future plans where he/she is there. You can’t imagine a single thing or plan without your partner in the future. Your all plans are incomplete without his/her presence.
  4. You feel comfortable with your partner. You need not to pretend anything in front of your partner. You don’t need to put a mask on your face or pretend anything in front of your partner. You just behave the way you are without any hesitation.
  5. This is the relationship for which you don’t mind to fight for. You always want to stand for your relationship and ready to face anything and everything to save and protect your relationship. This is something really precious to you which you can’t afford to lose.
  6. You push each other to become and do better things in life. You are a kind of person, who is always working on thing to make your relationship better. You inspire and push each other to pursue the dreams and aspirations.

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Marriage Is Just A Status Or A Relationship To Enjoy? Things You Enjoy Being Married

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Married life couple

What is marriage? Why should you get married if everybody else is crying over this relationship? Why marriage is so important that most of us never forget to ask the younger generation what are their future plans to settle down. Marriage is a special relationship and blissful. It gives you a sense of responsibility and a feeling of bonding for the rest of your life. If you too are afraid of getting married and think that it is not worth to get married. Here, we are sharing some pointers with you to change your opinion and make you think once again to change your mind.

  1. Marriage is all about building a new relationship with someone who is not a stranger to you, but going to be everything in life.
  2. You and your husband is a team. When a situation comes where you need to act as a unit, in that situation you act a true team and think and act like a team not as individuals.
  3. You can depend on him/her for anything and everything in life. If you are stuck in somewhere or you want someone to share something, then he/she is the one with whom you can discuss and share everything without giving a second thought.
  4. You love being together and enjoy each-other’s company. This is one thing, which is enjoyed by most of the couples. Togetherness is a kind of sense that gives you strength to face everything in life when you are together as a unit.
  5. You enjoy the differences between you. There is no couple who enjoys 100% similarity. You and your husband are two different people from two different worlds. Therefore, differences are very common and obvious in a relationship. So, being married doesn’t mean that you agree over everything, but it is more about enjoying the differences and staying together.
  6. You love each-other for all good reasons and at the same time never forget to tell the mistakes of the person if the other one is wrong. This is called the true love for each other.
  7. If you are annoyed with your spouse and in no mood to talk to him, but if you get a sense that he/she is not well or facing some problem, you just forget everything and try your level best to help the other one out.
  8. As a couple you respect, understand and build faith on each-other to enjoy your married life.
  9. Emotional bonding is equally important as physical closeness. You develop a sense of emotional connection over the period of time.
  10. You always want to do a lot of things together as couple, which is really important for a healthy relationship.
  11. You want to have your own family, your kids and you love to pamper them and enjoy the parenthood.
  12. Marriage gives you a sense of maturity and makes you a better human being.
  13. You always give enough space and freedom to your partner to let him/her enjoy the individuality.
  14. Now you have bigger family and more common friends to celebrate special occasions and reasons.

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