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Do You Think That Happy Marriage is A Myth?

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Happy Marriage Couple

When you got married you are in a confusing state of mind because you feel happy and at the same time you are scared of uncertainty. You must have heard a lot of things about marriage and relationship before marriage as well. You must have seen many people cribbing about that there is nothing as such a happy marriage, rather happy marriage is a myth. You just make compromises and live with it. Marriage is nothing, but a lifelong commitment with tons of responsibilities. But, actually, this is not right. This is how you perceive things or how you react over things. If you believe in yourself and you know how to make it the most special relationship, you are on the right track. Let’s take a look at some of the pointers which people make to support the idea that happy marriage is a Myth.

 You fight over everything: You fight over each and everything with your spouse. You fight for some   really nonsense things. Don’t take these witty fights to your heart, rather enjoy these fights and take these fights as opportunity to get closer to your spouse. Avoid saying anything touchy, fight fair with your spouse to strengthen your relationship.

You are required to share everything: This is not the worst, but the best part of marriage. It brings you closer and makes your relationship strong. You love to share things with your spouse because it connects you with him/her. You love to share things, it is never a compulsion, but your choice.

No ME time: This is another big jittery thing for married people. Most of the people think that after marriage you will never get a ME time. But, this is not true. If you have good understanding with your spouse and you respect each-other’s individuality you will surely get ‘ME’ time to spend the way you want.

No night outs with friends: This is another big myth linked with marriage. You will never be able to enjoy night-outs with friends. This is not true, you can anytime plan a night out with friends after marriage as well. Marriage is not end of the world or your freedom.

Extended family means more burden: There are many people who believe that if you will get married, you will have to take care of two families. Yes, this is true. But think differently that you will have more people to share your happiness and more people to rely upon. You can celebrate all festivals and happy moments with your family and never feel alone. So, it is not a burden, besides your chance to establish good relationship with new family and build life long relationship.

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