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Stunning & Beautiful Wedding Rituals Of Jain Community

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Jain wedding ritual

The Jain wedding rituals are really colorful and traditional. The Jain community follows their rituals very religiously in their weddings and enjoy all the wedding ceremonies.  Jains also have different pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. Their rituals are really simple and beautiful. They find the Jain bride or groom for marriage through traditional ways. They pay special attention to their rituals and traditions. Let’s take a look at different traditional wedding rituals of Jain community.

Lagna lekhan: This is generally a small puja, which takes place at the Jain bride’s home. In this ritual, both the families participate. The priest decides a wedding date and time that is auspicious and astrologically perfect for marriage.

Lagan patrika vachan: Once the Jain groom performs the Vinayakyantra puja, the priest reads out the letter regarding the wedding details at the groom’s house. This ritual is known as the lagna patrika vachan.

Sagai ceremony: In the ceremony, the male family members of the bride’s family visit groom’s house. The brother of the bride put a tikka on the forehead of the groom and offers him gifts such as clothes, jewelry, sweets, dry-fruits, money and other gifts for his family members as well.

Welcoming baraat & aarti: After the Mada Mandap puja is held at both the groom and bride’s home, the baraat proceed for the wedding venue. The bride’s family welcomes the baraat with an aarti thaali. The bride’s brother and the groom apply the tikkas on each-other’s foreheads. The groom receives various gifts from bride’s family. All the married females of bride’s family recite the traditional folk songs to celebrate the occasion.

Mangal phera: In a traditional Jain wedding, the mangal pheras are really very important ritual. The bride and the groom take the phera around the sacred fire. The father of the bride performs the Kanyadan ritual and places his daughter’s hand along with a rupee and 25 paisa and some price. During the phera’s, the recitation of the mahaveerashtak strots is continuously done and the ladies sing the traditional mangal geet.

Granthi Bandhan: In this ceremony, a married woman is supposed to tie a knot with bride’s saree and grooms shawl. Once they complete the sacred seven phera’s, the bride now becomes Vamangi, the better half of her husband. They then exchange the flower garlands.

Sva grah aagman: When the bride and groom arrives groom’s home after completing all the wedding ceremonies the groom’s family gives a warm welcome to the newly wedded couple. Hindu matrimony site give online verified profiles of Jain brides and grooms for marriage. Search your spouse from hundreds of Jain matrimonial profiles.

7 Qualities You Should Look In Your Future Husband

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Future Life Partner

Do you think that physical attraction is enough to get married someone? It is really complicated to choose someone as your partner. It is important to choose the right person to lead a happy marriage life. Love and understanding is the basic necessity of any marriage, but in arranged marriage you can develop both after marriage only. Therefore, it becomes more necessary to find the right partner and marry. Besides, these things you should focus on other important qualities. Let’s take a look some important qualities you should focus in your life partner.

  1. He should be honest: The first thing you should look in your future husband is honesty. He should be honest with you and with himself as well. He should be very much aware of his strengths and weaknesses and his limitations. Honesty with each other and with self is really important to keep the relationship going.
  2. Commitment: He should be committed towards his family, his relationship with you and towards your future. It is necessary to have commitments and remain loyal towards the commitments. Find out whether he is fulfilling his promises with other. Does he really committed to live up to his promises? To have a good and healthy relationship, it is important to find a committed person.
  3. Respect for others: Keep a watch how he treats others and how he behaves with others. This is a big indicator of this attitude and how he is going to behave with you in future. Everyone wants a spouse that will value and respect your feeling and emotions. If he is giving due respect to others, that means he will also behave well with you.  No one wants a spouse who will not respect her.
  4. Emotionally stable: You must be looking for someone who is loyal, committed and emotionally stable. A guy who is emotionally committed with you will never leave you in any worst situation in life. Emotional boding in marriage is equally important as good chemistry between you and your life partner. He should not be in a freaky state of mind where he is constantly in up or down of mood. So a stable mood is really important for stable relationship.
  5. Good sense of humor: A light and healthy laughter is important to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Find someone that can make you laugh even in your worst mood. A good laugh is important to forget all worries and light your day and mood. Most of us want a life partner who can make you laugh. Life has its ups and downs and a partner with good sense of humor can be a good strength to face all the problems with ease.
  6. Good with kids: Also, try to find during the conversation does he like kids? Is he good with kids? It is important to know because it will also help in making you decide how he will be with your future kids. If you plan to have kids after a year or two, then it will surely impact his behavior with your future kids. Try to find out how he behaves with other kids before marriage.
  7. A good listener: Watch his listening style. Is he listen to you carefully and pays attention to whatever you say? He should be a good listener and must be ready to listen to you. An active listener always considers and gives importance to the other person’s feelings. It will also give you a sense of his patience level. Delhi matrimony portal gives resumes of brides and grooms interested of wedding. Search hundreds of profiles for your future spouse.

Simple Ways To Look Like A Glam Diva At Home After Marriage

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happy marriage couple

The would-be-brides make a lot of efforts to buy their dresses what they are going to wear after marriage. They invest a lot of time and money to buy their dresses. It is really important for a newly wedded bride to look gorgeous and beautiful at home after marriage. But, not everyone is so thoughtful to decide it perfectly what they are going to wear post-wedding. What are you going to wear at home post-wedding? How will you balance your looks when you are home? Let’s take a look at five interesting ideas which can change the way you look at home after marriage and turn you into a stylish desi bahu.

Go for jackets: If you want to wear your favorite sleeveless blouse or suit, but not very sure whether your in-laws will like it or not? Then, without annoying them, you can wear your favorite dress by mixing it with some stylish shrug or jacket. Wear your favorite top, shirt, sleeveless suits with shrug or jacket. This way you will not annoy your in-laws and at the same time you can wear your favorite dresses too. Slik jackets go well with your suits and some ethnic wear. You can also go for some printed or embroidered jackets as well to add a jazz to your dress.

Look stylish in tunics: If you are not sure wearing that short tunic alone and don’t want to offend your mother-in-law, go for some stylish legging or jegging with your tunic. You can anytime mix your tunic with these stylish ankle length or knee length leggings. You can also wear stockings with your tunic to look stylish.

Stunning stoles: If your in-laws insist on wearing a dupatta all the time at home, you can look stunning by giving a twist to your boring dupattas. You can wear some colorful, vibrant and bright stoles and wear them with your suits. You can tie up your stoles in different ways to look fashionable even when you are at home. A multi-colored stole look gorgeous with a plain kurti and blue jeans. A multi-color or black stole can be paired with almost all colors of kurti.

Long skirts: A full-length long skirts paired with a collared short kurti will be ideal for a lazy Sunday. It is not too casual or too stylish if some of your friends or relatives drop in without any prior intimation. Skirt also let you breathe freely and move with ease, while giving you all desired stylish looks.

Gorgeous kurtis: If you don’t want to wear that traditional salwar kameez daily, switch to some stylish and beautiful kurtis in different styles. A chines collar kurti, kurti with flair or short kurti, the options are plenty to choose from. You can pair these stylish and chick kurtis with leggings and jeggings. You can also accessories these kurti’s with stylish earring, bangles and nice rings. Sikh matrimony website portal offers profiles of brides and grooms for marriage. Check thousands for matrimonial resumes for suitable partner.

Don’t Get Married Unless You Ask These Questions To Your Partner

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marriage partner

Are you ready to meet him/her for the first time? Marriage is a beautiful thing and to make it successful, it is important that you keep your right foot forward to begin your journey. Making the right move in marriage is really important. But, it is equally important to know whether he/she is right for you or not. It is important to know his/her views and to know him/her closely. Before making your decision, it is important that you know more about him/her and take a learned decision. It is an important decision of your life and you should not take such an important decision in a hurry. To being your journey with your partner it is important that you should ask below questions to your partner.

  1. What makes you feel that you should meet? This is really important to know what attracted him/her most which encouraged him/her to meet you for arranged marriage.
  2. Has he/she decided to you in a hurry or under pressure? Is he/she taking this decision after evaluating various points and considering you as perfect partner?
  3. Why does he/she want to spend rest of his/her with you? He/she should be able to tell what drives him/her to take this decision. It is really important to know why you are important.
  4. What kind of expectation you have from him/her after marriage? These expectations should include financial, emotional, physical and more. What are his/her expectations from his/her life partner?
  5. Ask questions like does he/she has any healthy issue or history that you should know before marriage? It will be helpful to know such details as you are going to spend of your life with him/her. So, you will be prepared to face any unwanted situation with ease.
  6. Does he/she will be equally affectionate and emotionally involved in this relationship? What are your expectations on the emotional level?
  7. Does he/she mind if your friends/cousin/relatives will visit you frequently or you will visit them?
  8. What are your expectations from each-other’s family? How you want to manage your family issues after marriage?
  9. Do you want to stay with his parents after marriage or you want to stay in a separate house after marriage?
  10. Would you like to take care of your parents after marriage because you are the only child/their old age/any health issue which requires personal care and attention? Would you like them to stay with you?
  11. Will you support your family financially after marriage as well? Will you send a certain percentage of your earning to your parents to support them financially?
  12. How important is individuality, equality and independence for you after marriage?
  13. Who is going to take care of financial matters after marriage? Who is going to make financial decisions after marriage? How much money would you like to save for your future after marriage?
  14. Do you have any financial liability towards your family/any debt to be paid after marriage as well?
  15. When you want to start your family after marriage? Would you like to start just after your marriage or you would like wait for one or more years or want to settle down with your first then want start thinking about it?
  16. If after marriage you are required to shift in a different city/state/country because of your job would you like to shift with him/her? Hindu matrimony portal gives online profiles of brides and grooms for Indian wedding. Find your future spouse from thousands for matrimonial resumes.

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