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Why Choose A Matrimonial Site to Find the Love of Your Life?

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Marriage is not a simple and straightforward process. It’s rather a vital turning point in every man and woman’s life. You can’t be careless while choosing your life companion. Remember the fact that your life partner is going to be with you to guide you during your successes and failures, ups & downs, and pleasures and pains. The more compatible your life partner is with you, the happier your life is sure to be.

In today’s modern times, people have started to find the love of their lives on their own. However, the falling rates of love marriages have made people realize that it might not be the best technique to ensure a successful married life. Consequently, they have started looking for a feasible alternative and chosen Hindu Matrimony services to fulfill their needs.

Now, you need not compromise with situations and people. As a substitute, you can discover a life partner on your own terms. These matrimonial websites are superior from marriage bureau as Hindu Matrimonial Sites require you to fill in certain necessary information on their registration portal and you may begin your search. Here in this post, we have listed 12 reasons why you must choose a matrimonial site to find your love!

1. Easy and Quick:
The most significant advantage of working with a matrimonial website is that they have a vast database of each bride and groom profiles. Therefore, as a registered member, you could get access to a wide variety of profiles in front of you. You just need to fill your primary info to begin. They will offer you countless profiles of other registered individuals meeting your companion search criteria.

2. Simple Registration:
Registering with a matrimonial site is quite simple. You are just required to update your basic facts like name, gender, age, e-mail address and cell phone number to start with. To get the best matching profiles, it’s better to fill all minute details at the time of registration. However, you may each time change your search criteria if you aren’t getting the desired results.

3. Most Secured:
Most of the matrimonial websites are secure to use. Whichever facts you share with them, they preserve all such information secure and safe. These websites don’t share your information with everybody without your permission. These websites use privacy tools to shield your details and ensures any members do not misuse it.

4. Serious Seekers:
Matrimonial websites are not like dating websites. They work with a serious goal and consequently only genuine individuals who are serious about their life companions sign up their profiles with these sites. Subsequently, it is most likely that you get to meet the one keenly looking for a groom or bride such as you.

5. Easily Approachable:
Matrimonial sites generally help by starting a text message or video calls with each other before meeting. Such chats can assist both candidates by reducing the feeling of anxiety and awkwardness that couples usually feel of their first meet whilst marriages are fixed with the aid of parents.

6. No Compromise:
Another big gain of registering with these matrimonial sites is that you don’t need to compromise on any terms while choosing a right partner. You can seek a companion that suits your need. You just have to commit some time to search and be clear with what you are searching out.

7. Highly Affordable:
Matrimony websites are highly affordable when it comes to paid subscriptions. These websites offer you various cheap membership plans meeting your necessities. You can even buy add-ons on a monthly or weekly basis to speed-up your search process. Even with a free account, you can search for the candidates; however, you might not be able to contact them.

8. Neutrality:
One area wherein online matrimonial website win over other traditional alternative is by ensuring entire neutrality. They do not have any policy to exaggerate or hide any information. Of course, candidates may sometimes lie about themselves in their profiles. And here is the only place where you need extra attention. This aspect is also covered in detailed background verification.

9. Attractive Features:
A surprisingly attractive feature which is a part of most of the matrimonial services is the ‘personalized Hindu Matchmaking services. As part of this feature, you are assigned an expert supervisor, who does all of the background verification on the prospective groom/bride on your behalf. They will ensure that you are not compromising on any aspects.

10. Customization Alternative:
To make yours search journey simple and easy, you could any time opt for paid personalized offerings. You can buy a customized provider which might offer you extra subtle matches, better seek results, and you can even view contact info of different matching profiles.

11. Expert Advice:
Few matrimonial websites additionally assign a supervisor or a marriage consultant who takes care of your profile and contact other registered members whose profiles matches your criteria on behalf of you. Additionally, they also share your info with them as well as fix 1st meeting.

12. Open & Free Platform:
Anybody can sign up with these websites regardless of their community, caste, profession or religion. These websites encourage registration of all participants who’re in marriageable age. So, don’t hesitate to register with any of those websites if you are seeking out a perfect life partner. Also, these websites don’t charge any fee from you for creating a profile.

It is very important that you discover the most suitable life companion who will share the adventurous journey of your life with all its burdens and pleasures for the rest of your life. Hence, you cannot take this undertaking gently. Now you can without problems find the right person in a natural way. This matrimony sites offer all varieties of religious people, according to your priorities you can find out your better half. It’s fun to have a partner who is familiar with your lifestyles. So, don’t waste much time and register today to find your life partner with ease.


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Hinduism comes with many age-old rituals and customs which our sages practiced. All these rituals came with logical reasoning. Over time though the rituals were followed per the scriptures, people forgot the significance behind them. In modern times, thanks to the spread of the internet and matrimonial websites, articles and blogs are being posted to re-educate people to the meaning behind every important Hindu matrimonial ritual. This article will help us understand the significance of ‘havan’ (also known as ‘homa’) in Hindu matrimonial rituals.

‘Havan’/’Homa’ is a sacrificial fire ritual. It is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘hu’; which means to consume. To Hindus, fire (Agni) symbolizes purity, as it consumes the old and paves the way for a new creation, as an interface between the material world and spiritual world. The ‘Havan’ is performed in a square-shaped ‘kunda’ or a bilaterally symmetrical alter, which is meant to combine the vertical element of fire with the horizontal elements of water and earth. The ‘kunda’ is usually made of copper/stone/brick, constructed specially for ‘havan’ and then deconstructed. The offerings made are symbolized as masculine and feminine; for example – ghee (symbolizing the masculine sperm) and the ladle from which it is poured is in shape of yoni (or primitive feminine symbol).

The Hindu matrimonial ceremony is one of the most sacred religious rites. During this ceremony, the ‘Vivaha Havan’ is performed to create an air of divinity and purity. Keeping Agni as the witness, the Indian Bride and Indian Groom exchange their sacred vows to each other, to the Gods and solemnize their matrimonial rituals. The Indian Bride and Indian Groom sit in front of the fire alter, facing the East while the priest sits North, facing South. The groom and the bride hold hands, make offerings into the sacrificial fire, chant the holy hymns, and take the symbolic seven steps (‘Sapta Padhi’) all around the ‘Vivaha Havan.’ The holy hymns or ‘Shlokas’ (as they are known), end with the uttering of the word ‘Swaha’; which means the sacrifice of ego to the fire. During ancient times, more elaborate sacrifices were made, but now we make ritualistic sacrifice/offerings such as curd, sugar, incense, herbs, milk, petals, grains, coconut, etc. Given the significance of the ‘Vivaha Havan’ in the Hindu matrimony, the offerings must be sacred and a logical purpose to explain their usage. Below is a list of some of the most commonly-used items and their purpose:

1) Ghee – meant to purify the sacrificial fumes; symbolizes burning of ego and purifying the heart;

2) Sandalwood/Camphor – meant to purify and perfume the sacrificial fumes; symbolizes burning of ego;

3) Mango leaves and twigs – Formic Aldehyde is released through the sacrificial fumes to kill bacteria in surrounding air; symbolizing purification;

4) Jaggery (Gur) – Formic Aldehyde is released through the sacrificial fumes to kill bacteria in surrounding air; symbolizing purification and sweetening the air;

5) Turmeric (Haldi) – Its antiseptic properties disinfects the air;

6) Dhoop (Incense Sticks) – to release sweet aroma into the air; symbolizing health and prosperity;

7) Gangajal (Water of Holy River Ganges) – water is spread around the ‘Havan Kund’ to purify the surroundings and to stop the fire from spreading.

8) Lamp (diya) represents the goddess Laxmi who blesses the couple with prosperity.

Top 5 Destinations for an Ideal Honeymoon

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No matter whether you are married or about to get married, choosing a perfect honeymoon destination is quite a challenging task for both bride and groom. Be it a Hindu matrimony or Christian matrimony, a custom of going on a honeymoon is common among people of all religion and background. As we all know, matrimony  adds a lot of stress to your life and planning your honeymoon while so many other things going around can be difficult.

So to help you find out some good destinations, below we are listing some perfect international places to go on your honeymoon after marriage:

Hawaii: Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the top honeymoon destinations due to its amazing attributes that makes the exotic Hawaii so perfect. Also, the various romantic beaches and lip-smacking Hawaiian cuisine set the perfect honeymoon atmosphere. It is also home to some incredible islands that include Maui Island, Kauai Island, Oahu Island, Lanai Molokai and many others.

Greece: Not only famous among art and history lovers, Greece is one of the perfect holiday getaways for newlyweds too. The amazing architectural buildings, theatre, sculptures as well as mouth-watering cuisines make this place perfect to spend some ideal time with your loved ones.

Mauritius: Also known as heaven on earth, Mauritius is another popular honeymoon destination. The crystal clear water, tranquil beaches, balmy weather and exquisite landscapes attract thousands of honeymooners and globetrotters all around the world. If nature attracts you and your partner, then Mauritius is definitely a place that you must go on a honeymoon.

Bali: A tropical paradise, Bali in Indonesia is a perfect place to spend some gala time with your better half. The natural surroundings and greenery of this place will leave you spellbound. Filled with adventure, Bali is absolutely an amazing place. Visiting this island will also help you come close to the culture and tradition of Indonesia at its best. You can also enjoy a romantic breakfast with your partner witnessing an active volcano.

Paris: An eternal city of love, Paris in France is a place that you must go if you are looking for a Bollywood style honeymoon. This city offers you a perfect ambiance to help you enjoy a classic romance with your partner. This place will also help you explore the best chocolate, food and cheese and amazing red wine to set the right mood. You can also learn to do the Tango with your partner at the amphitheater by the Seine.

Maldives:  If you want to spend some time in luxury close to the nature, then Maldives is a place where you should go to some quality time with your partner. Also, don’t forget to dive deep into the water to explore the exotic coral reefs. Surfing in the sapphire water in the Indian Ocean will definitely help you both bring some great memories home. You can also spend some relaxing time enjoying spa therapy to burn all the stress of the wedding.

So next time you plan your honeymoon, don’t forget to consider all these above-listed destinations to create some amazing memories for the lifetime.

Stunning & Beautiful Wedding Rituals Of Jain Community

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Jain wedding ritual

The Jain wedding rituals are really colorful and traditional. The Jain community follows their rituals very religiously in their weddings and enjoy all the wedding ceremonies.  Jains also have different pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. Their rituals are really simple and beautiful. They find the Jain bride or groom for marriage through traditional ways. They pay special attention to their rituals and traditions. Let’s take a look at different traditional wedding rituals of Jain community.

Lagna lekhan: This is generally a small puja, which takes place at the Jain bride’s home. In this ritual, both the families participate. The priest decides a wedding date and time that is auspicious and astrologically perfect for marriage.

Lagan patrika vachan: Once the Jain groom performs the Vinayakyantra puja, the priest reads out the letter regarding the wedding details at the groom’s house. This ritual is known as the lagna patrika vachan.

Sagai ceremony: In the ceremony, the male family members of the bride’s family visit groom’s house. The brother of the bride put a tikka on the forehead of the groom and offers him gifts such as clothes, jewelry, sweets, dry-fruits, money and other gifts for his family members as well.

Welcoming baraat & aarti: After the Mada Mandap puja is held at both the groom and bride’s home, the baraat proceed for the wedding venue. The bride’s family welcomes the baraat with an aarti thaali. The bride’s brother and the groom apply the tikkas on each-other’s foreheads. The groom receives various gifts from bride’s family. All the married females of bride’s family recite the traditional folk songs to celebrate the occasion.

Mangal phera: In a traditional Jain wedding, the mangal pheras are really very important ritual. The bride and the groom take the phera around the sacred fire. The father of the bride performs the Kanyadan ritual and places his daughter’s hand along with a rupee and 25 paisa and some price. During the phera’s, the recitation of the mahaveerashtak strots is continuously done and the ladies sing the traditional mangal geet.

Granthi Bandhan: In this ceremony, a married woman is supposed to tie a knot with bride’s saree and grooms shawl. Once they complete the sacred seven phera’s, the bride now becomes Vamangi, the better half of her husband. They then exchange the flower garlands.

Sva grah aagman: When the bride and groom arrives groom’s home after completing all the wedding ceremonies the groom’s family gives a warm welcome to the newly wedded couple.

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Hindu Wedding Rituals: Traditional & Fun-Filled!

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Hindu Wedding Rituals

Wedding rituals are holds special place in Hindu family. Generally, hindu people also call it ‘Vivah’ and the wedding rituals are known as ‘Vivah Sanskar’. Hindu marriages take place all over India and even loads of Hindu’s who are settled abroad still prefer Hindu marriage traditions.  Hindu marriage has different rituals to follow in different regions, different color themes and ceremonies as well. Mainly you can divide these rituals in three main categories: pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post wedding rituals. A lot of importance is given rituals and traditions in Hindu weddings. Here, we are discussing the seven most common and popular rituals of Hindu wedding.

Ganesh pooja: Most of the Hindu families begin their wedding rituals by invocation to God Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom and salvation. The main logic of invoking him was to remove all future obstacles from the wedding ceremonies. You can perform a Ganesh pooja anywhere from a few days before the wedding day.

Arrival of barat: The wedding procession from the groom’s side which include groom’s family members, relatives and friends. Barat is also known as vara yatra, which has a long procession including band, dhol and other drums. The bride’s parents, brother, male members of the family greet them with akshat, tilak, aarti and garland and welcome them to the wedding venue.

Jaimala ceremony: This is the first ceremony is generally conducted after receiving the barat. The bride and groom exchange garland. After jaimala, the bride and groom proceed for other wedding ceremonies.

Kanyadan ritual: The bride is generally led to the wedding mandap by her brothers or maternal uncle, where the groom waits for her with her parents. The bride’s parents offer their daughter in marriage in a pious and solemn ritual known as kanyadan in Hindu matrimonyHer parents wash their feet with milk and water purifying them for their new life together. Hindu bride and groom hold their hands open and the father of the bride holds his open palm over their hands. The mother of the bride then pours water over her husband’s hand that subsequently falls on the hands of the bride and groom.

Mangalsutra bandhan and sindoor ceremony: Groom adorns bride’s neck with the auspicious mangalsutra, symbolizing good luck, love, commitment and care for rest of the life. Groom also applies kumkum on bride’s forehead as wedding ritual. This is a very important wedding ritual in Hindu marriage.

Saat phere/ saptapdi: In this ritual, the bride and groom take seven rounds to the sacred fire of havan. This is very important ritual and takes place tying the mangal sutra. Every phera is important and has its special meaning. After this ritual the bride-and-groom are lowfully wedding.

Aashirwad: This is the symbol of end of the wedding rituals. After completing the saat phera, the bride and groom touches the feet of their elders and take blessings.

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