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Jab Pankaj Met Sonam: A Story of Two Different Worlds

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Jab Pankaj Met Sonam - LoveVivah Success Story

Pankaj is highly educated & working with an MNC in Pune. He is true foodie and his day starts with food and ends with food. He is smart, intelligent, good looking and still single. His whole family is worried about his marriage and they want him to settle down now as he is 30+ years old and for them too old for marriage. For them, it is tough to find a suitable match for him as in their community because of his age. He belongs to Jain community and for them 30+ years is the age where you don’t find a match within community easily. He is not much worried about marriage because he knew what he wants in life and his kind of partner and he is no mood to settle down with anyone rather preferred to wait for the right partner. Without telling his family, he registered with lovevivah.com, a matrimonial site.

Sonam is from a business family, beautiful, mature and introvert. For her, the world revolves around her books and music. She is a true book worm, who buys a new book every another day and try to eat it out within a day. Whereas, Pankaj is one who never likes to read even magazine, for him reading books is wastage of time and his whole world is about his gadgets and food. Sonam’s parents created her matrimonial profile with lovevivah.com to search an eligible life partner for her. They came across the profile of Pankaj, who was also registered with lovevivah.com. They sent an interest and waited for his response, as his profile appeared quite decent and he was meeting their expectations of perfect partner for their daughter. Pankaj accepted their interest and had small conversation with Sonam’s father. They asked him to share his father’s number with them, so that they can take this conversation to next level. He shared the number with hesitation because his family was not aware of that he had registered with any matrimonial website. He instructed them not to share this information, but tell their parents that their family friend told them about the proposal.

Next morning, her father called Pankaj’s father, as the phone rang Pankaj got nervous as he was not sure whether her father will handle the situation well or tell his parents that they found the number from matrimonial site.  His parents were not in favor of finding the life partner through matrimonial site as they believe that most of the profiles are fake. But, her father handled everything well and he took a sigh of relief. Pankaj’s father fixed the meeting for the coming Sunday and assured them to visit their home.

He was really excited because he liked the profile of Sonam and found her just perfect. A beautiful, simple, intelligent and homely girl, quite different from him and his extrovert nature. On Sunday morning everyone was quite excited because they were going to meet the would-be bride of Pankaj. They started for Sonam’s place around 11.A.M in the morning and it took around 1 hour to reach her place. All the way he was busy in thinking about her.

They knocked the door, Sonam’s younger brother opened the door and welcomed them. They served them snacks and juices like typical Indian marriage set up. Pankaj had many times gone through this, but this time he was feeling butterflies in his stomach and a kind of sensation, which he never experienced earlier. They called Sonam in the room. They introduced her with Pankaj and his family and asked them to spend some time together as typical parents to know each-other. Pankaj was excited because he very much liked her profile and she was no doubt looking more beautiful than her profile picture. For the first five minutes there was pin-drop silence. Then Pankaj, break the silence by asking her some common questions and then the conversation started. From the fumble of words to long healthy conversation within an hour, he feels some connection with her. Their parents asked for their decision, Pankaj said YES, but Sonam as her nature asked for some time to think over the same. One week passed no reply from their end. Pankaj got anxious and nervous. He asked her mother to make a call, she said we were the one who called them for everything, so if they are interested they will themselves make a call to tell their decision. Pankaj dropped a message at Sonam’s Lovevivah matrimonial profile with expectation of a reply. This time, it was Sonam who as online not her father. He asked about her decision, she replied that she was still not very sure and wants to meet him alone once again. He said it is fine with him just let him know the place and time, so that they can meet once again. She asked him to come to a nearby restaurant, but without telling this to their parents.

On Sunday, they met in a restaurant, where they talked more than two hours and shared a lot of things about their interest, hobbies, liking and what are their expectations from each-other as life partner. Sonam, this time found Pankaj very honest and down-to-earth guy, who is very focused and sure about what he wants in life. Whereas Pankaj found Sonam, exactly what he thought about her, simple and very caring. This time, Sonam had no confusion regarding her future and about Pankaj, found him perfect. Pankaj dropped her near her home and before leaving asked what she thought about him and their relationship. She said, you will get a call from Papa. Now, he knew the answer and was happy about his decision of meeting her once again.

The moment he reached home, her mother told him that they got a call from Sonam’s parents. They mutually fixed a date for marriage. Now, Sonam and Pankaj are happily married and Pankaj thanked Lovevivah for making his search journey easy. He was sure that he will meet the girl he was looking for and Lovevivah realized his dream of meeting the perfect partner without any barrier of age, religion, education and family background.

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7 Things to Avoid While Chatting with Someone on Matrimonial Site

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chatting on matrimonial site

Chat is one of the most convenient and easy way to share your thoughts and feeling when you are online. These days’ matrimonial websites also offer this feature to their registered member. This feature makes your search journey easy and simple. You can share your thoughts, ideas and views with other members to know him/her better before taking the next step. But, this could also play a negative role if you don’t know how to maximize the benefits of this useful tool. If you are also among those people who have registered with any matrimonial site, but not very sure what you should discuss and what you should not discuss while chatting on matrimonial site. Here, to make your journey simpler and hassle free we are here sharing some things and topics to avoid while chatting with someone.

Don’t get too personal: While chatting with someone on matrimonial site always remember not to get too personal with him/her. No matter how much you liked him/her or no matter how close you feel while chatting with him/her, still avoid getting personal. Giving some special name to him/her in your initial chat might be counted as negative as the other person might count you kiddish or too fast. So, be cautious while getting personal with him/her on matrimonial site. Chatting with someone on matrimonial site is more serious as compared to dating site as you consider the other person as your prospective partner. You can’t take this thing too casually.

Don’t discuss things about your ex: It is important that you should always be loyal to your partner, but in the initial phase it is important to understand the other person first and then only share something important and personal with him or her. It is important to keep things clear and transparent, but this stage comes only when you have a level of trust with your partner. In the initial time, it is not easy and simple to figure out how the other person will react on this disclosure. Sharing such things personally is far better than discussing and sharing on chat.

Never compare things: While chatting with someone on matrimonial site don’t compare him/her with your friends/ex/or someone else. It might hurt his/her sentiments and feeling. No two people are same and they can’t behave same in all situations. Therefore, comparing someone with someone else is not the right approach. This way you will miss exploring and understanding him/her better. It will further increase your stress and anxiety because there is no point of comparison. It might be he/she is not too good in expressing thing online or while chatting with someone. So, always keep this in mind that meeting and sharing things personally is far different from doing this online.

Don’t flaunt too much: It might be you are too good looking, smart, intelligent and the best in your professional field, but there is no point of flaunting this thing too much. Nobody wants to marry someone who is self-obsessed and only thinks about self. Therefore, always keep this in mind that telling something about you is different and being self-obsessed and flaunting too much about self is different. It might irked the other person and encourage him/her to avoid chatting with you.

Avoid sharing too much information: This is another thing, which you should avoid while chatting someone on matrimonial website. It is good to understand someone first, once you develop a good level of understanding, and then only start sharing information. Avoid sharing too much of information because it might be the same can be used against you in the future.

Avoid using abbreviations: To sound cool and updated, it is not necessary to use different abbreviations and jargons. There are many parents who handle the accounts for their kids, so in that case if you will chat in your whatsapp and chatting language, it might be the other person will not understand what you want to say. It might be even he/she will find it difficult to understand your point. It is always better to use simple words to make your chatting sessions more fruitful and meaningful.

Don’t be rigid with your approach: When you chat with someone avoid being rigid in your approach. There are times when you don’t agree with other’s point and when you think that you are right, but in such situations avoid being rigid with your thoughts. Be flexible and good listener. There is no harm in listening someone and knowing their point. It might be you don’t agree, but you give him/her an impression that you are open with thoughts and ideas and always ready to listen other’s view point. This also shows you respect and maturity.

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Maximize Your Partner Search On Matrimonial Site, Use These Simple Tricks

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Partner Search On Matrimonial Site

While registering with matrimonial sites your main objective is always to find a perfect life partner. These matrimonial sites are very much in trend and nowadays youth is more inclined towards these matrimonial websites because of their features, simple and easy registration process. These websites offer you profiles of brides and groom of almost all religions and castes. You can search a profile based on your partner preference. But, many people find it difficult and complex to find a partner on these sites. These sites are really helpful in finding the compatible partner if you maximize your partner search. Here, we are sharing some tips to optimize your matrimonial profile.

Use filters: While creating the profile you must have noticed that these websites have different filters. You can use these filters to search the partner according to your preferences. These filters are perfect for specifying your search criteria and getting the best search results meeting your partner search.

Be specific: At the time of filling the information, be specific about your requirements. Don’t write and mention things for the sake of writing it. Your specific information and details will help in finding the perfect partner.

Fill more information: It is always recommended to fill right and accurate information. All these websites have different fields that every member is supposed to fill. You are required to fill information about self, family, educational details, professional details, your interest and partner preferences. Don’t put minimum information as it might appear to the other person that either you are hiding things or you are not serious. Even with minimum information there are chances that you will get lesser interest.

Don’t send invite to everyone: As sending invitation is a good feature to connect with other registered members. But, don’t over use it by sending invitation to every member, who is even meeting the basic details like desired age or education. This way you will waste your time and increase your frustration.

Select only you think have potential: While viewing the contact or selecting someone, you should always first see the whole profile and check details. Compare these details with your requirements and if it is meeting your requirements, then only view the contact details as in most of the sites you can view the contact details only if you are a paid member.

Don’t narrow your search: Always remain open-minded and don’t narrow down your search. It is always better if you fill more details in your partner preference and be open with different things. For instance, if you have mentioned in your search that you are looking for bride extremely fair, only 5’7 tall, MBA/Engineer, from Aggarwal community. There are chances with such narrow criteria you will find very limited matches. But, if you go for wider search criteria it will help in getting the better search results.

Be a paid member: If you are not able to find the match or you don’t have that much of time to devote on these matrimonial sites you can become a paid member. You can anytime avail their paid membership as these memberships offer you plenty of benefits. Some membership plans also offer you special assistance like these websites assign their executives to handle all the search and communication on your behalf. He/she manages your matrimonial profile and sends all communication on your behalf. These plans are more helpful as they boost your search and you get more refined results.

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Be Cautions While Chatting On Matrimonial Site With Future Partner

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Chatting On Matrimonial Site

If you have registered with some online matrimonial site and are seriously looking for a life partner in that case you should ways pay attention how you are presenting yourself online. Your online profile is your face for rest of the users, whatever you will mention there, write there people will believe it. You should always pay attention to your words, whatever you are writing or telling things to people while chatting with someone matrimonial profile. When it comes to talking about marriage or talking with someone for marriage it is different has its own importance. There is a fine line between introducing yourself to someone and imposing yourself to someone. You should never forget that whatever you will say to someone, it will create your image in the mind of other person. Here are some tips how you should chat with other members on matrimonial site.

  1. Don’t give too much information in the first conversation. Don’t share to personal information.
  2. Start your chat on lighter note with simple things. Don’t jump on to things too early. Don’t ask too personal questions too early.
  3. Don’t tell minute details to anybody in the initial chat.
  4. Don’t share negative details with him/her in your initial conversation.
  5. Don’t talk for long hours and too frequently into the initial phase. Don’t show that you are not too busy and all time accessible and available.
  6. Take breaks between you conversations. Don’t be the first one to start the chat always, let the other person start the conversation at times.
  7. Don’t be too tempted to say Hi all the time whenever you see him/her online. Don’t show that you are over interest and over excited to talk to him.
  8. First two –four conversations should be about common interests, hobbies and other common things. Don’t start conversation which is very much personal.
  9. Don’t share you numbers in the first or initial conversations. It is always better not to ask contact number or share contact number till the time you don’t build a certain level of trust.
  10. Don’t ask for meeting him/her in the initial days. It is better you give some time to each-other. Know each-other well, be comfortable and build your trust, then only ask the other one to meet you.
  11. Don’t get into any arguments and fiery discussions. It is better to talk something common and avoid any kind of unwanted tensed situation.
  12. Don’t start any physical conversation unless or until you are not very sure that you are taking this relationship forward and you are very much serious about it.

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