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Top 5 Myths Related to Matrimony Sites

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Myths about matrimony

With time, and the lack of it in our everyday lives, more and more people looking for a life partner are beginning to use the internet, more specifically, matrimony sites to find their ideal partner. Matrimonial sites have been highly popular amongst both young marriageable adults and middle-aged eligible population.

However, there has always been a few common and stubborn myths around matrimony sites.

In India, several successful and reputed matrimony websites have been increasingly serving eligible brides and grooms, and an ever-increasing number of people create accounts and connect to potential partners through such bonafide and secure sites. However, some say it’s too complicated and time consuming a procedure, yet some others say it’s embarrassing, while some others claim that such spaces on the internet aren’t safe and teaming with creepy anonymous fake users.

We feel it’s high time to clear up the air and debunk these misconceptions and popular myths about online matrimonial websites.

Hence, here are the top 5 myths related to the online matrimony sites that one often hears from friends and family –

Myth 1: Online Matrimony Sites Are a total waste of time

Though some people prefer to arduously believe that joining a matrimonial site for e-arrange marriage is an utter waste of time, effort and money, yet the truth is in today’s fast-paced world e-arranged matrimonial meets are less time consuming compared to elaborate, formal, in person, offline arrangements. More and more Indian youth are joining matrimonial sites merely to reduce the endless hassle of a traditional matchmaking process. They can meet several profile holders within a much shorter period, have detailed interactions with the prospective person within the convenient meeting space online and take the process to offline only if the preliminary results are satisfying. This turns the entire process significantly less time consuming and effortless.

Myth 2. No one in real life ever found their spouse online

Well, maybe you don’t know them. Perhaps your circle is small. But trust us, there are umpteen couples, not just globally, but even in India who found and married their life partner online.

Those who believe these matrimonial sites are only for young, immature enthusiasts (or even players) joining the sites simply for fun and light flings with others online but not focused on finding a life partner might be in for a surprise. While it’s true only with regards to a small portion of individuals joining these sites, who might be not serious in their approach, yet in India, the number of serious seekers who not only find but even finally tie the knot with their prospective online groom or bride is increasing by the year. The success stories of online matrimonial services can be easily verified through the sites’ analytics and testimonials.

It must also be reckoned with that one has multiple times more chances of finding a suitable match online as compared to offline as here there is always a way the larger community of eligible brides and grooms. The wide range of prospective connections available on any reputed matrimonial site is vast and not limited to one’s geographic region, class, caste, ethnicity or set social circles. That’s more so why Indian youth today are increasingly finding success in finding their Ideal life partner even if on long distance relationship made possible only by the matrimonial sites.

Myth 3: Such a profile is embarrassing for one if Real Life peers and friends found out their profile

Firstly, with an increasing number of Indian youth registering for online matrimony services, the idea of embarrassment in being a part of such a growing community is an old, outdated concern to be honest. But even if some still felt nagging issues about being found out by family, friends or social circles, the good news is most reputed sites allow varied security options whereby one can easily choose to hide their profile from unregistered people and people outside the site. In the days of social site boom, thanks to Facebook, tinder, snapchat, and instagram, more people are growing comfortable being seen online by a larger community. This too has been breaking down this shyness about matrimonial site membership.

Myth 4. Matrimonial websites are filled with fake creep accounts

Again, this assumption is pretty outdated. This would have been the scenario about a decade back when matrimonial services were only beginning to make their appearance. At that phase, many frivolous people with insincere and less than transparent agendas did sign in to create fake anonymous profiles to “just have some fun.” But a decade later, with technological advancements and increased social site security norms in place, most new age matrimonial sites today have very stringent verification processes, robust vigilance teams, and strict rules for members and it makes it pretty tough for random fake profiles to lurk around unchecked. Such counterfeit profiles are weeded out from most reputed sites through dedicated and regular quality control measures. Today your chances of encountering random, creepy fake profiles on any of the reputed nationally recognized matrimonial sites are remote.

Myth 5: Online matrimonial sites are for older people only

Often the other misnomer is that younger people aren’t interested in online matrimony sites and such services are preferred mostly by more former clients who have failed in finding a good match due to Age and other factors, through the traditional offline method working via the family priest or social network in the real world. However, a quick survey of these sites will reveal that online matrimonial services work best for the younger population who being at their most eligible, marriageable age, receive interests and responses from prospective profiles faster and on more significant numbers.

It is merely a prejudice to assume that e-arrange marriage is only for the so-called lesser eligible population, or just for the older people, divorced or widowers. Many young suitable grooms and brides regularly find their life partner at the Prime of their youth through online matrimonial sites.

In conclusion, myths can be many. Only when you check the online matrimony sites out can you be sure of the baselessness of these myths. So if you’re looking for a prospective bride or groom, then do choose to register with a reputed matrimony site and experience the process first hand.

Best Ideas for Destination Weddings in Kerala

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From North India to South India, one place that comes to mind when planning a destination wedding is definitely Kerala. This God’s own country is the perfect Indian mini-version with the most mesmerizing backdrops for your wedding. Serene beaches, beautiful backwaters, palm trees and lush green grasslands, and spectacular hills – you name it, you can find it in Kerala! With some truly amazing venues available in this southern state, your wedding is bound to become the dream you always wanted it to be.

If you know you’d like your destination wedding to be in Kerala but are confused about the exact venue, this blog will help you choose the ideal one for your D-day! Read on to discover the top 5 best venues for destination weddings in Kerala!

1) Beach Wedding

A beach wedding in Kerala is the perfect idea to get the right start to your matrimonial life. There is no dispute that Kerala has one of the best beaches in India with an indescribable aura of serenity in its environments that beckons us all. Pristine beaches of Alleppey, Kovalam, and Varkala, are the perfect venues for your destination wedding in Kerala. You can have the perfect start to holy matrimony in a typical Indian or English-styled wedding theme under the open sky while the waves splash across the sand and the sun sets in the backdrop. Is there any place more magical than this to get married?

2) Houseboat Wedding

Does anything sound dreamier than relaxing in a houseboat? Add getting married in one to the mix, and the entire concept becomes even dreamier. A houseboat, set amidst the beautiful Kerala waters and far away from the hustle-bustle of the city is the perfect place to have your dream wedding in the most lavish of ways. This is one venue that any matrimonial sites will hardly ever tell you about!

3) Mountain Wedding

How would you like to get married amidst the hilly backdrop of Kerala? These places in Kerala not just make a wedding the most memorable day in your life ever but also make for great wedding photographs to put up on the matrimony sites where you met your better half. With magical places like Wayanad, Munnar, and Ponmudi, Kerala offers a diverse range of hilly settings to have the perfect start to your married life.

4) Backwaters Wedding

Imagine a scenario of seashores, palm groves, and water as far as the eye can see. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? It can be the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The backwaters of Kerala offer a versatile blend of natural beauty and an unpolluted environment that is akin to heaven. The coastal towns of Kerala are blissful, serene, romantic and perfect to host a wedding.

5) Temple Wedding

Temples are synonymous with Kerala. If what your heart desires is a simple and traditional wedding, then you could not find a place better than a temple in Kerala. The peaceful setting, great architecture, and aura of a temple wedding beat everything! This is one of the most preferred settings for a wedding for many people across India.

Having a destination wedding in Kerala can make your wedding a memorable day, not just for you and your partner but also for your friends and family. From the mesmerizing backwaters to hilly terrains and peaceful temples, Kerala has it all to make your dream wedding come true!

Role of Family Support behind a Happy Married Life

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The rudimentary concept of the society is that it is in a state of interdependence. While growing up, we learn the values and acclimatize ourselves according to the same society we live in. In our lives, we come across a web of diverse relationships from our immediate family in particular and to society in general.

These relationships shape our lives. But as the general notion goes, the basic fundamental relationship that makes our society is of marriage. Good marriages are the nitty-gritty of strong societies.  Marriages are bolstered together not only by two partners but by a chain of relationships that surrounds them.

What else goes into a happy marriage besides the bride and groom?

Many argue that it is just two partners who ultimately make a marriage work out. This is obviously a gospel truth, but we live in a social setup wherein additional support counts and makes a huge difference. None of us can live in solitary on a long lost island with our partner and never grow tired or irritated at some point in time.

There is always something special about an  Indian groom and Indian bride as they are always regarded as not just two individuals, but a part of a larger family.

Our current social setup is a hierarchy, and our family is the crown. When a relationship like marriage is thought upon, the families of the bride and groom provide the ultimate support. Families are the ubiquitous web of relationships which boosts the growth and development of every member throughout the life cycle, from birth to the old age.

The culture we live in considers matrimony as a family affair. Marriages are validated, witnessed and supported by our families in most of the cases. We undertake a lifelong commitment to supporting loving and caring for a partner we choose. Our families act may act as strengthening glue and minimize the friction. Relationships become much more amicable and gratifying when you have the additional support to make them work.

Nothing Can Take the Place of Family Support

A strong and supportive family protects and strengthens a couple’s matrimony by making it facile for the partners to endure marital stress. In many cases, families help couples to see the best in each other. Families keep on reminding a couple about how good both are together, or how good the chemistry is. Now as applicable to every other relationship, boring is lethal in marriage too.

If the family is friendly and supportive, they might encourage the couple to live life fully together. This encouragement is most important when a couple is trying to adjust as newlyweds. It is stressful when two partners are entirely dependent on each other. Here is when family support comes in. Family in such cases provide additional support so that the partners in a marriage are not solely reliant on one another.

If you think about it, the stare of a matrimonial resides in a gravitational field. The two partners are of course in a union which is strengthened by convivial charges instilled in them, but they are also strengthened and held together by all the other forces moving around in the same gravitational field.

Marriage can survive between two individuals against many odds, but it’s a confidence booster when you can count on additional support to tackle those odds!

Find the perfect family to forge new relationships with LoveVivah’s trustworthy profiles! Being the best matrimonial website, we take pride in the professionalism that we keep. We are dedicated to giving you the best service 24/7!

Plan a Ravishing Sangeet Ceremony

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The Sangeet ceremony is the most awaited moment of any matrimony. Earlier sangeet used to be a ‘women’s function,’ and men were not allowed to attend it. Even the songs used to be traditional folk songs and were hummed by the womenfolk. But with the impact of Bollywood on Indian weddings, the sangeet ceremony has become a more elaborate event than the wedding itself.

Today every Indian wedding is preceded by a Sangeet night, irrespective of the religion of the Indian bride and Indian groom. Some matrimonial sites also offer event managements for such occasions.

So how to plan the sangeet of the year?

The date for the Sangeet is usually decided upon before the wedding invitations are printed, so that is one thing that you can take off your list of to-do things.

Pick the perfect venue- Most people prefer to keep the sangeet venue same as the wedding, but it usually helps to have these two functions at different places. The reason being there is less confusion with decorations and many other minute details. It is usually preferable to hold a sangeet ceremony at a venue which is convenient for both families. There should be ample place for people to dance and enough place for others to sit and enjoy as well. Your choice of venue should also depend on the number of the invitees to the ceremony.

Plan a Budget- The Sangeet itself works out as expensive as the wedding itself. It all depends on you how elaborate you want to make it. You can also plan for simple and elegant decorations as the guests are more interested in good food and catchy music.

Choreographed or not- Most couples like to get their sangeet ceremony choreographed by a professional, for that expert touch. It brings elegance and grace to the entire ceremony.

Choose the Music- You are spoiled for choice. You can always start will some old favorites of the elders and make them start the sangeet ceremony. Allow things to slowly warm up by bringing the parents of both the bride and the groom. Choose your songs well and line your favorites to be played in a specific sequence. Make someone in-charge of the music so that there is never a silent moment. Start it with old melodies for the elders, but don’t forget the little ones in the family. Line up songs to fit the taste of every guest present at the ceremony.

Play the latest and catchy songs as the night matures, but don’t forget to take to the floor with your would-be partner with your special song. Divide the time between both families, so no one feels left out.

Keep it Short- Don’t allow the Sangeet ceremony to drag for hours together. Remember that the main event is the wedding. Keep it limited to a 2-3 hour, so you and your guests are well rested for the wedding.

Group Dance- Try to end the ceremony on a high note by requesting all the guests present to shake a leg. Pick a happy song, or the latest favorite and play it as the last song of the night.

Make it a night to remember for you and your guests.

Should you keep secrets after marriage?

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How many times have we heard about marriage defined as the institution of love, harmony and ultimately, cardinal trust between two people? We are evolving continuously, and so does our thought process. Somewhere down the line, people confused privacy with secrecy.

Many of us forgot the distinction and consequently failed at drawing a line between both. While privacy is a right, secrecy is toxic. Think about it! Secrecy usually involves orated lies or purposive exclusion of paramount information, just like, one would skip disclosing to his/her partner that they had a hook-up.

Do Not Mistake Secrecy for Privacy

Privacy, on the other hand, is your right to go to the bathroom and lock the door once you are in. We are simply rejecting the idea of having an audience in the bathroom. That is where people mess up. Married people are mutually dependent on each other. While you have a right to private life, you cannot take away the privilege from your partner of knowing the truth.

Whether you are an Indian groom or an Indian bride, both parties enter each other’s life with a lot of hopes and dreams. After matrimony, you are not any two individuals, you are two people who vowed to standby each other.

We have to allow our partner the right to privacy, but not a secret life. This secret we keep may someday become irrelevant, but the fact that we kept it, never will. There are so many examples and so many marriages all around us wherein one or both the partners forgot or lost sight of what is ultimately important in their lives- Trust. People continue to keep secrets with thoughts like “I will cross the bridge when I get there,” but what then?

When you talk about things, good or bad, one thing is sure; you will sleep better. In the process of hiding one secret, we make up a pile of so many lies that it almost gets impossible to get out of it with love intact. Even if some of us do in fact get out, what are they left with? Not love, for sure.

Is It Truly Worth The Effort And Deceit?

Before indulging in any of the secret keeping, big or small, one has to ask oneself a question. Is this secret worth the intimacy we share?” When you are deceitful in a marriage, it always breeds mistrust. And trust once lost is really hard to regain. Then again, remind yourself why you got married in the first place. You actually committed to other person, and one simply cannot run or hide from the responsibilities, one of which is being transparent and trustworthy.

Untold secrets are one of the greatest threats to matrimony.  You entered each other’s life as each other groom and bride.  Now life lays ahead of you to share each other’s fears and joy

When you keep secrets in a marriage, you are only preparing a hotbed for deceit and betrayal. When you partner finds out, what you kept from him/her, count what you will lose-intimacy, love, trust and who knows you might reciprocate the same behavior from your partner. You will eventually grow apart. Mistrust once created will keep lingering in the back of the mind of your partner, and you may lose what you once found, and the question at the end will still remain

If you are married and have a person in your life who means a lot, or who trusts you enough to keep his/ her heart, do not let a secret take it away. Because it is not worth it!

Being the online matrimonial site, LoveVivah takes great pride in upholding transparency with our customers. Life is not something to waste worrying about secrets. Find your perfect match at LoveVivah – India’s best matrimonial website!