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Vidaai Ceremony: An Important Ritual in Indian Wedding

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Wedding Vidaai Ceremony- LoveVivah

Indian weddings are known for their lavish arrangements and different rituals. You can’t imagine a single wedding without loads of rituals and big celebrations. The day of wedding is filled with different ceremonies and wedding rituals, where family and friends come together to wish the couple for their happy married life. Most of the family members and even the bride and groom are also busy in performing various rituals. The memories of wedding are sweet and remain for forever. But, vidaai ritual is one such ceremony, which has mixed emotions like a mix of joy and sorrow. Let’s take a look at some important aspects of vidaai ceremony.

Vidaai ceremony symbolizes the final stage of wedding where the bride’s parent bid farewell to their daughter.

bride’s parent bid farewell post wedding


It again symbolizes the beginning of her new life where she has to maintain a balance between her new life and old life.

Bride beginning of her new life


Now she steps out from the comfort zone of her parent’s house and get ready to take the responsibilities of her new family.

Bride steps out parent’s home


The girl throws back the handful of rice and coins three times before leaving her parent’s home. This act symbolizes that as she wishes that per parent’s house always remain prosperous.

Bride throws back handful of rice


After the bride’s parents give her daughter’s hand to their son-in-law, it symbolizes that he will take care of her and always be there to support her and guide her throughout the life.

As final ritual of the vidaai ceremony brothers and cousins of bride pushes the car from behind-as a ritual bespeaks them wising her luck and pushing them towards the joy and prosperity in life.

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Some Unique Wedding Rituals Across The World: Extraordinary & Interesting!

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Marriage, Wedding Rituals

Different countries have different wedding rituals, some are sweet, some are confusing and some are funny. But, these rituals give you a sense of joy, togetherness and bind the people together. Knowing the different wedding rituals is really interesting. India is not the only county where you find and noticed different wedding rituals, but across the world you can notice unique wedding rituals making their wedding customs different from others. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and extraordinary wedding rituals across the world.

Mauritania wedding ritual, fatter wife for god luck: Generally most of the girls want to look slim and beautiful in their wedding dress. But, in Mauritania, a fatty, plump, full-bodied wife is said to signify good luck and prosperity in a marriage. Therefore, the family members of the girl often forced her to become fatter for the wedding day. Sometimes, it causes them endless illness and health issues because of sudden increase in the weight.

South Korea, beating the groom’s feet: In South Korea, the rituals of beating the groom’s feet takes place after the wedding ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom’s friends remove his shoes and tie his feet together with a rope of sash. They then lift his legs off the ground and start beating the soles of his feet with a stick or dried yellow corvine. They believe that it will make the groom stronger before the first wedding night. It is more a kind of fun tradition, where the friends and family members check the strength of the groom by doing so. Even they also ask different questions and quizzes to check his knowledge.

France, drinking the leftover from toilet bowl: This is probably one of the most weird and unique custom in its nature. Once the wedding ceremonies are over, the family members and friends of the bride collect left-overs and then stuff it in a toilet bowl. Once they fill the toilet bowl with it, they enter the couple’s room and threaten that they will not leave until and unless the couple drinks it.

Malaysia, newly wedded couple can’t use toiled: In Malaysia, the Tidong community don’t allow the newly wedded couple to use the toilet after wedding. They are not allowed to go to bathroom for three days. The family members keep a close watch on the couple and they are allowed to have minimal amount of food and drinks. If they break this custom they supposedly brings bad luck to the couple, in the form bad luck, in the form of broken marriage, death of their children or infidelity.

Kenya, spitting on the bride:  This is another unique and bizarre wedding rituals of Massai from Kenya. When the people of this community held any wedding, the bride’s head is shaved and lamb fat and oil is applied on her head. After all the wedding rituals, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breast. Generally, we consider spitting as symbol of disgrace, but here the custom is regarded as blessing and brings good luck and fortune in her life. After this ritual, the newly wedded bride leaves her home with the groom and doesn’t look back.

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Traditions Of Marriage In India

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Indian Marriage traditions

Marriages in India are a huge part of the overall culture of the country. It embodies all the significant Indiantraditionalvalues that set it aside as one of the most culturally devoted wedding ceremonies all over the world across all religions. Most importantly, what has and will continue to make it so special is that the values that are alive in this ceremonious and cultural event have been passed down through the earliest of men that were also known as the founding forefathers of cultural India.

The wedding ceremonies are so rich in culture that it varies from remembering and receiving the blessings of the bride’s and groom’s ancestors to giving offerings to gods for their guidance and fate. One of the most popular traditions in Indianweddings involves a ceremony known as “SaathPhere” meaning seven circles. This involves the bride and groom who are tied by a Gordian knot to go around the holy fire of matrimony seven times to seal their fate and wish for as good a life partner as in their current one in rest of their human lives, which according to Indian mythology are 7.

Marriage traditions in India are as diverse as its culture and state. Each state possessing its own culture celebrates the event of marriage with its own customs. Each filled with its own uniqueness and cultural and traditional aspects. The one thing that excites everyone the most is the lavish and exotic food that is provided at each wedding. For Indians, there is no better treat than perfectly spiced and cooked Indian dishes with just the right amount of butter on bread and the weddings fulfill each of those qualities.

The significance of marriage in India is so strong that to an extent it is perfectly justified to say that it is these traditions and cultures that bind the Indian people in one unity and defines them as a nation of diversity.