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What to expect at your first matrimonial meeting with the bride/groom and family?

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Most of the Indian families are now relying on Matrimonial sites to find a life-partner for the eligible members of the family. Even would-be Indian Brides and Indian Grooms register themselves on the Matrimonial sites, who are crucial in bringing many couples and families together for a perfect union. These sites provide freedom to choose from some prospective interested brides and grooms.

But before such an event culminates in a successful  matrimonial relationship, there is a dreaded first meeting between the bride and groom along with the families. The first meeting is elemental in deciding whether to go forward with the relationship or to look at other prospects. In Indian communities, matrimonies are still arranged and finalized by the families of the bride and the groom.

Today, social media is the best way to get to know the background of any person before the actual meeting. Posts and friends convey a lot about a person. Do your bit of homework before you even take it to the next level of a personal meeting.

Unlike in the olden days, matrimony sites give the younger generation comprehensive background information of the prospective bride or groom. Usually, the ice gets broken by the series of general questions regarding – Job, family background, siblings, etc. the understanding between the couple is of utmost importance.

Meet in an informal setting-

It is always better to organize such meetings at a casual place where it is easier for both the families to talk and get to know each other. It is usually better to have such meetings at a neutral ground, such as a restaurant than at home. First-time meetings are an ice-breaker so keep it casual.

Let the conversation flow naturally-

Rather than making things too awkward and uncomfortable for both the parties, allow the discussion to take its course. Once both sets of families are relaxed and get to know each other, they will figure out a common interest which will take-out any awkwardness of the first meeting.

Insist on a personal talk-

It is always important to have a private conversation. It might feel bizarre to ask personal questions to a stranger, but it is your life, and you have absolute right to ask all the relevant questions before taking any decisions. Not all families agree on this matter as it is the first meeting, but there is no point to have a second meeting if you feel that this person is not for you.

Go with the gut-

Your instincts will never let you go wrong. Human instincts are the strongest when they meet anyone for the first time. And first impressions are always proved to be correct.

Find common interests-

Yes! It is also one of the most important things to find out in the first meeting. Opposites attract but only like-minded people can make their relationships work in the long run. Find out if you share common interests or hobbies, it will always add a new meaning to your relationship as you grow older.

In India, the matrimonial relationship is not limited to the couple but extends to the family as well. So, it is essential for both sets of families to be equally comfortable with each other