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Tips to Build Amicable Relationship with In-Laws

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Matrimony is a consummation of two mature individuals, who promise to walk together on the roller coaster ride of life.

Indian wedding is a marriage of two families who consolidate to form new relationships and matrimonial sites are the best place to find bride and groom of your choice. In the initial years, there are a lot of expectations associated with the bride and the groom. Each and every minute activities of the couple are closely watched by the parents of both sides. Their concern is to see their children grow in love and happiness and the parents want to be included in their life for always.

To make the matrimonial relationship healthy and strong, both the spouses need to work on maintaining their mutual relationships as well as respecting their in-laws.
If a bride or groom desire to see their partner happy and loving, they need to give personal time to their relationship to nurture as well as time to the families. Here are a few healthy tips to follow to develop amicable relationships with In-Laws

Love & Respect

Both sets of parents are connected with their child through genetics and psychological dynamics. Both come from different background and culture, so the couple requires to love and respect their in-laws’ thought process, customs and traditions, and culture. If initially, both the spouses condition themselves to accept their in-laws with grace, they will build a strong foundation of their relationship. A child shares a close unconditional bonding with the parents and observing that they are cared for by their spouses goes a long way of a smooth and successful relationship.

Solve the disagreements with In-Laws

There is bound to be disagreements with in-laws on some ground because two families having their distinct identity, lifestyle and culture conjoin. Both the spouses should accept the disagreements and discuss the reasons of difference with tact and patience. At times, in height of emotions, people become volatile and discuss the things in rage. Control emotional outburst as said words or actions cannot be taken back and it can hurt the relationships badly. Discuss coolly, work out on the differences, respond them with valid points and dissolve the issues. It is better to settle the score instead of thinking to sever the relationships with in-laws.

Accept Generation Gap Differences

There is a genuine generation gap and difference in opinion is certain. The elders are more experienced and they know the ups and downs of life. Extra cautious parents sometimes create a rift in the lives of a couple. Acknowledge their opinions and adapt them to your lifestyle. If you don’t agree, don’t create boundaries rather acquaint them with your opinion. Open and soft discussions help to clear misunderstandings. Remember, they are real parents and they will never give you the wrong advises. Honor them with patience, kindness, and gentleness. If you mean a No, let them know the reason for your decline.

In-Laws are part of a Family

In-laws are an integral part of a family and they are the ones who have gifted you with a loving life partner. Include them in as a family member and share all the important things with them, your achievements and hiccups, celebrations and sorrows. Include them in family outings and spend time together. In old age, they don’t have much liability and at times, they feel left out. If the spouses decide to include and support them, it adds colors to their life. Call frequently and be connected. Stand to support them if they are facing any issues that cannot be rectified by them.

Celebrate Important Dates of In-Laws

Throughout their life as a parent, they have celebrated the important dates of their children. Now, it is the turn of the spouses to remember the anniversaries, birthdays and remarkable events of life and celebrate with joy. The acknowledgment will cheer them up.

Improving relationships is a joint effort of the couples and their in-laws and it takes time to build. If the young generation initiates, it gives a smooth finesse to the fabric of relationships. Love your in-laws as much as you love your spouse.

Understanding Real Meanings of Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage!

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Marriage is a sacred institution in India. In India, marriage is not only a two soul affair but it is the marriage between two families. This sacred thread binds two person together and the families of the duo unite together to be a part of the family. These days, there are several matrimonial sites to search bride and groom for your child, sibling or a friend.

The concept of matrimony is same across the world but the culture, rituals and traditions differ from place to place and what I believe that the Hindu marriage follows extensive rituals and customs to solemnize the marriage.

Among the customs and rituals, the important ones are Jaimala, Sindoor daan, wearing of Mangalsutra and the Seven vows taken by the bride and groom while taking Saat Pheras around the sacred fire. The couple seeks the blessings of God and fire to be together for next seven births by taking the Saat Phere.

The mantras of Seven vows are chanted by the Priests of the family and the bride and the groom repeats them during their turns. But do they really understand the terms of the Seven Vows that they promise to abide by. I believe very few of them understand the vows fully and follow the promises in life. Majority of couples chant after Pandit without understanding the real meaning.

They are sacred vows and if it is followed religiously by both the partners, they can lead a happy life with no grudges because it teaches them the principles to lead a happy and caring life taking care of each other’s responsibility as their own. The united soul can bring great difference in the life of each other while treading on the path of life as great companions.

The 7 sacred vows are the Vedic scriptures and it has been segregated as holy vows to bring husband and wife on the same platform of understanding and love.

The First Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will be responsible for providing the nourishment, welfare and happiness to the wife and the children.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will take care of the family and household and will share his responsibility as her own.

The Second Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will remain loyal and faithful to his wife and will stand by her throughout the thick and thins of life. He will be with her providing mental, physical and financial stability and security to her and family.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will willingly share the responsibility by helping him in every possible way and be ready to endure all with courage and strength.

The Third Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will work hard putting all his efforts to bring wealth and prosperity in the house and giving education to their children.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will act responsibly in maintaining the resources and devote her love exceptionally to her husband and all other men would be secondary in her life. She will be loyal throughout life, maintaining chastity.

The Fourth Vow: The Groom thanks to bride that through this sacred affair of marriage, she has made his life beautiful and complete and he vows to respect both set of families. He will respect her wishes and will include her in all his major decisions.

The Bride vows to groom that she will stand by his side in all rituals, family and religious commitments and will walk by his side giving her consent for his decisions. She will respect and regard his decisions and include his say in all her decisions. In case any danger intercepts his way, she will stand before him to save him and will be ready to sacrifice her life for him.

The Fifth Vow: The couple vows to be with each other sharing their happiness and sorrows with great understanding and care. They together pray to God to bless them with healthy children and they both will strive to nurture their children with enriching values and generous lifestyle.

The Sixth Vow: The couple vows to love and respect each other and stand together in times of joy and grief. They together pray to seek the blessings of God to bestow them with healthy and long life filled with joy, peace and prosperity so that they can carry their duties and responsibilities towards each other.

The Seventh Vow: The couple vows together that through this ritual of Sacred Seven Vows, they have become husband and wife uniting their soul. They are united with a divine thread of togetherness and they will love each other and be there for each other till eternity. They as a couple will walk together as great companions, sharing each and everything of life, honouring and loving each other unconditionally. They promise to abide by all the holy seven vows with pure and honest intentions that they have promised during the ritual of marriage.

Ah, the segregated vows were compiled ages before but it has an essence of modern values. They stand for equality among the couple and together, they form a pure bonding of love, understanding and care entering into matrimonial relationships

All the would-be husbands and wives should read these sacred seven vows and understand their true meaning that lies in the vows and try to adopt in their life when they unite as a couple to bring love, peace and harmony in their life.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and wise decisions usher’s life with happiness.

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How to Ensure Your Honeymoon Continues Throughout Your Life

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Can you make honeymoon period last forever?

Ah, well, if by honeymoon you strictly mean staying at faraway exotic destinations, crunching on strawberries and spending all day and night in conjugal bliss, then the answer to that question is simply – you can’t! But if by honeymoon you are talking about the freshness, the fervor, the Love and the passion between the couple, then it’s quite possible to maintain that intimacy and conjugal Bliss throughout your life. Of course, it will require mutual commitments and constant effort, but it is indeed achievable!


Marriages are not founded on romantic love! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not romantic love or sexual passion that keeps matrimonial  bliss ongoing for years, but simply the friendship couples share.

So, what do you usually do for and with a Best Friend?

1) You spend time with them.
2) You spend time with them chatting up, talking and listening, both!
3) You talk out any misunderstanding and not do the typical “matrimonial silent treatment”!
4) You create a space of confidentiality and trust with your best friend.

Couples having such secret language and codes of understanding and fun peculiarities tend to feel their bond remain fresh even after decades.

Real-ness and Fun

Most importantly, you have fun with your friend, AND without masks of pretenses. You must be the real you. The wacky you, the naughty you, the uninhibited you. Contrary to the orthodox hierarchical “the god in the husband and the somber subservient wife,” which inevitably kills the honeymoon phase pretty soon, keeping the dynamic Real and Free-flowing does great good to the conjugal pleasures.

Romancing a lover, not a spouse

Most people vouch that moment you tie the knot, the thrill of being the boyfriend or girlfriend, the passionate, romantic rebels suddenly start feeling like domesticated animals yoked together. This doesn’t happen if you continue to romance that passionate rebel in your lover and not some dutiful date night with a spouse. You treat them as your, again, Best Friend, and your lover even before as your legally wedded social whatever!

So, let’s do this again!

1) You spend time with your best friend and passionate lover.
2) You spend time with your passionate lover and best friend, both at home, but more so outdoors, going to interesting places and doing exciting things together.
3) You go on movie dates with your friend and lover.
4) You go on special outings meant just for you and your lover friend.
5) You arrange for surprise dates, passion getaways, pleasure trips just as before the wedding. And mind you, it’s NOT only the “boisterous and shameless” man’s responsibility. The Indian bride, even the Indian wife, needs to be unabashedly planning such initiatives.

Read Together, Create together

And if you’re going to object to that idea, unwittingly misquoting some “holy” scriptures about “nice, decent and holy Indian wives,” maybe doing some pleasure reading together as a couple, of books on matrimony and matrimonial obligations, belonging to ancient Indian traditions can clear your ideas.

1) What’s more interesting is this fun couple activity can also turn your reading together into passionate reading sessions. Imagine dutifully reading Vatsyayana (an ancient Indian philosopher) together as a couple! Your post-wedding honeymoon will not only get prolonged but most likely improve in passion and art and science of matrimonial bliss!
2) You can also regularly involve yourselves in joint sessions of creative activities – as simple as gardening, for instance. How does that help spruce up your prolonged honeymoon, you ask? OK, just close your eyes, try to see yourself in soil and mud, smelling of the earth, splashing water on glistening green leave, together! You get the point, we know! Couples who enjoy creative activities and hobbies together tend to find long-lasting interest and passion in each other, and this too keeps your honeymoon phase going stronger year after year.

At LoveVivah  we not only want you to meet your perfect life partner but we also desire to see you live in the perfected art and bliss of matrimony. So, we are forever committed to bringing you our best.

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Five fun things every couple should do after marriage

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Marriage is one of the cardinal institutions, and the lesson that every married couple must remember and value by heart is “invest in the marriage.” The bond of matrimony matures slowly, and partners need to accept many changes down the line. For instance, the feeling of newness might be worn off, and life might revolve around the cliched decisions involving budget, children, or work schedules.

This is where the investment part of the lesson needs practical enforcement. At this point of matrimony, couples need to invest some time into one other, and they deserve some time together.

Now couples got to shun the expectation that fun will be an outcome of whatever they do. The reality is, having fun is a voluntary choice. And everyone needs to work towards it by investing a little or more time if they want to have fun. You cannot expect to stumble into the fun, but you have to decide on the ways to get some. Take note and reserve some time, try these activities to raise the fun quotient in your married life;

1) Make way for a common hobby
Once the bride and groom period is over, and the routine ensues, the best way to spend some quality time is to pick up a hobby that suits both. Most of the couple make way for yoga classes, gym, or dance classes. Depending on the priorities and time available, the couple should be able to set aside a fun routine wherein the stress stops at the door, and you are out to have some time for just the two of you.

2) Cook a meal together
Now, this might sound cliché, but trust the experts; this is the best fun way to get around that kitchen table and start a cooking experiment. It is like a therapy when both the partners are taking care of this otherwise normal routine and come up with own meal. Cooked together- with love, this meal will set the mood and couple should try to to to do this much often.

3) Go for an outing
You are married, and now you have your own list of responsibilities to share. Then again, take a break because you have to do this for the rest of the life. Pack your bags once in a while, explore a new city. If you are short on time, explore the city you live in, just get out for a treat for those endless conversations with beautiful music playing in the background.

4) Host a party
Friends and relatives always add a new dimension to the matrimony. Host a dinner or lunch, so that all of you sit together and laugh your hearts out. The stress is relieved, and the couple will always value having each other’s back on such occasions. Admit it, the admiration of your guests for the food or the beautiful plates will make your partner suddenly more attractive.

5) Watch a movie together
After a long week, when you are too tired to move out for a dinner date or any outing, the best way is to plug in your or your partner’s favorite flick and get the evening going. Cuddle and watch that movie you were planning since last two months. Take time and cut yourselves some slack

There is so much more you can do to ensure that the fun never leaves. Make sure you take out some time and give some of the activities a try. Keep your marriage healthy today, tomorrow and till the end of time!

Building a positive bond with in-laws

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Once you enter the holy bond of matrimony, life stands ahead, staring at you with multiple responsibilities. You and your partner are in a life-long commitment to taking care of each other. The fact that responsibilities differ throughout the countries does not change the fact that responsibilities exist in the first place. Indian bride and groom enter wedlock with families. This means that the bride has a new family to cater and so does the groom. Every marriage starts a new web of relationships, and it takes the effort to start this new life on a good note.

The in-laws become a serious part of your marriage, and they are a source of constant encouragement. They act as a guide during the first phase of married life and also make sure that you are well-adjusted. They try to create a niche for the newlywed so that they do not find themselves out of the place. We cannot live in isolation, and the same applies to a marriage. A happy family is a promising one, and every newlywed needs to make an effort to nurture it. This process is a time consuming one, but fruitful at the same time.

Spend time together
Your bond with your husband’s or wives’ family will add to the strength of your marriage. Make time to sit together for lunch or dinner or else just go out for a picnic. This will help you know your in-laws better

Be honest
This is the key to all good relationships. Never sugar coat things and let them know whether you are comfortable with a particular thing or not. Convey your likings and disliking but be considerate when you do so.

Know and understand
Since it’s a start of a new relationship, so take your time to adjust. Try knowing the people around. It is obvious that everyone will not match your beliefs or values, but instead of making any fuss about it, try to accommodate the differences. Do understand that people cannot be judged and categorized as right or wrong, they are just different than you and may be right in their own way.

Be considerate
Your nature can set you miles apart. If someone wronged you, forgive and if you wronged someone, apologize. This is the key to sustain lifelong relationships. Try forgetting ‘not so good’ things and move on. Clinging to any dispute or disagreement can lead to disruption of your peace.

The point is you are into a lifelong commitment and have vowed to take care of your partner and his /her loved ones. He/she is related to a family which now you are a part of. For a healthy marriage, it is compulsory to value and respect your in-laws. A positive bond with your spouse’s family can help pave the way for matrimonial bliss. At the end of the day, having another family is a beautiful thing, and it deserves the love at your end. This additional bond will help keep away the frustration and bestow positivity to your day to day life.