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Reasons Why Weddings in Kerala Are Such an Extravaganza

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Kerala weddings are truly an extravagance if you compare them to the other types of weddings. They are truly a class apart. If you happen to attend a matrimonial ceremony in Kerala, you will definitely have a jaw-dropping experience. Yes, it is true! So let us check out some reasons that make weddings in Kerala an extravaganza!

A Lot of Gold

Yes, the brides in Kerala wear a lot of gold. If you happen to attend a Kerala matrimony ceremony, you will see girls with a lot of gold jewelry. You might feel that they buy gold in kilos because it is just so much! Nevertheless, it makes weddings in Kerala a treat to the eyes. It is their tradition to load the brides with a lot of gold. It is also an offering to the God. Moreover, the gold jewelry becomes more evident on the cream-colored sarees.

Amazing Food

“Sandhya” or the Kerala wedding feast is something that you simply cannot miss at a Kerala wedding. For the Sandhya meal, a banana leaf is placed in front of all the guests. Then, they start serving different types of typical Kerala cuisines for you. Many servers are assigned to making sure that the guests are served well. They start by serving on the banana leaf from the top left part of the leaf and then follow the order. It starts with upperi, sarkara upperi and papadam. It is followed by a wide range of wedding-special cuisines like olan, thoran, khichdi, pachadi, kaalan, erissery, avial, and koottukari. Your mouth will start watering even at the sight of these dishes. After the starters, they serve you with rice, ghee, sambar and dal curry. They ask you to make a small hole in the rice heap where they serve you the sambar. By the time you finish your food, they pour amazing rasam that you can mix with rice and have it. The meal ends with desserts like milk payasam and dal payasam. In the end, they also take care of your digestion and serve you some buttermilk.

The Wedding “Event”

Weddings in Kerala are more like an event than a ceremony. There are wedding planners involved who try to make everything perfect for the guests. The weddings planners try to make innovations in making the wedding a spectacular event praised by everyone who visits. You can look for a Kerala bride or a groom on matrimonial sites to find your perfect match and plan an extraordinary wedding for yourself. The wedding ceremonies go on for several days with ceremonies like Haldi, mehndi, sangeet followed by the actual wedding day and a follow-up reception. Of course, a Kerala wedding is a huge event and worth visiting.

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Kerala Wedding: 5 Sarees No Kerala Bride Should Miss on Wedding Day

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Kerala Bride for Wedding

Kerala wedding is one of the most beautiful and simplest of all. You will hardly see any kind of show-off or larger than life expensive wedding there. Similarly, the wedding attire of the Kerala bride is more elegant and beautiful. Most of the Kerala brides wear traditional saree on their wedding day. Kerala people are very particular about their wedding rituals and religiously follow their traditions. Whether it is a Kerala Hindu wedding, Kerala Muslim wedding or Kerala Christian wedding, all follow the rituals and complete wedding gracefully. If you are a would-be Malayali bride and looking for wedding attire, then you can’t miss exploring some traditional Kerala wedding sarees. Here, we are sharing some wedding saree options for you to consider for your special day.

Kasavu Saree for traditional Kerala bridal look: The Kasavu saree with its beautiful iconic golden zari contrasted with white cloth has become a symbol of the Malayali girl for marriage. This is one of the most popular saree for a Malayali bride. This South Indian saree is a true masterpiece and one of the most favorite wedding dress of Malayali brides. This is a perfect choice for elegant and simple looks. Mix right kind of jewelry with this beautiful saree. This saree looks really nice on all complexions, so you need not to bother about the skin tone and looks.

Modern Zari Kasavu saree for contemporary looks: If you are not really crazy about the traditional simple Kasavu saree and want to experiment with your traditional saree, then Kasavu zari saree is the right choice for you. The beautiful golden motifs at the border make this masterpiece really beautiful. There are plenty of designs and options available in the market to choose from for your wedding day. Even you can get your saree customized and get some work done on it if you want to enjoy a different look in traditional saree.  You can wear this saree on your wedding day or even on your wedding reception as well.

Kanchipuram saree for royal touch: It is one of the most expensive and preferred South Indian saree for wedding Kerala girls prefer this saree over lehenga. It is considered as Banarasi saree of South India. Kanchipuram is known for its quality, beauty and craftsmanship. It’s one of the most favorite saree of Kerala Hindu Brides. This saree is easily available in almost every color and shade. This is one of most expensive sarees, so if you are ready to spend good amount on your wedding dress and budget is not a constraint for you, then this is just perfect for you.

Brocade saree for graceful look: If you are looking for something different and don’t want to look like a stereotype, then this is a perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful saree. These brocade sarees looks really beautiful and elegant. These are even more comfortable and easy to carry. The beautiful work and designs on these sarees makes them really adorable. These sarees are available in almost all colors and shades.

Banarasi Saree to look gorgeous: This is really unconventional option for all those brides who want to look gorgeous in this masterpiece. Malayali brides can mix this North Indian saree with their traditional jewelry to get the desired looks. These are the real masterpieces and look nice on every bride. The beautiful designs and vibrant colors make this saree a perfect pick for your wedding day. You will look really stunning and gorgeous in this beautiful banarasi saree.

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Onam Festival: Follow Latest Fashion Trends & Look Trendy

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onam festival kerala

Onam festival is the most important festivals of Kerala. It is known as harvest festival. A festival celebration is incomplete without wearing great and trendy clothes. The food and clothes are the most important parts of this Malayalam harvest festival. Do you want to look trendy yet traditional on this special festival? It is ten days long festival and you can make your own style statements by wearing some trendy clothes during this ten days long festival. To match the festive spirit, wear some vibrant and stylish clothes. To enjoy the never-ending celebrations and enjoy the festival mood ensure that you are following the right fashion on this Onam festival.

Long kurta with palazzo: Go for this trendy and most chick fashion trend. You can wear a long kurta with palazzo. Go for a makeover to your pastel shades this Onam and wear some interesting colors like golden & yellow combination, pink and green, purple and golden to get the new look this festival. Choose the right jewelry to match your trendy outfit and look elegant this Onam. While making pookalam with your friends, this dress will be very comfortable and you can enjoy the comfort and ease.

Suits with pants: This is another trendy option which you can try this Onam cerebration. These suits with pants are very much in trend and you can wear this trendy outfit this Onam festival. You can go for body fitted pants or some comfortable lose pants to make your style statements. Don’t forget to match up with the traditions of Onam Malayalam festival colors like green, yellow and pink. You can also see the same traditional colors in their pookalam, which a traditional rongoli is created by the females of the family. If you want to add some jazz in these colors, then go for orange, golden and burgundy color suits.

Lehenga choli: This is one of the most favorite and loved dress of all Kerala people, when it comes to dressing for festival. During this Onam harvest festival you can wear a colorful lehenga choli with some elegant and matching jewelry. Kerala females love to wear border lehenga choli during festivals. Even during Kerala marriage you can easily see ladies dressed up in colorful lehenga choli.

Saree: Saree is considered as traditional dress of Kerala and females love to wear this six yards trendy outfit. You can go for some nice border saree or you can also choose from other trendy saree. You can go for some designer saree matching up with the spirit of this color Onam harvest festival. If you are not comfortable in wearing silk saree, choose some georgette, chiffon or crape saree as these are very comfortable and easy to manage. Don’t forget to add some bling in your traditional attire to look trendy. Wear some nice trendy jewelry matching to your gorgeous saree.

Anarkali suits: This is another good option to wear during this ten days long Onam Kerala festival. You can wear a long anarkali suit. These suits are available in almost all colors and different patterns and designs as ankle length or floor length suits which gives you a lehenga look. Choose some trendy and vibrant colors like green, orange, yellow or red for your anarkali suit this festival. Long dangling earring and a nice neck piece will complete your festival look.

Suit with churidar: You can wear a nice churidar with your suit to get the perfect festival look. This is something very much trendy and elegant. You can wear a long suit or kurta with churidar or leggings. If you are not comfortable in churidars, then you can pick leggings to complete your Onam festival look. This festival season go for some vibrant colors give a break to those dull and off shades.

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Kerala Christian Wedding Rituals: A True Feast For Eye

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Kerala Christian Wedding, Marriage Rituals

Kerala is full of diverse tradition and culture. You can easily find Hindu families, Muslim families and Christian families. These are three major communities in Kerala state. Kerala Christian wedding is very popular across India for its simplicity. For Kerala Christian people, marriages are considered the union of two people predestined by God. These people have very strong belief in God. Generally, wedding of Kerala Christian bride and groom is fixed by their parents. Once both the families are fully convinced and satisfied about the family status and background, then only they fix the marriage. Besides, there are many people who fix the marriage with the help of a mediator or Kerala Christian matrimony sites.  The Christian wedding is conducted in church. Kerala marriage rituals are a bit different from North Indian Christians. Let’s take a look at pre-wedding and wedding rituals of Kerala Christian wedding.

Pre-wedding rituals of Kerala Christian marriage

Engagement ceremony:  The pre-wedding rituals of Christian wedding mainly consists engagement ceremony. Generally, the engagement ceremony takes place in girl’s home. All family members attend this ceremony and give their blessings to bride and groom for their married life and future.

Bachelors & Hens party: As the groom celebrates the Bachelors party with his friends and family members, whereas bride celebrates this party with her friends and family members respectively. Bride’s bachelor party is known as hens party. This is considered as wild party bash without any rule, wherein they celebrate this night with their friends and family members.

Haldi ceremony: In some places of Kerala state, the Christian community also follows the haldi ceremony. Just like Hindu wedding, the Kerala bride and groom are applied turmeric and sandalwood paste. This ceremony is known as Haldaat ceremony. Whereas in Goa it is known as Ross, where the couple is applied coconut paste instead of turmeric paste.

Wedding rituals of Kerala Christian marriage

Holy wedding: On the wedding day, the groom sends a car to bride’s home to pick her up for the wedding venue. He waits outside the church for the bride to accompany her to aisle. The best man of groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers. Then the couple walks down and enters the church together. There the priest awaits them and offers them best wishes for their new beginning. The priest then reads the Holy Bible which is followed by sermon and called Homily on the sacredness of the wedding. The couple makes the promises to stay together with each-other through thick and thin and exchange rings.

Mangalsutra ceremony: Once they exchange the rings, the next step is tying the Thali or Mangalsutra. The groom ties the Mangalsutra around the neck of bride. Thali is a leaf shaped gold pendant with a cross embossed on it. Generally, it is connected with either gold chain or necklace. The groom also gifts a wedding saree to bride, which is majorly known as Matrakodi. The mangalsutra and wedding saree are two things which a Keralite bride is expected to keep with her throughout her life.

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Things You Must Know About Kerala Bridal Make-Up

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Kerala Bridal Make Up

When you think about a Kerala bride, there are a few things which you always recall in your memory like a beautiful kanchipuram white saree with golden border and the bride wearing heavy gold jewelry. However, with different culture and traditions across the southern states, you still find various unique things in their rituals and Kerala wedding customs. Let’s take a close look at the some of the important things of Kerala bride make-up for marriage.

Special hairdo: Generally, you can easily see a Hindu Kerala Malayali bride in braiding hair or pinning some hair then leaving the rest to cascade. They also love to decorate their hair-buns and hairdo with fresh strings of jasmine flowers and a gold mangtikka to decorate the forehead. But, if it’s a Christian Kerala bride, then you see her wearing a nice white veil and a tiara for her hair.

It’s all about gold jewelry: Gold is an integral part of Kerala matrimonial rituals and you can’t imagine a Kerala bride without gold jewelry. Gold clad bride symbolizes the financial status of the bride’s family. You can easily notice bride wearing more than two-three heavy long necklaces. You can see many Kerala brides wearing kasu mala, a kind of gold necklace made of gold shaped coins and its length touches the waistline of the bride. It signifies the financial status of the girl’s family and one of the primary pieces of jewelry worn by Malayali brides from prominent families.

Gold chain: The gold chain is another important jewelry piece for bride. It may vary in shape, size, weight and length as well. Some of the traditional chains are Poothali, Elakkathali, Manonmani and Kuzhimini. These chains can enhance your overall looks and compliment your beauty and you can consider these as important part of your bridal jewelry.

Temple jewelry: This jewelry is very popular among Kerala brides. This temple jewelry have idols of Gods and Goddesses. It is studded with semi-precious stones in red, green and white along with different colored stones.

Minnukettu/Mangalsutra: The tradition of Mangalsutra or popularly known as Minnukettu in Kerala is a Hindu custom adaptation by Syrian Christian from Kerala. It is similar as mangalsutra in any Hindu wedding. Its design generally consists of a small leaf pendant made of gold. You can also see a cross on it made of different  beads. It is looped through thread made from twenty one threads taken from the bride’s wedding saree. After seven days of wedding, this is put in a gold chain and worn as a symbol of marriage.

Kamarband, an essential jewelry: This is one of the most essential jewelry worn by all Kerala brides. It is a mandatory custom to wear this kamarband on her waist and add definition to the kasuvu saree.

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