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5 ways to overcome your marriage fear before you tie the knot

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A weird feeling of fear that surrounds couples before marriage is aptly justified. After all they are about to enter an entirely new and different phase of life, good enough a reason to pass chills down the spine. Just a few steps can help diminish you fear to the minimum.

Identify the reason for your fear

There could be a numerous reasons for this fear, but you are the only one who can identify the real reason for your fear. It is utmost important to deal with this before entering the institution of marriage and take any decision pertaining to the same. If it merely a fear of failing in something new, it can be completely overcome by simply focusing on the positives and drifting away from the negative thoughts. Be candid with your feelings and your partner. Speak up and try to find a solution together.

Discuss with those whose relationship you admire

Let other happy couples you admire be your role model. Let them give you enough reasons to start your journey fearlessly. Talk to them, let them tell you their tales and learn from their experiences. Listen to how they communicate with each other, how they love & respect each other amidst all ups and downs of life. Converse with them about your fear of marriage and take the advice they offer you. Know the lighter aspects marriage and the difficult ones too. A candid opinion form such a couple will help you sail through your emotional journey. Their insight in most probability will act like your strength and base for a happy marriage.

Understand that marriage is a roll-a-coaster

Unlike any other relationship, marriage is a roll-a-coaster that only the two are riding and no two roll-a-coasters are same. But what is common in all marriages is agreements, disagreements, arguments and make-ups. No relationship is perfect and marriage is no different. It is bound to have its own complications, imperfections and ups and downs. There will be tough times and it is all the more important to stand by each other in such times, further strengthening the relationship. Giving up on tough times is the deadly blunder some couples do end up with, spoiling their relationship and setting dreadful example for others too.

Recognize your exact expectations out of the relationship

Be clear on all your expectations and your desires from your relationship. Contemplate all matters from career, education, place of stay, children, and future prospects. Envisaging the expectations you have of your marriage will make you to feel in control of the idea of marriage and your life after marriage. Discuss all such things openly with your partner before committing for marriage. Listing your fears and expectations before committing to a relationship will help avoid surprises post marriage.

Final decision to marry should come with conviction to spend the rest of your life with same person

Don’t let anyone force you into marriage, not even your prospective partner. Listen to your own conscious and only if you are convinced about marrying him/her and spending your entire life together, is when you should actually go ahead with tying the knot.

10 Things to Look For While Choosing Your Life Partner

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Choosing the right partner is an art form.  We are living in a time where broken relationships and divorce rates are at its highest so picking the right person may seem quite daunting. Look for these 10 things while finding your perfect match:

1. Let go of the tiny details.

Look for a person who has qualities that will help build a solid foundation of a good relationship: honesty, kindness, empathy and reliability.  Qualities such as sense of humor, good dancer, etc. are nice to have but in reality they aren’t necessary for you to be in a happy relationship.

2. You can be yourself around her/him: It may sound clichéd but having a partner who you can be your complete clumsy, crazy self with, without any judgment is a wonderful feeling.  Your relationship is your safe place where you can be 100% comfortable in, without having to put any kind of mask on.

3. Be clear about what is accepted and what isn’t: Do not put up with any situation that does not align with your personal values as you are blocking yourself from meeting the right person. Be clear about what your deal breakers are and don’t wait for something to change that obviously won’t.

4. You want to live similar lives: You may not think much about similar lifestyles, but it is a crucial aspect to keep in your mind. You should be on the same page when it comes to details like how many kids you’d want, if you’d want to stay put or keep travelling etc. Plenty of free matrimonial sites let you put in your preferences to filter out potential matches.

5. Drama doesn’t equate to love: If your relationships seem like an emotional roller coaster, that isn’t love! The average good relationship isn’t entertaining enough like they show in movies.

6. Are you settling or compromising?

There is a huge difference between the two, as the former leaves you feeling cheated by life. Do not let yourself settle for any less than you deserve by signing up to marriage websites that won’t let you be disappointed.

7. Give the most unlikely pick a chance as well

Meet someone and give them a chance, even if they aren’t your ‘type’. The attraction grows the more you get to know someone and that’s the case, especially in an Indian marriage. Arranged marriages work in India because you give people a chance and fall in love with them in the process.

8. Get rid of your checklist

Your extensive list with traits of the ideal partner has to go! Don’t let your checklist make you miss out on finding a great match. Focus more on how the other person makes you feel instead of making sure his qualities fit your list.

9. Don’t let fear decide for you

Don’t choose a partner just because you’re scared about ending up alone. Don’t let your fear choose an Indian bride for marriage who you aren’t sure of completely. It’s better to wait than make a hasty decision.

10. Have fun!

The most underrated tip is to pick someone who you can have fun with. Life is a difficult road with quite a few speed bumps. It’s best to choose someone who will hold your hand through it all and laugh with you.

8 Most Important Things Every Indian Bride Must Keep in Mind While Shopping for Wedding dress

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Shopping for the Wedding dress is definitely one the most exciting aspects of the wedding preparation for any bride-to-be. The desire to look stunning, catching the attention of all those attending the wedding, is what every bride strives for. However, the process of picking the perfect wedding dress is not always easy. Being too casual about wedding shopping could land you in trouble and last minute blunders. With a few cautions and proper planning, the wedding shopping experience can actually be fun.

Listed below are a few things every Indian bride should consider before and during the wedding shopping:

Keep your wedding season in mind

Don’t ignore the season’s role in your wedding. Too heavy wedding dress in screeching hot summers would be a disaster, as same as light skimpy dress in winters. Make sure you choose your wedding dress accordingly, to avoid any discomfort on your big day.

Plan with your fiancé

Though it is important for a bride to look stunning, but it is equally important for the bride and the groom to look well-matched on their wedding day. Hence planning your wedding shopping in silos is not a great idea. Surely, you would want to portray yourself as the best couple, rather than just “you” alone.

Do your homework well

Once you are clear about what kind of dress you would want basis the weather conditions and matching with your partner’s wedding attire, it is always recommended to search for options online. This will give you an idea about the latest trends in the desired segment and tentative budget requirements as well.

Do not Shop too early or too late

Make sure to plan your wedding shopping at a rational time from your wedding date. Too early purchases might make you feel uninterested in your choice by the actual date, whereas last minute shopping can put you at risk of goof-ups. 2-3 months before wedding is the best time to start bridal dress shopping.

Finalize your Budget

Be clear on your budget for the wedding dress and plan your shopping accordingly. Going shopping with unplanned budget, might tempt you to spend unreasonably on the wedding dress which you might regret later. Avoid the places that might fall apart from your budget range as it would mean a sheer waste of time and energy.

Go shopping with someone you trust

Go shopping with someone who has patience and a good fashion sense too. Avoid shopping with too many people as it will create havoc. A sibling or a friend or some trustworthy close relative can be your best shopping partner.

Don’t settle for the first one…but avoid trying too many

Even if you like the first dress you check out, do explore at least a few options instead of settling down at the very first option. Though trying too many options is again not a good idea as you would get more confused and exhausted in the process of trying each and every dress that you come across.

Equally prioritize your comfort

Last but not the least; do not compromise on your comfort. Your bridal look is important but not at the cost of your comfort. An uncomfortable wedding dress, how so ever elegant or beautiful, will ruin your entire wedding excitement. Discomfort owing to your dress, will surely reflect on your face and will mar your wedding looks.

Is it really worth spending a hefty amount on Wedding?

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Indian weddings are primarily known for their magnificence and spectacular setups. And why not, it’s once in a lifetime event for any couple and they have huge expectations for their THE DAY. A simple reason for such huge expectations is, being brought up in a society where they have been witnessing and enjoying such large scale wedding since their childhood. But they were never aware of the darker side of such weddings. It’s been widely seen that parents and family of the bride would go an extra mile beyond their limits, to arrange for a super lavish wedding.  Even if that means getting into huge debts just to celebrate that one day and please others.

Here is a million dollar question – Whether to go for a lavish wedding or opt for a simple wedding, keeping it a close family affair? Let’s help you take a closer look at the major areas which contribute to the maximum expense of a lavish wedding:

Wedding dress – Every Bride’s dream is to look like a princess on her wedding day, and she would not mind spending a huge amount on that one dress/ lehenga that is to be worn for not more than a few hours. And probably would never ever be used again in future. Same goes for a groom’s attire as well. Will he is wearing that expensive sherwani or a 3 piece suit ever again? If the answer is no or maybe, then probably the decision to go for an expensive wedding dress should be reconsidered.

Venue & Catering – It is a place that will accommodate all your distant relatives, friends, known and not so known people who would be there just to enjoy an extravagant event and a lavish dinner with elaborate menu options on the card. They all will be there accompanying you on your big day but have you ever thought, would they all be there to support you in time of need? The number would perhaps boil down to less than one percent. Is it worth spending your hard earned money for such people – give it a thought.

Invitation cards – Latest trends on wedding invitation cards is not just catching the eyeballs but also creating hole in the pocket. Fancy invitation cards accompanied with sweets / dry fruits/ a gift box look really appealing and though there is no denial to the fact that the receiver will appreciate such invitation, but do you really think it will make any significant difference in the feelings of the host or the guest? Will this card be there with the receiver for the life time? Surely NO! Then why to invest highly on them?

Gifts & Favors – Last but not the least, presenting gifts to everyone attending the wedding forms a significant part of the Indian wedding. Believe it or not, the value of the gift is judged in monetary terms only. The one who receives the gift might or might not value the gift, but whatsoever be the case, you would have already spent a lot on the gifts. So, what do you think? Is it really worth spending money on these gifts?

For a bride or groom belonging to upper class of society, all these expenses might look miniscule when compared to the pleasure they offer, but still, the need and importance of these affairs is debatable. For a middle class Indian bride or groom, it is much beyond the debate, as every extra penny spent is likely to hit on your budget. The same amount can probably help you ease your day to day life expenses.

Its about the priorities that the couple and their families set for themselves – whether they want to spend wisely or just spend to please the society – worth giving a serious thought!

Why do NRI prefer Indian brides?

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The trends on the Matrimonial sites and elsewhere indicates that Indian NRI bachelor mostly looks for the Indian brides for marriage. Although, they may have many foreign girlfriends abroad, but they prefer only Indian girls when it comes to marriage. Why is it so? Well, there is no direct answer, but the major reason remains entwined in the psychology and sociology of the born NRI men. A thorough research might help you find out some unexplored reasons, but here I am enlisting a few major reasons.

1. Cultural Inclination

A man is often separated from his family for earning or getting a good life, but he remains attached to his hometown and culture. Culture is something that a person cannot easily forget or adopt. Accepting a new culture takes a lot of time. Even if one accepts the culture, he internally vies for the old cultural values and instincts with which he was once tied. Marrying an Indian girl who shares the similar cultural values makes him internally satisfied and happy. Marriage is all about accepting and understanding each other. Cultural similarity makes the bonding more strong.

 2. Ease of return:

Some NRI men prefer  Indian bride for marriage to safe-lock their chances of return to India. Yes, this is true. Some NRI men live abroad with their hearts in their own country. Although, the chances of their return to the mainland are feeble, but then also they desire to come back some day and stay there. It may be that, they are unsure about when they will return, but their heart strongly pounds with the thought of return. To increase their chances of returning, they prefer to marry an Indian girl. The reason being, if they ever wish to leave this country, their spouse will be on equal terms with them and agree to accompany them.

3. Need for a stable family:

Cultural effects, upbringing manner, etc. have a greater impact on men born in India. Even the years of separation cannot erase these impacts fully. The family set up of Indian families is far different from foreign families. NRI men strongly feel that no other girl than that born in India can ever understand his proper family set up, or even if the other girl can, she will not be able to mold according to their family style. And to some extent this is also true. Adjusting in Indian families with outspoken relatives is not an easy task. So they want a wife who is trained to adjust in Indian families of this kind.

4. Male superiority

In India, until now, men enjoy a privileged position over women in many areas. NRI groom brought up in India, grows up watching his dad taking all the important decisions of the house, while supporting his mother. He has seen his mother catering the Desi delicacies to the family and wants the similar privilege for him also. To get all this for himself, marrying an Indian girl seems to him as a sure shot solution. It is also one of the major reasons for why NRI groom prefers an Indian girl for marriage.

5. Financial Gain

If an NRI groom is looking for some kind of a financial gain, naturally he gets it better by his in-laws living in India as some Indians believe in giving expensive gifts and money to their son-in-law and daughter on wedding. Marrying an Indian girl also satisfies the ego of any egoistic man. An NRI groom is usually considered as a VIP in the family for his greatest merit of being an NRI.

The reasons for an NRI to marry an Indian girl are logical as well as critical. It may be that he had loved a girl back in India and want her as his spouse, or he is in deep love with the Indian cultural values, or he wants dowry. Whatever be the reason, remember that, in the end only the good intentions win. The end-result of any marriage should be a happy and life filled with love and we wish the same for all.