5 ways to overcome your marriage fear before you tie the knot

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A weird feeling of fear that surrounds couples before marriage is aptly justified. After all they are about to enter an entirely new and different phase of life, good enough a reason to pass chills down the spine. Just a few steps can help diminish you fear to the minimum.

Identify the reason for your fear

There could be a numerous reasons for this fear, but you are the only one who can identify the real reason for your fear. It is utmost important to deal with this before entering the institution of marriage and take any decision pertaining to the same. If it merely a fear of failing in something new, it can be completely overcome by simply focusing on the positives and drifting away from the negative thoughts. Be candid with your feelings and your partner. Speak up and try to find a solution together.

Discuss with those whose relationship you admire

Let other happy couples you admire be your role model. Let them give you enough reasons to start your journey fearlessly. Talk to them, let them tell you their tales and learn from their experiences. Listen to how they communicate with each other, how they love & respect each other amidst all ups and downs of life. Converse with them about your fear of marriage and take the advice they offer you. Know the lighter aspects marriage and the difficult ones too. A candid opinion form such a couple will help you sail through your emotional journey. Their insight in most probability will act like your strength and base for a happy marriage.

Understand that marriage is a roll-a-coaster

Unlike any other relationship, marriage is a roll-a-coaster that only the two are riding and no two roll-a-coasters are same. But what is common in all marriages is agreements, disagreements, arguments and make-ups. No relationship is perfect and marriage is no different. It is bound to have its own complications, imperfections and ups and downs. There will be tough times and it is all the more important to stand by each other in such times, further strengthening the relationship. Giving up on tough times is the deadly blunder some couples do end up with, spoiling their relationship and setting dreadful example for others too.

Recognize your exact expectations out of the relationship

Be clear on all your expectations and your desires from your relationship. Contemplate all matters from career, education, place of stay, children, and future prospects. Envisaging the expectations you have of your marriage will make you to feel in control of the idea of marriage and your life after marriage. Discuss all such things openly with your partner before committing for marriage. Listing your fears and expectations before committing to a relationship will help avoid surprises post marriage.

Final decision to marry should come with conviction to spend the rest of your life with same person

Don’t let anyone force you into marriage, not even your prospective partner. Listen to your own conscious and only if you are convinced about marrying him/her and spending your entire life together, is when you should actually go ahead with tying the knot.

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