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The Indian Dowry System and its Downfall

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Not many matrimonial websites will tackle this issue, but we need to understand the genesis of the dowry system and its present ugly nature. During matrimony, the Indian bride’s family is expected to ‘willingly gift’ the Indian groom and his family cash, gold, car and other material goods as dowry.

Dowry system was not always the scourge of our society. In ancient times, since girls were not allowed to inherit land, property or cattle, she was given gifts of gold ornaments, clothes, utensils,etc., during matrimony. Clothes and utensils to help her set up her new home. Gold ornaments were safety net in times of financial duress. These items were always hers; never claimed either by her husband or his family. In many cases, prospective grooms offered to the prospective bride. If she changed her mind, she had the right to keep the gifts with her.

It was not until 1035 A.D. when one finds the mention of the Indian bride’s family offering gifts to the Indian groom. Usually, the well-off families of the groom brought gifts; low-income families couldn’t, however, that never came in the way of the real purpose of matrimony.

Over time the practice has degenerated to such an extent that it has become a social evil, with its roots deep across all strata and religions of India.

Reasons why this evil pervades in our society:

1) Inferior Position of Women – No matter how well qualified, educated, financially independent a girl is, in our patriarchal society she holds a position inferior to the man. The Indian bride and her family are expected to appease the Indian groom and his family to acknowledge this superior position.

2) Greed – The Indian groom’s family see their son a ticket to fortune. The Indian bride’s family is expected to compensate the groom’s family for the ‘cost’ and ‘effort’ of raising an eligible son.

3) Social Pressure – Matrimony as an institution is held sacred by Indians. Divorce is a taboo and to see a girl return back to her parental home, is considered a shame. Knowing this, the Indian groom and his family believe they have the freedom to harass the Indian bride and her family for more dowry, leading to torture and even death.

4) Reluctance to abide by the law – There are laws to protect the Indian bride and make dowry an offence, but it is the lack of adequate education, social pressure, etc. that prevents the bride’s family from taking help of law.

Dowry system is the main reason why Indian families prefer bearing sons; there is widespread female infanticide, suicide among women to escape the torture at the hands of in-laws and shame at the hands of her family.

To get rid of this evil, women must be educated, financially independent, must have control over their finances, and must be allowed to inherit from her father. There should be no shame associated with late marriage, being single women or even divorce. Women and their families must be made aware of the various laws to protect them (Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code, Section 302 of IPC, Section 498A of IPC, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005).

Matrimonial Search Made Simpler with Lovevivah.com

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In Indian context, marriage is considered as one of the most important aspect of life. This one decision is powerful enough to change the rest of your life, to best or to worst, depending upon how efficiently the decision was taken after what all considerations. Yes, deciding to get married is one thing but finding a perfect life-partner with whom life can be a beautiful journey is an imperative one.

Gone are the days when relatives and friends used to play a significant role in match making. In present time their role has merely boiled down to attending the wedding and related events, whereas finding a suitable match remains as a key responsibility of the immediate family members only. In order to ease their efforts, online matrimonial websites play a significant role. Though the elder generation still might be a little skeptical about the use of online matrimonial websites as a means to search a matrimonial profile as they are not so internet savvy and their general perception about profiles on these sites is that they are of fake nature.For users with such inhibitions, LoveVivah has created a platform that is very easy to use and completely trustworthy. One doesn’t have to be very tech friendly to use LoveVivah services that are available across Web, WAP and APP. The interface is simple and easy to use. Here are a few features that make it user friendly.

1) A fresh and lively look of the homepage that gives an encouraging statement about the whole idea of finding a perfect life-partner.

2) Search can be initiated directly form the home page without even registering on the site. This gives the user a reason to register once he/she finds multiple of profiles matching his/her preference.


3) Linking of Aadhaar number with the account is a feature that doubly assures the users about the authenticity of profiles that exist on the interface. Any new user registering on LoveVivah has to mandatorily get his/her Aadhaar Number linked to the account. In absence of Aadhaar card, other relevant identity documents like passport, PAN card or driving license can be uploaded to prove the authenticity.


4) Users can be as elaborate about themselves as they want, by giving their personal details, family details, career and education details, etc. Sharing more details ensures a better match that suits the requirement.

5) Photos are another important aspect of any matrimonial profile. LoveVivah provides a facility to its users to upload the best of their photos directly form Facebook, which prevents the user from the hassle of searching and uploading each and every photo individually.

6) Users can shortlist the profiles as per their requirement, send them interest and do much more. Interacting with interested profiles is really easy and hassle free, but only for trusted and verified users.

7) All in all, the user experience on LoveVivah is smooth and pleasant. To experience this on your own, visit LoveVivah and register to find a perfect life-partner for yourself or you may also register for your sibling, friend or relative and help them find a perfect life-partner.

Tips to Manage Finances Post Marriage

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Matrimony is not just about finding a perfect match but also about working out the various aspects of relationship post marriage. Online Matrimonial Sites can help you find a perfect match but managing your relationship post marriage is something that you have to work on. An important aspect of a marital relationship is the efficient handling of finances. A well-organized management of finances brings in peace and harmony. If both the partners are earning then jointly managing the funds and expenses with transparency and without clashes is an art. Whereas in case of only one partner as earning arm, it becomes all the more important to be transparent about the available funds and manage all expenses accordingly.

Here are a few tips for smooth management of finances:

1) Work as a Team – Set your goals as a team and estimate the efforts, funds and investments required to fulfill those in the required time frame. It is thus crucial for both to be on the same page first with a common vision to properly work as a team. Find ways to accomplish those goals. Be each other’s support and encourager. Being aware of your weaknesses and strengths as a couple will give you confidence.

2) Share Responsibilities – Finance management by a couple is not about having a rushed discussion with each other and then one person taking the entire responsibility for the couple. Rather it involves both partners working together and sharing responsibilities equally. Both husband and wife need to take part in planning, decision making, budgeting, spending and more.

3) Be Candid – Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to financial management in a matrimonial relationship. For any mistaken spends or investment that have turned otherwise, do confess with your partner. This might give rise to some unpleasant moments initially but eventually will strengthen your relationship owning to amplified trust and respect for each other.

4) Trust Your Spouse – Unless you have got a reason to doubt, trust your new spouse to handle money. Holding all responsibilities to yourself or watching every move he or she makes is supercilious and demeaning. Do not try to keep a tab on each and every penny spent, rather – trust him or her.

5) Identify the Right Level of Risk as a Couple – Your spouse and yourself might not always be on the same page when considering investments. The frequency of risk-taking mindset might vary or even be at extremes. At such times, you both need to settle down at a level you both are comfortable with. It has to be a compromise rather than one person dominating over the other.

6) Gain from each other’s experience – Everyone has a different level of expertise in different fields. You might be good at managing and controlling day to day expenses whereas your partner might be good at managing investments or vice versa. As mentioned previously, analyze your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and then divide the responsibilities.

7) Don’t get hyper while discussing finances – In any adverse situation keep a control over your emotions and anger to be specific. Reacting in fury won’t do any help but instead would spoil your relationship. Discuss sensitive finance matters calmly and address the issues as a team rather than as individuals.

8) Reminisce your Wedding Vows – Eventually, successful matrimony alliance is all about keeping to the vows you made. When you vowed to stand by your spouse in all circumstances, stand by your vows. You will face good times and bad times as a couple and try not to let money issues worsen your difficult times. Don’t let the financial matters be a reason for a tiff between you and your spouse rather use it as an opportunity to grow closer.

10 Things to Look For While Choosing Your Life Partner

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Choosing the right partner is an art form.  We are living in a time where broken relationships and divorce rates are at its highest so picking the right person may seem quite daunting. Look for these 10 things while finding your perfect match:

1. Let go of the tiny details.

Look for a person who has qualities that will help build a solid foundation of a good relationship: honesty, kindness, empathy and reliability.  Qualities such as sense of humor, good dancer, etc. are nice to have but in reality they aren’t necessary for you to be in a happy relationship.

2. You can be yourself around her/him: It may sound clichéd but having a partner who you can be your complete clumsy, crazy self with, without any judgment is a wonderful feeling.  Your relationship is your safe place where you can be 100% comfortable in, without having to put any kind of mask on.

3. Be clear about what is accepted and what isn’t: Do not put up with any situation that does not align with your personal values as you are blocking yourself from meeting the right person. Be clear about what your deal breakers are and don’t wait for something to change that obviously won’t.

4. You want to live similar lives: You may not think much about similar lifestyles, but it is a crucial aspect to keep in your mind. You should be on the same page when it comes to details like how many kids you’d want, if you’d want to stay put or keep travelling etc. Plenty of free matrimonial sites let you put in your preferences to filter out potential matches.

5. Drama doesn’t equate to love: If your relationships seem like an emotional roller coaster, that isn’t love! The average good relationship isn’t entertaining enough like they show in movies.

6. Are you settling or compromising?

There is a huge difference between the two, as the former leaves you feeling cheated by life. Do not let yourself settle for any less than you deserve by signing up to marriage websites that won’t let you be disappointed.

7. Give the most unlikely pick a chance as well

Meet someone and give them a chance, even if they aren’t your ‘type’. The attraction grows the more you get to know someone and that’s the case, especially in an Indian marriage. Arranged marriages work in India because you give people a chance and fall in love with them in the process.

8. Get rid of your checklist

Your extensive list with traits of the ideal partner has to go! Don’t let your checklist make you miss out on finding a great match. Focus more on how the other person makes you feel instead of making sure his qualities fit your list.

9. Don’t let fear decide for you

Don’t choose a partner just because you’re scared about ending up alone. Don’t let your fear choose an Indian bride for marriage who you aren’t sure of completely. It’s better to wait than make a hasty decision.

10. Have fun!

The most underrated tip is to pick someone who you can have fun with. Life is a difficult road with quite a few speed bumps. It’s best to choose someone who will hold your hand through it all and laugh with you.