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Tips to Create an Impressive Matrimony Profile

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“Marriages are made in heaven,” but it is on the person to search for a bride or a groom. With the advancement in technology and overseas relationships and connectivity, matrimony sites come as saviors. You create a matrimonial profile, search according to your likes and dislikes, match a person, get to know each other and select the “perfect match” to marry him/her.

These websites being user-friendly can easily be accessed by both the youth and the elders in a family. There are a lot of features that attract people to comfortably put up their profiles on these sites such as the privacy option. It allows both the parties to access each other’s full profile only when they are genuinely interested. These websites have gained popularity and trust because they have managed not to let this platform turn into a dating site and have won credibility for upholding the sanctity of marriage.

The advantages of these matrimonial sites are many such as the personal choice and increase in options being global-social platforms with a specific and target purpose of matrimony.
However, one has to also take care of how a profile should look to have the perfect match, fulfilling all the requirements that one looks in his/her future life-partner. Some tips to create an impressive matrimony profile are as follows:

1) One Should Be Honest With the Information Provided: The information you provide must be correct and complete. One should always be honest when providing information about oneself as wrong information can get you an expression of interest from another person, but ultimately, it is the authenticity of information that helps you get the perfect match.

2) Pictures Are the Heart of a Profile: Pictures are a must as they constitute the most crucial part of matrimonial profiles. Photos create an impression that attracts viewers. One should upload as many pictures, in different profiles and scenarios, as possible as they help the other person to know your personality and most importantly, how you look. One should upload pictures that are naturally clicked. It should not be group pictures, and preferably, the background should be your home or office as it creates a trust factor with the person who is making a choice. Photos should not form an impression that they have been clicked for the sole purpose of putting them on the website. You should also never use a dated picture.

3) Make Sure Your Profile Is Adequately Detailed: The bigger the profile, the better it is! One should add all the essential details about oneself including the links to their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as it amounts to authenticity and the other person can go through the profiles to know you better.

4) Being Self-Centric Is A Big No: It’s true that a matrimonial profile is all about you. But, don’t be too specific about it. For example, while creating a Gujarati matrimonial profile, don’t be too specific about the cultural aspects, even if you are searching for a Gujarati bride or a Gujarati groom. Be flexible so that a person can initiate an interaction as the matrimonial profile is on a global platform, and there should always be scope for interaction with other people to make an informed choice.

5) Mentioning the Family Background: This is one essential element that must be included in your matrimonial profile. Matrimonial site, not being a dating site, should include information about your family, who all are a part of your family, what they do, etc. This helps the other person and his/her family to know a little bit about the status and background you belong to. It also forms an integral part of your personality at times.

6) No Scope of Errors: The sanctity of marriage relies on truth & faith. Therefore, one must be true and correct about the information provided in the profile for the other person. This is because, at the time of the personal meet, it can be disastrous to find out about the false information you put up on the profile. It also includes being grammatically correct as it forms an impression on the other person and being grammatically wrong won’t make for an impressive profile.

7) Partner Preferences: A matrimonial profile consists of two parts – personal information and partner preferences. On the one hand, while writing down the personal information, be honest about it and don’t oversell yourself. On the other hand, while mentioning the partner preferences, don’t be unreasonable about it by expressing high expectations. Be balanced about it. One should be sensible and subtle enough with the words while mentioning them.

8) Get A Second Opinion About The Profile: It is always a good idea to get your matrimonial profile reviewed by someone who is close to you. It can be a family member or a friend as they are also the ones who know you closely and have a different perspective than you. They can advise you on some modification in the profile or about your personality (according to them), which could be a positive change to the profile.

9) Browse Through the Profiles of Other People: It is an excellent way to make your profile impressive. One can scroll through some top profiles on the site to know how they should introduce the information in a more presentable manner. However, don’t copy the same information or pattern out of a profile as it can easily be figured out by intelligent people. Be creative and honest enough to pick up suggestions for yourself to include in your profile.

10) Don’t Lose Hope and Heart: There is always someone, somewhere who is made for you in heaven. Therefore, don’t lose hope over delayed responses or no matches. There will be times when your interest requests would be rejected, or you won’t get the desired results of your choice. Be patient and hopeful as sooner or later, you shall find your soulmate who matches your preference, and you match theirs.

So, what are you waiting for? With these tips in your pocket, get cracking on your matrimonial profile today!

Do you visualize a dream or a nightmare at your wedding?

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As the D-day comes closer what do you visualize- a dream or a nightmare. Most of the time the time just flies in making the arrangements that you just go with the flow without anything sinking in.

But as the day draws closer, your dream of a perfect wedding can turn it into a nightmare if things are not planned and organized well. Matrimonial sites can help you find your perfect one but organizing the wedding would need special expertize. Either you opt to arrange everything on your own, which can be satisfying yet chaotic & hectic. Or else you can opt for the services of an event organizing agencies. It works in the favor of the Indian bride and Indian groom to leave the planning to their professional hands.

If the Indian bride and Indian groom want to plan their matrimony on their own then as soon as the date for the matrimony is finalized, both families should work in tandem to turn it into a memorable event. It can turn into a clash of egos and bickering if both families don’t agree on a plan and put it on paper. Sticking to a plan works best when planning a major event like a wedding. Make a monthly check-list for easy execution.

As Indian customs differ from one home to another, it is always better to discuss things up-front than making an issue of it later.

Always start with a Common List-

During a wedding there will be a lot of common functions that will be held together. Make a list of decorations, invitations, venue, and functions. Plan to the last detail and make sure that both families have identical copies, better yet make it typed copies as per each function.

Prepare a guest list-

Most problems originate where there are more people involved. Make a list of all people and then segregate them according to the functions for which they will be invited. Pass on the list to both families, because the groom’s family needs to know who to invite and the same goes for the brides’. You don’t want to ruffle any feathers by leaving out anyone important.

Customs followed-

Every family has their traditions and customs. And it is always better for both families to discuss them to the last detail so that there is no confusion at the last minute. By doing this, you also ensure that the relatives attending the wedding don’t get a chance to point fingers.

Plan a Budget-

Estimate your costs and decide which family is organizing which function. Money is a culprit for creating the maximum confusion and trouble. Being clear on this issue keeps away bad feelings among the families.

Gifts List-

Indian weddings are all about gifts, and it is not limited to the bride and groom. It is given to all the closest relatives of both families. A finalized list should be exchanged between both the families, and the value of the gifts should be based on the relationship with the groom or bride.

Pick a venue-

Another thing which both the families should agree upon is the venue. Sometimes with outstation weddings, it becomes more difficult to decide on the location. It’s usually more manageable for the family who has a lesser number of the guest list to travel.
Weddings are high-energy and chaotic occasions, but a little planning is all that is needed to make it memorable. For both the families, it is a new beginning, and it should not start on a sour note. Bad feelings which develop during weddings are carried throughout the life and sometimes ruins relationships beyond repair.

5 ways to overcome your marriage fear before you tie the knot

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A weird feeling of fear that surrounds couples before marriage is aptly justified. After all they are about to enter an entirely new and different phase of life, good enough a reason to pass chills down the spine. Just a few steps can help diminish you fear to the minimum.

Identify the reason for your fear

There could be a numerous reasons for this fear, but you are the only one who can identify the real reason for your fear. It is utmost important to deal with this before entering the institution of marriage and take any decision pertaining to the same. If it merely a fear of failing in something new, it can be completely overcome by simply focusing on the positives and drifting away from the negative thoughts. Be candid with your feelings and your partner. Speak up and try to find a solution together.

Discuss with those whose relationship you admire

Let other happy couples you admire be your role model. Let them give you enough reasons to start your journey fearlessly. Talk to them, let them tell you their tales and learn from their experiences. Listen to how they communicate with each other, how they love & respect each other amidst all ups and downs of life. Converse with them about your fear of marriage and take the advice they offer you. Know the lighter aspects marriage and the difficult ones too. A candid opinion form such a couple will help you sail through your emotional journey. Their insight in most probability will act like your strength and base for a happy marriage.

Understand that marriage is a roll-a-coaster

Unlike any other relationship, marriage is a roll-a-coaster that only the two are riding and no two roll-a-coasters are same. But what is common in all marriages is agreements, disagreements, arguments and make-ups. No relationship is perfect and marriage is no different. It is bound to have its own complications, imperfections and ups and downs. There will be tough times and it is all the more important to stand by each other in such times, further strengthening the relationship. Giving up on tough times is the deadly blunder some couples do end up with, spoiling their relationship and setting dreadful example for others too.

Recognize your exact expectations out of the relationship

Be clear on all your expectations and your desires from your relationship. Contemplate all matters from career, education, place of stay, children, and future prospects. Envisaging the expectations you have of your marriage will make you to feel in control of the idea of marriage and your life after marriage. Discuss all such things openly with your partner before committing for marriage. Listing your fears and expectations before committing to a relationship will help avoid surprises post marriage.

Final decision to marry should come with conviction to spend the rest of your life with same person

Don’t let anyone force you into marriage, not even your prospective partner. Listen to your own conscious and only if you are convinced about marrying him/her and spending your entire life together, is when you should actually go ahead with tying the knot.

Is it really worth spending a hefty amount on Wedding?

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Indian weddings are primarily known for their magnificence and spectacular setups. And why not, it’s once in a lifetime event for any couple and they have huge expectations for their THE DAY. A simple reason for such huge expectations is, being brought up in a society where they have been witnessing and enjoying such large scale wedding since their childhood. But they were never aware of the darker side of such weddings. It’s been widely seen that parents and family of the bride would go an extra mile beyond their limits, to arrange for a super lavish wedding.  Even if that means getting into huge debts just to celebrate that one day and please others.

Here is a million dollar question – Whether to go for a lavish wedding or opt for a simple wedding, keeping it a close family affair? Let’s help you take a closer look at the major areas which contribute to the maximum expense of a lavish wedding:

Wedding dress – Every Bride’s dream is to look like a princess on her wedding day, and she would not mind spending a huge amount on that one dress/ lehenga that is to be worn for not more than a few hours. And probably would never ever be used again in future. Same goes for a groom’s attire as well. Will he is wearing that expensive sherwani or a 3 piece suit ever again? If the answer is no or maybe, then probably the decision to go for an expensive wedding dress should be reconsidered.

Venue & Catering – It is a place that will accommodate all your distant relatives, friends, known and not so known people who would be there just to enjoy an extravagant event and a lavish dinner with elaborate menu options on the card. They all will be there accompanying you on your big day but have you ever thought, would they all be there to support you in time of need? The number would perhaps boil down to less than one percent. Is it worth spending your hard earned money for such people – give it a thought.

Invitation cards – Latest trends on wedding invitation cards is not just catching the eyeballs but also creating hole in the pocket. Fancy invitation cards accompanied with sweets / dry fruits/ a gift box look really appealing and though there is no denial to the fact that the receiver will appreciate such invitation, but do you really think it will make any significant difference in the feelings of the host or the guest? Will this card be there with the receiver for the life time? Surely NO! Then why to invest highly on them?

Gifts & Favors – Last but not the least, presenting gifts to everyone attending the wedding forms a significant part of the Indian wedding. Believe it or not, the value of the gift is judged in monetary terms only. The one who receives the gift might or might not value the gift, but whatsoever be the case, you would have already spent a lot on the gifts. So, what do you think? Is it really worth spending money on these gifts?

For a bride or groom belonging to upper class of society, all these expenses might look miniscule when compared to the pleasure they offer, but still, the need and importance of these affairs is debatable. For a middle class Indian bride or groom, it is much beyond the debate, as every extra penny spent is likely to hit on your budget. The same amount can probably help you ease your day to day life expenses.

Its about the priorities that the couple and their families set for themselves – whether they want to spend wisely or just spend to please the society – worth giving a serious thought!