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10 Things to Look For While Choosing Your Life Partner

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Choosing the right partner is an art form.  We are living in a time where broken relationships and divorce rates are at its highest so picking the right person may seem quite daunting. Look for these 10 things while finding your perfect match:

1. Let go of the tiny details.

Look for a person who has qualities that will help build a solid foundation of a good relationship: honesty, kindness, empathy and reliability.  Qualities such as sense of humor, good dancer, etc. are nice to have but in reality they aren’t necessary for you to be in a happy relationship.

2. You can be yourself around her/him: It may sound clichéd but having a partner who you can be your complete clumsy, crazy self with, without any judgment is a wonderful feeling.  Your relationship is your safe place where you can be 100% comfortable in, without having to put any kind of mask on.

3. Be clear about what is accepted and what isn’t: Do not put up with any situation that does not align with your personal values as you are blocking yourself from meeting the right person. Be clear about what your deal breakers are and don’t wait for something to change that obviously won’t.

4. You want to live similar lives: You may not think much about similar lifestyles, but it is a crucial aspect to keep in your mind. You should be on the same page when it comes to details like how many kids you’d want, if you’d want to stay put or keep travelling etc. Plenty of free matrimonial sites let you put in your preferences to filter out potential matches.

5. Drama doesn’t equate to love: If your relationships seem like an emotional roller coaster, that isn’t love! The average good relationship isn’t entertaining enough like they show in movies.

6. Are you settling or compromising?

There is a huge difference between the two, as the former leaves you feeling cheated by life. Do not let yourself settle for any less than you deserve by signing up to marriage websites that won’t let you be disappointed.

7. Give the most unlikely pick a chance as well

Meet someone and give them a chance, even if they aren’t your ‘type’. The attraction grows the more you get to know someone and that’s the case, especially in an Indian marriage. Arranged marriages work in India because you give people a chance and fall in love with them in the process.

8. Get rid of your checklist

Your extensive list with traits of the ideal partner has to go! Don’t let your checklist make you miss out on finding a great match. Focus more on how the other person makes you feel instead of making sure his qualities fit your list.

9. Don’t let fear decide for you

Don’t choose a partner just because you’re scared about ending up alone. Don’t let your fear choose an Indian bride for marriage who you aren’t sure of completely. It’s better to wait than make a hasty decision.

10. Have fun!

The most underrated tip is to pick someone who you can have fun with. Life is a difficult road with quite a few speed bumps. It’s best to choose someone who will hold your hand through it all and laugh with you.