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The Indian Dowry System and its Downfall

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Not many matrimonial websites will tackle this issue, but we need to understand the genesis of the dowry system and its present ugly nature. During matrimony, the Indian bride’s family is expected to ‘willingly gift’ the Indian groom and his family cash, gold, car and other material goods as dowry.

Dowry system was not always the scourge of our society. In ancient times, since girls were not allowed to inherit land, property or cattle, she was given gifts of gold ornaments, clothes, utensils,etc., during matrimony. Clothes and utensils to help her set up her new home. Gold ornaments were safety net in times of financial duress. These items were always hers; never claimed either by her husband or his family. In many cases, prospective grooms offered to the prospective bride. If she changed her mind, she had the right to keep the gifts with her.

It was not until 1035 A.D. when one finds the mention of the Indian bride’s family offering gifts to the Indian groom. Usually, the well-off families of the groom brought gifts; low-income families couldn’t, however, that never came in the way of the real purpose of matrimony.

Over time the practice has degenerated to such an extent that it has become a social evil, with its roots deep across all strata and religions of India.

Reasons why this evil pervades in our society:

1) Inferior Position of Women – No matter how well qualified, educated, financially independent a girl is, in our patriarchal society she holds a position inferior to the man. The Indian bride and her family are expected to appease the Indian groom and his family to acknowledge this superior position.

2) Greed – The Indian groom’s family see their son a ticket to fortune. The Indian bride’s family is expected to compensate the groom’s family for the ‘cost’ and ‘effort’ of raising an eligible son.

3) Social Pressure – Matrimony as an institution is held sacred by Indians. Divorce is a taboo and to see a girl return back to her parental home, is considered a shame. Knowing this, the Indian groom and his family believe they have the freedom to harass the Indian bride and her family for more dowry, leading to torture and even death.

4) Reluctance to abide by the law – There are laws to protect the Indian bride and make dowry an offence, but it is the lack of adequate education, social pressure, etc. that prevents the bride’s family from taking help of law.

Dowry system is the main reason why Indian families prefer bearing sons; there is widespread female infanticide, suicide among women to escape the torture at the hands of in-laws and shame at the hands of her family.

To get rid of this evil, women must be educated, financially independent, must have control over their finances, and must be allowed to inherit from her father. There should be no shame associated with late marriage, being single women or even divorce. Women and their families must be made aware of the various laws to protect them (Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code, Section 302 of IPC, Section 498A of IPC, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005).

Matrimonial Search Made Simpler with Lovevivah.com

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In Indian context, marriage is considered as one of the most important aspect of life. This one decision is powerful enough to change the rest of your life, to best or to worst, depending upon how efficiently the decision was taken after what all considerations. Yes, deciding to get married is one thing but finding a perfect life-partner with whom life can be a beautiful journey is an imperative one.

Gone are the days when relatives and friends used to play a significant role in match making. In present time their role has merely boiled down to attending the wedding and related events, whereas finding a suitable match remains as a key responsibility of the immediate family members only. In order to ease their efforts, online matrimonial websites play a significant role. Though the elder generation still might be a little skeptical about the use of online matrimonial websites as a means to search a matrimonial profile as they are not so internet savvy and their general perception about profiles on these sites is that they are of fake nature.For users with such inhibitions, LoveVivah has created a platform that is very easy to use and completely trustworthy. One doesn’t have to be very tech friendly to use LoveVivah services that are available across Web, WAP and APP. The interface is simple and easy to use. Here are a few features that make it user friendly.

1) A fresh and lively look of the homepage that gives an encouraging statement about the whole idea of finding a perfect life-partner.

2) Search can be initiated directly form the home page without even registering on the site. This gives the user a reason to register once he/she finds multiple of profiles matching his/her preference.


3) Linking of Aadhaar number with the account is a feature that doubly assures the users about the authenticity of profiles that exist on the interface. Any new user registering on LoveVivah has to mandatorily get his/her Aadhaar Number linked to the account. In absence of Aadhaar card, other relevant identity documents like passport, PAN card or driving license can be uploaded to prove the authenticity.


4) Users can be as elaborate about themselves as they want, by giving their personal details, family details, career and education details, etc. Sharing more details ensures a better match that suits the requirement.

5) Photos are another important aspect of any matrimonial profile. LoveVivah provides a facility to its users to upload the best of their photos directly form Facebook, which prevents the user from the hassle of searching and uploading each and every photo individually.

6) Users can shortlist the profiles as per their requirement, send them interest and do much more. Interacting with interested profiles is really easy and hassle free, but only for trusted and verified users.

7) All in all, the user experience on LoveVivah is smooth and pleasant. To experience this on your own, visit LoveVivah and register to find a perfect life-partner for yourself or you may also register for your sibling, friend or relative and help them find a perfect life-partner.

Beautiful Girl for Wedding with Professional Groom

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Indian Wedding Couple

Wedding is the most scarified time for both girl and boy in their life. Every person going to marry has importance decision to take on the relation way ahead. Better understanding with mutual respect for each other can create valuable trust for the couple. Girl is more sensitive for selection of the groom for wedding which she will have to spend the entire life. At the same time it is responsibility of the man to make suitable life for his wife to be. The quality of the living is also depends upon the structure of the family.

Parents are careful when they are searching the candidates for marriage of their son and daughter with social values. They look for the better profile of the groom or brides as per their choice which should be suitable to their family. The selected profiles may be accepted or rejected by their son or daughter to wed. Education, career, health, family are the key matters for the tools of marriage profile section. Beautiful girls are considered as the suitable bride profiles to be selected easily by the grooms. This acts like first impression and last long of the beauty.

Educated boy with better career are high demand among the bride’s family for good future after the wedding. Groom with professional job are very keen to select the bride according to the match with his family lifestyle. The grooms with higher income are most impressed for the brides for the good career and future. So every boy should think about their better carrier for getting a dream girl for wedding. If the financial situation of the groom is stable, he can manage the family better with his wife after marriage. The couple can plan better family with education, health, house with life style.

The bride should be more careful when the selecting the groom profile for her future husband. It is necessary to check all the details for the family and groom character, education, job, financial status and social behavior for better understanding. The girls can go online India matrimony sites for searching the suitable brides with validity for marriage. Upload your profile with bio data on the website to be listed on the bride or groom session. So the potential bride or groom candidate can contact with proposal for perfect match making. The family members can check the suitable candidates for the wedding solution.

Indian Marriage Services for Suitable Life Partners

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Indian marriage services

Marriages are fixed in the heaven by God. Every person is looking for good partners who will their spouse to start married family. There are various needs of different types for men searching for women as future wife who can manage their love life with better understanding. Love is the important in a relation to strong bond for progress ahead with someone. Quality living style with greater role of spouse in the family is also very essential to the husband and members his house. Husband is the role model for the control of his life with wife to lifetime.

Women have their special needs in reference to the future husband relation to social and financial situation of the man. She thinks that her husband should care, educated, behavior, financially stable to start the family with her. Every bride has desired that her husband should look handsome and protective to her with relations. Social impact also play major role for the selection of the candidates by the bride/woman looking for groom. Girl’s family members take care of finding a good boy suitable for their groom to settle down with family relations with strong valued bond forever.

Men in their marriage stage checking for the right woman who can be the best for wife to mention good family relation. Financially stabilized men look for beautiful girls with quality education, professionalism, communicative, lovely caring to her husband as well. Most of the boys have priorities life beauty, fashion, attractiveness are criteria of selecting their future wife. Boy’s family and parents think that their daughter-in-law should be caring, beautiful and socially good enough for relationship. Groom family matters for the bride because she will stay her entire life with in her husband’s house and the family members.

Finding a good spouse became easier due to the online marriage services available to all the people. Every candidate bride/groom can take opportunity of this online Indian matrimony sites to get register to find a suitable groom/bride for them accordingly. After registration of candidate profile with details of their bio-data, contact details online, they can see the valuable profile candidate as per requirements. Follow up the respond from each side of the bride and groom family can settle the selection of the candidate for wedding. The matrimonial service is available in free and paid of cost to the bride and grooms looking for their life partners.

Ideal Life Partner @Lovevivah.com

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From the very beginning of anyone’s existence we all seek our own perfect life partner who will love us, understand us and stand right beside us in all our happy and sad moments. A true life partner is one who not only fulfills all the above qualities but goes the extra mile to bring about the happiness and jubilation in an environment that is much desired by their spouse.


Nowadays, major concern that rests within our entire society and community is how to find that perfect life partner.Finding your own life partner is a huge a huge responsibility, as it is not just a matter of a day but an entire lifetime that one has to spend with the other and making sure that the partner is right is crucial or else living that life becomes really hard and one is left with not much option but helplessness. Marriage also decides the destiny of not only the people who got married but all those who are closely related to them as welfare concerns arise. That is in order to avoid any sort of tragedies, a person has to be very careful while choosing a life partner; lot of factors needs to be judged. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how perfect your “Ideal” life partner may be, we are normal human beings and we all have both good and bad qualities as opposed to what the society poses for us as a perfect man or woman.


Each one of us has different standards, idea and confidence. So the first thing men/women should be concerned about while choosing their life partner is the existence of the element of truth between each other. Both the partners need someone who can tell the truth about their entire lifetimes because when choosing an ideal partner, honesty must be a top priority. An ideal life partner should also share some of the other person’s interests whether it is socializing or meeting people. Similarly qualities like outgoing and friendly if shared can greatly add value to the relationship.And lastly he or she must be supportive in any way that is required by their spouse. Whether it is a major life decision or any kind of judgment or choice that one must make, support and advice can go long way in life and also boosts confidence in the other person.


So, as long as you can see or find such qualities in your ideal partner there is no other quality or aspect that needs to be judged whether it is financial status or how one looks, For it won’t be looks that will help you make your life decision but support and cosmopolitanism that will. Please get registered on Lovevivah.com for perfect life partner!