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Tamil Wedding Rituals: Sacred And Traditional

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Tamil Wedding Rituals

Tamilians are very much known for their simplicity and elegance. Even if you talk about their marriage rituals, you will feel that simplicity in their rituals as well. However, it is very important and the biggest event of once life, but still they keep it simple yet beautiful. Tamil marriages are not extravaganza like Punjabi weddings, yet they are lavish in their own ways. All Tamilians give a lot of priority to their rituals and traditions and pay more attention to conducting each and every ritual in its original form. Here, we are sharing the beautiful rituals of Tamilian wedding that takes place in Tamil Nadu.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham: All the wedding ceremonies begin in a Tamil bride and groom’s house with this special ritual, which is generally performed a day before the wedding. In this, both the families offer their prayers to God for a peaceful and uninterrupted wedding.

Sumangali Prarthanai: This term Sumangali refers to women who are blessed with happy and prosperous married life. In this ritual, a traditional pooja is conducted and prayers are offered to Sumangalis and the bride-to-be to seek their blessings for a prosperous and blissful married life. All the sumangalis are required to wear a traditional saree or Madisar as it is basic requirement for the pooja.

Pallikai Thellichal: In this ceremony, nine types of different grains along with curd are mixed and filled into seven earthen pots, which are nicely decorated with sandalwood. These pots are later immersed in the water to feed the fishes. This ritual includes feeding the fishes, it is considered very auspicious for the couple and for their future married life.

Nandi Sharardham: In this ritual, the Tamil bride and Tamil groom and their respective families pray to their ancestors. Both the families invite the Brahmins for the feast. They offer fruits, supari, coconut, paan, flowers, sweets and veshti angavastram (traditional clothes) and request Pundits to bless the couples for their prosperous married life.

Lagan Patrika: It is Tamil translation of wedding invitation. After the engagement ceremony, the wedding date is officially announced in front of the guests. The first wedding card is sent to temple and then distributed to other relatives, family members and friends.

Mangal Sanaanam: This ritual is performed on the dawn of the wedding day in the bride and groom’s house respectively. Haldi, Kumkum and some oil is applied on the bride and the groom before they take this holy bath to get ready for the marriage and perform other wedding rituals.

Gauri Pooja: Amongst all different rituals and Tamil wedding customs, this is one ritual which is performed by the Tamil bride on her wedding day. Once the bride is ready after taking the holy bath, she offers special prayers to Goddess Gauri who is considered a symbol of purity.

Pada Pooja: This is another important ritual before actual wedding ceremonies. In this ritual, the bride’s mother washes the feet of groom with water, chandan and kumkum. After completion of this ceremony, the bride is called in the mandap. Tamil Nadu matrimony portal gives marriage resumes of brides and grooms in Tamil Nadu. Find your spouse with Aadhaar matchmakings of Tamil matrimonial profiles.

Find The Best Wedding Dress For Your Zodiac Sign

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Wedding Dress For Bride

You can’t imagine an Indian wedding without any astrological consultation and connection. Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion in India. Most of the Indian couples tie the wedding knot after much scrutiny and horoscope matching. You don’t want to go wrong when it comes to wedding. To make your wedding day more special and bring all the positive energies, you can buy a wedding dress in a color related to your zodiac signs. Let’s take a look at different zodiac signs and their perfect bridal dress color according to their sun signs.

Aries: This is the first astrological sing in the zodiac and considered as a fire sign. Aries women are headstrong, energetic and bold. So all gorgeous and bold beauties, your perfect color is red. It shows your confidence, attractiveness and beauty. Red is also the color of prosperity and fertility.

Taurus: All those who are born under this sign are known for their strong will and calm nature. For you the color white, ivory, subtle blue and pink are just perfect to choose your wedding dress. Don’t hesitate to show your naughtiness and classic taste by wearing something elegant in your lucky color.

Gemini: This sun sign represents two different signs of the personality. Those who are born under this sing are very social and fun loving people. Orange, red, pink and green is just apt for your wedding day. To look like a dive on your wedding day go green.

Cancer: This zodiac sing is ruled by the moon and is also associated with fertility. The best colors for the cancerian brides are blue, white and light green.

Leo: You are creative, confident, charming and a born leader if your sun sign is Leo. It is also fire sign. To compliment your fiery nature you can choose a wedding dress in purple, gold and silver colors.

Virgo: The people born under this sun sign are true perfectionists. They are very tender and very careful. All pastel shades are just meant for you. So wear a bridal outfit in soft shades. You can also wear bridal dress in light blue or green color.

Libra: Your unique qualities of being peaceful and tolerance makes you different from others. The colors for you are turquoise, all shades of blue and ivory. These colors will bring love and harmony in your life.

Scorpio: You are passionate, full of energy and assertive. You are extremely emotional and very secretive. Fiery orange is the best color to compliment your personality.

Sagittarius: You are full of enthuthiasm and too optimistic. The people who are born under this zodiac are extrovert and the best color to wear on your wedding day is pink, light purple and yellow.

Capricorn: As far as values of the life are concerned you are very traditional. You are known for self-control and responsible nature. Shades of grey and blue are just perfect choice for your wedding day.

Aquarius: You are intellectual, sensitive and always full of energy. You can wear brown, grey, violets and dark blue color on your wedding day.

Pisces: You are very compassionate and friendly with everyone. You biggest qualities are generosity and helping nature. The color to match your personality is yellow. Indian matrimony portal gives marriage profiles of grooms and brides. Search for your better matchmaking partner with Aadhaar verified profiles.

To Make Your Marriage Work, Never Say These Things To Your Wife

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Marriage Relationship

If you have been married, no matter from how many years, but you must have learnt that you should not say a few things to your wife. There are certain things which you should never say to your wife to avoid misunderstanding and clashes. A relationship of married life between husband and wife is always built on trust, respect and your faithfulness to each-other. But, if these three things are missing between you, then for sure you are feeling the heat in your relationship. As a husband you too don’t expect a few things from your wife. Similarly, your wife too has a few expectations from you. There are a few things which your wife would never love to listen from you and should never say to your wife. Let’s discuss a few things which you should never say to your wife at any point of time.

You are looking old: No matter how many times she told this in a day that I am getting older or I am too old to do this. But, as a husband you should never say this to her. She is always beautiful to you and will remain beautiful. Don’t hesitate to say this to your wife that she is always dear to you and she is the prettiest woman for you.

My mom used to do it differently: This is one phrase which no woman likes to listen from her husband. They never like if her husband compares her from his mother. It might be your mom used to do some things differently and even better than your wife, still you should never compare her with you mother. It will irritate her and even discourage her to do that thing because you always compare things.

Comparing your wife with other woman: Never compare your wife with other woman. Be it the smallest things like her hairs, dressing sense or anything. It hurts their emotions and feelings and gives them a sense that you are not happy the way she is. Therefore, avoid such nasty comparisons.

You don’t respect my parents: No matter how hard you are trying to establish a cordial relationship between your parents and your wife, but always avoid saying statements like she doesn’t respect your parents. It might be she is also trying to be good with your parents, but it doesn’t mean that she disrespect your parents or doesn’t bother about them. It will further increase frustration in your relationship.

Can you please find this for me: When you are tempted to say this statement, ‘can you please find this for me,’ always hold for a second and think that are you not able to find this yourself. Have you tried your level best? Don’t give her an impression that you are not able to do even a single thing yourself. It will irritate her more because it is equally tough for her to manage everything at home single handedly. Madhya Pradesh matrimonial portal offers marriage resumes of grooms and brides. Search your better matchmaking partner from verified profiles.

Pack Your Bags For Honeymoon Like A True Traveller

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Honeymoon Traveller Bag Pack

Whether you are travelling in India or abroad for your honeymoon, still you need to pack your baggage for your travel. Be it a short trip of four days or ten days long honeymoon travel. It is important to pack and carry right and important stuff on your travel. It will not only ease your packing pain, but at the same time it will also help in avoiding unnecessary stuff on your honeymoon. It will save your time, efforts and energy. So, here we are sharing three simple steps to pack your luggage for honeymoon to avoid any hassle.

Step 1

Important documents: Before packing your bag, it is important that you think about all important documents you require on your honeymoon travel. Checkout out the list to carry:

  1. Travel ticket soft and hard copy
  2. Identity card: Passport, Driving license, Aadhaar Card
  3. Some handy cash
  4. Credit/debit cards
  5. Hotel reservation documents
  6. Small travel map if required
  7. Honeymoon package details if bought any package

Step 2

Small Hang bag: If you are planning a trip of more than 4 days, then you should not forget to carry these things:

  1. Wallet
  2. Important documents
  3. Travel tickets
  4. Credit/debit cards
  5. Cash
  6. Mobile Phone & charger
  7. Headphones
  8. Portable data bank/battery back up
  9. Medicines/small first aid kit
  10. Water bottle
  11. Sanitizer
  12. Small hand towel
  13. Tissue paper
  14. Eye glasses/sun glasses
  15. Some munching items

Step 3

Main travel bag: You need to fill systematically to avoid any extra luggage. Before packing your bag check the maximum size/weightage allowed by flight if travelling via flight. Don’t forget to consider the requirement as well.

  1. All light weight clothes
  2. Jacket (if travelling in winter)
  3. Two extra pair of clothes
  4. Small/pet bottles/pouches of toiletries
  5. Common makeup items that can be used with all
  6. Minimum jewelry/accessories or avoid if possible
  7. Shirt/pants/t-shirts/dresses/night wear
  8. Undergarments
  9. Socks
  10. Sleeper
  11. One pair of shoe/floaters/sandals
  12. A bedsheet/blanket Telengana matrimonial website gives brides and groom resume for wedding. Find your perfect life partner with Aadhaar verified matchmaking.

Rajasthan: A True Royal Delight For Honeymoon Couples

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Royal Rajasthan Honeymoon

If your wedding day is round the corner, then you must be planning for your honeymoon. When it comes to honeymoon you think about a destination that is wonderful and romantic. But, what could be better than finding a royal honeymoon destination for your honeymoon. If you are looking for something royal and magnetic, no location can beat Rajasthan. It is the only place that can turn your dreams of enjoying your honeymoon in royal way into reality. Rajasthan is for those who want to visit a place, which is not surrounded with snow-clad mountains or scenic views, rather it will offer more than that. It will offer you magnificent palaces and unattached experience which will make your honeymoon a true delight. Let’s take a look at some most visited destinations of Rajasthan by honeymoon couples.

Jaipur, Pink City of Rajasthan: Jaipur is popularly known as Pink City of Rajasthan. This beautiful city is a perfect destination for all those people who want to experience the royal life on their honeymoon. Jaipur offers you everything you look forward on your honeymoon. It has the spectacular desert views, havelis that attracts large number of tourists and lavish hotels. It attracts large number of tourists every year not only from India, but from across the world. There is not a single reason of not visiting this gorgeous location on your honeymoon. If you are visiting this location don’t forget to visit Sheesha Restaurant, Nahargarh Fort, Central Park, Smriti Van and Raj Mandir movie hall.

Pushkar, Perfect for Budget Honeymoon: This beautiful town attracts large number of tourists every year and ranked among the top honeymoon destination of Rajasthan for newly wedded couples. This amazing city is surrounded by the tall, lush green tress on the three sides and fourth side is covered by the shiny desert. It is a perfect choice for all those couples who are looking forward for a budget honeymoon. If you are visiting this location don’t forget to visit Pushkar lake, Thar desert and Varaha Ghat. To add some excitement you can also plan a hike from Ratnagiri hill to Savitri temple with your spouse.

Jodhpur, Picture Perfect town:  This gorgeous place offers a lot of things to honeymoon couples. The ancient palaces and golden sand makes it a picture perfect town. This is a perfect honeymoon destination for those who want to experience the royal life with desi touch. It is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan. If you are planning to visit this romantic destination don’t forget to visit Takhat Sagar Lake, Kailana Lake and Umaid Bhawan Palace museum. Umaid garden and Udai mandir is another center of attraction of this small town.

Jaisalmer, give Arabian touch:  This is a perfect combination of scenic beauty and unmatched experience. Enjoy the desert, folk dance and camel safari all at this beautiful place. It must be reminding you Dubai? Jaisalmer is an Indian Dubai offering you unmatched experience and royal feeling. This place will make your honeymoon memorable. While enjoying your honeymoon at this beautiful location don’t forget to visit Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, Desert Nation Park, Gadsisar Lake and Patwon ki Haveli. Rajasthan matrimonial site provides marriage resumes of grooms and brides. Check for your better matchmaking from Aadhaar verified profiles.

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