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7 Types of Clothes You Should Never Pack in Your Honeymoon Luggage

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couple pack in honeymoon luggage

Honeymoon is one of the most exciting things after marriage. You plan a lot of things to make it memorable. You shop different things for your honeymoon because you don’t want to miss a single moment to woo your partner. But, packing your luggage for honeymoon is one of the most confusing things. In most of the cases, you are not sure what you should pack and what you should leave at home. Most of us feel tempted to pack most of our favorite dresses in honeymoon luggage. But, this is not the right approach. Rather, you should smartly pack your luggage to avoid any issue. Moreover, if you are going abroad on your honeymoon, then you should pay extra attention to things you are packing because you are allowed to carry a limited weightage with you in flight. So, here we are sharing a list of clothes you should never pack in your honeymoon luggage.

Body-fitted clothes: While packing your luggage for your honeymoon, you should always avoid packing body-fitted clothes. It might be you will not feel free and comfortable after wearing body-fitted clothes on your honeymoon because of weather and other reasons. If you are so interested in wearing somebody fitted dress, try to minimize the number of body-fitted dresses in your luggage.

Itching clothes: There are many fabrics which are not comfortable for skin and create irritation and itching on skin. Clothes made of some sparkling golden or silver threads, heavy embroidery with rough thread and beads might create irritation. So, try to avoid packing such clothes which are heavy and uncomfortable.

Too heavy woolens: To avoid filling all space with heavy woolens it is better to carry two three layers instead of carrying heavy woolens. They will not only consume the maximum space in the luggage, but they will also increase the weightage of your luggage. If you are so keen to carry such woolens, it is better to wear them or carry in handbag.

Similar dresses: Avoid packing similar kind of dresses, rather try to pack different types of dresses. If you are going to visit some beach, then carrying all short dresses is not the good idea as you will not be on the beach for whole day. You will also visit different places and monuments, therefore, keep your activities in mind and pack your luggage.

Jumpsuits: No matter how much you love your jumpsuits, still you should not pack this in your honeymoon luggage. Jumpsuit is a very comfortable dress, but it will be problematic if you are travelling. If you want to go to washroom thrice or more than that during the day, it will be difficult to dress and undress all the time when you have a day full of different activities. There are chances that you will not find spacious washroom, then it will problematic for you. Therefore, it is better not to carry it.

Number of sweaters: This is another thing which you should keep in mind while packing your honeymoon luggage. If you are travelling to some hill station, then it is better to carry one or two common sweaters. Carrying different sweaters or jackets matching with each dress is not a good idea. It is always better to carry minimum luggage when you are travelling. Therefore, it is better to carry some common sweaters which you can wear with almost all dresses.

Swim suits & beach dresses: If you are going to visit some beach on your honeymoon, it doesn’t mean that you are supposed to pack swim suits and beach dresses only. No matter how much fun you will have on beaches, but still don’t forget that you will also visit different places or restaurants where such dresses will be a misfit for the occasion.

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Pack Your Bags For Honeymoon Like A True Traveller

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Honeymoon Traveller Bag Pack

Whether you are travelling in India or abroad for your honeymoon, still you need to pack your baggage for your travel. Be it a short trip of four days or ten days long honeymoon travel. It is important to pack and carry right and important stuff on your travel. It will not only ease your packing pain, but at the same time it will also help in avoiding unnecessary stuff on your honeymoon. It will save your time, efforts and energy. So, here we are sharing three simple steps to pack your luggage for honeymoon to avoid any hassle.

Step 1

Important documents: Before packing your bag, it is important that you think about all important documents you require on your honeymoon travel. Checkout out the list to carry:

  1. Travel ticket soft and hard copy
  2. Identity card: Passport, Driving license, Aadhaar Card
  3. Some handy cash
  4. Credit/debit cards
  5. Hotel reservation documents
  6. Small travel map if required
  7. Honeymoon package details if bought any package

Step 2

Small Hang bag: If you are planning a trip of more than 4 days, then you should not forget to carry these things:

  1. Wallet
  2. Important documents
  3. Travel tickets
  4. Credit/debit cards
  5. Cash
  6. Mobile Phone & charger
  7. Headphones
  8. Portable data bank/battery back up
  9. Medicines/small first aid kit
  10. Water bottle
  11. Sanitizer
  12. Small hand towel
  13. Tissue paper
  14. Eye glasses/sun glasses
  15. Some munching items

Step 3

Main travel bag: You need to fill systematically to avoid any extra luggage. Before packing your bag check the maximum size/weightage allowed by flight if travelling via flight. Don’t forget to consider the requirement as well.

  1. All light weight clothes
  2. Jacket (if travelling in winter)
  3. Two extra pair of clothes
  4. Small/pet bottles/pouches of toiletries
  5. Common makeup items that can be used with all
  6. Minimum jewelry/accessories or avoid if possible
  7. Shirt/pants/t-shirts/dresses/night wear
  8. Undergarments
  9. Socks
  10. Sleeper
  11. One pair of shoe/floaters/sandals
  12. A bedsheet/blanket


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5 Things You Should Not Pack in Your Honeymoon Luggage

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honeymoon tour luggage

Honeymoon is your romantic gateway-where you will spend luxury time with your partner. Every newlywed wants to have a picture perfect honeymoon, just like the way they have imagined and seen in Bollywood movies. But, you can spoil the mood of your honeymoon by making small mistakes. There are some mistakes which every couple make when they plan for their honeymoon. Carrying unnecessary things on your honeymoon can spoil your romantic vacation. In such situation rather than enjoying your time together, you might be just jostling with thing. To avoid such uncomfortable situation, here is a list of things that you should not pack in your luggage for your honeymoon.

Say no to extra clothes: On your honeymoon you would really want to go out and look your best on your honeymoon. But, it is not necessary that you carry all your clothes with you on your honeymoon. The best thing to avoid such situation is to carry the essential clothes or you think that you are really going to use them. Always carry comfortable clothes that go well with the destination and activities you have planned for your honeymoon. Always remember that you are there to enjoy and it is not really important what you are wearing. The best way to avoid unnecessary stuff in your luggage is to carry such accessories which you can mix and match with different stuff.

Leave your gadgets at home: While packing your luggage avoid carrying your gadgets with you. Always keep this in mind that your honeymoon is not for completing your pending office task or attending the conference call with your partners or colleagues. Honeymoon is one such thing where you have all rights to cut off from rest of the world and enjoy the company of beloved. There might be plenty of time when you guys might not be busy and occupied, but utilize this time to get cozy and relax rather than getting glued with your laptop.

Don’t carry expensive and valuable things: The last thing you would want to do on your honeymoon is to spend your time on looking after the valuable things you are carrying in your luggage. It is always better you carry minimum stuff along with less valuable stuff. It is good if you avoid expensive watches and jewelry on your honeymoon to enjoy it tension free.

Too many cosmetics & toiletries:  It is always suggested that you should not carry too much toiletries that are lying in your bathroom. Don’t carry all the bottles of your toiletries, rather buy the mini packs of all as it will be easy to handle and carry them and you can throw the used bottle as well. If you don’t go out without makeup then it is good to carry some common things or smallest kit of your makeup or carry the minimum thing in your makeup kit to avoid the over-packing of your luggage.

Avoid too many shoes: Try to pack the minimum shoe or footwear in your luggage as it will consume a lot of space of your baggage. Don’t carry matching shoe for every dress, just because you want to feel good as it will increase the luggage burden. Try to pack and carry some common and comfortable footwear which you can wear on all kinds of dresses.

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