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5 Things Matter Most to Your Wife to Break the Ice of Routine Life

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married couple relationship

The relationship of a husband and wife is one of the best relationships. Once you enter in this special relationship you have a lot of expectations from your spouse. You must have heard a lot of times from people that marriage is very boring relationship. Your life becomes monotonous after marriage. There is no excitement in life after marriage. But, this is not true, after marriage your life is more beautiful. You have someone to be with you all the time. You have someone who is there to be as your buddy and companion in all occasions and reasons. But, if you are among those couples who feel that excitement has taken a back seat in life after marriage, for all such couples we are here sharing five things that matter most to your wife to break the ice of routine life.

Going for a surprise date: Going on a date is not meant for unmarried couples only, but after marriage it becomes more important to go on a date to infuse love in your routine life. Plan a surprise date with your wife to her favorite place. This will make her happy you can even plan your date to a place where you used to visit before marriage with her. Book your dinner table in advance to avoid any last minute change. To make the day more memorable don’t forget to carry flowers and her favorite chocolates.

Surprise visit to her workplace: Doing something unexpected will add more spice into your life. If your office is on her way or even if it is not on the way still you should plan a surprise visit to her workplace. It is something different from your routine life. Reach her office before her leaving time and pick her up from office. Even to make it more interesting, if you know her day’s schedule and you know that she can spare one hour or so for the lunch, so plan a surprise lunch with her. This will make her happy and help in breaking the routine life. Even you can send her some flowers to her workplace before you reach there.

Helping her out in her early morning routine stuff: If she wakes up early in the morning and you generally wake up after her, then for a change one day wake up early before her. It will be a big surprise for her. To see that special smile on her face help her out in her early morning routine stuff to ease her morning stress. It will make her very happy to see you helping her out in her routine work and making things easy for her. The couple who value each-others efforts and try to make things easy for each-other are the happy couples. Enter into the league of happy couples and surprise her with showing the helping hand.

Decorating your bedroom: This might sounds cheesy or unusual to you, but it will be surely loved by your wife. Think for different ways to decorate your bedroom to surprise her. If you know which kind of decoration will please her, then you should follow the same. But, if you are clueless about the decoration part, then you can go for normal flower decoration or you can take the help of internet to get the different decoration ideas. To add some jazz, you can use tea light candles or small lights.

Pampering her like princess: Pamper your lady love to make her feel special. All of us liked to get pampered and loved and your lady love will also like this. Pamper her with different tricks and ways. Give her a head massage or body massage to relax her senses and to de-stress her. You can also book a couple spa session to spend some quality time and to relax your senses. You can also do something else you think will be loved by her. Buy some body shower gels, massage oil or fragrances for her to pamper her.

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Ask Some Important Questions Before Getting Serious in Relationship

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When you are thinking too serious about someone special in your life, you start making a lot of plans about your future. But, it is important to think before things became really hot between you two. You must have shared many thoughts and dream with him/her, but it is equally important to know his/her views and thoughts on the same before you take the next step in life. It is important to know and check that you are on the same page and you are thinking alike. Is he/she also feeling the same what you are feeling for him/her? Therefore, it becomes more important to ask a few important questions to understand what he/she feels about you and your special relationship.

What are his/her future plans?: You should always ask this question to that someone special before you create your own fairy tale with him/her. Ask what he/she thinks about you? What are his/her future plans with you? It is important to know what he/she feels about you and keeping your future in mind as future couple. If he/she thinks that you two should remain as good friends as you are today, then you should hold your emotions back and move on.

Is he/she is ready for commitment: This is another big question in front of those who are in a relationship. You love to be with each-other. You love to spend more time together, but you don’t want to make any commitment or promises in relationship. You are happy with your open relationship where you have fewer expectations and liabilities towards each-other.

What is cheating for you?: This is another important question to ask him/her before you became serious in the relationship. What he/she thinks about cheating and what will be their reaction and something similar he/she will face in the future? For some people online intimacy or chatting with someone is acceptable, but some people will count it as cheating. Therefore, it becomes more important to know how he/she will react if something similar happens in the future.

Do you mind to accept this relationship publicly?  Ask him/her that whether he/she would mind to discuss about your relationship with anyone. There are many people who don’t like to discuss about their relationship with anyone else. There are many people who don’t want to make their relationship public and always want to keep it secret.

Is he/she ready to face any worse situation for you?: Making commitment is one thing and taking a strong stand for your commitment is another thing. Is he/she ready to stand for your relationship if things go south in the future? Is he/she ready to face anything for survival of your relationship? If he/she also feels equally strong about this relationship or he/she is ready to stand by you in all the circumstances, then you need not to worry about this relationship and its future.

Is there is something which you should know?: This is another important thing which you should consider before taking a next step in your relationship. Ask is there something which you should know before getting serious about this relationship. Is there something which you should know before taking this relationship to next level, be it about his/her past, family, any other past relationship or something which might affect your future?

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Why You Should Marry A Younger Man?

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In India, we have a common mind set to find a groom elder then bride, be it a few months or a few years. But, most of us believe in marrying to an elder groom not to someone who is younger to the bride. Different people have different mindsets and different logics to boost this idea. But, it doesn’t mean that girls don’t marry younger males or they don’t find a younger male suitable for them. Age has not much to do with your understanding and compatibility in your marriage, except the biological clock of your body. There are many females who are happily married with younger males and support the idea of marrying someone who is younger to you. Let’s talk some of the reasons why you should marry a younger male.

Enjoy more maturity:  You should never underestimate anyone on the maturity level. There are chances that you will find the one who might have better maturity level. In that case, you will enjoy the better relationship without any drama.

You can have more fun: If your spouse is younger than you in that case you can have more fun. He will be most of the time excited to explore and try new things. This way you will have more fun. You will find unmatched energy level in your partner.

You will feel younger: In his company you will always feel younger. He can infuse new level of energy in your lifestyle and can add more fun in your life. You will always feel that he is bringing some fresh feel in your life and always want to try a lot of things which you might have never done with a partner of similar age elder than you.

You find him simple: You will not find him dominating or leading you like anything. You will find him simple and easy to go with. You will never feel that he is trying to rule you or want you to do things his ways only. You will not feel that he is doing any emotional drama or something similar with you to convince you over things.  So, you will enjoy a simple and sweet relationship.

You will get moral support: As he is younger to you, he therefore believes in you and your thought process. He will always be on your side and you will get a moral support from him. He will always be on your side and support you. Moral support matters a lot when it comes to a relationship and marriage.

You will enjoy good friendship: You will surely enjoy the better level of friendship with him. You will surely find a good friend in him. You don’t mind to share your opinion and thoughts with him. As he will be less judgmental and will be a good listener. He will not evaluate you on the basis of your thoughts, rather will be a good friend for lifetime.

Help in daily chores: If you are marrying a younger man, he will be happy in helping you in daily chores. He will be happy in helping you day-to-day activities. He will not mind washing dishing or clothes or buying grocery. You can any time tell him to get things done and trust him on that part that he will always be there to help you out.

New perspective about things: If might be with your age you have developed a certain type of mind set and thoughts about different things and processes. But, it might be he will be thinking differently and have a new perspective about things. It will also give you a fresh idea and will make changes in your thought process as well.

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New Generation Dating Rules for Healthy Relationship Before Marriage

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Dating Rules for Relationship Before Marriage

In all old Bollywood movies, we have seen that couples made promises and tried to keep their promises for their love. But, the things have changed. In this age of social media, facebook, twitter and whatsapp everything is lightning fast, even the relationships. The relationships have gone through a sea change or we can say a makeover for this generation. Now, you want to be in a relationship, but on your own terms. This new generation has made their own rules for their relationship as well. Here, we are sharing some relationship rules for you to enjoy a blooming and happy relationship.

Love your partner without condition: Always love your partner unconditionally, even if you find it difficult to cope up with pressure. There comes a time when you find it difficult to love your partner. Falling in love is easy, but sailing in it is not effortless. The best thing for making your relationship strong is love your partner unconditionally and the same you will get in return.

Give space to your partner: In a partnership, it is important to respect each-other’s privacy. It is really necessary to give space to each-other to enjoy your relationship. There is no need to behave like identical twins or pushy in your relationship. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you should always enjoy space to enjoy your life your ways. If you are too close to each-other you will not get time to miss each-other. So, always try to think and understand other’s situation.

Don’t share everything: When you are in a relationship or in courtship period, don’t temp to share everything with your partner. We always make plans for future, but there is no certainty that everything will go the way we want. It might be the thing you shared with him/her out of love will be used against your after marriage or in future if things go wrong.

Don’t ignore your friends: When you enter in a new relationship you want to focus more on that relationship. You start ignoring other relationship. Don’t ignore your friends because they are the one who are with you in your ups and down. They are the one who are with you without any personal interest.

Don’t involve the third person: No matter how annoyed you are with your partner or whether you are in no mood to talk. Still don’t involve the third person between you for settling your issue. It might be, it will create more confusion between you two. So, the thumb rule of the relationship is to keep other out of your fight.

Don’t fake anything: When you are with your future partner on a date, don’t fake anything. You two are going to be together soon and if you will say something which you actually don’t believe in doing. So, don’t say anything or fake anything in front of your partner.

Don’t force your wishes and ideas: Don’t force your wishes and ideas on your partner. It might be you want to do something or try something, but if your partner is not convinced to do that thing, don’t force your partner. It might be he/she will get ready to do it, but forcing your wishes and ideas are not good.

Don’t show your attitude: There is no space for attitude in this relationship. If you love someone, then there is no scope of showing your attitude. It might be you are too strong headed or strong personality, but it gives you no authority to show your attitude to your partner.

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What Women Love in Men? All Secrets Revealed

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Women Love Men

There are so many things which make her crazy about you. There are many things that can make a woman fall for you. She notices each and everything in your man and hardly tells you all. She falls in love with you not just because you are good looking or intelligent, but for thousand other reasons. If you are not sure about what makes her crazy for you, then you can consider these points for relationship. These simple things will make you feel that she loves you for everything what you are.

  1. She always loves the masculine smell of your perfume, it drives her crazy about you.
  2. She loves it when you give her the sweet glance and you keep on staring at her. This gives her a sense that you are loved and can’t keep your eyes off her.
  3. She always loves it when you talk to her something sweet and beautiful to woo her. She loves it when you say all flowery words to praise her.
  4. She loves it when you say her something in your husky voice.
  5. She loves to listen to your stories, thoughts, dreams and future plans.
  6. She always loves those romantic talks which you do with her.
  7. She loves and feels proud on you when you make important and critical decisions without any confusion.
  8. She always loves it when you ask her for a romantic movie or dinner date.
  9. She always loves it when you praise her dressing sense or ask her to wear something of your choice.
  10. She loves you more when you show your love and care for her and make her feel happy and comfortable if she is feeling sad because of something.
  11. She loves your statements when you tell her that you are there for her and will always be there for her.
  12. She always loves it when you tell her how to use that phone and about its functionalities.
  13. She loves it when fix something for her without much of problem.
  14. She loves it when you pay more attention to your work and work hard to achieve something in your professional life.
  15. She loves it when you bring something for her to give her a sweet surprise.
  16. She loves it when you sing some nice song for her in your not so perfect tone.
  17. She loves it when you open the door of the car and first let her sit first and feel comfortable.
  18. She loves it when you feel jealous and a little bit possessive about her.
  19. She loves you more when you let her express herself openly and freely in front of you.
  20. She loves you and respects you more, when you give her full independence to make her own decisions.

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