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Ladies, Do You Have These Expectations from Your Fiancé?

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Courtship period in any relationship is one of the most beautiful times. You enjoy being in that relationship and you enjoy every bit of it. You want to spend a lot of time together. Either you are on phone or messaging something or other with him during the whole day to stay connected. Over a period of time, you feel connected and close to him. Eventually, you develop some expectations and expect him to fulfill those expectations. It is very much common in a relationship to expect things from your partner. Here are some common expectations ladies have from their fiancé during courtship period.

Instant Reply: This is something really common and most of us expect this from our partner. Whenever you sent him a text message or while chatting with him online you want him to reply back to you instantly. But, you should always remember that he has some job liabilities, so it is not possible that he will reply to you instantly all the time. So, in case he sends you a delayed reply, then don’t get annoyed with him, rather try to understand his situation.

Patient Listening: You always want him to listen to your thoughts calmly, even if you are talking something that doesn’t interests him. You expect him to understand your point and not to lose his temper because you are talking something which he doesn’t like. So, if you expect him to be patient with you, then he also expects the same from you. He is also new in this relationship, he too needs time to understand your thoughts and get used to it. If he is talking something which you don’t like or disagree, then put your point constructively, rather than losing your temper.

Well-behaved and courteous Behavior: You always want him to be courteous and well-behaved with you and with others as well. You never want your man to shout on you over anything. You want him to be polite and supportive. You always want him to behave well with you and never lose his temper and humiliate or insult you.

Deep level of understanding: For building a strong relationship, it is important that you build a strong understanding with him. Good level of understanding is important for a healthy relationship. You always want him to be understanding; similarly he wants the same from you. He also expects you to be supportive and understanding.

Respect for your parents: You always want that your partner should respect your parents. You expect your future husband to respect and love your parents the way you do. Similarly, he also expects you to respect his parents. Therefore, to establish a good relationship it is important that you respect each-other’s parents.

Punctuality: Are you planning to go out for dinner or for a movie? You want him to reach on time and don’t let you wait for a long time. You want him to value and respect your time and always reach on time if you make a plan. This is your responsibility as well to value his time and reach on time whenever he makes any plan. Always value the time because it shows how important the other person is in your life.

Loyalty and commitment: You always want him to be committed and loyal in this relationship. You never expect him to flirt with other ladies. You never want him to check out other girls when you two are together. You always want him to remain loyal and never cheat you under any circumstances.

Mutual Respect: For a strong relationship it is important to give respect to your relationship and your partner. You should always respect your partner not because he/she is your husband or wife, but as a person he has something valuable and important. Respect him/her for the qualities he/she has to enjoy a blissful relationship.  If you expect him to respect you, always remember that he too expects the same from you.

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New Generation Dating Rules for Healthy Relationship Before Marriage

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Dating Rules for Relationship Before Marriage

In all old Bollywood movies, we have seen that couples made promises and tried to keep their promises for their love. But, the things have changed. In this age of social media, facebook, twitter and whatsapp everything is lightning fast, even the relationships. The relationships have gone through a sea change or we can say a makeover for this generation. Now, you want to be in a relationship, but on your own terms. This new generation has made their own rules for their relationship as well. Here, we are sharing some relationship rules for you to enjoy a blooming and happy relationship.

Love your partner without condition: Always love your partner unconditionally, even if you find it difficult to cope up with pressure. There comes a time when you find it difficult to love your partner. Falling in love is easy, but sailing in it is not effortless. The best thing for making your relationship strong is love your partner unconditionally and the same you will get in return.

Give space to your partner: In a partnership, it is important to respect each-other’s privacy. It is really necessary to give space to each-other to enjoy your relationship. There is no need to behave like identical twins or pushy in your relationship. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you should always enjoy space to enjoy your life your ways. If you are too close to each-other you will not get time to miss each-other. So, always try to think and understand other’s situation.

Don’t share everything: When you are in a relationship or in courtship period, don’t temp to share everything with your partner. We always make plans for future, but there is no certainty that everything will go the way we want. It might be the thing you shared with him/her out of love will be used against your after marriage or in future if things go wrong.

Don’t ignore your friends: When you enter in a new relationship you want to focus more on that relationship. You start ignoring other relationship. Don’t ignore your friends because they are the one who are with you in your ups and down. They are the one who are with you without any personal interest.

Don’t involve the third person: No matter how annoyed you are with your partner or whether you are in no mood to talk. Still don’t involve the third person between you for settling your issue. It might be, it will create more confusion between you two. So, the thumb rule of the relationship is to keep other out of your fight.

Don’t fake anything: When you are with your future partner on a date, don’t fake anything. You two are going to be together soon and if you will say something which you actually don’t believe in doing. So, don’t say anything or fake anything in front of your partner.

Don’t force your wishes and ideas: Don’t force your wishes and ideas on your partner. It might be you want to do something or try something, but if your partner is not convinced to do that thing, don’t force your partner. It might be he/she will get ready to do it, but forcing your wishes and ideas are not good.

Don’t show your attitude: There is no space for attitude in this relationship. If you love someone, then there is no scope of showing your attitude. It might be you are too strong headed or strong personality, but it gives you no authority to show your attitude to your partner.

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