How To Adjust In A Non-Vegetarian Family If You Are A Vegetarian

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As for the bride, you have been through the best days of your life recently. Your most memorable moment in your entire life has been successfully completed and now you will be facing a whole new life entirely. You will now be entering a whole new home in your husband’s house. It is a time of joy but there is a lot of nervousness too. Living in a completely new environment and a whole new lifestyle is no easy thing. On top of that if the family turns out to be non-vegetarian, then the adjustment is now double the scale level. Well, this blog post is meant just for you and to help you out.

This is the time when you need to become flexible. Your life must have been very easy till now but some changes need to be made now. Your habits must change. First thing first, do not give any awkward facial expressions if you see them eating non-veg at the dinner table. Eating non-vegetarian is a personal choice. Respecting others is very important.

Do not taunt your husband or his family members for their eating habits. Don’t even try to make a comment indirectly. Do not even try to persuade them to stop eating non-vegetarian just because you are a vegetarian. Try and adjust yourself with this new environment. If too many tantrums or a fuss is being made about something as simple as eating habits you sure are attracting a lot of trouble towards yourself that you can simply avoid by bliss.

Even though, you will have to adjust a lot with your in-laws regarding this, you still have a lot of respect for being a vegetarian. You can very much have your food stores or cooked separately. If your in-laws do not even agree to this then this is a matter of respect that your in-laws lack towards you and you must bring up this topic with your husband to try and sort things out.

Dinner tables are a platform for the family to come together daily to discuss their lifetime events and their day’s progress. It must be kept to a happy environment and not changed into something that people begin to avoid participating in itself. Only if both sides are adjusting can this be achieved and can both parties live and continue their lives the way they want.

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