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Time is not of the essence when it comes to talking about relationships. It is so strong that no matter what or when, whenever there is a loss of relationship, it hurts us a lot. Not only us but people close to us too. And it is most difficult for some people to cope with this sadness.

When relationship ends they leave us all helpless. They impact us in a way that is very unique. First and foremost thing that you need to prepare yourself about and with is that remember there is always a grieving period and one must embrace the natural emotions that come with it too. Most common feeling one feels once their relationship has ended is the feeling of abandonment. Remember it is not your fault that this happened and you do not need to punish yourself for this. Simply following some guidelines will help you struggle through this very important phase of your life.

The more you discuss with people, the more you will be able to less think about it and quickly get over it. If you don’t want to talk, sometimes writing it out in a diary or just talking to yourself in the mirror helps too.  Just try and forgive yourself he entire phase. The reason it is good to let it all out is so that feelings like loneliness and anger do not aggravate the depression.

During this phase, it is very important that you keep very good care of your own health. This includes eating healthy and good food right on time. Keeping a normal routine can greatly help in losing the depression from your mind. Many people resort to not eating for a long time to get over the depression but it only makes it worse. Your body needs the strength to help you fight these negative feelings. Try and work out your body. Keeping the body busy will help you think about other stuff as compared to the bad memories from your relationship.

Try and keep positive energy continuously flowing in your body. Think about all the great things in your life. Cherish each moment in this life for this life is too short to have sad memories. Try taking up hobbies and do things that you always wanted to do as a kid and couldn’t do because of some reason. Bring back the child in you and let it all out. Have the most amazing time of your life. Watch movies; go on a camping trip with your friends etc. for some people eating an entire tub of ice-cream does the trick. And guess what, now there is no one to comment on what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Eat all those fats all that butter and cream for this is your moment to live and there cannot be any kind of obstruction in it.

So now you know how one feels after this unfortunate event and how one can cope with this. These kinds of breakups take place everywhere and every day. So it is best recommended for you that once you have handled your own situation, please help out others with similar pain and share this article with them.

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