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Facing Financial Crisis after Marriage? Money Management Tips For Newly Married

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married couple

When you say money can’t buy love and happiness, do you really believe in this? Do you think that can survive with love only? Do you think that you don’t need money to run your family because you love them so much? Do you think that your true love will give them all things what they want in life? The answer is NO. For emotional part love is important, but for all materialistic things you need money. After marriage, one thing that is as important as love is money, without money you can’t survive for long time. Therefore, money management is really important after marriage. Some people don’t think too much about money management after marriage too. They lead a similar kind of life as they use to live in their bachelorhood. With similar spending habits and limited money you will not be able to survive after marriage. If you will not plan your financial things in advance, then you will be in financial mess. Therefore, it is really necessary that as a couple you plan your financial things accordingly. Here are some simple tips for money management for newly married couples, so they can lead their life happily and tension free.

  1. Start talking about finance: This is very important to talk about finance and discuss things. If you both are working and you have your own account, still it is important that you should discuss about your total earning and spending limits. You should also discuss about the bank balance and saving as well. It will give you a fair idea about your earnings and financial responsibilities.
  2. Take note of your spending & debt: This is another important thing which should be taken into account. As a couple, most of the time we discuss about shopping, buying something new, or buying some unnecessary things, which you really don’t require. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take a note on your spending limits and spending habit. Also, take a close view about how much money you require to pay-off your debts. It is really important that as couple you stay debt free. It will further help you to take some big loan, if you are planning big purchase like buying a home or a brand new car. Therefore, to improve your CIBIL score you keep a track of your spending and debt together.
  3. Write down your financial goals:  Write down your financial goals. As a couple you should write down your financial goals. You should always know your financial goals clearly. If you are planning any big purchase in future, then it is important that you should plan it properly. Write down your small and big financial responsibilities and even plan in which year or after how many years you want to achieve your financial goals.
  4. Build emergency funds: If you don’t have any emergency funds, consider developing this as your top priority. An emergency fund is amount which you should keep aside in case something expensive happens unexpectedly, you can meet all your expenses without any problem. Try to save at least 6 month’s household funds as contingency funds to meet any unexpected financial expenses. It will bring financial stability and financial security in your life.
  5. Design your monthly budget and follow it: It is really important to design a monthly budget. Based on your monthly earnings and expenses, you should decide an amount and make your budget accordingly. After making your budget, it is very important that you follow your budget religiously. It is important that you are following and sticking to your financial budget. It will help you to save more money as couple and increase your funds and regularize your expenses.
  6. Save for retirement: If you both are working, in that case, have you planned your retirement? In what age you want to retire? It is really important that you should be very clear about your retirement age. If you want to retire in the age of 55 year, you should start saving money for your retirement as soon as possible. Throughout your age you don’t want to work and continue working till your late 60s. It is equally important to live a good and respectable life after retirement as well, therefore, start saving money accordingly to retire in your desired age.

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Working Towards Improving Relationships

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Marriage Relationships

Love must consist of a daily dose for it to be active and fully effective between couples. This daily dose can be showcased in very simple terms as well and nothing very pricy. Simple actions of love and care go a long way in any relationship. This can very much be done by just simple giving a bit of your busy time to your life partner for he or she deserves it. You must keep the monotonous of the relationship or there can be serious issues that may rise. Certain tips will certainly help.

Remember you married your spouse for some qualities that you found unique in them. Appreciating these qualities once in a while strengthens the bond between the two. Make the relationship seem fresher. Acknowledge their efforts and qualities and love them every way possible. Going out and spending a night out in a hotel or if not just a nice dinner place should do the trick too. Change of environment is very crucial or otherwise people begin to feel limited. Whatever time you have outside the office, spend it together whether it is gym or swim or anything like that.

Ever tried the element of surprise on your spouse. It does wonders. Surprise him or her with a small token of love by either giving a small gift or just planning something really special for the evening. Maybe you can cook for your partner their favorite cuisine. If you can both afford to spend a little more time than just one evening then there is nothing better than a 2-3 day weekend getaway. Replenishes your energy, soul and love. Weekend getaways can sometimes be the exact thing that couples need to break the ice that forms over time between them and their partner.

Just making love before marriage is not enough for a prosperous relationship. You must continue to do so even after for healthy relationship. Please login to Indian matrimony site for getting suitable life partner.


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married couples

The need in today’s time is more of a hurry to get married. People might think that only love is enough for a long lasting marriage but they are wrong. There are many more factors that contribute to a long lasting happy marriage. Once the couple gets married, due to worldly attractions, they lose their connection with the family and are not able to spend quality time with their children.

The primary ingredient that’s required to have a long lasting marriage is happiness. This mostly comes from acceptance and understanding one another. The bond between the two people must share some sense of loyalty. It is a way of showing your devotion to your partner. Even though couples face huge amount of problems in their lives, they should not let it affect their personal relationships with one another. There must be trust and respect here. Thoughts and opinions must be shared.

Each couple goes through similar tests. Problems like finance, misunderstandings occur as time passes by. It comes down to a matter of who can stand up after falling for we have all heard the saying that quitters never win and winners never quit. Temptation is another thing that is problematic. But it is only due to the happy memories that a couple shared during their lifetime that they gain the strength the fight the temptation to leave their partner and have an affair. If done properly, long lasting marriage can be enjoyed as well. People should talk before sleeping and discuss before leaving for their busy everyday schedules. Cater to your children’s needs and do not ignore them in the midst of work and tension. Long lasting marriage can only be built if everyone speaks their heart out in every scenario and doesn’t hide anything from anyone.

Marriage is not to be taken for granted. It is a gift and a blessing in disguise from god itself. It must be respected for it holds a deep spiritual connection with one’s own being. Feel every moment with your family. Spend it with joy! Remember it takes years to build trust and honesty but only a matter of a few seconds that it can all go to trash and the marriage to fail.


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marriage work life balance

The concept of balance between married and work life is prioritizing the two: work and personal life. There is no perfect remedy for getting that perfect balance. Its aspects shall be different for each of us because each of our lives is completely different from one another. Setting an exact number of hours for work and personal life is like living life as a machine with no excitement. Life is more than that.


But there are two main key concepts that apply to us all. These are success at work or at personal life. These two are like two sides of the same coin. Some people feed off of just one of the sides and it is these people who are not happy in their lives. One who would understand these two concepts has half understood what it means to have the balance. Each of us defines success at personal lives differently for some it is happiness, for some it is love.

But in today’s time, the corporate world is very demanding. The life at work has completely evolved in a not so good way. Within all this competition, it is the employees whose life goes out of balance. This imbalance causes divorces, stress, infertility etc. We need to strive for work life balance. Also we need to balance our mental and emotional health as well which better enable an individual.


But today, organizations have begun to realize the importance of work life balance and hence have begun to provide special programs for its employees to help them maintain a proper balance which includes a friendly environment and atmosphere as first and foremost. Employees can now work on their own schedule and practice their own ways of doing work. Some generous companies also involve families by giving paternal/maternal leaves and extra off days. Employees are now considered assets of the company.


Maintaining a work-life balance is hard but doable with some steps.


1. Plan: plan your day and think in advance about the things that need to be done in both personal and professional fields.

2. Set priorities: prioritize what is more important and what things can wait.

3. Don’t go overboard: Don’t plan way too much or think about doing or handling many tsks in a day as that always ends as a debacle.

4.  Production: Be as productive as possible. Work while work, play while you play, it is the way to be happy and gay.

5. Disagreeing: Learn that you always have an option to say no and don’t have to go with whatever your boss is telling you to do.

6. Perfection: Remember this is life and you are a human. Mistakes happen but don’t be let down.

7. Married life: Give your wife the time she deserves. When at home, try not to bring up the topic of work and do not let it worry you for that will intrude with your life.


Slowly and slowly, this entire concept is finding its place within the society. Each individual’s role is very important in this network for we are all connected some way or the other. One person’s wrong doing can be bane for other person. Also remember, it is not a one day deal, these points must be kept in mind every day for proper effectiveness.