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How to impress an Aries Indian Bride

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Aries, is a fire sign, ruled by the war God Mars, symbolised by iron as the ruling metal and diamond as the birthstone! For the  Indian groom out there, wanting to join with this woman in holy matrimony, some food for thought! Not many matrimonial sites  will help you get an insight, so here goes – fire is heat, energy and purifier, Mars fights evil, Iron is tough and pure and so is diamond.

If the above is metaphorically translated, the Indian bride born under this sign, is strong-headed, energetic, stands up against injustice, frank and pure at heart. So, to understand her, handle her and forge an ever-lasting relationship, you need to:

1. Respect her as an equal, her interests (even if they don’t match yours), respect her personal space and in turn WIN her respect; never demand it.

Aries is a sign of pride, which many mistake as ego. Therefore, before anything else, she values respect as to her that is synonymous with pride. She believes where there is no mutual respect, there cannot be foundation of a relationship. She respects a man who can firmly but politely reason with her, counter her impulsiveness with calm logic, be a patient listener, be empathic to her point of view and negotiate disagreements. If you can logically prove her wrong, you have not only cleared the disagreement but won over heart.

2. Be frank and open conversationalist.  Being frank and open herself, she appreciates this quality, will value the trust you place in her, will help understand and try help you solve your problems and will be happy to share her thoughts and her life problems with you. She enjoys a positive give and take relationship on an emotional and spiritual level.

3. Ensure never to give her any reason to be jealous or suspicious. Aries girl is fiercely protective of her near and dear ones. Give her any reason to be hurt or humiliated and chances are her warm feelings towards you will turn into cold anger, shutting you out. You, on the other hand, are not allowed to feel jealous. She trusts you completely and she expects the same in return.

4. She can be energetic at times and quite lazy at others when her fire burns out. Understand that, give her space (Aries woman requires plenty of space) and let her recharge her batteries; when she comes back all recharged, be prepared to handle the fire and energy!

5. Strike the fine balance of being a man and a gentleman – neither too rough nor too soft;

This strong-headed yet warm-hearted Indian bride will give her heart and soul to her matrimony, will ensure everything runs clockwork and balanced, family never lacks fairness, warmth, love, care, will be fiercely loyal, supportive and protective of you, will not tolerate injustice, frank in her opinion (which may cut but will always be the truth that eventually brings the best out of you).

5 Questions to ask during first meeting in an Arranged Marriage

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When your family starts showing you pics of relevant matches and your marriage is one and the only topic of discussion on the dinner table, it is obvious to get nervous and excited with the thought of leaving your own privacy and comfort to settle down with someone who is completely new to you. That’s how an arranged marriage scenario feels like. You meet prospective matches that have come across from various sources like friends, relatives, online matrimonial sites or more. Essentially whatever be the source, the fact that the prospect is unknown to you prevails.

It’s true that your family would have performed checks at their end before taking up the proposal to you. They would have ensured that the family is well off matching own social standards, the prospect is well educated and professionally settled and various other criteria which can be mapped at a superficial level would have been taken care of. But marriage is not just about social, financial & educational equality; it is much beyond that. There are lot many ingredients that go on to build a happy marriage, which probably can’t be evaluated by family.

Here are a few questions that you must ask during your first one on one meeting with your prospective Indian bride/ Indian groom to understand your compatibility with each other before taking a final call.

1) What are your hobbies and interests?

Though it might seem to be a very basic question to ask, a lot can be inferred from the reply you receive. A person with completely opposite interests than yours could be very difficult to live with. For example, if your partner is an outgoing social person and you are an introvert who loves to confine to yourself and your immediate family, then there could be conflicts when you are together.

2) What are your expectations from your partner?

Knowing the expectations of your prospective partner and making your expectations clear at an initial level is always good as it will help you prepare for the future. Moreover, this topic might surprise you with some unrealistic expectations that your prospective partner might have which you may not be capable enough or willing to deliver. Having a clear stand on such things will avoid any future clashes.

3) What are your future goals and plan?

This is again a very relevant question, both from partners’ perspective. It is as important for a man to know the future plans of his lady as it is important for a lady to know about her man. A highly ambitious career oriented lady who is not willing to sacrifice her career post marriage definitely needs an understanding husband. To find such understanding husband or to be one needs a different mindset that still is rarely prevalent in Indian Scenario.

4) Are you ready to accept responsibility towards both families?

Girls are anyhow expected to take up the responsibility of the new family, but whether the boy is also willing to execute his responsibilities towards his new family? Or is he the same orthodox person who believes that his wife should take care of his parents like her own whereas as a son-in-law he would have no moral responsibility towards his in-laws, i.e. his wife’s parents. This will give you an idea about your partner’s mentality and thought process and can a major influencer on your decision.

5) How do you fantasize your relationship with your partner?

This is to get each other’s perspective about your relationship as a couple. Whether you would like to have a friend in partner with whom you can be yourself and open up your heart without any fear. Though this seems to be an idealistic image but the answer can actually tell you a lot about their mindset and behavior.

Indian Marriage with A Foreign Spouse

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Indian husband Wife

Marriage is regarded as one of the most auspicious event for everyone in India. It is not celebration time for family, but for relatives as well. When someone is searching for a partner for marriage, it depends on their personal choice to select from their own country or search a partner from abroad. Generally, most of the Indians prefer to get married with someone who is residing in the same city, state or country, rather than getting married to someone who is settled abroad.  However, in some cases, when we are not able to find a suitable match according to our expectations, we expand our search criteria and start exploring international avenues as well. This is crucial and special marriage, where you can conduct and register the marriage according to Indian laws or in accordance to that respective foreign country’s laws.

We don’t mind to get married to International Indians, who are majorly known as Non Residence Indians (NRIs). While getting married to these NRIs, you need to follow certain rules and legal documentations processes of that specific country in which they are presently living. But, before getting married to any NRI, it is always better if you check the list of the legal laws of different forms before entering into this nuptial bond with the foreign national.

Generally, Indian wedding ceremonies are performed in the presence of family members of both families and guests. You can check the list of the legal laws forms before signing the legal papers. But, in case both, the bride and groom are living in the same country out of India, then it may be easier to complete the necessary legal certification work for wedding.

For an Indian bride, who is looking for a foreign spouse should be acquainted with religion, culture, traditions and climate of her future husband’s country. It will help in settling their family member after marriage. It will be always better to choose NRI as life partner from same religion. You will not find it too difficult to adjust with NRI Indian family who is from different religion and you will not find it difficult to start this new relationship. If both the partners are from same religion, then you can witness the grand marriage celebration from both the in foreign country.

Indian boys looking for their future life partner can take help of online matrimonial sites to search a prospective life partner. You can also register with www.lovevivah.com to search brides and groom of NRIs from abroad residing in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia. You can create a profile for free from anywhere and anytime. After registering with us and creating your complete profile you can start your partner search. You can send and share your interest, view contact details, chat and fix a meeting if someone if you get the positive response from that. It is that simple and easy.


Wedding Engagement with Perfect Spouse

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Engagement ring for wedding

Marriage is a relationship for lifetime, it is a life-long bond. It brings husband and wife closer. Before getting married, it is always good if they know each-other well. This is a very special relationship and you should not enter into this in a hurry. Generally, in Indian families, parents take the initiative and try to search the most suitable bride or groom for their eligible son/daughter. The parents introduce the bride and groom and ask them to consider each-other as future partner.

Mostly, the search and selection of bride and groom varies from family-to-family and community-to-community. If the girl and boy find each-other compatible and meeting their partner expectations they agree to the match suggested by their parents. Most of the girls want her future husband to be loving, caring, understanding, educated, financially stable and mature enough to handle all kind of situations. Similarly, boys also expect a some things from their future partner like they want their wife to be beautiful, understanding, mature, open-minded and respect his family. If they find that match suitable they will say yes to the match.

If you are not able to find the match through the traditional ways, you can also search the partner by registering yourself to any of the matrimonial website. You can create the profile for the boy or girl to search the prospective partner. You can create a profile by filling all the relevant information and updating your partner preference and matrimonial resume on the website. The registration with these websites is absolutely free.

Different communities and caste have different rituals to be performed on engagement day. Some just have a simple ring exchange ceremony and some also perform some other rituals as well. In North India most of the families perform engagement ceremony in the home of bride or either in the home of groom. The bride’s parents offer different gifts, ring, clothes, sweets and other gifts to the groom on the ceremony. Whereas, the groom’s family also offer various gifts to the bride like jewelry, clothes, sweets, bangles and other gifts. The family also exchange gifts and shaguns. In South India also, on the engagement ceremony both the families exchange gifts and offer gifts to bride and groom.

Engagement day is very crucial and relevant for the bride and groom as well. It is a kind of formal announcement in front of relatives, family members and friends. The day is very significant for the bride and groom as they will be entering into a new life very soon. On the wedding day, a formal function is organized to perform all the wedding rituals in the presence of all family members and guests. It is followed with party and reception for guest invited in the wedding ceremony. Once the bride and groom complete all the wedding rituals and take marriage vows, they are declared as the wife and husband.

Marriage Life with Your Family Traditions

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Happy family married

Marriage is one of the finest institutions for building family relations.  So everyone wants to be one of the members of the best family in the world. Some people think that their marital style based on the happiness with their life in normal. The sources of joy could be their working, larger family and other external aspects which they assume is running better. Also this is a matter to find out how you can know if your marriage relation is good to check the things are working fine with your partner’s view point to the same.

Family relations are the quality living style for both the spouses which then can improve with better mutual understandings. So everybody should encourage the marriage life and help the partners to live with happy thoughts to second half of their life. If you thing that you can suggest a good type for living life to any of your relatives or friends that will great aspire to the social community. To get more understanding you can take constructive steps for the family relations of the related strength. People should be more trustful to their marriage than any other relation which they maintain throughout their whole life.

Traditions in a family or custom have more impact to the marriage life of the partners which they live together inside the single building for lifetime. Different countries have different traditions according to the religion, location, faith and legal systems for their country which they belong to. Religions like Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism are the major practices which happen around the world. Western countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, and Germany are mostly dominated by Christian or Roman Catholic marriages. Arabian countries like UAE, Saudi Arab, Egypt, and Iran are following the Muslim faith of religious marriages. Hinduism marriage systems are followed by mostly Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Hence all the relations have major impact on the family life style which stabilizes the good understanding among the members of the family. Every person has finest relation with wedding which he/she share with their marriage partners. Besides these relations we can have efficient quality of life for members of respective family to set up with good life partners. From this marriage are essential part for loving the people and their loved ones together bless for best of the life style and quality living relation for successful marriage life. For more details you can get registered with marriage matrimonial sites available to your wishing.