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Tips to Build Amicable Relationship with In-Laws

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Matrimony is a consummation of two mature individuals, who promise to walk together on the roller coaster ride of life.

Indian wedding is a marriage of two families who consolidate to form new relationships and matrimonial sites are the best place to find bride and groom of your choice. In the initial years, there are a lot of expectations associated with the bride and the groom. Each and every minute activities of the couple are closely watched by the parents of both sides. Their concern is to see their children grow in love and happiness and the parents want to be included in their life for always.

To make the matrimonial relationship healthy and strong, both the spouses need to work on maintaining their mutual relationships as well as respecting their in-laws.
If a bride or groom desire to see their partner happy and loving, they need to give personal time to their relationship to nurture as well as time to the families. Here are a few healthy tips to follow to develop amicable relationships with In-Laws

Love & Respect

Both sets of parents are connected with their child through genetics and psychological dynamics. Both come from different background and culture, so the couple requires to love and respect their in-laws’ thought process, customs and traditions, and culture. If initially, both the spouses condition themselves to accept their in-laws with grace, they will build a strong foundation of their relationship. A child shares a close unconditional bonding with the parents and observing that they are cared for by their spouses goes a long way of a smooth and successful relationship.

Solve the disagreements with In-Laws

There is bound to be disagreements with in-laws on some ground because two families having their distinct identity, lifestyle and culture conjoin. Both the spouses should accept the disagreements and discuss the reasons of difference with tact and patience. At times, in height of emotions, people become volatile and discuss the things in rage. Control emotional outburst as said words or actions cannot be taken back and it can hurt the relationships badly. Discuss coolly, work out on the differences, respond them with valid points and dissolve the issues. It is better to settle the score instead of thinking to sever the relationships with in-laws.

Accept Generation Gap Differences

There is a genuine generation gap and difference in opinion is certain. The elders are more experienced and they know the ups and downs of life. Extra cautious parents sometimes create a rift in the lives of a couple. Acknowledge their opinions and adapt them to your lifestyle. If you don’t agree, don’t create boundaries rather acquaint them with your opinion. Open and soft discussions help to clear misunderstandings. Remember, they are real parents and they will never give you the wrong advises. Honor them with patience, kindness, and gentleness. If you mean a No, let them know the reason for your decline.

In-Laws are part of a Family

In-laws are an integral part of a family and they are the ones who have gifted you with a loving life partner. Include them in as a family member and share all the important things with them, your achievements and hiccups, celebrations and sorrows. Include them in family outings and spend time together. In old age, they don’t have much liability and at times, they feel left out. If the spouses decide to include and support them, it adds colors to their life. Call frequently and be connected. Stand to support them if they are facing any issues that cannot be rectified by them.

Celebrate Important Dates of In-Laws

Throughout their life as a parent, they have celebrated the important dates of their children. Now, it is the turn of the spouses to remember the anniversaries, birthdays and remarkable events of life and celebrate with joy. The acknowledgment will cheer them up.

Improving relationships is a joint effort of the couples and their in-laws and it takes time to build. If the young generation initiates, it gives a smooth finesse to the fabric of relationships. Love your in-laws as much as you love your spouse.

5 Tips for Monsoon Wedding to Make it a Perfect Affair

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Monsoon Wedding

A wedding in monsoon sounds really interesting and exciting. All girls and boys have so many dreams in their heart about their wedding. You want to look stunning on that day to capture the eyeballs of everyone. You want everything to be perfect on that day. Monsoon is the most romantic and beautiful weather, but a little rain during your function can spoil the mood of whole affair. But, it is not really difficult to turn the story on your side and make a perfect plan for your Monsoon Wedding! Here are some important tips for all those bride and grooms to make their special day memorable for all.

Choose the venue smartly: It is the most important thing while planning a wedding in monsoon to choose the right venue. You should always select the venue very smartly and wisely. A small mistake can spoil the fun of wedding. Go for a venue where you will have both indoor and outdoor arrangements. So, you can enjoy the weather without spoiling the fun of your wedding ceremonies.

Negotiate well with vendors for venue and other services: In India, most of the marriages happen in the later months of year. During the monsoon season as most of the 5 start hotels don’t have any booking, so you can bargain well with them to get slashed price and save on hotel booking

Theme of venue: While selecting the theme don’t just go by the colors or props. Also, pay attention to the kind of things vendor is going to use for venue. You can ask him to go for light colors or rainbow colors to make it more vibrant. You can also go for full flower theme as during this time florists slash the price of flowers. You can also arrange some rain dance party or pool party for pre-wedding function. You can also use umbrella for decoration and also give as gift to guests. So, decide a theme that you feel goes well will your wedding plan.

What will be the menu? As this is monsoon season and a little carelessness can make people remember your wedding for all  wrong reasons. Take care of hygiene and what you are going to serve to the guests. Don’t go for too much spicy food rather serve or add items in your menu, which are easy to digest. Don’t add seafood in your menu; rather add tava items in for food. You can also add jalebi instead of ice-cream in your sweets. So, while preparing a menu for your wedding pay some extra attention.

Look stunning on your special day: Indian wedding is all about heavy lehengas and jewelry for the bride and sherwani for the groom. But, if your wedding is in monsoon choose your dresses very smartly to stay comfortable.  Don’t use dark colors, select light fabric with bright colors to add spark. Brides should go for waterproof makeup and grooms should go for ethnic Kurta and Churidar or some comfortable fabric sherwani.

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Wedding Engagement with Perfect Spouse

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Engagement ring for wedding

Marriage is a relationship for lifetime, it is a life-long bond. It brings husband and wife closer. Before getting married, it is always good if they know each-other well. This is a very special relationship and you should not enter into this in a hurry. Generally, in Indian families, parents take the initiative and try to search the most suitable bride or groom for their eligible son/daughter. The parents introduce the bride and groom and ask them to consider each-other as future partner.

Mostly, the search and selection of bride and groom varies from family-to-family and community-to-community. If the girl and boy find each-other compatible and meeting their partner expectations they agree to the match suggested by their parents. Most of the girls want her future husband to be loving, caring, understanding, educated, financially stable and mature enough to handle all kind of situations. Similarly, boys also expect a some things from their future partner like they want their wife to be beautiful, understanding, mature, open-minded and respect his family. If they find that match suitable they will say yes to the match.

If you are not able to find the match through the traditional ways, you can also search the partner by registering yourself to any of the matrimonial website. You can create the profile for the boy or girl to search the prospective partner. You can create a profile by filling all the relevant information and updating your partner preference and matrimonial resume on the website. The registration with these websites is absolutely free.

Different communities and caste have different rituals to be performed on engagement day. Some just have a simple ring exchange ceremony and some also perform some other rituals as well. In North India most of the families perform engagement ceremony in the home of bride or either in the home of groom. The bride’s parents offer different gifts, ring, clothes, sweets and other gifts to the groom on the ceremony. Whereas, the groom’s family also offer various gifts to the bride like jewelry, clothes, sweets, bangles and other gifts. The family also exchange gifts and shaguns. In South India also, on the engagement ceremony both the families exchange gifts and offer gifts to bride and groom.

Engagement day is very crucial and relevant for the bride and groom as well. It is a kind of formal announcement in front of relatives, family members and friends. The day is very significant for the bride and groom as they will be entering into a new life very soon. On the wedding day, a formal function is organized to perform all the wedding rituals in the presence of all family members and guests. It is followed with party and reception for guest invited in the wedding ceremony. Once the bride and groom complete all the wedding rituals and take marriage vows, they are declared as the wife and husband.