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Don’t Get Married Unless You Ask These Questions To Your Partner

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marriage partner

Are you ready to meet him/her for the first time? Marriage is a beautiful thing and to make it successful, it is important that you keep your right foot forward to begin your journey. Making the right move in marriage is really important. But, it is equally important to know whether he/she is right for you or not. It is important to know his/her views and to know him/her closely. Before making your decision, it is important that you know more about him/her and take a learned decision. It is an important decision of your life and you should not take such an important decision in a hurry. To being your journey with your partner it is important that you should ask below questions to your partner.

  1. What makes you feel that you should meet? This is really important to know what attracted him/her most which encouraged him/her to meet you for arranged marriage.
  2. Has he/she decided to you in a hurry or under pressure? Is he/she taking this decision after evaluating various points and considering you as perfect partner?
  3. Why does he/she want to spend rest of his/her with you? He/she should be able to tell what drives him/her to take this decision. It is really important to know why you are important.
  4. What kind of expectation you have from him/her after marriage? These expectations should include financial, emotional, physical and more. What are his/her expectations from his/her life partner?
  5. Ask questions like does he/she has any healthy issue or history that you should know before marriage? It will be helpful to know such details as you are going to spend of your life with him/her. So, you will be prepared to face any unwanted situation with ease.
  6. Does he/she will be equally affectionate and emotionally involved in this relationship? What are your expectations on the emotional level?
  7. Does he/she mind if your friends/cousin/relatives will visit you frequently or you will visit them?
  8. What are your expectations from each-other’s family? How you want to manage your family issues after marriage?
  9. Do you want to stay with his parents after marriage or you want to stay in a separate house after marriage?
  10. Would you like to take care of your parents after marriage because you are the only child/their old age/any health issue which requires personal care and attention? Would you like them to stay with you?
  11. Will you support your family financially after marriage as well? Will you send a certain percentage of your earning to your parents to support them financially?
  12. How important is individuality, equality and independence for you after marriage?
  13. Who is going to take care of financial matters after marriage? Who is going to make financial decisions after marriage? How much money would you like to save for your future after marriage?
  14. Do you have any financial liability towards your family/any debt to be paid after marriage as well?
  15. When you want to start your family after marriage? Would you like to start just after your marriage or you would like wait for one or more years or want to settle down with your first then want start thinking about it?
  16. If after marriage you are required to shift in a different city/state/country because of your job would you like to shift with him/her?

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Some Must Follow Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

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newly wed couple

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships and can be bliss if nurtured well. The one thing that connects you with your soul-mate is your understanding and love with your partner. But, if your relationship is not that great and you failed to manage it well, then you land into a foul soup. Everything in that relationship appears complicated and troublesome. It increases fight and tensions among the young couples. As a newlywed you need to pay more attention and time to this relationship. Here, we are sharing some tips for newlyweds to make your married life happier.

Don’t involve your family all the time: It is good to take advice from your elders and take their help and suggestion if it is really required. But, it is not at all suggested to involve your parents or in-laws in every big and small matter. Take your stand and make your own decisions. It is good if you avoid involving your parents and other family members in your personal matters.

Don’t go to bed in bad mood: Arguments, small clashes and difference of opinions are common in very relationship and even in happiest marriage as well. Your partner can’t all the time accept and agree upon your thoughts and idea. Learn to accept the difference of opinions in a lighter note rather than reacting on it immediately or just holding them for some time. All couples must settle down their differences or any kind of conflicts before they go to bed. It is important to stay happy and feel stress free.

Keep it simple and wait for some time: There are many couples who just jump into a new role just after marriage. There are lot things you are expected to cope-up with after marriage like settling down in new family, understanding issues with family and your spouse, job changes and maintaining a balance between your office and home. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid planning a family just after your marriage. It is good to wait for at least six months or more or until you feel that that you are well settled in new family and comfortable to take this new responsibility.

Track your money: One thing over which most of the couples fight frequently after marriage is money. As a married couple, you must be surprised to note that your money just flies away and it is really difficult to track it. But, make a habit of noting down each and every expense, making a monthly budget and sticking to it religiously. Track your money and try to save money for your future. Avoid asking money from parents and in-laws. It can trigger clashes and arguments between you.

Don’t quit your job: After marriage, you will find that your overall monthly expenses increases and to combat that it is important that you have sufficient money flow. If both of you are working, you will find it easier to save money and invest your money to gain combined financial success. It will also help you to keep yourself busy and tuned with your routine.

Follow your dreams: It is important to have dreams and chase them. It is good for individuals and for couples as well. It gives you a platform where you both started thinking similarly. Your dream could be anything like taking a new job, starting a new business, buying your own house or something else. It is important to share your idea with your spouse, take his/her views and suggestions. It will strengthen your bond and build your understanding as couple.

Work as team not individuals: A happy marriage is all about working as a team not as two individuals. Take care of each-others requirements and needs. Try to do household chores together or divide your responsibilities to ease your burden. It will build your bonding and you work as team to meet your daily requirements. It will give you the feeling of a happy couple and will improve your relationship with your spouse.

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Secrets of Happy Married Life Decoded

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Married Life

In India, when it comes to marriage, the first thing which comes to your mind is long-lasting relationship which makes you feel secured and happy. The first and more important thing in a marriage is to stay happy. In present trend of globalization and commercialization, we are not much bothered about the long-lasting relationships; rather we are more focused on materialistic things. No wonder, in such a materialistic situation the emotions and feeling take a back foot and we end up messing up all the things in our life. In a marriage, it is really important that you stay happy and satisfied. Like any other relationship a marriage needs time and mutual understanding of the couple to keep going in this special bond. At times, it becomes tough to manage and handle the situation in married life, but one thing that is really important during that difficult time is to have faith in each-other. So, instead of arguing and shouting on each-other one should take a different route to handle and manage the tensed situation with peace and patients. We have decoded some secrets of happy married to ease your journey.

Communicate every day with your spouse: Communication is really important in every relationship. It is really important to express yourself and share your feelings. If communication is missing in your marriage, then it will affect your relationship. Everyone talks about honesty in a marriage, but it is not possible if you don’t communicate with your marriage partner. Try to make a routine or block at least 15 minutes time every day to communicate/chat with your spouse. Even if you are super busy with other stuff like gym, cooking, social activities or other things, try to take out some time for each other. Use this precious time to share things, discuss about your family, friends and work and any other random stuff.

Respect your spouse: Don’t overrate the love all the time. Marriage is not all about loving your spouse only. It also includes respecting your spouse as well. Respecting your spouse and giving him/her the respect is also important. It doesn’t matter how much you love him/her, if you can’t respect your spouse publically. It is important that you don’t dominate or boss him/her all the time or in front of people. Always, respect his/her decision and agree with him/her in front of people even if you don’t.

Good to compromise: Many people think that if you compromise easily, it is sign of lack of determination on your decision. May be most of us feeling that compromising with someone means you are weak. But, we overlook the best or wider part of compromising with your spouse. To make your relationship going and happy it is good that you avoid situations where you are required to confront your spouse. Always try to find out middle way to avoid any argument and tense situation. But, that does not mean that you always have to give up on what you think or believe is right in a particular situation. Make it more about finding a middle way to avoid any argument or solution where both of you agree and feel happy.

Be transparent on your finance: Every couple want financial transparency. It is completely fine if you have your own personal bank account, where you can save some money for your future or hard time. But, it is equally fine that if your spouse is aware of your finance too. It is important that you tell your husband/wife about your financing habits be it saving, investment, lending loan to some friend or spending money on shopping. It is important that you keep your husband/wife in loop. Don’t break his/her trust over financial matter as it will create rift in the relationship.

Bonding with your in-laws: Well, this one is easy to say and difficult to maintain. In most of the cases, you hardly able to maintain good relationship with your in-laws. But, you can at least try to maintain a healthy relationship by making efforts at your end. You could invite them on dinner or visit their home in weekends to build good relationship. After all, they are parents and they could be the best source to provide you helping hand in difficult time.

Don’t let the romance die in your relationship: No matters how many years you have spent together, how old your kids are, it is important to keep the fire of romance burning in a relationship. It is important that you appreciate, love, give attention and quality time to your spouse whenever required and possible. Make him/her feel special and your world. At times go out alone and spend some quality time in the company of each-other without giving a second thought to your extended responsibilities.

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6 Professional Questions You Should Ask to Potential Partner

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Potential Partner for Marriage

Communication is very important for every relationship. When you are meeting your potential partner for the first time, it is important that you should ask right questions to him. It will not only give you an idea about how his professional goals and visions rather it will also give you an idea about your future stability with him. Most of the time when we are meeting someone for the very first time, we ask every generic questions to start the conversation and forget to ask all relevant and important questions, which could play a vital role in taking the final decision. Knowing someone professionally is equally important as knowing someone personally for wedding. In our present life, when most of us are working in MNCs and fast paced growing companies, where job is really demanding and you need to give your 200% to sustain in that job, in such a competitive scenario, it becomes important for all of us to know more about the professional goals of our potential partner. Here are some important questions, which one should never miss asking to their potential partner.

What is your dream job?: This is really important questions to know about what is his dream job?  This will also give you a fair idea about his satisfaction level in his present job. If his dream job is the same what he is doing right now, it will indicate the satisfaction level in the professional front and even the stability in the job as if you are happy with your job, then you tends to change your job less frequently.

What do you do in your present company?: However, this question sounds a bit straight and complex, but it would prove helpful to understand what is his role in the company? What kind of work he is doing in the company? What are his professional responsibilities in the office? It will also give you a clear idea about the nature of work and his office life routine as well.

Do you agree that professional stability is important?: Is he professionally stable? Is he changing his job frequently or is he stable in his job? This is really important to know that how stable he is in his job. If he is quite professional and very much stable in his job, in that case you  need not to worry a lot about your future with him as most of the things in his life must be organized in professional and financial front.

Do you plan to start something of your own as entrepreneur?: In present world where everyone wants to try something new and of their own in professional world, then it is a good thing to ask to your potential partner is he really keen to start something of his own as entrepreneur in near future or after a few years. This will give you a clear idea about his future goals in near future.

Do you have any plans to move/settle abroad to pursue your dream job?: If you want to marry a boy who is working in same city and you don’t want to settle anywhere else after marriage then this is really an important question you should ask to your potential partner before making the final decision.  If he is in a kind of job where he might be asked to move out of city or country, then you should ask this to your potential partner.

What is your retirement plan?: This is another thing that you should also ask to your potential partner. You should know about his retirement plans. When did he want to retire from his job? Is he keen to get retire at the age of 50 years or at the age of 60 years or after the age of 60 years? This will help you to understand about his financial saving plans as well. If he wants to retire early from his job, then he must be planning something for his retirement and he must have some plans to enjoy the life after retirement and bear all the financial responsibilities.  So, it is important thing to know from your potential partner before you take that final decision.

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