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Don’t Want To Face Rejection In Arranged Marriage Meeting Avoid These Questions

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Arranged Marriage Meeting

The idea of arranged marriage is really confusing and complicated. When you decided to go for arranged marriage, the whole process is time consuming and daunting. In all arranged marriage set-up, the first meeting with your future partner is very crucial and important. Both the girl and the boy should behave sensibly and maturely while meeting the first time. It is not about that the girls behave more sensitively, even the boys too behave in the same manner. In such odd situation, you need to be little cautious and ask right kind of questions. It is not just the responsibility of the boy to ask the intelligent and sensible questions, rather the girls should also keep this in mind. She should not ask sensitive questions to him. Here are some questions you should not ask to a guy when you are meeting him for the first time.

Do you plan to live separately after marriage: This is the one question which you should not ask to any guy when you are meeting him for the first time. It gives a negative impression and could be a big turn off. It might also give him indication that you don’t want to stay with his parents after marriage or will never adjust with them. So to avoid the tag of home breaker, avoid this question and if you really want to ask, mold your question in something more rational and logical way.

How much you earn?: This is another very sensitive question, however, money is important, but asking this question might offend him. Rather, you can ask some indirect questions like, “What are your future plans?” It will further help you in understanding his role and future stability in a better way. His salary is something that your parents could also enquire about. Even you might also get to know this later if you will get hooked with him.

Any past relationship or girlfriend: Just like you, your prospective partner may also have a past. But, many will like to be questioned much about it, forget sharing the details. Don’t go overboard by asking too personal and intimate questions from him about his past-life.

Are you virgin?: Hey, this is a million dollar questions and might be very important to you. But, asking this question to him in the first meeting might turn disastrous. This is not the right moment to ask such questions. Always, remember that he is not your college friend/office colleague to whom you can ask any question. He is just a stranger to you and this is really sensitive question to ask when you are meeting someone for the very first time. Similar to the girls, boys too find this question direct attack on their character. So, before asking such question, think twice and it could also lead to rejection.

Can we meet one or two more times without telling our parents: No matter, how broad-minded guys claim to be, they will never appreciate this question from a girl. Especially in an arranged marriage scenario, you tend to judge the person based on their initial behavior. There are chances that he might consider you as too fast and easy-going girl. In arranged marriage scenario, always stick to conservative ideas.

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10 Tips To Make Your First Year Of Marriage Happier And Easier

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marriage life partners

The first year of marriage is the hardest and rockiest in all. You have many realistic and unrealistic expectations from your partner and you always want that all should be fulfilled. The first year of marriage is very crucial as you land into new responsibilities and above all the responsibility to survive together. This important change in your life comes with some unexpected challenges. Here are some easy tips for newly wedded couples to make their first year of marriage happier and easier.

  1. Believe in your partnership: It is really important that you believe in your partnership and faith and trust in your partner. Always remember that only wife or only husband can’t make this marriage successful. It is important to divide all the work and manage everything together.
  2. Be on the same page always: While discussing important issues and things, always be on the same page. When you discuss things about buying a new home, finance, buying a new car, planning family and other important things, you should be on the same page.
  3. Be realistic in your expectations: Be realistic in your expectations from your spouse. As a newly wedded couple, you have a lot of expectations from your spouse, but at times these expectations become the reason of unnecessary arguments. Don’t hesitate to compromise to stay happy if not exactly meeting the expectations.
  4. First year is transitional: The first year of marriage is the most transitional. Always get ready to learn, understand, compromise and adjust with each-other. Always work on your difference and think like a team. You meet new people and build new relationships, therefore it is important to accept the changes happily.
  5. Avoid the blame game: You are a team, don’t behave like a kid and start the blame game, when you are arguing with your spouse. Accept the difference and avoid blaming your spouse for each and everything.
  6. Give some time to each-other: Don’t jump into conclusions very soon. Give some time to each-other. Allow each-other to get adjusted with the changes and new set-up. Don’t try to change each other or expect the other one to change from the day one of marriage.
  7. Get ready to accept & improve: Acceptance is really important for a successful marriage. It is important that you accept your spouse the way he/she is. Always get ready to accept the change and improve and make changes in your habits for a healthy relationship.
  8. Accept your new family: Don’t forget that you have not married to him/her only. You have married to a new family altogether. It is important that you accept the new family and get involved with them. Don’t treat them as your in-laws, but as your family.
  9. Lear to fight fair: For a healthy relationship it is equally important to have some fighting sessions. It is important that you fight with her/him, but for the right reason. Don’t argue or fight for wrong reasons or don’t fight for not so valid reasons.
  10. Learn to forget and forgive: For a happy relationship it is important that you learn to forget things and forgive your partner. Don’t stick to any issue for longer time. Try to forget things quickl and behave normally with your spouse. It is important for a healthy relationship.

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Know What A Modern Woman Looks For In Her Life Partner!

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Marriage Life Partner

Gone are the days when parents and other family members were not bothered to know the opinion of the girls regarding their marriage. Nowadays, parents are getting friendlier with their female child and ask about her opinion and preferences about marriage. Now women have a very strong position in society and they hold special place. They make their own decisions and put forward their thoughts and opinions. Therefore, we can say when it comes to any relationship, they will not settle down with anything and everything, but only with the best. Here, we are discussing some qualities which a modern woman looks for in her life partner.

He should know how to cook basic things, but it does not mean that we are talking about the making maggi or making bread toast. Nowadays, the woman expects that if she is tired and not feeling like cooking, then he must be able to cook something on that day.

He should not show-off his paying ability. If both are working and earning well, then it is always expected he will not show off his paying ability and pay all the bills.

She wants someone who is not mama’s boy. Every girl wants to maintain a good relationship with mother-in-law. But, they don’t want their husband to worship his mother and obey her blindly.

He should not ask her to give up her carrier after marriage. He should allow her to pursue her career and chase her dreams. To continuing work post-marriage should be her decision only.

He should be equally willing to relocate to another city if the situation comes. As the males expect their wife to relocate with them to another city or state if really needed. Nowadays, females also expect the same from their husbands.

Woman wants someone who is always ready to help her in household chores and not the one who always run away even from listing to such things. As you both are sharing the home and everything, therefore, the household work responsibilities should be equally divided.

Give her space and let her enjoy her time. Girls don’t want someone in their life who is all the time behaving like a watch dog and don’t give her space and freedom. They want their own time to enjoy with the way they want.

He should be supportive to her. It is not about supporting her emotionally, but in all aspects. He should be ready to behave like a shield when situation comes and makes her feel comfortable if she is feeling low or unwell.

He should not be in a hurry to start a family just after getting married. Most of the girls like kids and they like to have their own kids too. But, it doesn’t mean that they want to have a kid right after their marriage. She should always make the decision whether she wants to have a kid or not.

Girls like a man who gives her surprises. It is always a girl who plans dinner parties, dates and family dinner/lunches, but most of the male don’t take any initiatives. But, they love if their partner plan something nice for them and give her a sweet surprise.

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7 Qualities You Should Look In Your Future Husband

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Future Life Partner

Do you think that physical attraction is enough to get married someone? It is really complicated to choose someone as your partner. It is important to choose the right person to lead a happy marriage life. Love and understanding is the basic necessity of any marriage, but in arranged marriage you can develop both after marriage only. Therefore, it becomes more necessary to find the right partner and marry. Besides, these things you should focus on other important qualities. Let’s take a look some important qualities you should focus in your life partner.

  1. He should be honest: The first thing you should look in your future husband is honesty. He should be honest with you and with himself as well. He should be very much aware of his strengths and weaknesses and his limitations. Honesty with each other and with self is really important to keep the relationship going.
  2. Commitment: He should be committed towards his family, his relationship with you and towards your future. It is necessary to have commitments and remain loyal towards the commitments. Find out whether he is fulfilling his promises with other. Does he really committed to live up to his promises? To have a good and healthy relationship, it is important to find a committed person.
  3. Respect for others: Keep a watch how he treats others and how he behaves with others. This is a big indicator of this attitude and how he is going to behave with you in future. Everyone wants a spouse that will value and respect your feeling and emotions. If he is giving due respect to others, that means he will also behave well with you.  No one wants a spouse who will not respect her.
  4. Emotionally stable: You must be looking for someone who is loyal, committed and emotionally stable. A guy who is emotionally committed with you will never leave you in any worst situation in life. Emotional boding in marriage is equally important as good chemistry between you and your life partner. He should not be in a freaky state of mind where he is constantly in up or down of mood. So a stable mood is really important for stable relationship.
  5. Good sense of humor: A light and healthy laughter is important to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Find someone that can make you laugh even in your worst mood. A good laugh is important to forget all worries and light your day and mood. Most of us want a life partner who can make you laugh. Life has its ups and downs and a partner with good sense of humor can be a good strength to face all the problems with ease.
  6. Good with kids: Also, try to find during the conversation does he like kids? Is he good with kids? It is important to know because it will also help in making you decide how he will be with your future kids. If you plan to have kids after a year or two, then it will surely impact his behavior with your future kids. Try to find out how he behaves with other kids before marriage.
  7. A good listener: Watch his listening style. Is he listen to you carefully and pays attention to whatever you say? He should be a good listener and must be ready to listen to you. An active listener always considers and gives importance to the other person’s feelings. It will also give you a sense of his patience level.

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Simple Ways To Look Like A Glam Diva At Home After Marriage

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happy marriage couple

The would-be-brides make a lot of efforts to buy their dresses what they are going to wear after marriage. They invest a lot of time and money to buy their dresses. It is really important for a newly wedded bride to look gorgeous and beautiful at home after marriage. But, not everyone is so thoughtful to decide it perfectly what they are going to wear post-wedding. What are you going to wear at home post-wedding? How will you balance your looks when you are home? Let’s take a look at five interesting ideas which can change the way you look at home after marriage and turn you into a stylish desi bahu.

Go for jackets: If you want to wear your favorite sleeveless blouse or suit, but not very sure whether your in-laws will like it or not? Then, without annoying them, you can wear your favorite dress by mixing it with some stylish shrug or jacket. Wear your favorite top, shirt, sleeveless suits with shrug or jacket. This way you will not annoy your in-laws and at the same time you can wear your favorite dresses too. Slik jackets go well with your suits and some ethnic wear. You can also go for some printed or embroidered jackets as well to add a jazz to your dress.

Look stylish in tunics: If you are not sure wearing that short tunic alone and don’t want to offend your mother-in-law, go for some stylish legging or jegging with your tunic. You can anytime mix your tunic with these stylish ankle length or knee length leggings. You can also wear stockings with your tunic to look stylish.

Stunning stoles: If your in-laws insist on wearing a dupatta all the time at home, you can look stunning by giving a twist to your boring dupattas. You can wear some colorful, vibrant and bright stoles and wear them with your suits. You can tie up your stoles in different ways to look fashionable even when you are at home. A multi-colored stole look gorgeous with a plain kurti and blue jeans. A multi-color or black stole can be paired with almost all colors of kurti.

Long skirts: A full-length long skirts paired with a collared short kurti will be ideal for a lazy Sunday. It is not too casual or too stylish if some of your friends or relatives drop in without any prior intimation. Skirt also let you breathe freely and move with ease, while giving you all desired stylish looks.

Gorgeous kurtis: If you don’t want to wear that traditional salwar kameez daily, switch to some stylish and beautiful kurtis in different styles. A chines collar kurti, kurti with flair or short kurti, the options are plenty to choose from. You can pair these stylish and chick kurtis with leggings and jeggings. You can also accessories these kurti’s with stylish earring, bangles and nice rings.

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