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How to Keep the Love Alive in A Tamil Or Telugu Marriage?

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Tamil & Telugu Marriage

Marriages are different in the southern region of India as compared to North India, be it love marriage or arranged. Tamil and Telugu people constitute the significant population of South India, and they are known for their simple living and high caliber of education. If you want to see marriages full of Indian customs and traditions, then attending Telugu & Tamil weddings are a must. Marriage is the most critical spiritual symbol of the Tamil community. It is characterized by fun moments with family, attendance of distant relatives and lots of traditional food.

But there is a lot in life after Kalyanam or marriage. And an essential part of marriage is managing your relationship goals. With the increase in inter-caste marriages in India and even in Tamil and Telugu families, many marriages fail after a few years of marriage due to lack of love, too many fights, and cultural differences. Marriage is just the beginning of a new life, and there is a lot further. Marriage without love is like a flower without fragrance. But in most marriages, love seems to disappear after a few years.

No one wants to have a nasty married life filled with arguments and tension. But after marriage, the proportion of love continues to decrease and of arguments continue to increase in most cases. Let us consider some aspects that will help you keep your love alive in a Telugu or Tamil marriage!

Acceptance: Acceptance is the base of respect, and if you respect each other and your cultural and family differences, then you can go a long way ahead. Accepting each other should not be based on mere words, and it should show up in your actions too. As joint families characterize Tamil or Telugu culture, you should be ready to accept and respect each other’s families and relatives also. Clear communication and realistic expectations are an essential part of accepting each other.

Develop Friendship: In the South Indian culture, mostly the bride and the groom are both educated and at times, working individuals. They might be in the same profession too. It is crucial to develop an attitude of friendship amongst couples to gain confidence in each other. Just like you share your secrets and good times with your besties, if you do it with your soulmate, then you will have a lot of trust and understanding in your married life. Friends do understand each others’ perspectives and stand beside each other in difficult times, and if you share your day with your partner, you will have the same trust in your relationship too.

Compatibility: Tamil matrimony or Telugu matrimony involves a lot of compatibility tests before the family finalizes marriage. You must take the time to understand each others’ values, interests, and goals. This will make you more comfortable with each other.

Do Not Stop Dating: Most couples end spending time with each other after marriage and get involved in their routine life. This is the biggest mistake they can make. It is quite common in South Indian families because, in big families, responsibilities are many. Even holidays and dinners are generally with the entire family. This kills the spark between the couple to some extent. So, take out some time and steal some privacy. Try to impress each other, have fun, love deeply and laugh with each other. You can even date your beau at home. So, bring the romance back into your life.

Share Your Responsibilities: As both husband and wife are working in many modern South Indian families, it becomes difficult to handle personal as well as professional lives effectively. This leads to arguments and fights that can eventually bring an end to your married life. Do not overburden your partner with familial responsibilities. Share the work at home and enjoy spending time with each other while doing the daily chores of the house. Even responsibilities of the kids can be shared. This can be an excellent way to build your relationship stronger.

Give Some Space: Married couples stay together, but that does not mean that they should invade the personal space of each other. After marriage, your partner need not be with you at all times, emotionally and physically. Give enough personal space and freedom to each other so that your love can blossom effectively.

Forgive and Be Forgiven: Arguments and fights are a common thing in every marriage, especially in the initial years till you get used to each other. But if you want to keep the fire of love alive in your hearts, then you must learn to forgive each other. It is not necessary that you would always be right. Also, winning an argument is not going to get you any reward. Holding grudges over small arguments and petty matters can kill your relationship.

Listen: The art of listening is entirely different from hearing, but few people understand it. Understand the verbal and non-verbal meanings of your spouse’s words. Take the time to understand his/her life and health conditions and expectations. If you want a vibrant marriage, then you should listen more than you speak.

Have A Daily Dose of Love: Love and kindness is not meant for birthdays and anniversaries alone. You can celebrate every moment of togetherness and love between you. Do not leave your kindness and affection for special occasions. Giving small gifts to each other, even chocolate or a rose can bring a smile on your partner’s face. The more you love your partner, the more you will receive. So, light up your passion and have a dose of love daily.

Follow these simple tips and make them your way of life. As many Tamil matrimonial sites and Telugu matrimonial sites also advise, if you follow these tips, love will never fade away in your married life. Tamil and Telugu people are born romantic by nature, but if your marriage is in a bad phase due to some misunderstanding, then it is time to hold each other’s hands and say words like “Sorry,” and “I Love you.”

Why Traditional Attire for a Telugu Bride?

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Indian weddings are bright and colourful feast and a Telugu matrimony strictly adheres to their customs and traditions running in their families. The people of Andhra and Telengana follow the culture of Telugu wedding.

In Telugu culture, bride or wife is given utmost importance in the society and is treated as equal partner of her husband.

Traditional Bridal Attire

A Telugu Bridal attire is the cynosure of all eyes attending the event and the focus of the people is on her costume, jewelry, hairdo, makeup and footwear. In one word, she has to be at her best traditional trousseau throughout the wedding ceremonies.

Sari is a staple attire of a Hindu Telugu bride and the bride has to wear different types of traditional saris for different rituals and ceremonies associated with matrimony.

Dharmavaram handwoven traditional silk sarees are in vogue among the Telugu brides. It comes in varied designs and colours in the bright hues of orange, royal blue, fuchsia pink or combination shades like maroon & green are much in demand. The other traditional silk sarees in demand are Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Kancheevaram, Mangalagiri or Pochampally Silk Saree.

Golden brocade sarees are also popular among brides for different wedding rituals.

The Telugu wedding bridal dress is a fun of nine yards drape with heavy golden border and south Indian design embossed on the traditional silk sarees to mark the wedding occasion.

The Telugu bride has to change her attire frequently for different rituals. On the day of marriage, while passing through the various rituals, she has to change her drape minimum four times.

Light weight chiffons are also used for pre and post wedding rituals but silk sarees are much in vogue in Telugu weddings.

The bridal costume at the time of final wedding when she is handed over to the groom by her parents is a traditional white silk saree with heavy red hued border. White and red combination is considered to be pious and sacred for the occasion.

Colorful bangles, heavy gold temple jewelry adorning the bride from head to toe which has antique finishing and depiction of gods and goddesses forms an important part of bridal attire.

The other gold jewelry used for bridal costume are gold necklace in layers, large earrings, traditional peacock gold waist band, an arm band intricately designed with flora and fauna, gold bangles, and gold hair embellishments.

Flower jewelry is profusely used to adorn the hairdo of a Telugu bride. A bright make up that adds sheen to her face is done with heavy eye makeup so that it gives her a pure goddess look. Bridal costume of a Telugu bride talks about the traditional and cultural richness of Andhra and Telangana states. Abride in Telugu bridal outfit is a beauty to watch and the memories of her bridal look can be cherished forever.

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Interesting Facts about Telugu Weddings

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Telugu people belong to the land of Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. Telugu  matrimony follows the traditional Hindu wedding rituals.

Some interesting facts about Telugu Weddings, for this matrimonial site

1) Traditionally, these ceremonies lasted for sixteen days. These days, the ceremony lasts for just two or more days;

2) Matrimonial customs are performed depending on the caste of the Indian bride and Indian groom;

3) The families of the Indian bride and Indian groom personally go to guests’ houses and invite them with ‘kumkum’ (colorful, red powder);

4) In one of the pre-matrimony ritual, the Indian groom takes a holy bath, (known as ‘Snatakam’), few hours before the wedding. This bath marks his ‘graduation’ from bachelorhood to the householder. After the holy bath, the groom wears a silver thread on his body;

5) In another pre-matrimony ritual (known as ‘Kashi Yatra’), the groom declares celibacy and expresses his intent to go to ‘Kashi’ (also known as Varanasi) to pursue higher studies. The Indian bride’s brother stops the Indian groom, pleads him to reconsider his decision, requests him to marry his sister and become a householder. This ritual is light-hearted, involving camaraderie between the Indian groom and his future brother-in-law. The Indian groom, of course, agrees to marry his Indian bride in the end!

6) Telugu matrimony usually takes place towards midnight;

7) On the morning of the matrimony, the Indian groom performs the ‘Ganesha Puja.’ The Indian bride performs the ‘Gauri Puja.’ During this time, a ritual known as ‘Pravara’ is performed. In this ritual, the bride’s clan (‘gotram’) is changed from her father’s to her would-be husband’s;

8) Traditionally, the Indian groom would ride an elephant to the ceremony (‘GajaArohana’-arrival on an elephant), but this practice is declining with the passage of time;

9) During the matrimonial ceremony of ‘Kanyadaan’ (or giving away the bride), the Indian bride is brought to the wedding venue (‘mandap’) by her maternal uncle in a bamboo basket;

10) The Indian bride’s parents wash the Indian groom’s feet (who for matrimony, is considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

11) After ‘Kanyadan,’ the bride is accompanied by ten married women. Six of them carrying plates of sacred rice (a mixture of rice and turmeric powder), while the remaining four carry small lit lamps. Rice for abundance and lit lamps for light.

12) There is a curtain that separates the Indian bride and the Indian groom, who are not allowed to look at one another;

13) Between recitations of wedding hymns, the bride and the groom place on each other’s forehead a paste of jaggery and cumin seeds, symbolizing the eternity and strength of the relationship;

14) The Indian bride and the Indian groom then pour the sacred rice on each other’s head, while cupping their hands to hold the rice as the priest recites wedding hymns.

15) The Indian groom adorns the feet of his bride with silver toe rings. He bends down to slip these rings on her toes, thus claiming her for himself.

16) Both the bride and the groom are shown double stars representing the union of Arundhati and Sage Vasista, who epitomize the perfect couple.

Enchanting Ceremonies That Glorifies a Telugu Wedding

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Appealing rituals that exalt Kamma wedding in India is a realm of culture and tradition, neither you nor I can deny that. And of all the holy customs, Telugu marriage tops the rank. This is because ‘A wedding’ is just not only a ceremony to unify a boy and girl in Telugu matrimony. It’s a promise of two endearing souls in heaven, hand-in-hand for a “Together forever” commitment and an exhilarating celebration of two families and well-wishers for a new beginning. So the occasion certainly deserves to be extremely grand and mind-blowing if I am not wrong. You can also take help of Telugu matrimony sites that help people to find desired  Telugu brides and groom.

Snathakam Ceremony for the Groom

This is a popular rite called Snathakam which is done prior to the wedding day in the house of the groom. The groom is asked to wear a sacred silver thread on his body referring the termination of his bachelorhood and accepts the responsibility of taking over the welfare and well being of the family. He is no more a one man and there is a family whom he should take care of, to be more precise, he is a family man from now on. Some people refer the custom as “Upanayanam”.

The Kashi Yatra Custom

This custom is a part of all Telugu weddings. In Tamil marriages this custom s known as Kashi Yatra. This custom adds joy to the viewers as the groom is asked to pretend as if he gets adamant in leaving for Kashi (a pilgrimage) and he is no more interested in marriage or any other earthly happiness. To add more to the fun the bride’s brother acts like pleading his brother-in-law to change his decision and sign the marital agreement with his sister to spend all his life with her.

Haldi Ceremony or Nalagu Rite

The ritual generally takes place in all states and is refered to with different names in different states. In Tamil marriage it is known as Nalagu, whereas north Indians refer it as the Haldi ceremony. The turmeric is smeared on the body of the bride and groom which signifies the rite performed for the purification of the bride and groom.

Viragudi Mokkadam

After ending all the customs at home, the groom sets off to step into the marriage hall. Before that a sacred visit to the temple is mandatory. Isn’t it? But No! This is not as ordinary as before. A big day deserves everything big and special. So is the temple visit. And the groom should worship it for everything to go well in his life. A coconut with turmeric and kumkum on its head will be broken in front of the divine statue of God or goddess. And the holy tradition successfully ends with a puja.

The Bride Arrives

Here comes the magical moment the groom will be longing for. You read it right! I meant the arrival of the bride. The maternal uncle of the girl accompanies her to the Mandap to bring together the couples made in heaven. A curtain will be placed in the middle of the bride and groom, a priest repeating the sacred mantras. Then, the tie knotting ceremony will take place, followed by the wedding rounds. The awesome moment begins with the priest giving Thali (Mangalsutra) to the groom reciting slogans beside. The holy thread that binds the two lives into one is placed right at the center of the bride’s chest. This is to indicate that the bride takes all her marital responsibilities and the love for her new family in her heart. Then they take seven wedding vows around the holy fire and it is believed that the couple is united in front of Panchabhutaalu (earth, air, water, fire, and sky). The customs and traditions hence demonstrate how solemn and vital a Telugu matrimony traditions are.

5 Tips – How to create a perfect relationship with your partner?

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As we all know learning how to build a loving relationship is an art with a sprinkle of science in it. But nowadays with the hustle and bustle of life, we often take our relationship for granted and forget that it is really important to take efforts to make any relationship work. Times have changed and the way we see relationships have changed as well, below we have cracked the code of love by using these 5 tips:

1. Love doesn’t just happen to you.

Just like chasing your dreams, the first step to finding love is going out of your comfort zone and reaching out to someone. If dating sites aren’t your thing and matrimony is something you seek, you can register on some of the trusted matrimonial sites. You can sign up on Lovevivah.com, which is India’s 1st matrimonial site that offers Aadhaar linked profiles. If you are looking for Tamil matrimony, kannada  matrimony, Telugu matrimony etc, then visiting this website can be a best bet for you.  You will never know, you might come across your soul mate who will share a lifetime relationship with you.

2. Creating a safe space without fear.

Learn to stop interrupting and also to fight fairly while you’re at it. Don’t make threats and there is absolutely no space for name calling. Apologize when you know you should and walk away, breathe and calm down if you can’t. It is crucial to create a safe space for yourself and your partner where you can trust each other. Just remember that trust is the foundation of all relationships. And any relationship can only survive when it is filled with love, trust and compassion.

3. Reflect on the interactions

Understanding how your partner reacts when he or she is upset, if he or she makes an effort to talk about the issues or push it away, is key to a better relationship. Make sure to have a heart to heart with your partner about what you can do that will make them feel better. If you will keep ignoring the matters that are creating problems in your relationship, then you will only make things worse for both of you. It is always best to talk and sort out things then and there to avoid problems in the future.

 4. Relish the quirks and differences.

You don’t need a relationship where your partner shares all of your views and interests as honestly that can get a little boring! Your differences in music taste in food preferences is exactly what will keep the fire burning in the relationship.  Yes, this is another crucial factor that you both need to understand to make your relationship lasting forever.

5. Honor your connection with small rituals.

It can be something as small as a special kiss before you leave in the morning to starting the day together over a mug of coffee after you wake up. This time you spend with your partner is sacred, there should be no distractions in the form of social media notifications or work related issues. Use your time well to grow the love and bond you share with your partner.