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Are You Diet Conscious? Add Some Healthy Food in Your Wedding Menu

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Healthy Food in Wedding Menu

Nowadays, you must have heard from your friends, cousins or relatives that I am on a special diet and following my diet routine. All of us want to look fit, slim like our Bollywood ideals. But, during those diet sessions, if you will receive a wedding invitation, your whole dieting and special diet goes to basics again. Most of the foods in weddings are oily and full of calories.  Those who are following some special diet plans return home empty stomach because they don’t find something low diet or healthy to feat. For such health-conscious guests, who count each-every calories consumed, you can add some special food in your wedding menu. If you are clueless then you can take help of your wedding planner to get the best list of some healthy wedding menu. Here we are sharing some of the popular diet dishes for your health-conscious guests.

Live counter: Live food counters are blessing for all those who are on a special diet. You can mix your favorite food and mix them according to your choices. You can have vegetables, seasonings, herbs and oils and let your guests enjoy the food.

Tandoori counter: Tandoori food is all time better than the fried and oily snacks. You have different tandoori dishes with lesser oil. So having a tandoori snacks counter for the guest is really good option.

Salad counter: You can have a lavish salad counter for your guests. You can have different types of salad for all those guests who are diet conscious. Think about some yummy and interesting salad options for your guests.

Different healthy dishes: Choose some healthy and nutritious food for your guests. These different cuisines offer you healthy foods.

South Indian dishes: You can have a South Indian food counter in your wedding. You can have counters of idlis, oil-free dosas and other South Indian dishes for guests.

Soups: You can also have soup counter in your wedding. There are plenty of options available to offer the guests. You can offer them Indian, Chinese and other soups.

Chinese dishes: Chinese dishes are another good option for those who are diet conscious. You can offer them vegetable soups, steamed and sautéed vegetables with steamed rice. Steamed fish/chicken with lots of vegetables and mushrooms.

Mexican dishes: You can also offer salad and Mexican soups to your guests. These are low diet and healthy as well. You can also offer burritos and fajitas, chopped vegetables and salsa beans.

Japanese dishes:  Japanese food is another good option for those who are diet conscious. You can offer Miso soup, sushi, seaweed salad, steamed and sautéed vegetables, and grilled fish and chicken.

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Unique Wedding Gifting Ideas For The Newlyweds

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Wedding Gifting Ideas

For all Indians, wedding is one of the most extravagant affair and we love to spend lavishly on wedding and wedding arrangements. The wedding celebration is not limited to the couple, but whole family is part of this. Wedding Gift is essential part of all weddings and you can’t imagine a wedding without a gift. We always want to gift something unique and most useful thing to the newlywed couple. A gift decides your closeness with the couple. Nowadays, people don’t want to gift that traditional stuff like clothes and jewelry, as they search for some unique and interesting gifting ideas. If you are confused as what to gift as you want to give something best and contemporary, we are here sharing some unique gifting ideas with you to make your search easy.

Gift voucher: If you are confused what you should gift to newly wedded couple, a dress or a showpiece, it is really difficult to make the final call, in that case go for a gift voucher. A gift voucher is a perfect choice to get rid of your confusion. You can give them a gift voucher of the same worth which you want to invest in the gift. They will buy a gift of their choice.

Spa session: You can gift them a spa session gift voucher. This is a perfect choice to infuse some romance in their love life and to relax their senses. A couple spa session is very good option for gifting them something unique. If you know their future schedule, then book a date according to their convenience or availability. Besides, there are many outlets which offer a voucher that will be valid for a limited period like a month or so. So, if you are not sure about the dates, then you can buy a spa session which they can attend as per their convenience.

A romantic gateway: If there is no budget constraint with you and you don’t mind spending a good amount for them as a gift, you can surely give them something awesome. You can gift them a romantic honeymoon package to their desired destination or to some romantic destination. It will be a memorable gift for the couple.

Home appliance: They are going to start their new family and to start a fresh you need a lot of things. However, generally parents of the girls gift her maximum required things. But, if you know there is something which they missed or he/she desired for, you can surely gift them.  Or even you can ask for their choice as well.

Romantic dinner: This is another good option as a gift for them. You can book a romantic dinner date for them. If you know their favorite spot, go ahead and book their dinner date or if you are not sure about their favorite place then you can book a date of a place which will match their style and satisfy taste buds.

City tour: If they are new to the city or even one of them are new to the city, then you can book a day city tour for them. You can book a local touring agent or you can also buy a day tour package for them inclusive their meal or home pickup. Search online for such packages, as you can find a best deal on a competitive price.

Cash card: This is another good option to gift them on their wedding. You can buy a gift cash card from any of the bank. Nowadays, bank offer a card which is a kind of gift card with a fixed amount. These cards are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to a maximum amount you desire for. These are very convenient and easy way for gifting. If you are not sure about the gift, then a cash gift card is perfect choice for the couple.

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No More Big, Fat Weddings-No More Extravaganza, Lok Sabha Asks To Cap On Guests

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Big Fat Indian Wedding

A recent bill placed in the Lok Sabha seeks to put a limit on the number of guests to be invited and different cuisines and dishes to be served in wedding to check ‘ show of wealth’. They also ask for a contribution towards marriages of poor girls from those who will spend more than Rs. 5 lakhs in wedding.

According to the bill introduced by the Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan, if any family spends more than Rs. 5 lakhs on a wedding, it has to contribute 10 per cent of the amount on marriage of the girls from poor families.

This Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure) Bill, 2016, may be taken up as private member’s bill in the upcoming Lok Sabha session.

Rajneet told that the main objective of introducing this bill is to prohibit extravagant and wasteful expenditure on marriages and to enforce simpler solemnization.

She further added, “Great importance should be assigned to the solemnization of marriage between two individuals. But unfortunately, these days a tendency of celebrating marriages with pomp and show and spending lavishly growing in the country.”

“These days, marriages are more about showing off your wealth and as a result, poor families are under tremendous social pressure to spend more. This is needed to be checked as it is not good for society at large.”

She also mentioned that “if any family intends to spend more than Rs 5 lakh towards expenditure on marriage, such family shall declare the amount proposed to be spent in advance to the appropriate government and contribute 10 per cent of such amount in a welfare fund which shall be established by the appropriate government to assist the poor and Below Poverty Line families for the marriage of their daughters.”

The bill says that once this proposed legislation comes into force, all marriages shall be registered within 60 days of the solemnization. It also requested government to fix an upper cap for guests and relatives and number of dishes to be served and the same criteria will be implemented on the reception held thereafter as it may help in minimizing the wastage of food items in the wedding.

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