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Things You Can Easily Relate To If You Are Already Engaged

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Marriage engagement ceremony

Engagement is the beginning of your new phase as a couple and you make a lot of plans for your future life. No matter how many days or months you have taken to decide and how many months you dated each-other, engagement is something which changes your emotions and sentiments for your partner. Things eventually change post engagement ceremony. Here, we are sharing a few things that you will notice and relate to if you are engaged. Take a look at these interesting things and see if you are also experiencing the same.

Courtship period is the most romantic period: If you are engaged now, then you will feel a special connection and attachment with your spouse. You will find this phase very romantic as you want to spend more and more time with each-other. You find everything so cheesy and lovey-dovey during this phase. During this period, you get to know each-other well. You connect with each-other and try to know more about each-other.

You get excited about everything: You are so excited about everything related to your marriage and marriage rituals. You want to participate and be a part of everything related to your marriage planning. You easily get excited about everything, be it as small as deciding the color of lighting to decorate home on the wedding day. Everything seems so important to you that you don’t want to miss anything.

Shopping madness: You prepare a long list of things which you are supposed to buy before your marriage. You spend hours and hours in market to buy your wish list. You feel like there are hell lot of things which need to be bought and you are left with no time for anything else. All your weekends are pre-booked for shopping or making changes in your shopping list.

You start worrying about your shopping budget: If you are engaged and you are busy in shopping for your wedding, then you can easily relate with this. All the time you must be listening from your parents and family members that you are spending too much money on shopping and shooting up the overall budget of wedding.

You get emotional about leaving your home: This is something you feel sad about. Your siblings start teasing you that you are going to leave your home very soon. Even you see your mom crying sometimes with the thought that very soon you are going to leave your home. You start feeling sad about leaving your home, your room and your belongings behind, which will be nno more yours after wedding. You also fear a bit about the new home and starting everything from fresh in the new home.

You are busy in receiving gifts: You are being pampered by your friends, relatives, and family members. You are busy in receiving gifts from others. Your in-laws also send a lot of gifts, jewelry and other things for you as per rituals. You feel pampered because everybody wants to gift you something or other of your choice.

You are nervous about new beginning: Most of the girls can easily relate with this thought that you feel nervous about the new beginning in the new home after your marriage. Marriage is one of the biggest life changer in one’s life and feeling of nervousness is quite obvious as you are about to start your life afresh, trying to create your niche in your new home.

You are getting too much Gyan: All your aunties, uncles, friends, cousins and even your parents are busy in giving you various suggestions and gyan about the married life. They instruct you about many things – what you should do and what you should not do in new home. How you should behave there and much more, as ifyou are a five year old kid. They are all the time very busy in giving you different kinds of gyan about how being a new-daughter-in-law you should meet their expectations.

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Awesome Gifting Ideas for Engagement Ceremony

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Gifting ideas engagement ceremony

Recently, I got an invitation from one of colleagues for her engagement. I was really excited for her engagement because she is not just my colleague, but my good friend as well.  Her engagement is in next week, now the biggest question in front of me is picking the right gift for her. This is one of the toughest tasks. I am very confused because I want to gift her something, which is useful and at the same time can be used by both of them. So, options like gifting makeup kit or dress would not work because it will be of no use for the groom. My idea of gifting is to gift them something, which is different and will be useful for both. Now, I am looking for some engagement gifting ideas that will be liked by both of them. To buy a perfect gift for her I decided to visit the nearby mall. Nowadays mall is the best place to shop as you get everything under one roof. I am here sharing some of the engagement gifting ideas with you to make your journey easy.

Couple watches: Gifting a couple watch set is a nice idea if you know the choice of the person. You can buy a couple watch either the typical elegant watch or you can buy sporty couple watches for the would-be bride and groom. This will be an ideal gift set for them and useful as well. These watches are available in different designs, price range and styles. So, pick a style you think will match his and her taste and style statement. There are many leading brands like Titan, Timex, Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil and many more.

Gift voucher: If you are not sure about the style and taste of the other person, then giving a gift voucher will be a perfect option as gift for engagement. There are many stores and online e-commerce sites that offer gift vouchers. This is one of the best options to give someone and ease your tension. Even there are many private banks offering gift vouchers. The minimum amount for the gift voucher is Rs. 500 and the maximum amount depends upon your budget.

Holiday/honeymoon package: This is something you can gift on the engagement ceremony. You can gift a holiday package or honeymoon package to the couple. There are many travel agencies and even travel sites offering different packages to customers. You can book a 2-3 days holiday package by just paying minimum Rs. 5000. Give them a holiday package to spend some quality time together and take a break from their hectic schedules.

Couple Spa Session: You can gift them a couple spa session voucher to rejuvenate their senses. This will be an ideal gift for them for engagement ceremony. This will help them in relaxing a bit from the hectic office schedule and engagement ceremonies.

Customized photo frame: You can also give a customized photo frame to the couple. There are plenty of options available in the market to pick from. These frames are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and material. You can pick any design and shape you think will be liked by the couple. Even you can also chip in some photographs of the couple to make it more special.

Couple perfumes: Couple fragrance is another good option as a gift for engagement ceremony. You can give them couple perfumes if they love to indulge in fragrances. These couple perfumes are available in almost all leading brands like Gucci, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, SKINN, etc. Buy something that would be loved by the couple.

His & Her travel kit: You can give them a travel kit. This is another smart and intelligent gift for the couple and they can use this kit on their honeymoon as well. This travel kit includes all essential basic hygiene and toiletries. You also get this kit customized as per your requirements and interest. These travel kit also include hair trimmer and shavers. It is an ideal one stop gift for the new couple.

Digital camera: If you know that they love to click images and they are very good with this, gifting them digital camera is just perfect. Give them a digital camera to capture each and every happy moment and treasure it. These digital cameras are available in different price range and specifications. If you are not bothered about the budget then you can buy a high-end digital camera for them. It will be a perfect engagement gift for them.

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Unique Wedding Gifting Ideas For The Newlyweds

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Wedding Gifting Ideas

For all Indians, wedding is one of the most extravagant affair and we love to spend lavishly on wedding and wedding arrangements. The wedding celebration is not limited to the couple, but whole family is part of this. Wedding Gift is essential part of all weddings and you can’t imagine a wedding without a gift. We always want to gift something unique and most useful thing to the newlywed couple. A gift decides your closeness with the couple. Nowadays, people don’t want to gift that traditional stuff like clothes and jewelry, as they search for some unique and interesting gifting ideas. If you are confused as what to gift as you want to give something best and contemporary, we are here sharing some unique gifting ideas with you to make your search easy.

Gift voucher: If you are confused what you should gift to newly wedded couple, a dress or a showpiece, it is really difficult to make the final call, in that case go for a gift voucher. A gift voucher is a perfect choice to get rid of your confusion. You can give them a gift voucher of the same worth which you want to invest in the gift. They will buy a gift of their choice.

Spa session: You can gift them a spa session gift voucher. This is a perfect choice to infuse some romance in their love life and to relax their senses. A couple spa session is very good option for gifting them something unique. If you know their future schedule, then book a date according to their convenience or availability. Besides, there are many outlets which offer a voucher that will be valid for a limited period like a month or so. So, if you are not sure about the dates, then you can buy a spa session which they can attend as per their convenience.

A romantic gateway: If there is no budget constraint with you and you don’t mind spending a good amount for them as a gift, you can surely give them something awesome. You can gift them a romantic honeymoon package to their desired destination or to some romantic destination. It will be a memorable gift for the couple.

Home appliance: They are going to start their new family and to start a fresh you need a lot of things. However, generally parents of the girls gift her maximum required things. But, if you know there is something which they missed or he/she desired for, you can surely gift them.  Or even you can ask for their choice as well.

Romantic dinner: This is another good option as a gift for them. You can book a romantic dinner date for them. If you know their favorite spot, go ahead and book their dinner date or if you are not sure about their favorite place then you can book a date of a place which will match their style and satisfy taste buds.

City tour: If they are new to the city or even one of them are new to the city, then you can book a day city tour for them. You can book a local touring agent or you can also buy a day tour package for them inclusive their meal or home pickup. Search online for such packages, as you can find a best deal on a competitive price.

Cash card: This is another good option to gift them on their wedding. You can buy a gift cash card from any of the bank. Nowadays, bank offer a card which is a kind of gift card with a fixed amount. These cards are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to a maximum amount you desire for. These are very convenient and easy way for gifting. If you are not sure about the gift, then a cash gift card is perfect choice for the couple.

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Awesome Gifting Ideas For Your Fiancé On Engagement

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engagement gifts for fiance

Engagement is first official step towards your marriage ceremony. In India, engagement is very special occasion attended by most of the family members and friends. For a would-be-bride and groom it holds special importance. They plan various things for their engagement which not only includes buying a nice dress for the day to look their best, but nowadays, couples buy nice gift for their future partner. They spend a lot of time and money to buy a perfect gift for their partner to make them happy. If you too are searching for some nice gifting ideas, your search ends here as we are sharing some gifting ideas to make it easy for you.

Ring bands: These are not typical rings with traditional designs and stones. But, these rings bands are very stylish and smart. These bands are of same design for male or females. So, generally the size varies for male and female, but design remains same for both the rings. You can buy these ring bands easily from any jeweler. Even you can get them customized as per your requirements. If you want some love note to be printed on it, you can also get it done. So, gift these beautiful ring bands with a love note.

Diamond pendent: Diamond is loved by all females and it is a perfect gift for your fiancé on your engagement. You can gift beautiful diamond pendent to your fiancé to woo her. Buy a pendent according to her personality and taste.

Designer watch: A designer watch is not just a watch, but a kind of jewelry for females. You can buy a gorgeous designer watch for your lady love. Before buying the watch for her, always keep her personality and lifestyle in mind. Don’t gift her sporty watch if her lifestyle and work culture is different where she needs to look smart and elegant.

Special fragrances: Buy nice perfume or special fragrances for her. A special fragrance to suit her personality. Buy something exotic for her to make her feel special. You can buy a nice perfume of Gucci or some other brand or you can also buy something aromatic from her favorite brand.

Caricature painting: Get a caricature painting created for her. You can choose special theme or get your picture created, similar to one of your couple photograph. You can also get it done on T-shirt or pillow cover or in any other form like night lamp or wall painting etc. It will be a touching and special gift for her.

Designer outfit: A designer outfit is loved by all females. There will be no single woman who will ever say no to a designer outfit. If you want to gift her something traditional like saree or suit there are plenty of brands like Biba, W, Satya Paul, Manish Mahlotra, Ritu Kumar, etc. Buy a nice designer outfit that fit in to your budget and make her look beautiful.

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8 Unique Indian Wedding Customs Which You Will Find Nowhere!

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Indian Wedding Customs Marriage

Wedding is considered as one of the most important ceremony of one’s life and for family also. Across the world people follow different rituals and customs during wedding according to their religion and community. But, there are some strange and unique

  1. Usage of tomatoes to welcome Baraatis:  In a small town, which is known as Sarsaul, there natives follow a very strange way to welcome the baraatis. They don’t welcome the baraatis with flowers or garlands, rather they hurled tomatoes to welcome Baraatis. They have strange believe that a relationship that begins on an unhappy note always turns into a good and loving relation.
  2. Goodies for river Ganga: In Bengali marriage they have a very unique ritual in which the aunts of the bride set a special plate of aarti, which includes different types of goodies and sweets. They offer all these goodies and sweets to the holy river Ganga. They have a belief that by doing so the river Ganga will be happy and she will shower blessings on their daughter.
  3. Groom pretending to opt for Sanyaasam: This could be one of the most unique customs in any wedding. In Tamil Brahmin wedding, the moment groom enters into the Mandap, he has to pretend and show to have a mind change and he does not want to get marry, rather he wants to opt for ‘Sanyaasam’. In this situation, the father of the bride encourages and convinces him to choose ‘Grahastham’ and marry his daughter. This strange tradition is known as ‘Kasi Yaatrai’.
  4. Earthen pot balancing by bride: This is very different ritual from others as the newly wedded bride. The new bride is given a huge earthen pot to keep on her head by her mother-in-law. Other females of the family add more pots to test the endurance and balancing skills of the bride. This ritual is conducted to test the skills of the bride to maintain the balance in the family.
  5. Flags in wedding: Have you heard about any wedding with flags? Kumauni wedding has this unique ritual of usage of flags in wedding. A white flag, which is known as ‘Nishan’ leads that baraat and represents the bridegroom. The last man in the procession holds a red flag that represents the bride.
  6. Silk shawl to separate bride & groom: Marathi people use a silk shawl that is known as Antrapat to separate the bride and groom. It is only removed when the pandit starts chanting the mangal mantras. After that bride and groom can see each-other.
  7. Ghara gharoli: This Ghara gharoli ritual is extremely sacred among all the Punjabi’s. The bride’s sibling is supposed to fill a pitcher with water from a nearby temple. The bride takes bath in the same water after that only she wears her wedding dress.
  8. Madhuparka: It is very important ceremony in Gujarati wedding. In this wedding ritual of Madhuparkat ceremony, when bride’s parents welcome the groom. They wash his feet and offer Panchamrut, a liquid made of milk, honey, yogurt, sugar and ghee. After completing the ceremony then he enters the mandap.

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