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Best Ideas for Destination Weddings in Kerala

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From North India to South India, one place that comes to mind when planning a destination wedding is definitely Kerala. This God’s own country is the perfect Indian mini-version with the most mesmerizing backdrops for your wedding. Serene beaches, beautiful backwaters, palm trees and lush green grasslands, and spectacular hills – you name it, you can find it in Kerala! With some truly amazing venues available in this southern state, your wedding is bound to become the dream you always wanted it to be.

If you know you’d like your destination wedding to be in Kerala but are confused about the exact venue, this blog will help you choose the ideal one for your D-day! Read on to discover the top 5 best venues for destination weddings in Kerala!

1) Beach Wedding

A beach wedding in Kerala is the perfect idea to get the right start to your matrimonial life. There is no dispute that Kerala has one of the best beaches in India with an indescribable aura of serenity in its environments that beckons us all. Pristine beaches of Alleppey, Kovalam, and Varkala, are the perfect venues for your destination wedding in Kerala. You can have the perfect start to holy matrimony in a typical Indian or English-styled wedding theme under the open sky while the waves splash across the sand and the sun sets in the backdrop. Is there any place more magical than this to get married?

2) Houseboat Wedding

Does anything sound dreamier than relaxing in a houseboat? Add getting married in one to the mix, and the entire concept becomes even dreamier. A houseboat, set amidst the beautiful Kerala waters and far away from the hustle-bustle of the city is the perfect place to have your dream wedding in the most lavish of ways. This is one venue that any matrimonial sites will hardly ever tell you about!

3) Mountain Wedding

How would you like to get married amidst the hilly backdrop of Kerala? These places in Kerala not just make a wedding the most memorable day in your life ever but also make for great wedding photographs to put up on the matrimony sites where you met your better half. With magical places like Wayanad, Munnar, and Ponmudi, Kerala offers a diverse range of hilly settings to have the perfect start to your married life.

4) Backwaters Wedding

Imagine a scenario of seashores, palm groves, and water as far as the eye can see. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? It can be the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The backwaters of Kerala offer a versatile blend of natural beauty and an unpolluted environment that is akin to heaven. The coastal towns of Kerala are blissful, serene, romantic and perfect to host a wedding.

5) Temple Wedding

Temples are synonymous with Kerala. If what your heart desires is a simple and traditional wedding, then you could not find a place better than a temple in Kerala. The peaceful setting, great architecture, and aura of a temple wedding beat everything! This is one of the most preferred settings for a wedding for many people across India.

Having a destination wedding in Kerala can make your wedding a memorable day, not just for you and your partner but also for your friends and family. From the mesmerizing backwaters to hilly terrains and peaceful temples, Kerala has it all to make your dream wedding come true!

Kerala Weddings – Simple & Elegant

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Last week got a chance to attend my best friend’s wedding in Kerala. She belongs to a Malayali family, settled in Gurgaon for more than last 20 years but since the boy and his family were settled in Kerala, the venue for marriage was decided in Kerala. Her parents were too strict about finding a Malayali groom for her and hence they opted for the services from the best of the Kerala matrimony sites.

It was an amazing experience, attending a Malayali wedding, which was completely opposite to the magnificent Punjabi weddings we usually witness in north India. There were a handful of customs and traditions – Simple yet graceful! The entire marriage ceremony could be divided in three parts – Pre-wedding, wedding & post-wedding ceremony.

Pre-wedding Rituals

Exchanging and matching of horoscopes is the first step, usually done by parents of the girl and the boy. Post matching of the horoscopes, engagement ceremony is done, during which “Muhurtham” or the auspicious date of the marriage is finalized using Panchangam (A book that contains auspicious times and dates) in consultation with the astrologers. Post the engagement ceremony, a grand Sadya (traditional Malayali Meal served on a Banana leaf) is served.

Wedding Rituals

The Groom arrives which his family & friends at the bride’s house in traditional attire – “dhoti” and “angavastram”. Bride’s father welcomes the groom him and washes his feet. The groom then hands over the off white sari that has to be worn by the bride for the marriage. The “Veli” or the marriage ceremony is performed around the “agni” (fire). The bride and the groom circle around the sacred fire thrice. After the sacred rounds around the fire, bride’s father ties the “Taali”, which is strung on a yellow thread around the neck of the bride. Thereafter the bride’s father gives her hand to the groom in a ceremony called “Kanyadaanam”. After the Kanyadaanam, “Sparsham” takes place wherein the groom sits in front of the bride and tilts his head backwards, to touch her forehead. After this the girl offers “Laja” (puffed rice) to the fire to the chant of various mantras. Her palms are placed in groom’s hands and she performs the “hom”. After this, the groom lifts the bride’s foot and places it on the “Ammi” (grinding stone) which signifies breaking of her ties from her old family. The groom then moves the bride’s foot forward seven times with his hand symbolizing her entry into his family.

Post Wedding Rituals

After the wedding a grand feast is arranged. Then the bride leaves for her husband’s home at a chosen auspicious time, after taking blessings of her parents and all elders present at the venue. “Grihapravesh” ceremony is performed at the groom’s house to welcome her arrival. As she reaches her new house, the women at the groom’s house perform ‘aarti’ to cast off evil eye.

Kerala Wedding: 5 Sarees No Kerala Bride Should Miss on Wedding Day

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Kerala Bride for Wedding

Kerala wedding is one of the most beautiful and simplest of all. You will hardly see any kind of show-off or larger than life expensive wedding there. Similarly, the wedding attire of the Kerala bride is more elegant and beautiful. Most of the Kerala brides wear traditional saree on their wedding day. Kerala people are very particular about their wedding rituals and religiously follow their traditions. Whether it is a Kerala Hindu wedding, Kerala Muslim wedding or Kerala Christian wedding, all follow the rituals and complete wedding gracefully. If you are a would-be Malayali bride and looking for wedding attire, then you can’t miss exploring some traditional Kerala wedding sarees. Here, we are sharing some wedding saree options for you to consider for your special day.

Kasavu Saree for traditional Kerala bridal look: The Kasavu saree with its beautiful iconic golden zari contrasted with white cloth has become a symbol of the Malayali girl for marriage. This is one of the most popular saree for a Malayali bride. This South Indian saree is a true masterpiece and one of the most favorite wedding dress of Malayali brides. This is a perfect choice for elegant and simple looks. Mix right kind of jewelry with this beautiful saree. This saree looks really nice on all complexions, so you need not to bother about the skin tone and looks.

Modern Zari Kasavu saree for contemporary looks: If you are not really crazy about the traditional simple Kasavu saree and want to experiment with your traditional saree, then Kasavu zari saree is the right choice for you. The beautiful golden motifs at the border make this masterpiece really beautiful. There are plenty of designs and options available in the market to choose from for your wedding day. Even you can get your saree customized and get some work done on it if you want to enjoy a different look in traditional saree.  You can wear this saree on your wedding day or even on your wedding reception as well.

Kanchipuram saree for royal touch: It is one of the most expensive and preferred South Indian saree for wedding Kerala girls prefer this saree over lehenga. It is considered as Banarasi saree of South India. Kanchipuram is known for its quality, beauty and craftsmanship. It’s one of the most favorite saree of Kerala Hindu Brides. This saree is easily available in almost every color and shade. This is one of most expensive sarees, so if you are ready to spend good amount on your wedding dress and budget is not a constraint for you, then this is just perfect for you.

Brocade saree for graceful look: If you are looking for something different and don’t want to look like a stereotype, then this is a perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful saree. These brocade sarees looks really beautiful and elegant. These are even more comfortable and easy to carry. The beautiful work and designs on these sarees makes them really adorable. These sarees are available in almost all colors and shades.

Banarasi Saree to look gorgeous: This is really unconventional option for all those brides who want to look gorgeous in this masterpiece. Malayali brides can mix this North Indian saree with their traditional jewelry to get the desired looks. These are the real masterpieces and look nice on every bride. The beautiful designs and vibrant colors make this saree a perfect pick for your wedding day. You will look really stunning and gorgeous in this beautiful banarasi saree.

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Kerala Christian Wedding Rituals: A True Feast For Eye

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Kerala Christian Wedding, Marriage Rituals

Kerala is full of diverse tradition and culture. You can easily find Hindu families, Muslim families and Christian families. These are three major communities in Kerala state. Kerala Christian wedding is very popular across India for its simplicity. For Kerala Christian people, marriages are considered the union of two people predestined by God. These people have very strong belief in God. Generally, wedding of Kerala Christian bride and groom is fixed by their parents. Once both the families are fully convinced and satisfied about the family status and background, then only they fix the marriage. Besides, there are many people who fix the marriage with the help of a mediator or Kerala Christian matrimony sites.  The Christian wedding is conducted in church. Kerala marriage rituals are a bit different from North Indian Christians. Let’s take a look at pre-wedding and wedding rituals of Kerala Christian wedding.

Pre-wedding rituals of Kerala Christian marriage

Engagement ceremony:  The pre-wedding rituals of Christian wedding mainly consists engagement ceremony. Generally, the engagement ceremony takes place in girl’s home. All family members attend this ceremony and give their blessings to bride and groom for their married life and future.

Bachelors & Hens party: As the groom celebrates the Bachelors party with his friends and family members, whereas bride celebrates this party with her friends and family members respectively. Bride’s bachelor party is known as hens party. This is considered as wild party bash without any rule, wherein they celebrate this night with their friends and family members.

Haldi ceremony: In some places of Kerala state, the Christian community also follows the haldi ceremony. Just like Hindu wedding, the Kerala bride and groom are applied turmeric and sandalwood paste. This ceremony is known as Haldaat ceremony. Whereas in Goa it is known as Ross, where the couple is applied coconut paste instead of turmeric paste.

Wedding rituals of Kerala Christian marriage

Holy wedding: On the wedding day, the groom sends a car to bride’s home to pick her up for the wedding venue. He waits outside the church for the bride to accompany her to aisle. The best man of groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers. Then the couple walks down and enters the church together. There the priest awaits them and offers them best wishes for their new beginning. The priest then reads the Holy Bible which is followed by sermon and called Homily on the sacredness of the wedding. The couple makes the promises to stay together with each-other through thick and thin and exchange rings.

Mangalsutra ceremony: Once they exchange the rings, the next step is tying the Thali or Mangalsutra. The groom ties the Mangalsutra around the neck of bride. Thali is a leaf shaped gold pendant with a cross embossed on it. Generally, it is connected with either gold chain or necklace. The groom also gifts a wedding saree to bride, which is majorly known as Matrakodi. The mangalsutra and wedding saree are two things which a Keralite bride is expected to keep with her throughout her life.

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Malayali Brides of Kerala for Wedding in South India

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Malayali Bride in Kerala

Malayalam is the native language of Malayali people and majorly spoken by people of Kerala. The people from Kerala are known as Keralite or Malayali. These people are well-educated, working professionals, you can find them across all Indian states.

The Malayali marriage ceremonies are simple and sweet. Kerala wedding is full of fun and they love to follow their rituals. Malayali Marriage function is mostly attended by the family, friends and relatives. Let’s take a close look at the wedding rituals of Kerala wedding.

Rituals before Wedding

Muhurtham Ritual -The horoscope of both, the Kerala bride and groom are matched by traditional malayali astrologer. If the horoscopes are matched, then “Muhurtha” an auspicious date is fixed by the two families for wedding.

Nischayam Ritual – The “Nischayam” means engagement ceremony, where the parents make official announce about the marriage in front of family, relatives and friends. Here the Malayali bride and grooms presence is not really required at the time of announcement.

Traditional Party– Before the wedding a traditional party is arranged for the guests by the bride’s family. Here the bride sits on floor facing towards the east direction and enjoys a traditional vegetarian meal with her family members and guests.

Wedding Day Rituals

Madhuparkam Ritual – The bride wears a two piece sari “Mundu” decorated with flowers and jewelry. The groom wears traditional Dhoti and Angavastram. The groom is warmly welcomed by bride’s father. Her father washes the feet of his son-in-law’s feet. The groom gives a cream-white color saree for the bride which she is supposed to wear during the wedding ceremonies.

Kanyadaanam Ritual -The marriage ceremonies are done in front of the Veli (holy fire). Then the couple takes three rounds around the holy fire where the groom ties the “Taali” yellow thread around the neck of bride. After that Kanyadaanam ceremonies take place where the bride’s father hands over his daughter’s hand to the groom, which symbolically means that he is giving all the responsibilities of his daughter to him.

Sparsham Ritual – The groom sits on floor facing the bride. The groom tilts his head forward to touch his wife’s forehead. The Pundit chants mantras and bride puts puffed rice into the sacred fire. Then the groom lifts his wife’s foot and put it on the grinding stone (Ammi), known as breaking of old ties with her family. Again the groom takes bride’s foot forward seven times with his hand, which represents her entry into new family.

Sadhya Ritual – Once all the wedding rituals are over, all the family members, relatives and guests enjoys the traditional food party which is popularly known as “Sadhya”.

Rituals after Wedding

Kudivep – After completing all the wedding ceremonies the newly wedded couple leaves for the groom’s house. The newly wedded couple is welcomed by the groom’s mother with oil lamps. This home welcome ceremony of the couple is popularly known as Kudivep.

Grihpravesh – This is the first time when the newly wedded bride enters into her husband’s home. This ceremony is known as Grihpravesh.

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