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Reasons Why Weddings in Kerala Are Such an Extravaganza

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Kerala weddings are truly an extravagance if you compare them to the other types of weddings. They are truly a class apart. If you happen to attend a matrimonial ceremony in Kerala, you will definitely have a jaw-dropping experience. Yes, it is true! So let us check out some reasons that make weddings in Kerala an extravaganza!

A Lot of Gold

Yes, the brides in Kerala wear a lot of gold. If you happen to attend a Kerala matrimony ceremony, you will see girls with a lot of gold jewelry. You might feel that they buy gold in kilos because it is just so much! Nevertheless, it makes weddings in Kerala a treat to the eyes. It is their tradition to load the brides with a lot of gold. It is also an offering to the God. Moreover, the gold jewelry becomes more evident on the cream-colored sarees.

Amazing Food

“Sandhya” or the Kerala wedding feast is something that you simply cannot miss at a Kerala wedding. For the Sandhya meal, a banana leaf is placed in front of all the guests. Then, they start serving different types of typical Kerala cuisines for you. Many servers are assigned to making sure that the guests are served well. They start by serving on the banana leaf from the top left part of the leaf and then follow the order. It starts with upperi, sarkara upperi and papadam. It is followed by a wide range of wedding-special cuisines like olan, thoran, khichdi, pachadi, kaalan, erissery, avial, and koottukari. Your mouth will start watering even at the sight of these dishes. After the starters, they serve you with rice, ghee, sambar and dal curry. They ask you to make a small hole in the rice heap where they serve you the sambar. By the time you finish your food, they pour amazing rasam that you can mix with rice and have it. The meal ends with desserts like milk payasam and dal payasam. In the end, they also take care of your digestion and serve you some buttermilk.

The Wedding “Event”

Weddings in Kerala are more like an event than a ceremony. There are wedding planners involved who try to make everything perfect for the guests. The weddings planners try to make innovations in making the wedding a spectacular event praised by everyone who visits. You can look for a Kerala bride or a groom on matrimonial sites to find your perfect match and plan an extraordinary wedding for yourself. The wedding ceremonies go on for several days with ceremonies like Haldi, mehndi, sangeet followed by the actual wedding day and a follow-up reception. Of course, a Kerala wedding is a huge event and worth visiting.

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Malayali Brides of Kerala for Wedding in South India

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Malayali Bride in Kerala

Malayalam is the native language of Malayali people and majorly spoken by people of Kerala. The people from Kerala are known as Keralite or Malayali. These people are well-educated, working professionals, you can find them across all Indian states.

The Malayali marriage ceremonies are simple and sweet. Kerala wedding is full of fun and they love to follow their rituals. Malayali Marriage function is mostly attended by the family, friends and relatives. Let’s take a close look at the wedding rituals of Kerala wedding.

Rituals before Wedding

Muhurtham Ritual -The horoscope of both, the Kerala bride and groom are matched by traditional malayali astrologer. If the horoscopes are matched, then “Muhurtha” an auspicious date is fixed by the two families for wedding.

Nischayam Ritual – The “Nischayam” means engagement ceremony, where the parents make official announce about the marriage in front of family, relatives and friends. Here the Malayali bride and grooms presence is not really required at the time of announcement.

Traditional Party– Before the wedding a traditional party is arranged for the guests by the bride’s family. Here the bride sits on floor facing towards the east direction and enjoys a traditional vegetarian meal with her family members and guests.

Wedding Day Rituals

Madhuparkam Ritual – The bride wears a two piece sari “Mundu” decorated with flowers and jewelry. The groom wears traditional Dhoti and Angavastram. The groom is warmly welcomed by bride’s father. Her father washes the feet of his son-in-law’s feet. The groom gives a cream-white color saree for the bride which she is supposed to wear during the wedding ceremonies.

Kanyadaanam Ritual -The marriage ceremonies are done in front of the Veli (holy fire). Then the couple takes three rounds around the holy fire where the groom ties the “Taali” yellow thread around the neck of bride. After that Kanyadaanam ceremonies take place where the bride’s father hands over his daughter’s hand to the groom, which symbolically means that he is giving all the responsibilities of his daughter to him.

Sparsham Ritual – The groom sits on floor facing the bride. The groom tilts his head forward to touch his wife’s forehead. The Pundit chants mantras and bride puts puffed rice into the sacred fire. Then the groom lifts his wife’s foot and put it on the grinding stone (Ammi), known as breaking of old ties with her family. Again the groom takes bride’s foot forward seven times with his hand, which represents her entry into new family.

Sadhya Ritual – Once all the wedding rituals are over, all the family members, relatives and guests enjoys the traditional food party which is popularly known as “Sadhya”.

Rituals after Wedding

Kudivep – After completing all the wedding ceremonies the newly wedded couple leaves for the groom’s house. The newly wedded couple is welcomed by the groom’s mother with oil lamps. This home welcome ceremony of the couple is popularly known as Kudivep.

Grihpravesh – This is the first time when the newly wedded bride enters into her husband’s home. This ceremony is known as Grihpravesh.

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